Megan Fox: ‘Wonder Woman Is A Lame Superhero’

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wonder woman megan fox Megan Fox: Wonder Woman Is A Lame Superhero

The Wonder Woman movie is a project that has been in-development for years and years now. It has been off and on since way back in 2005 (at least), until earlier this year when it was reported that Warner Bros. and Silver Pictures were trying to get the project moved along (finally), looking for a good spec script and the “right” director to bring the female superhero to the big-screen.

Hollywood hottie-of-the-minute Megan Fox has ben rumored to play Wonder Woman in the movie version, and this was only further sparked when a fan-made image of her in the outfit made its way online (shown above and below). However, like the rumors of her taking over from Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, Fox has denied speculation that she would play Wonder Woman.

But if you’re thinking she might want to do it if asked… not only does she deny she’s been approached, but she flat-out disses the character and the idea of a movie featuring her:

“Wonder Woman is a lame superhero… She flies around in her invisible jet and her weaponry is a lasso that makes you tell the truth. I just don’t get it. Somebody has a big challenge on their hands whoever takes that role but I don’t want to do it.”

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megan fox wonder woman Megan Fox: Wonder Woman Is A Lame Superhero

Megan Fox as Wonder Woman

Wow, Fox certainly doesn’t shy away from saying what she thinks. Not only does it appear that she doesn’t like the character, but that she doesn’t “get” her…. Having said that, I have to say I’m kind of in agreement with her. I won’t go as far to say the character is “lame,” but as superheroes go, I don’t think she’d be the first one I’d set up as my next tentpole movie project (although, perhaps that isn’t fair to say since this has been a project in-development for years, even before other superhero movies were made).

Also, I’m not sure if a Wonder Woman movie would do all that well at the box office. It certainly wouldn’t tank, but I don’t think it would be the smash success that films like The Dark Knight and Iron Man were (I think more along the lines of The Incredible Hulk). On the other hand we ARE talking about Megan Fox in a low cut top and short skirt, bounding about and flying through the air…

Sadly, as it has been for a while now, there is no official news yet as to which creative direction the Wonder Woman movie will go – with neither a writer nor director in tow – but at least we know now who most likely will not be donning that outfit.

What do you think of Megan Fox’s comments about Wonder Woman? Since she most likely won’t play the character, who do you think should play her instead?

Sources: TimesOnline & Cool Photoshop artwork:

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  1. OMG…Megan looks AMAZING in that outfit.

  2. I have to agree with her.

    First, I’m glad there are people that are not blindly jumping onto the comic book movie craze (actors and directors). It seems hollywood is making rash decisions to cash in on this latest craze…mediocrity follows.

    Second, Wonder Woman is a LAME superhero. She worked maybe 20-50 years ago, sure. Nowadays, just no. The costume is outdated (even Fox would have a hard time making it sexy, and that’s saying something), the “reflecting bullets with wrist armor” is silly, the lasso and invisible plane are also pretty silly.

    • Agreed. As a young woman obsessed with female badasses, Wonder Woman is pathetic by today’s standards.

      I am all for Grandma Diana (Lynda Carter with a bit of age makeup, naturally) being in conflict with her anti-superhero daughter and then revealing to her granddaughter that she used to be Wonder Woman. That cleans up a LOT of the outdated aspects of WW really fast. Better yet, make her granddaughter a hot, geeky incoming freshman at MIT so she can spruce up the old equipment. Grandma tells the old stories about how the kid’s part demigod, “sensai”‘s her grandbaby (Bruce Wayne mortal world, martial arts style with some arthritis for laughs), and helps her through some of the Spidey-angst that always comes with being a teenage superhero. Add some rugged determination a-la-Katniss. Ares comes back with a vengeance and it’s up to WW 2.0 to save the world (hence Grandma D coming to her).

      In the process, WW 2.0 must learn how to balance right and wrong given her powers to – literally – play “god” with the human race.

      At the end of the film when Ares is defeated, WW 2.0 is exposed to the world of the Amazons/Gods, thus launching an entire franchise.

      Some things to clean up:

      “Invisible plane” = untraceable by sonar/radar in the 40s
      The bullet-proof armor = cutting edge technology for the time
      Lasso… the “of truth” part is silly; make it a metaphor (like the “invisible” plane)
      Lack of super strength/flying could be attributed to coming-of-age or never having been to the Amazon.


      Grandma D shows WW 2.0 her old costume.

      Grandma: Well? What do you think!
      WW 2.0: Don’t you think it’s a little… retro?

      Hire a good costume designer.

      Will this tick off some hardcore fans? Yes. Will this appeal to a more general audience (especially young women if you don’t make WW a DUNCE)? Yes.

      You can thank me later when it’s the LADIES begging their significant others to take them out to the movies. Or you could just hire Joss Whedon.

  3. I would never say never. While the version of WW you all are talking about is a bit lame, in the cartoon, WW flies without a plane. How? I have no idea. With the right writers and director, I think it could work.

