Megan Fox: ‘Wonder Woman Is A Lame Superhero’

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wonder woman megan fox Megan Fox: Wonder Woman Is A Lame Superhero

The Wonder Woman movie is a project that has been in-development for years and years now. It has been off and on since way back in 2005 (at least), until earlier this year when it was reported that Warner Bros. and Silver Pictures were trying to get the project moved along (finally), looking for a good spec script and the “right” director to bring the female superhero to the big-screen.

Hollywood hottie-of-the-minute Megan Fox has ben rumored to play Wonder Woman in the movie version, and this was only further sparked when a fan-made image of her in the outfit made its way online (shown above and below). However, like the rumors of her taking over from Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, Fox has denied speculation that she would play Wonder Woman.

But if you’re thinking she might want to do it if asked… not only does she deny she’s been approached, but she flat-out disses the character and the idea of a movie featuring her:

“Wonder Woman is a lame superhero… She flies around in her invisible jet and her weaponry is a lasso that makes you tell the truth. I just don’t get it. Somebody has a big challenge on their hands whoever takes that role but I don’t want to do it.”

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megan fox wonder woman Megan Fox: Wonder Woman Is A Lame Superhero

Megan Fox as Wonder Woman

Wow, Fox certainly doesn’t shy away from saying what she thinks. Not only does it appear that she doesn’t like the character, but that she doesn’t “get” her…. Having said that, I have to say I’m kind of in agreement with her. I won’t go as far to say the character is “lame,” but as superheroes go, I don’t think she’d be the first one I’d set up as my next tentpole movie project (although, perhaps that isn’t fair to say since this has been a project in-development for years, even before other superhero movies were made).

Also, I’m not sure if a Wonder Woman movie would do all that well at the box office. It certainly wouldn’t tank, but I don’t think it would be the smash success that films like The Dark Knight and Iron Man were (I think more along the lines of The Incredible Hulk). On the other hand we ARE talking about Megan Fox in a low cut top and short skirt, bounding about and flying through the air…

Sadly, as it has been for a while now, there is no official news yet as to which creative direction the Wonder Woman movie will go – with neither a writer nor director in tow – but at least we know now who most likely will not be donning that outfit.

What do you think of Megan Fox’s comments about Wonder Woman? Since she most likely won’t play the character, who do you think should play her instead?

Sources: TimesOnline & Cool Photoshop artwork:

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  1. Megan fox is so hot

  2. Megan fox is so fine

  3. Dude. I have a serious crush on Wonder Woman. I don’t know what superheroes you think are cool, but I personally prefer the hot chick who is going to tie me up and force me to tell her what I really truly want. Maybe you like to fantasize about a really muscly dude pounding everybody, but Wonder Woman would be my comic book superhero of choice. Of course, I do not read comic books, ergo I actually have sex with women. But don’t be hating on Wonder Woman. And yes, Megan Fox is hot. If she would bang me, then I would host an anti-Wonder Woman website. Otherwise, she needs to get off Wonder Woman. Literally. Oh man, can you imagine? Like her and another hot chick dressed like Wonder Woman? I’d be down with that. You can have Batman and Robin.

    • That’s what erotic fan-fiction is for.


    • “Rules: No profanity or personal attacks.”

    • I’m a woman, I will take Batman over Wonder Woman.

      Also if you did tell Wonder Woman what you REALLY want, she’d back slap you into another planet.

    • I think I love you.

  4. megan fox does not know how to act
    she is superficial with a big forehead

    • We need an actual talented actress to play wonder woman. Someone that not only understands the role, but the world of the comics. Not someone as shallow and self centered as Megan Fox. Wonder woman wasn’t just about looks, she was a kick ass superhero. Beauty was just a plus. Either way Megan Fox doesn’t have the natural curves and beauty wonder woman had… SO THANK GOD she won’t be playing this role… :)

      • I’m so glad she isn’t going to play Wonder Woman. She doesn’t fit the character at all.

    • So… we see that you are not big on hot women.

      • You mean not big on bad actresses.

  5. Ik think katy perry would be a great wonder woman…. Or the girl fron the movie Van Helzien….

    • yeah i think your right. Say the movie some days ago only.

  6. Horrible actress for a horrible role. Sounds about right.

  7. I agree Megan fox is a pretty woman, but she is not an amazon! Wonder Woman is an Amazon. She is TALL. Megan Fox is only 5 ‘4 she does not fit the build of an amazon and would be completely wrong for the role.

  8. Megan Fox would make a horrible horrible Wonder woman I love comics and I love Wonder Woman and she is a strong amazonian princess and Megan Fox is a talentless and probably one of the worst actresses I have ever seen. For those who don’t know about Wonder Woman wouldn’t no that in other comics she can use other weapons.

