Megatron Is In Transformers 2 After All!

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megatron header1 Megatron Is In Transformers 2 After All!

He’s in, he’s out, and no he’s in!

Michael Bay you mischievous bugger. Well, we have confirmation that Megatron will be in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

This all started way back in September of last year when some concept art images of a new Megatron vehicle mode appeared online. The images depicted the Decepticon leader in a Cybertronian tank form with his head popping out between the treads – a significant change from his vehicle mode in the first movie.

This started a debate about who the title character “The Fallen” may represent and many wondered if this new incarnation of Megatron was now the character Galvatron (Click here for more on this). An obvious possibility was that all of this was simply misinformation for which Michael Bay kept preaching about as a strategy to throw eager fans off.

A few months later, Michael Bay told Empire magazine that Megatron would not in fact, be in the Transformers sequel and that those images were just some pictures for an upcoming Hasbro toy. This got me curious as there were many angles and very detailed concept art for just some toy not to be featured in the film. Hmmm… Could this be more misinformation?

Well, this morning some new toy images were made available online courtesy of The-Arker and they revealed the new Megatron figure for Revenge of the Fallen which matched the original concept art we posted about in September. On the box was a description explaining how Megatron returns:

Rebuilt with parts cannibalized from other Decepticons, Megatron rises once again to lead his army. Though the Allspark destroyed him once, he can now feel its power coursing through his circuitry. It calls him to seize his rightful place as ruler over the puny planet on which he was imprisoned and destroyed, and from which he will launch his conquest of the Universe. Optimus Prime is all that stands between him and victory, and the Autobots Leader has done a poor job of hiding himself. At long last, Megatron knows exactly where his enemy is and he has power enough to destroy him.

And here are the images:

megatron toy front Megatron Is In Transformers 2 After All!

megatron toy back Megatron Is In Transformers 2 After All!

Unfortunately, The-Arker saw fit to place their logo on his face but you can still see from the lower right corner on the front packaging that it is the same as the first movie.

This got me thinking again that Megatron must be in the film. I mean, how could he not? He’s the Decepticon leader and main villain, they can’t possibly leave him out of the rest of the series – So he must return and if that’s the case, this must occur at some point during Revenge of the Fallen.

The toy images also match some concept art from a while back and the mystery silhouette:

megatron Megatron Is In Transformers 2 After All!

Coincidence or not, later on in the day after these toy images debuted, writer Roberto Orci (a source of several confirmations in the past) confirmed that Megatron will be in the sequel afterall. You lied to me Bay, you lied to us all!

Orci wrote “Megatron returns!” In response to the following question on the TFW2005 forums:

Can We Get some Kinda Info, I mean, its March, LOL. We really don’t Know anything really. Ya’ll have been teasing us for the longest, just a lil something that nobody here knows

It’s nice to finally get confirmation on this… or is it more misinformation [cue dramatic twist music]. So, what do you think about Megatron’s return?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen debuts June 24 2009.

Sources: The-Arker (via Collider),

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  1. This is awesome news.

    Really don’t know how to some it up more than to say: “Sweet.”

  2. Five bucks says that autobots will win this one.

  3. well…. just because a toy comes out with a nice story on the box doesnt mean it WILL be on the movie. we saw this on the iron man toys line up.. there we found stealth armor, satellite armor, hulkbuster, etc etc

    dont get me wrong, i would like to see mega-WHAT? back. but i will not get all carried away

  4. All I hope is that Optimus actually puts up a decent fight this time against Megatron. Optimus got owned in the last meeting, and if it wasn’t for Even Steven and the Allspark, he would be dead.

  5. But Megatron isnt the Fallen right?

  6. not megatron isnt hte fallen, but did he say the amount of time megatron will get, i mean he could be just in a cameo in a flashback scene (remember the prequel comics, the fallen is responble for the war and he was the original leader of hte decepticons), and he could also just be in a stinger scene at the end of hte movie like the way nick fury was in iron man

  7. @ HOMER,

    Read the whole article, the confirmation doesn’t come from the toy, it comes from Roberto Orci saying Megatron will be back.