    I would rather they get a tall South American actress for the role, but looking at Megan works for me too. :-)

    • I agree with you and the right writers and directors

  4. @ogb: Yeah, and even worse, what are they making Batman movies for? His flamboyantly-dressed teen sidekick is just an embarrassment, and who wants to see ZAK! POW! BIFF! fight scenes?

    Sure, a Wonder Woman movie could be awful; any film could. To suggest it would have to suck, that there is no way around it, is just dumb.

    To really get Wonder Woman, you have to know two things about her:

    -She’s Ariel from Disney’s version of The Little Mermaid; she grows up in a fantastic paradise, yet is entranced by our mundane world.

    -She’s a missionary. Having only experienced luxury and privilege, she dedicates herself to helping to elevate and protect those who weren’t born with her advantages.

    Many people forget or don’t know things about characters that would make them like those characters a lot.

  5. Don’t care, i won’t watch the film anyway. Well, maybe, if she’s in that justice league thing.

  6. Megan Fox would make an extremely hott wonder woman. i also think if they are going to make this movie, it could be very good or very dumb. IF they are going to go through with it, they need to have an excellent story and even better actors.

  7. Wonder Woman now flies on her own(NO JET)superhuman strength that close to supermans,(magic)lasso that is unbreakable, and can force anyone bound by it to tell the truth,bracelets that can deflect any bullets,rays,etc…at speeds unimaginable.the Tiara thank you can you say boomerang.Wonder
    Woman is far more complex than people give credit we are talking Amazon Warrior here.yes the T.V. version was camp,but Linda Carter made it work.I really wanted Megan fox or Angelina Jolie to play the role.Now hearing Megan completely slamming the FEMALE ICON.WOW!!! does not fair well with me at all.Now I dont even want to see the new Transformer movie because of her lame comment.Angelina Jolie is beeutiful and a great actress she makes you believe that she can kick butt,MR. and Mrs smith,Tomb Raider,Wanted.I Am no longer A Megan Fox fan.It may sound childish,but I think her comment was well a little lame.

  8. Megan Fox as Wonder Woman would be as bad of a joke as Jessica Alba playing Sue Storm. Megan has a nice body, but her acting skills are just terrible.

    • Well said, and I couldn’t agree more. Watching Jessica Alba as Sue Storm has been painful.

  9. Honestly,i think the character isent lame, but not to Cool in General.
    i think the only Reason that the Movie as been development so Long is Because is because Every one went Ape-S#!T over the Show in the 70′s..
    and i dont Wrong them for it, it was an Popular Program.
    amd it gave Girls some one to look up to, and guy’s Some one to look at.
    Thanx Linda Carta.

    if and win there Is a “W-W” FLick, i will see it as long as it sticks to the majority of the continuity of the Comics.

  10. did i miss something? does the pool of hot brunette actress only limited to angelina or megan fox? if the movie was made neither them would be any good for it, it just would not work. angelina would take away from the whole thing and you would be saying oh wow.. angelina in a suit and megan fox… the less lines that girl has the better.
    Wonder woman is one of those superheroes that is a bit outdated, and it to work you would have to change alot of th ings and i don’t how well that would go over die hard fans. Also there’s the elephant in the room that no one wants to discuss… the mere fact that its a female superhero and a female leading lady carrying a superhero movie isnt gonna sell well… cus well its female. And hollywood and it seems a good portion of the movie going audience only likes to see females shopping or trying to get married.. i kno sad right?

  11. I think it’s time for a kick ass girl superhero to emerge again. I liked Elektra and what’s her face off Watchmen.

  12. I know it is an obvious one, but once Lucy Lawless would have been perfect.

    I think most of the classic heroes have issues we see now but once wouldn’t. They seem too noble, too perfect for us a lot of the time.

    Personally, get the right actress and a good story, and it could work. Most moviegoers just want to be entertained.

  13. I, for one, wouldn’t mind a Wonder Woman movie if it’s the Wonder Woman from the animated Justice League series. She actually has real mystical powers and can fly, she super strong and is really hot. Yes, Fox would look great as WW, but she wouldn’t be able to pull of the nobility that is required of the character. NO Angelina Jolie, either. I love Angelina, but I feel Angelina is a bit too old for this role. I think that the studio, if they ever make this film, should do what Marvel has done for Thor: Hire a virtual unknown.

    • @phil.
      i agree with most of your post but the point u made about megan fox being a good wonder woman. the girl can barely act and gets by on the fact that shes hot. besides transformers she has no hit movie at all. probably the only reason she maybe might make a watchable wonder woman is because she will look good in the wonder woman suit. besides that there no reason to believe she will make a good wonder woman.

  14. Well, people could also say Superman is lame. And a whole lot do just that.

    I’m a big comics reader, and the main reason I got into Wonder Woman comics (yes I read even them) is because of all the mythological references, since I was keen on Greek myths. Wonder Woman has been redefined, just as Superman and Batman has been, since the mid-80′s. Megan Fox is likely thinking of the Wonder Woman from Superfriends and Lynda Carter’s cartoon. Or either that or she just saw Wonder Woman and read about her powers and made an immediate assumption based on that information.