    • no = know

      use a damn period

  9. Im glad she is not wonder woman, to be wonder woman you have to be a wonder woman and she is no wonder woman…besides that the wonder woman movie will do much better with out her

  10. Wow. Apparently Ms. Fox has never picked up a WW comic. Lame? Are you kidding? She is practically Superman’s equal in strength, she can fly, and is one of the fiercest hand-to-hand combatants in the entire DC Universe.

    • Exactly what I was about to say…
      They should demonstrate her strength against Superman when they finally do the JLA movie.

  11. Beyonce should be wonder woman


  12. i am very like megan fox

  13. Jennifer Connelly


  15. Megan Fox is so hideously ugly.

  16. Megan is so freakin fine and just by Looks she is a Wonder Woman

    Now with my true opinion about her out of the way…Both her and the author of this article are idiots…Seems like neither one knows the character “Flying around in her invisible jet” Yes, that was something they made iconic of her mainly in the cartoons but if they cared to research she is an Amazon, She has super strength, she can fly and has enhanced abilities. The lasso is not only for telling the true, is indestructible and was give to her by A GOD, her bracelets are also indestructible and show her enhanced speed when she use them to reflect projectiles. More than enough to make a bad ass super hero movie, on top of that, Wonder Woman is an Icon of female beauty and strength, Any woman would like to be Wonder Woman, and this b**** (sorry but she is being one in this instance)doesnt see that? That only means she is that conceited that she thinks herself above one of the greatest Super Hero legends of all time, and THE Female super hero, Is the one female super hero that comes to mind when thinking of a Heroine (Not heroin). Academy Award Robert Downey Jr has Immortalized himself with his portrayal of Tony Stark/Iron Man and this hooker has the chance to Immortalize herself giving a face and image to a character that until today, belongs to Lynda Carter and we still Lynda’s face when we think of WW. Why wouldn’t she want to be that mental image 25 years down the line. She doesnt deserve to be Wonder Woman, she is conceited and clueless. She deserves to stick to her crappy movies like Jennifer’s body. Thats a Woman I would “Shagg” but I would not Marry, I know what many are going to think but when that attitude starts making her not put out… no matter how hot you wont want to be with such a conceited broad. I’d still shagg her for a few years thou lmao.

  17. Katy Perry 😉

  18. Megan Fox is very hot. BUT, she is also a miserable cun*, and if she was to play Wonder Woman, I wouldn’t watch it. I also wouldn’t watch a Justice League movie if she was Wonder Woman in that. Besides Wonder Woman needs to be a tough chick, not some glamour whor*

  19. I dont think megan fox would suit wounder woman at all.
    Her boobs arnt as big as wounder womans and she cant act i think
    angilina jolie would make a better wounder woman

    • Angelina Jolie doesn’t have the right body at all. She’s way too skinny.

    • I thin Beth Pheonix from WWE would be a good Wonder Woman. Not sure how good she can act and her hair needs to be darker but my husband and I believe she has the best look for the part.

  20. Megan is very beautiful, but her attitude sucks and she can’t act… who ever gets to play WW should def be someone with real acting chops, i don’t even think ppl are interested in z watching this girl on screen as much anymore…

  21. “Megan Fox is so fine”
    “Megan Fox is so hot”
    Drones much? -___-

    Anyone stupid enough to think that Fox would make a good Wonder Woman deserves to be slapped repeatively. That is the best way to make your movie fail.

  22. honestly they can find someone better then Megan Fox to play Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is my all time favorite super hero and i don’t care what she or anyone else has to say about it. there are way better women out there who can play the role of wonder woman then she can.

  23. I think she will be like the other Wonder Woman.

  24. I think Jennifer Lawrence the one who played in Hunger Games would be a good choice. She’s 5’9″. Just dye her hair black. I would not go and see WW if Megan Fox played it. I agree she is pretty but not wonder woman and I don’t think she can act. Katy Perry is out because she can’t act, Angelina Jolie as much as I liked her in Tomb Raider she’s aged and changed a lot since then. Now if she still looked the same as then, then maybe. Jennifer Conally is pretty and a good actress but I still don’t think she would fit either, she is to skinny. That’s the problem with a lot of the actresses now they’re all too skinny for this part, that’s why I think Jennifer Lawrence would be a good fit, she’s skinny but not I see your skeleton skinny. And I liked her in Hunger Games. But that’s just my opinion.

    • A Wonder Woman actress would need to have the strong personality type Sigourney Weaver, but not the age. I don’t know if there exist such a person.

    • Famke Janssen is already a super hero- Jean Grey/Phoenix from X-Men

  25. Megan Fox is excelent paper wonderwoman. She play the figth

  26. Emma Watson ! c: