Megan Fox Talks ‘TMNT’ Sequels; Wants James Cameron’s Help To Make ‘Fathom’

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The best thing about sitting down for an interview with Megan Fox is that you can expect the unexpected. While many an actor’s approach to the movie promotion press circuit is to stay “on message” and recycle the same stories and answers over and over again, Fox candidly speaks her mind and is smart and funny about it.

In the revamped Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fox plays aspiring intrepid news reporter April O’Neil, on the hunt for an actual story to investigate instead of covering fluffy topics like fitness trends. O’Neil finds her story in the Turtles of course which, ultimately, doesn’t matter career-wise because she can’t tell anyone about them… until the sequel?

Speaking of which, when Screen Rant sat down with Fox recently we discussed how many Turtles movies she’s signed on for, as well as how O’Neil’s special brand of journalism differs from that of typical movie reporters, why Michaelangelo would be the most fun to date, and when/if we’re ever going to see her cinematic take on Fathom. Hint: Yes, but it might require the involvement of James Cameron? Read on to find out why.

The stereotype I hate in movies is when all the journalists sleep with their sources…

Oh interesting. Well, that would be difficult in this situation, we’d have like a weird inter-species thing happening, I don’t know if people are ready.

I did ask Will Arnett if his character Vern or Michelangelo would be more fun on a date…

Definitely Michelangelo without a doubt, it’s not even a question.

Why because his sense of humor?

He’s funny, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Vern’s too trying-to-be-a-cool-guy, disingenuous, wants to take her to a fancy restaurant. That’s not what Mikey would do, Mikey would put me on his back, we’d go skateboarding, sit under the bridge, eat some pizza, listen to music.

Of course Will said Vern would be the better date.

Of course. And he’s wrong.

Did you get to do any riding on the back of turtles?

[Laughs] You mean in real life?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reviews TMNT 2014 Megan Fox Talks TMNT Sequels; Wants James Camerons Help To Make Fathom

Not in real life, while you were filming with the stunt sequences and such.

Well you mean the actual actors who were playing the turtles? There’s that scene where Mikey is holding me, that’s the closest thing I got to riding on a turtle’s back. Then there are a few times where Raph had to throw me over his shoulder and carried me around, I don’t know if that made it into the movie I can’t remember, same with Leo he had to hold me and run me through a room with gunfire, I also don’t know if that made the movie but we did it a few times.

You’ve done a few films with surreal production elements, but was there something especially surreal about this one? Like standing around among a bunch of guys in mocap suits with dots on their faces?

Well that’s always weird but there was also this day we were filming outside using a lot of fake snow because the real snow had long dried up because it was the middle of summer, but it was so hot the snow was catching on fire and we were out there doing stunts and dodging bullets. As much as I wanted to complain I couldn’t, I would never dare because we had all these that were playing Foot Soldiers who were wrapped up like mummies head to toe in full black doing stunts all day and there was fire on the ground because it was so hot, so that was intense and weird and crazy.

How many of these movies would you like to do? How many are you signed up for?

How many am I signed up for is a good question, probably 100 because I would sign any contract to be a part of the movie but I don’t know. Right now there is no real plan for a second one, I think we’ll know very soon though and I’ll definitely do it if they will have me. This turned out really well, way better than I could have ever hoped.

Fathom Comic Cover 683x1024 Megan Fox Talks TMNT Sequels; Wants James Camerons Help To Make Fathom

Last question, what’s the status of Fathom?

Who knows, that’s a property I got my hands on, thank God, because I was a fan of the comic books and I love Michael Turner bless him, he’s passed on, but I don’t know. I was joking the other day because I forget how old she is but she’s mid-20s and I’m passing that soon so we gotta jump on that horse quickly if we’re going to do it. Logistically it’s just difficult because a lot of that takes place under water so unless James Cameron is going to direct it I don’t know how we’re going to make it happen.

I think you could persuade him to consider…

I doubt it but I’ll try. I’ll start Tweeting at him.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hits theaters August 8, 2014.

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  1. I clicked on the actual video interview of Megan Fox and actually found her to be quite charming.

  2. You know, I keep reading interviews like this, and find myself thinking that Megan Fox is a pretty great person and a legitimate nerd. I know there are doubters in that regard, but I’ve really come around at this point.

    But that just makes it even worse that she’s a terrible actress who keeps taking terrible roles in terrible movies. If she’s having a good time, and obviously making good money, then more power to her. But jeez.

    • Yeah, that’s the biggest conflict I have with her.

      On one hand, I fail to understand how she keeps getting work because she’s terrible at acting but she’s not a terrible person on top of that like her former Transformers co-star is.

      She’s not the only person I feel that way about (there are even some I find to be horrendous people but really talented actors/actresses) but your comment reminded me of that.