    The shame of it is that Megan Fox could really have made an outstanding Wonder Woman given the right script, but because of her comment, it’s probably the death knell of THAT idea. Just not good for a movie’s publicity when the star had said that about the character at some point.


  15. JJ

    I didn’t say it was impossible.

    But there’s very little chance her character, even with the new powers, would work in today’s standards/times.

    And please don’t compare wonder woman to batman/robin.

    Save your insults and sarcasm also.

  16. Er, Lynda Carter’s series, not cartoon, lol.

  17. I think most people don’t get it and are basing their viewpoint on the 70′s TV show. The updated and modern Wonder Woman is a strong female personality, can fly without her plane, and can kick any super hero’s butt short of Superman.
    On a sidenote I think every woman would want a golden lariat to make men tell the truth.

  18. @ ogb, sarcasm aside, JJ did made a valid point though.

    The Batman TV series is considerably different from the Batman of today’s movies, and if anybody had said that Batman was lame based on that show (or the purposely campy Batman & Robin movie for that matter, lol), I wouldn’t begrudge them for their opinion. The same applies to Wonder Woman and her early incarnations in cartoons, TV series, and comics.

    But as we’ve seen, comic book characters can change over the years from being barely tolerable to downright enjoyable. Daredevil was considered “lame” until Frank Miller started writing him, for example. And Wonder Woman in the comics has evolved considerably since the 50′s and 60′s. Her recent animated series – I actually haven’t seen it yet, I need to – but apparently it’s earned enough praise to make me think that she COULD be a bankable character in a major picture.

    Now, I’m not saying that her comics are always necessarily brilliant and that a movie of her would do as well as Batman. In fact, her comics have sucked of late. Because of that, I do think they need to shelve this project until Wonder Woman has somebody revitalizing her stories a bit. And somebody hot enough and reminiscent of Lynda Carter to come along to play the character. For most people, Carter is the definitive Wonder Woman and it’ll be hard to top her in that role.

    Megan Fox could have, but apparently that’s out of the idea now.

  19. Animated movie* not series. Good grief, I’m outta it today.

  20. I agree with Fox. I’m not just talking about the super lame invisible Jet version either every incarnation of Wonder Woman is lame. I want to like her so much because she is so invested in Greek mythology which is something I’m really in to, but sadly I just can’t stand her. Even Bruce Timm couldn’t make me care about Wonder Woman.

  21. @phil

    I get what you’re saying.

    But like you said, Batman and Daredevil (etc) have evolved, be it for better artists, writers, or movie makers.

    I feel like wander woman has not evolved at all and is as lame as ever. Furthermore, it would take some really creative writing/drawing/imagination to make Wander Woman seem evolved, cool and relevant in modern times.

    I just don’t see it happening any time soon.

  22. Has there been any other versions of the costume? The red white and blue are the only ones I can think of. Batman’s suit has gone through multiple incarnations, Supes has pretty much always had teh same suit too I suppose.

    I don’t know, I just can’t picture a live action movie with the WW costume. Granted, the way it was portrayed in the animated movie wasn’t bad, almost like the amazons’ ignorance of the outside world made them think americans would be impressed by their emissary wearing the U.S. flag colors. I don’t see it working in a movie though.

  23. BTW – I maybe wrong, but I don’t think Megan Fox will ever be able to carry a leading role.

  24. Panda,

    Well shes young and can always take acting lessons, but right now I don’t she would be able to handle a lead role.

  25. Meagan Fox is too short to truly pull of Wonder Woman. Not to mention she is too much of a waif. Wonder Woman is tall and built, not like the little tarts that are dominating casting in Hollywood today.

    The closest actress I can think of that is tall and built is Sara Ramirez (Callie Torres on Grey’s Anatomy). She is a strong female that can play up the regal side as well as the compassionate advocate.

    Screw Megan Fox playing Wonder Woman, while she may fill out the costume, she does not have the ability to be a female lead.

  26. ogb

    In retrospect, I see I should not have said you were dumb. I apologize.

    Why not compare WW to Batman, though? The Bat, fantastic character though he is, has been associated with camp and fallen into obscurity. He’s always managed to overcome this, and audiences have rallied to interpretations of the character appropriate to the times. This is exactly what WW needs — to be brought into the 21st centuryso that modern audiences can embrace her.

    I notice you don’t mention those two items I brought up before. Does neither her (flattering) adoption of our world for her own nor her sacrifice of a life of luxury interest you at all?

  27. The more interviews I read from Megan Fox, the less I like her. Its a classic case of “just shut up and look pretty”.

  28. I’m the other way around Future Boy. I love her more and more. Not only do I agree with her, but I love how out spoken and honest she is. She isn’t just trying to be nice about everything just to avoid pissing people like you off she is just honest. Also she clearly isn’t just looking for a good paycheck because she might of had a shot at these roles and shot them both down.

  29. @Daniel F

    “just to avoid pissing people like you off she is just honest.”

    What’s up with that “like you” bit?

    What’s not to like? She thinks men are “dirty.” Sounds like a real gift.


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