Fox Says She Quit Transformers 3; Replacements Announced

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megan fox3 Fox Says She Quit Transformers 3; Replacements Announced

The Megan Fox debacle continues to make headlines with constant updates, and now the Transformers star claims leaving Transformers 3 was her idea. As Fox’s representatives clean up the mess of her canceled role in Transformers 3, Michael Bay is already hunting for her replacement.

Three of the four names announced are swimsuit models. Go figure. Is this a film or a moving billboard?

Before we get into Fox’s potential replacement, her rebuttal to yesterday’s news continues to raise eyebrows. Of course, the reports have come straight from her representatives (a.k.a. the spin squad). Fox is still trying to dig out of her own grave, so she is too busy to speak for herself.

Fox’s agents told People Magazine it was the actress’ decision to leave Transformers 3. Any time representatives make generic statements like this, the facts are not exactly clear-cut. But you have to hand it to them, they got the last word – for now.

“Megan Fox will not be starring in Transformers 3…It was her decision not to return. She wishes the franchise the best.”

transformers 2 megan fox Fox Says She Quit Transformers 3; Replacements Announced

Fox hiding from her problems?

Typically, when performers leave a production it is due to scheduling conflicts or creative differences. It is hard to forget the controversial head-butting between Fox and Bay before Transformers 2. But if they had a falling out, why was she even considered for the third film? She was already seen on set only weeks ago, but maybe the actress was simply bidding farewell to Bumblebee ;-).

Of course, the Transformers franchise is not successful due to Fox. Rather, her career is successful because of Transformers. Her upcoming role in Jonah Hex doesn’t look like a big break into meaty acting opportunities, but at least she can rid herself of the Transformers shackles. Time will tell if this is good for her career or another nail in its coffin.

So, how do you replace one of the most beautiful cardboard cutouts in show business? Well, it looks like Bay’s initial reaction was to hire a swimsuit model. Or maybe he was just reading the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition when the studio asked him for names.

On the short list of ladies is Bar Refaeli, Miranda Kerr and Brooklyn Decker. Decker will actually begin her acting career in Just Go With It, releasing February 11th, 2011. Miranda Kerr has yet to cross over into film, but Bar Refaeli already has a big name attached to her resume. The girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio just finished her movie debut with Session, set for a September 5th release this year.

There is an actual actress at the top of the short replacement list. Gemma Arterton burst on the scene with an oil-covered corpse in Quantum of Solace. Since then, Arterton has made a name for herself in the action genre with recent roles in Clash of the Titans and the upcoming Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Gemma Arterton’s memorable death scene from Quantum of Solace

Arterton would be a reasonable fit to replace Fox. The studio’s main focus will be to maintain the beauty of its leading lady. They should realize there are actually beautiful women in Hollywood who have more experience with acting (see Natalie Portman). But Michael Bay has a penchant for creating superstars, so don’t shrug off the swimsuit models. They fit the mold of beautiful newbies for Bay to unleash upon Hollywood.

What do you think about today’s updates? Do you believe Megan Fox chose to leave Transformers 3? Do the possible replacements strike fear in your hearts or are they a welcome change? Share your thoughts with us.

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Transformers 3 will hit theaters on July 1, 2011.

Source: People via /Film, The Playlist

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  1. I think Gemma Arterton is a cut above Transformers to be honest, fr her work in The Disappearance of Alice Creed alone I’d see anything she’s in – and that would be the only reason I’d imagine seeing Transformers 3!

  2. gemma arterton is my #1 choice right now she’s actually got acting experience, and she’s definitely hot so i’d definitely go see this movie if she was in it

  3. Gemma Arterton would be my choice because her prowess in front of the camera is a great match for Shia’s own acting ability (whether he dropped the ball or not). Gemma has visible talent where Fox can act, but seems to rely too much on that sexy pout.

    • Shia has no acting ability. nothing to match. He has SUCKED in everything he`s been in. he plays the same obnoxious character over and over and over again.

      • he is not playing…he is himself !

      • Bingo! You hit the nail on the head. He was bad, she was worse.
        Gemma or not, we’re still stuck with Shia LaDoucheBag.

        But think for a moment, she’d have to act DOWN to act NEXT to him.
        What an insult!

  4. My vote is for Gemma Arterton: she had a nice supporting role in the Clash and well…I’ve got a weakness for her cuteness!

  5. This right here is the problem with this franchise. For a movie that is supposed to be about intergalactic robots fighting each other for whatever reason they decide for the next movie, they put WAY too much focus on the human actors and actresses. Just show me some cool fight scenes between 5 story tall robots and I’ll pay my $10. Pretty simple concept.