      As far as this film goes, it’s still an “avoid” for me, based purely on the lack of anything felt for the trailers seen so far. No boredom, no joy, just a massive shrug before moving onto something more interesting.

      • Definitely, it’s something that goes both ways, where you have terrible people who are great actors, and terrible actors who are great people. Ideally you want all of them to be great on both counts, but sadly it doesn’t work out that way.

        To be honest, if I really had to pick one or the other, for better or worse, I’d pick good actor/terrible person. I don’t know these people personally, and it’s not likely I ever will. My interaction with them is limited to passively watching them perform in movies. Therefore, I’d want them to be putting their best foot forward in that respect.

        As things are, though, it’s just disappointing that Megan Fox can’t act worth a damn. And that she felt the need to have plastic surgery when she looked naturally attractive before, and now just looks slightly… off.

        • Only thing I can think of is that she got the work done to reduce her wrinkles?(although she’s still young so I don know)..??

          She did look so damn good before and now w/ all this work, I just don’t get it.

        • Yeah it’s sad that the best movie I think she acted in was Teenage Drama Queen.

  3. Can someone explain to me why people insult and curse at Megan Fox? I know she’s bad at acting but does that really deserve calling her a slut and a waste of space? Cant we just make a less cruel joke at her? Like lets make #whatdoesthemeganfoxsay a meme or something!

    • I’ll never understand why people hurl insults at people they don’t know, famous or not. I always assumed that it’s based purely on jealousy because the person being targeted has a quality (or several) that the person doing the insulting wishes they could have and knows they’ll never attain.

      In Megan’s case, she’s fairly attractive and she’s famous and has money.

      • Omg its dazz, I’m fanboying out!! Lol just kidding. Anyway thanks for explaining. As Kanye West said once, they are just a bunch of jelly monsters(south park).

      • Oh shut up you hypocrite! You are the one who insults people who enjoy the Transformers movies, yet you don’t know them.

        Also you pop up on every article that mentions those films and do nothing but complain, as if you are being forced to watch them.

        Just be quiet already.

  4. I have actually grown to like Fox. Looks like the reviews for this movie is out and I find it funny when the positive thing about this movie is Fox. I have a feeling this TMNT movie is going to fall flat. Crazy

  5. Megan Fox was the best part of the Transformers franchise imo. I also loved when she was on Jay Leno and called him out for casting as a 15 year old to dance topless in the background of a scene in Bad Boys 2. But, she doesn’t have much of a filter and she can be a bit rude to fans. Example:

    “Let me tell you something about those people. How much money did Transformers 4 make? Exactly. Those people can complain — they all go to the theater. They’re gonna love it — and if they don’t love it, they can F off, and that’s the end of that.”

    As for Fathom, I am sure she knows Cameron isn’t going to be helping her with that project, seems like she was joking in the interview when she mentioned him. If she is serious she will find the next James Cameron and bankroll a short, proof of concept herself. She should have the money and connections by now.

    • *Called out M. Bay when on Leno.

    • I dunno about her being rude. I see it as her just being honest and not mincing her words (which I can relate to, I’m the same, never saw the point in not being totally honest with people).

      She’s wrong when it comes to people such as myself and others on here who haven’t paid a single penny for Transformers 4 and likely never will (haven’t seen it yet, don’t really have a desire to do so in future) but she’s definitely right when it comes to those who either willingly pay money just to criticise it for being a bad movie (if you knew it was going to be bad based on those terrible trailers, why bother wasting money and then having the gall to complain that you wasted cash on something bad?) or else loved the film but decide to be as negative as possible once they log onto the internet to fit a persona they’ve built for themselves (which brings things back full circle to my dislike of people being dishonest).

      • Her rudeness towards fans is old news, there is that famous photo. I say big deal because I would probably freak out if I were in her shoes too. Not easy being a celeb with all that attention.

        As i said she doesn’t seem to have a filter and it can make for far more interesting interviews imo. But, she can also come across a s a b**** to some people.

        I saw the first one in theaters, didn’t bother paying for the others after that. Not my my type of movie, crap plot, crap dialogue.

        • I made the mistake of paying to see the second Transformers film at the cinema.

          I was literally the only person in the room from opening titles to end credits and even managed to fall asleep when they finally arrived in Egypt.

          • The only one in the theater, huh? What’s the matter Dazz, couldn’t get a date? LOL!

  6. To everyone believing shes a good person just from this interview, you’re deluding yourseves. Megan Fox has said some outrageous, and stupid things, like how she was difficult to work with in soe films, and even calling Bay, while he’s not that great a director, Hitler. That in of itself is ignorant, and inconsiderate. As for the best part of TMNT, I seriously doubt it. Girl is so fake.

    • To be honest, I’ve called people Hitler when I felt they were being oppressive and trying to censor people. I wouldn’t call it inconsiderate or ignorant, I’d call it something said in the heat of the moment with raised tempers taking over logical reasoning.

