Megan Fox: ‘Wonder Woman Is A Lame Superhero’

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wonder woman megan fox Megan Fox: Wonder Woman Is A Lame Superhero

The Wonder Woman movie is a project that has been in-development for years and years now. It has been off and on since way back in 2005 (at least), until earlier this year when it was reported that Warner Bros. and Silver Pictures were trying to get the project moved along (finally), looking for a good spec script and the “right” director to bring the female superhero to the big-screen.

Hollywood hottie-of-the-minute Megan Fox has ben rumored to play Wonder Woman in the movie version, and this was only further sparked when a fan-made image of her in the outfit made its way online (shown above and below). However, like the rumors of her taking over from Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, Fox has denied speculation that she would play Wonder Woman.

But if you’re thinking she might want to do it if asked… not only does she deny she’s been approached, but she flat-out disses the character and the idea of a movie featuring her:

“Wonder Woman is a lame superhero… She flies around in her invisible jet and her weaponry is a lasso that makes you tell the truth. I just don’t get it. Somebody has a big challenge on their hands whoever takes that role but I don’t want to do it.”

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megan fox wonder woman Megan Fox: Wonder Woman Is A Lame Superhero

Megan Fox as Wonder Woman

Wow, Fox certainly doesn’t shy away from saying what she thinks. Not only does it appear that she doesn’t like the character, but that she doesn’t “get” her…. Having said that, I have to say I’m kind of in agreement with her. I won’t go as far to say the character is “lame,” but as superheroes go, I don’t think she’d be the first one I’d set up as my next tentpole movie project (although, perhaps that isn’t fair to say since this has been a project in-development for years, even before other superhero movies were made).

Also, I’m not sure if a Wonder Woman movie would do all that well at the box office. It certainly wouldn’t tank, but I don’t think it would be the smash success that films like The Dark Knight and Iron Man were (I think more along the lines of The Incredible Hulk). On the other hand we ARE talking about Megan Fox in a low cut top and short skirt, bounding about and flying through the air…

Sadly, as it has been for a while now, there is no official news yet as to which creative direction the Wonder Woman movie will go – with neither a writer nor director in tow – but at least we know now who most likely will not be donning that outfit.

What do you think of Megan Fox’s comments about Wonder Woman? Since she most likely won’t play the character, who do you think should play her instead?

Sources: TimesOnline & Cool Photoshop artwork:

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  1. In order for Wonder Woman to work, we would have to update her entire image. Bring her into the modern world like The Dark Knight franchise. In the comic book world she now wears a leather jacket and leggings not underpants. Unfortunately the character in the in the movie world is very weak. However done properly a good writer can re invent anyone. Good luck Holywood, although I am truly grateful that Megan Fox will not be playing Wonder Woman, She is pretty enough but she doesn’t look strong enough to carry the Amazonian look :/

  2. Although I thought that Megan Fox was a good fit. I v changed my mind and think that Lynn Collins (John Carter, Wolverine Origins) is a much better fit for the role.

    • Gemma Arterton or Lynn Collin would be suitable.

  3. Megan fox seems too cool for school. Wonder woman has one of the richest origin stories of all the legends. She was the only true warrior training from childhood. The amazons are stronger than men and ww stronger than amazons, mix that in with greek mythology and you have an epic warrior not just a superhero. You want this movie done right you need real women directing writing and acting and in hollywood you simply will not get that. Megan fox needs more roles where she bends over and doesn’t talk much.

    • You are so right Loren. I wouldn’t even want to watch the movie with Megan because she doesn’t deserve the role.

      • It is not very smart career wise either as most comic genre movies and tv series are successful and one genre film made her famous in the first place.. For every green lantern there are 3 iron mans. At this point in her career you would think she would jump at the chance since she is not really in great movies anymore. Sadly comic books still sell mainly to teen boys so of course she has f cups in the book so good luck finding anyone but a porn star to fit the bill physically.

  4. Cobie Smulders for the role, hands down. She’s goes the hair, the eyes, the cheekbones, the muscles, and the body (a bit doubtful about her waist. It needs to be slimmer to be perfect), AND she can pack a punch! She’s also got a very goddess like feel to her when she’s not in casual clothes and I believe that she could be a great Wonder Woman. She played Maria Hills in the Avengers, and I don’t know, I think that is an indirect way of saying that “Superheroes are awesome! It’s an honor to be starring in a role about them!” :D

    • You are right. She looks just like diana. She is super skinny though and the modern ww is muscular. Depends on which way they go with the character. But I have never seen anyone who looks more like her.

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  6. I believe that Megan fox shouldn’t be in the role playing of Wonder Women. I believe that maybe Gemma Arterton, or possible Lynn Collins….
    All I know is, who ever should play wonder women, should be tall, and strong.

    • NNNNNOOOOOO!!!!!, Megan Fox shouldn’t play the role of wonder women To me she doesn’t have the right look. Wonder women is tall, strong, tough. soo, try and find some one els

  7. Megan’s right — good fit or not — Wonder Woman is a lame superhero. Why else do you think no one in Hollywood wants to touch it? And if this writer, or anyone else, thinks this movie won’t completely tank at the box office — spoiler alert — you’re wrong.

    ‘Nuff said.

    • Considering there’s a huge fanbase just waiting for a chance to see a movie about one of the most undeniably well-known superheroines of all time, I doubt it would “tank”.

    • The problem is not the concept of Wonder Woman–which I might add is not lame at all (i.e. tough, strong Amazonian woman and trained fighter). The problem is that Hollywood is slow and hesitant to approach a film starring a female superhero who would need to be rebooted. Make her too strong and sexist men don’t want to see it. Make her too weak and put her in a skimpy outfit and women would boycott. If they found the right balance this movie would be amazing.