  6. I think Fox got fired and has too much pride to say she got fired. Who chooses to leave a billion dollar francise?! Now those swimsuit models are a welcome change. Anyone of them will be good and I think will be less trouble than Fox. But it doesn’t really matter because the movie is supposed to be about TRANSFORMERS! Less of Sam and his life and parents. The last film barely showed Optimus

    • Right, especially after her last film only brought in a world wide take of less than 32 million. Yeah, she just up and quit..

  7. Well if it’s down to that list, please be Gemma Arterson since she’s an actual actress. There’s only one for sure conclusion that can come from this decision, Shia Labeouf is one lucky son of a gun.

  8. If Gemma is in, I am in.

  9. Gimme Gemma for Transformers 3.
    oh yeah and some substantial action scenes with Soundwave.

  10. Odette Yustman. Bay has already used her in a movie “The Unborn” and she looks like a Megan Fox clone. Also an established actress. Outside of that, I’ll take me some Gemma!

    • ^What he said^

  11. Isn’t transformers supposed to be about giant robots? I want to see more Autobots and Decepticons not Megan Fox in the 3rd film. Please Mr. Bay don’t screw this one up!!!!!

  12. If she was on set I wonder how her contract played out? In other words will their be a death scene in the movie or are they going to handle it off screen? If what you want to see basically is recorded game play isn’t that easily found online?

  13. I agree with the general conensus. WHO GIVES A DAMN ABOUT ANY OF THE HUMANS IN A ROBOT MOVIE. If they can halfway act, fine. But it must be understood that the story is supposed to be driven by the TRANSFORMERS, not the humans. If it can happen in a 1980′s cartoon, then by all means it can happen in a live action movie today. Humans are only supposed to be a tool in the storytelling, NOT the main focus. If Bay can FINALLY get that fact into his melon, he just might have a hit.

    • Umm maybe because in the original cartoon the transformers had formed a partnership with the humans. Initially because humans had the Intel. of Earth necessary for success but eventually for ongoing assistance in battling the Decepticons as well. This is reflected in the live action movies too. If humans were so unnecessary why the scenes of Optimus trying to convince humans to enter the war? Even Michael Bay realizes that since this is a battle for the survival of both humans and the bots both would get involved. In the original cartoon the Autobots earn the good will of Earth’s governments so that they will give the Autobots the required resources to revitalize Cybertron. Since they’re suppose to be the good guys why would they just shunt humans aside? Story wise that would make no sense and would more likely cause humanity to fight both bot parties! This just goes to prove the second movie’s story was flawed.

      • Second that. The humans are a very important part of the film. The first transformers was better for that reason. 2 hours of robots beating the crap otu of each other is not a film, it wouldn’t even make a Sci-Fi channel original movie. Story makes a movie not action.

  14. From One Hot Girl To Another Hot Girl,Typical Michael Bay’s Film!

  15. Goooooooood riddance!!!

  16. Hell keep ‘em coming…. there are way to many humans in these movies anyway. Less humans … more robots, and not the twins type either…… I think the best “acting” she ever did anyway was on 2 and a half men, and that was just the washing windows scene……..

    eye candy is eye candy… no acting skills necessary….

  17. Eff Megan Fox. She can’t act, she’s holier than thou.

    who cares? let’s think about how lucky Shia will be with that group of lovlies.

  18. Who cares who the leading lady is… if Bay had half a brain he would take this moment to realize this is his chance to focus more on the TRANSFORMERS. These movies have made so much frakkin money… the budget can surely afford a 2 hour movie with just robots.

    The one negative from this means that they could have killed off Megan Fox… Megatron killing Fox would’ve been amazing

  19. Michael Bay should be wise and hire some girl whos more down to earth. Like i said before, why not use the character of Carly from the 80′s animated series? But swimsuit models? c’mon. Casting a unknown wouldnt hurt.

  20. I would bring back Rachael Taylor from the first film. She is prettier/sexier then Megan and is already an established character in the franchise. If the blond hair doesn’t work then change it to brunet.

    • Yea, what they really need is a brunette! can’t believe she’d do this but she obviously had her reasons, can’t wait to see Transformers 3 still :)

  21. I’m seriously wondering why no Writers in Hollywood know how to right a f***in Robot movie. Don’t get me wrong, Boobage is nice, but 50 Foot tall fight Robots is EPIC!!!! An awesome script with Micheal Bay’s style of Directing could possibly out do Avatar as #1 grossing movie of all time.

  22. So are they axing the character of Mikaela, or just recasting it?

  23. Dear Mr. Bay,

    I’ve heard recently you’re having some difficulty with a cast member in a new movie you’re making. I would like to offer my limited skills for a very reasonable price but I’m afraid I’m a little busy trying to help Mr. Stiller with the financial difficulties getting Zoolander 2 off the ground. Also I’m not comfortable being exploited for my looks but we’ll discuss that when the time comes.


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