      I even called a good friend of 14 years a d-bag and told him he was happier surrounding himself with sycophants than real, genuine friends, purely because he’d let me down consistently when I tried to record some demos. We’re sort of friends again now (after I avoided him for a few years out of pure anger and disappointment in his behaviour that led me to finally snap and call him out on it) but it taught me a valuable lesson to never rely on other people if I want to avoid that kind of thing happening again (and I generally hate conflict and avoid it at all costs).

      It’s not someone going out of their way to be horrible to everyone, it’s someone giving in to a natural emotion without taking into account the potential consequences. Everyone is guilty of that, anyone who claims otherwise is a liar (and I hate liars so freaking much).

      You’re being intolerant about Megan, thus doing what you accuse her of doing. I’m not criticising you there, everyone’s entitled to an opinion, it’s just pretty funny to me when I read a comment talking about someone being rude and intolerable and then proceeding to be just as rude and intolerable about the person they don’t like.

      Once again, just like with the Fantastic Four reboot, I feel like I’m pointing out the logic and defending something/someone that I generally haven’t cared much about at all.

    • Yeah and i bet your a real angel when it comes to not saying stupid things. We’ve all done things we aren’t proud of but that doesn’t mean we’re all bad people, otherwise there wouldn’t be any good people in the world, which clearly isn’t true….. and Megan is definitely not a bad person.

  7. Who cares if she’s a good person or not. She’s a terrible actress and has no business being in Hollywood movies. There is so much talent out there and she bit*hes about everything.

  8. Id love to see Fathom get made, and James Cameron…hell yes.
    Make it happen Megan!

    • Cameron will not be any part of Fathom if it ever gets made. He has more than enough to do with his Avatar trilogy. The truth is Megan has no choice but to hope that whatever tech and visuals he develops for his Avatar sequel set underwater will be available for her to use. She could get Fathom made now if she really wanted, she owns the rights and could play the lead. She also has enough money to put up a proof of concept short movie to gauge fan reaction.

  9. I like her,lots of girls do not.I don’t know why,she is not trashy at all,seems really cool and geeky,and she wants to play Fathom!. I will not see this movie though,I don’t like the property,and this looks REALLY awful.Apart from The Island,I can’t say I’ve liked any Bay movies,the Transformers are practically a sin,not in a good way,an abomination,disgusting,a disgrace to mankind.

  10. I like her, always have, I thought Jennifer’s Body was actually “not bad”.

  11. Poor actor, poor celebrity “people will go see anything, they’ll go and see my horrendous movie and I’ll make money, so bite me”.


    Also; I went to see Transformers 4 (overseas last couple hours waiting for a plane).
    I went in expecting a really awful movie (I had only seen 1 before this, which I had found horrible). Suffice to say I was still disappointed by it.

  12. Actually if they would have got another actress the play April ONeil this movie would have been 4 stars in my book. Megan Fox is a beautiful woman don’t get me wrong. But she is not a good actress at all. I would have rather of had Kristen Stewart try to play the role. Honest they just casted her to be a pretty face in the movie. For me if they only would have changed a few things in this movie this movie would be 5 stars.

    1. Megan Fox (Worst acting in the movie)
    2. Turtles were TOO big. I would have loved to see them look like actual teenagers.
    3. The Shredder puppet guy, I have seen him give better performances before.
    4. Having Megan beat Shredder was retarded
    5. Having Megan distract Shredder was retarded

  13. must haves for ninja turtles sequel:

    1. more downtime with the turtles, more interaction with human actors
    2. more ninja fighting action and more graphic use of turtle weaponry
    3. casey jones
    4. rocksteady and bebop
    5. less ridiculous looking turtle van
    6. maybe krang and technidrome, but that might be best left for turtles 3.

  14. I think regardless of the fact that fans critisized the new TMNT reboot from day one and constant outcries from loyalists worldwide frantic and fearful for their cherished childhood heroes STILL MANAGED to pay to see the movie — so many in fact, that the producers and studio
    Execs feel more than confident in moving ahead with sequels to expand the franchise to wider possibilities. FAN OUTCRIES stirred up so much free publicity and marketing that the studios saved money on marketing; you could easily tell by the trailers. It was a HUGE SPECTICLE that led people to flock to the screens for confirmation of their far over-analyzed theories and expectations, that anything different was a LEVEL UP in their eyes. “Better than I thought it would be.” Is what I hear most. Capping at 60 million so far at the box – TMNT passes Transformers: Age of Extinction for first weeknd’s earnings. (Freshly booted childhood franchise beating out RE-rebooted-and then ran over – childhood franchise) not really a big deal. ESPECIALLY when your Micheal Bay.

  15. I think she knows and as well we all know what she’ll have to do and it doesn’t involve tweeting.It involves her on her knees,mouth open,eyes closed and a lot of head bobbing back and forth.Haha!