Megan Fox Says No to Lara Croft and Tomb Raider… Again

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Megan Fox has reportedly once again turned down the chance to play Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider reboot, which we actually haven’t heard about since this time last year.

The funny thing is that this isn’t really news  – by my count Megan Fox has been denying Lara Croft rumors since they began early last year.

However, since those “official” movie trades have trouble keeping up with news like our wonderful blogosphere ;-), we shall discuss a bit (and look at some really pretty pictures).

We learned last summer that this Tomb Raider reboot is going to be a “realistic” origin story about how Lara Croft became the badass adventurer we all know and love (to look at). At that time we also saw Fox’s name once again resurface in the rumor mill (maybe she would change her mind?) but that was the last we heard of it.

lara croft tomb raider Megan Fox Says No to Lara Croft and Tomb Raider... Again

Today Showbiz Spy is reporting the word of “a movie insider” who says:

“The offer has been on the table for Megan for a while but she’s reluctantly turned it down…She’s the logical choice to play Lara and she loves the character but the comparison with Angelina is too much. It looks like the movie will now star an unknown.”

So, it’s not that Megan Fox wants to be a serious dramatic actress instead of the typecast eye candy bombshell – it’s that she doesn’t want to be caught up in Angelina Jolie’s shadow? Has somebody explained to this girl that there are far worse things than being equated with a world-famous and award-winning actress who has her pick of both prestigious AND action star roles while also raising a massive U.N.-style family and occasionally saving the world?

But hey, I digress.

Hilariously enough, there is somebody vying for Megan Fox’s Lara Croft leftovers…none other than Clayface Heidi Montag. I wish this was an April Fool’s joke, but it’s not. Please bear with and check out what Heidi posted on her twitter page:

“I want to be blonde tomb raider, i’m better with guns then both Angelina and Megan fox put together!”

You know what, let’s stop there – this is making Screen Rant sound like a freaking gossip rag. On one level, I understand that this is all real, yet my brain just can’t accept it as anything but an April Fool’s prank that somehow leaked into reality.

The point is – Megan Fox: No on Lara Croft, no on Tomb Raider, no on being the next Angelina Jolie. She’s totally cool with Transformers 3, though. [Update: She’s not cool with Transformers 3 either…]

As for the fate of the Tomb Raider reboot? We’ll see if the studio really does approach an unknown, or if they get lazy and simply tap the next “hot girl” who can’t really act to come along.

By some miracle, maybe there’s another gorgeous actress with real acting chops they can get for the role of Lara Croft. Any suggestions?

Sources: US Magazine, Showbiz Spy

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  1. Megan is good eye candy – but hasn't proven she can actually act – or carry a good accent to pull off Croft. I have three suggestions: Erica Durance from Smallville as I've seen mentioned, Rhona Mitra (you may remember her from a movie called Doomsday, and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans), or Kate Beckinsale.

  2. Guy's what is KanTstandYa talking about????

  3. If she was really a good actress she would take the role, do her research and own it….Just proves to me that Megan Fox is just a pretty face. Whats the real reward in having someone that looks the part but cant act to save their lives ( Brandon Routh in Superman remake)

  4. Straight to the incinerator. :-)

  5. Your right.. April Fool's on me ! :) I'm a jackass ! LOL

  6. i looked up Erica Durance, as i've seen her in a lot of comments about her, and yea she could fit the part too. Also, another person popped in my head: Mila Kunis. even though she has different colored eyes, she's a good actress & she's experienced action in Max Payne so she knows how to use a gun. I have another one, although y'all may not agree with me but maybe we can give Alexis Bledel a chance. so now, Mila Kunis, Erica Durance, and Alexis Bledel are my other new suggestions. anyone disagree or agree?

  7. Or hows about Olivia Munn? She dressed up as Lara Croft before and looked great. Or Megan Fox's doppleganger, Serinda Swan, the girl that plays Zatanna on Smallville.

  8. Here's a wacky thought, why not get so who is actually English to play the role?!

    • Totally agree, they are going for all these American actresses, why have they not thought of picking someone who actually originates from the home place of Lara Croft.

  9. I totally the vote for the brit who does all the 'body work' (gymnast moves, and promotional photos) for the new Tomb Raider games! Alison Carroll lol shes got the brittish background the fitness the gymnast skills the 'look' all of its going for her….not sure if shes had acting experience but I vote shed be the best for the role (given that she can act) xD

  10. Summer Glau is a good actress and very attractive… very very attractive… but she wouldn't fill Lara's t-shirt very well. ;)

  11. Serinda is a very nice option, but I'm not sure she would fit the physical powerhouse side.

  12. By the way this a link to her pics and stuff doing tomb-raider-like-things lol

  13. Also Karima Adebibe looks the part.

  14. @Frank Castle

    YOu could be right but I would think they'd at least give her a screen test to see what she can do in a role other then SMALLVILLES LOis Lane. I know I would if I were in that chair and I would be sure to encourage her to dress the part for teh screen test :)

  15. I like Mila kunis she was good in “The book of Eli” give her a britt accent and a trainer and she would be good.

  16. I am sooooooo happy to know that Megan (wanabe a )Fox has turn down that part, thanx the powers the be, whatever they may be.
    In the rank of actress out there Megan fall at the wayyy bottom. As far as the Lara Croft look, again, way down the list as far as human females are concerned.

    Megan Fox way overrated and what some guys see in her is beyond me. But I’m sure if they meet her their view of her would be clarified. Another brain dead actress… please, please spare me. Might as well put Paris Hilton as a super hero… Doh… super zero.

    They need to start looking for the look and acting needed and not just another brain dead actress who’s been in a few movies. Like I said before, I’ve seen some better looking Lara Croft at Comic Con. If you can’t get a good actress at lease get the look right.

  17. I don't know about perfect but I'll take Olivia over Megan fox any day. I do believe she would do a way better job then Megan even if Megan had a stand-in 90% of the time.

    Look for Olivia in the new Tron movie, it should be good, or at lease look like it might. Hope they don't mess that one up.

  18. After reading all the follow-up comments I have to say there are several good suggestions for this part.

    Its a shame Milla Jovich isn't; how do i say this without being sexist… hmm… aw who cares. To bad MIlla isn't more curvacious because she certainly can carry the Girl-who-kicks-butt role and I bet she could pull off the accent and the stunts. I know guys can beef up for roles like Gerard Butler did in 300 but I think this kind of beefing would be, well lets just say not realistic.

    Now if we could merge Milla Jovich's actng skill & persona with Eric Durance's body….

  19. cant see milla jovovich as Lara but how about the other milla, Mila Kunis I think she could pull it off and then some.

  20. definitely MILA KUNIS is the best choice to play Lara Croft next to Angelina Jolie!!! she’s way better than megan fox with regards on acting.MILA KUNIS is like Angelina Jolie’s younger version…with the right trainer,she could pull it off…

  21. Lara Croft should a least have dark hair. So we can at least try to believe in “Lara Croft”

  22. I want angelina jolie to portrayed lara croft again, she makes lara character look strong

  23. Ellen Page is a good choise.