  8. I honestly think that Megan Fox would make a great Wonder Woman but since she doesn’t get the character it is definitely a let down for me, beacause I would love to see her as Wonder Woman its like PLEASE MEGAN DO THE WORLD A FAVOR AND BE WONDER WOMAN and I feel like ninja turtles may be good with her being April.

  9. I honestly think that Megan Fox would make a great Wonder Woman but since she doesn’t get the character it is definitely a let down for me, beacause I would love to see her as Wonder Woman its like PLEASE MEGAN DO THE WORLD A FAVOR AND BE WONDER WOMAN.

  10. I honestly think that Megan Fox would make a great Wonder Woman but since she doesn’t get the character it is definitely a let down for me, beacause I would love to see her as Wonder Woman its like Please Ms. Fox do the world a favor and be Wonder Woman

  11. Megan Fox is the ‘hottie of the minute’??? News flash bro, Transformers came out 6 years ago! Thats 3153600 minutes

    • Lmao news flash “bro” this artile was posted four years ago

  12. I am a megan fox fan f anybody who thinks otherwise. Naw jk but I do like her just not all that much but my point is I think she would be good as wonder woman or she has the potential to be a good wonder woman

  13. To rose miller,
    Your LAME!!!

  14. Wonder woman is an amazon woman with that being said I think Lucy lawless would make a kick ass wonder woman she was awesome as Xena warrior princess who was amazon if not her then my second choice would be Scarlet Johansen or Jessica Biel mylast cchoice Sandra Bullock

  15. She is stupid. Does not deserve the role. On the other hand I think Eva longoria would make a great Wonder Woman. Just saying

  16. She is stupid. Does not deserve the role. On the other hand I think Eva longoria would make a great Wonder Woman. Just saying!

  17. megan fox is a terrible wonder woman. she has no screen chemistry and no box office draw. plus she is scrawny and looks horrible in a wonder woman costume. if you want a dumb wonder woman with boobs and its totally stupid then fine.. i heard that jaimie alexander from kylexy was once optioned.. she looks like Diana prince with glasses.. that is your girl.. but the script and cinematogrophy have to be amazing.

  18. I agree with cobie smulders as wonder women. They already have her linked to the avengers why not bring her out from that film.

  19. I think Vanessa Hudgens would be a good Wonder Woman.

  20. What the hell is the matter with you people..”Wonder Woman a lame superhero!” She is one of the original Justice League. Yeah ok so I saw a statement saying tha ooohh she has a invisable plane and a lasso that makes people tell the truth. But she is also almost as strong as Superman, she don’t need the plane to fly, she has a gang of sexy amazon badass’ s that can f**k some sh*t up, she has the kuffs on her wrist that’ll send a bullet right back at you’re a** and she also is very sexy and looks great in spandex. I mean she don’t fill the shorts out like Batman or Superman if that’s what your into, I don’t know. Bit to go as far as saying she is a lame superhero, your speaking out you’re a**. I wouldn’t go as far as casting Megan Fox to play WW but she is still a “A” superhero. I don’t know about you but I sure as hell would love to see another female hero flick come out if its done right.

  21. Lynn Collins all the way! Fits the character

  22. I love wonder woman more than anyone but if Megan Fox played her role in a film, I wouldn’t watch it because Megan Fox is the most stuck up b**** that I have ever met

  23. WW- Sophia vergara lol. If only she didnt have that accent.

  24. Megan Fox’s big mouth is what got her in trouble on the set of Transformer’s 3. Got her fired mid-way through shooting the film! I hope she learned from that that no one wants to hear everything she’s got to say. NO one wants to hear everything a woman has to say period! So Megan, take the money and shut your trap!
    Wonder Woman has been a successful comic book character. Even I bought the comic back in the day. I’m not as enamored of her as say Supergirl or Vixen or Hawkgirl, but she’s done alright for herself. I don’t believe it would be so difficult but the geek culture surrounding comics won’t allow for a woman with powers greater than the average man. It seems to me that a lot of comics aficianados be channeling their own fantasies through superheroes and a woman of power can only go so far in feeding their fantasies of self-empowerment and superiority over all.

  25. I would’ve loved for Megan to be Wonder Woman.

  26. I’m glad Megan Fox won’t be playing Wonder Woman. She lacks talent for that. Her performance in Transformers was poor. There would be no way WW would earn big at the box office if Megan Fox would play Diana. Megan Fox is by far one of the most dumb female actress i have ever seen/heard. “Wonder Woman is a lame superhero… She flies around in her invisible jet and her weaponry is a lasso that makes you tell the truth.” Wonder Woman is not lame. You’re a moron if that’s the way you think about the most legendary female Super Hero of the Marvel universe. and her weaponry lasso is not only to tell the truth idiot, do some research before you open your mouth next time, Megan.

    Princess Diana is an Amazon from Greek mythology. Her name is reflective of the mythological character, Diana or Artemis. Her mother is Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons. When Diana leaves the Amazons to travel to the world outside, she is known as both Wonder Woman, and as Princess Diana. As Wonder Woman, she was awarded several gifts by the Olympian gods, including the Lasso of Truth created from the Golden Girdle of Gaea and indestructible bracelets formed from the shield Aegis. For several years she was described in the splash page of each story, as “beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, swifter than Hermes, and stronger than Hercules.”

    And in my opinion… Selena Gomez would fit the part of Princess Diana perfectly. Selena is an wonderful actress who can take on different roles.

    • WW is DC, not Marvel