  8. @ Charles,

    TF2005 put up the Megatron pics from The-Arker on the 22nd, the day before I wrote this.

  9. It makes u wonder just how much screen time Megatron will get, could it be that the Fallen is defeated by the Autobots and then out of desperation Starscream and the other decepticons revive Megatron. Or something like that. I’d love to see Megatron and the Fallen fight. Lots of rumors. I’ve heard that Starscream, Ratchet, Prime all die in ROTF. Hope it’s just that rumors.
    June 24th,2009 We will all find out as the war continues. “Till All Are One”

  10. @charles darwin, you collect adults???

  11. Haha, I called this months ago when the first transformers poster came out

  12. No surprise the character is included, they would be stupid for him not to be. Forget the actual movie, having him in will make money off of merchandise and posters and action figures.

  13. good point Craig,

    After all, this movie serves as the biggest toy commercial ever, and Hasbro will stock shelves world-wide with this stuff multiplied by all their extended-universe products which are not even in the film.

  14. @Rob Agree completely, this movie isn’t just making money, it’s revamping a brand. And I’m sure the DVD release will come out in time for the holidays as well will more updated toys as well.

  15. Further proof can be found in the trailer, at one point sam is pined down by a “mysterious” transformer but with a closer look at both the “concept” art and the trailer u can see that it is in fact megatrons hand (his left) also note that sams facial expression is more of a surprised look rather then scared (surprised to see megatron perhaps?) that’s my oppinion, check it out for yourself and let me know what u think

  16. Yeah I think your right dude, I bet that is Megatron.

  17. I still have my Megatron from when I was a kid, he was my favorite one because he was an awesome gun haha.

  18. Can we still have Megatron’s screechy annoying voice from the cartoon this time, please?

    It had soooooo much more personality.

    And Starscream should sound equally annoying.

    This is absolutely necessary.

  19. @ Richard,

    It’s probably worthy quite a bit if it’s fully intact :)

  20. @ Eddie:

    I noted the smae point you are making when the teaser trailer came out..
    That same scene where he is pinned down, look at the leg in the background, you can see some type of ‘tracks’ (which are inline with the concept art) and the leg in the foreground looks awfully corroded.

    I say Bay is correct in saying “Megatron is not in ROTF” this is because it’s Galvatron instead, so technically, he is not lying?

  21. I still don’t think Optimus will kickass in this one. In the trailer, you can see him taking a pretty hard one to his face, looks like some bits and pieces came off.

    It would be nice if the autobots can win this round, but it would be nicer if they’d lose.

    Then, we can have a third sequel, this time with more powerful units like that aircraft carrier that Bay was thinking of, and other larger units like Ultra Magnus and Fortress Maximus arriving on Earth to level the playing field with the Constructicons and such.

  22. If only Bay were equally misleading about no Dinobots (was it Bay that said no Dinobots? i don’t remember). They were cheesy, but they would be fun on screen. Not 5, just 2 or 3 would be good…

    Anyway, I do wonder what else Bay is hiding. Seriously, look at the size of the one constructicon from the trailer, Devestator has to be HUGE, and the new new atobots we’ve seen so far are pretty wimpy lookin’. Bring on Omega Supreme… if only

  23. Omega Supreme would have to be an Orion nuclear-powered rocket if it’s to be realistically large. If it’s just another Soyuz or Ares booster, it would suck ’cause those rockets are tall and thin. An Orion rocket would kickass.

  24. Jae..
    One of the sloppy things about Bayformers is that if they can’t come up with a vehicle mode that works for them, they make it a “Cybertronian” vehicle – ala Megatron and apparently Soundwave. I doubt they would use an Earth-made rocket

    Another thought… if it is Galvatron instead of Megatron, will he have a different voice? I would prefer a different voice (not necessarily Nimoy tho). I always thought the new voice in the 86 movie gave Galvatron a different personality and completed the transformation from Megatron – it was an interesting concept at the time

  25. i hope he is really in the movie

  26. think about it,optimus has to die in this one!He died in every other one,and he’ll just be brought back,like megatron.I honestly thought he’d die in the last one lol!