Megan Fox Replaced by Victoria’s Secret Model in Transformers 3?

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transformers 3 megan who Megan Fox Replaced by Victorias Secret Model in Transformers 3?

Michael Bay has become such a HUGE director in Hollywood that he can get away with having a hot woman wear a bikini while washing his car and call it an “audition.” At this point in the game, he’s apparently bypassing the car wash and just going straight to lingerie fashion shows to find his newest “talent.”

Thanks to a heads up by our amigos at Latino Review, the website Geek Week has acquired the exclusive scoop on who may be have been selected to replace Megan Fox the quitter in Transformers 3. Her name is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in while our male teenage audience has a chance to Google her image (yes I am well aware that has a double meaning in this instance).

Miss Huntington-Whiteley has an extensive film background that consists of mainly four appearances in her underwear.  For the past four years she has been on the runway as a lingerie model for Victoria’s Secret, although she did briefly appear in an episode of Britain’s Next Top Model.

Now, all of this should be filed in the “grain-of-salt” folder until something official is released by the studios because we all know how these inside sources work. Still, if this turns out to be true, then it will be interesting to see how the fanboy community reacts. My guess is it will be something like “eh, she’s hot but who cares.”

According to Fandango’s poll last summer, most people couldn’t give a rat’s pajamas about what actors or actresses are playing the human roles in the Transformers movies. No big shock there since most people just want to see robots kick each other’s gas tanks all over the screen. It will be interesting though to see how writer Ehren Kruger (The Brothers Grimm) will dispose of Fox’s character and introduce Huntington-Whiteley’s character. That is if she is indeed attached to the project.

I’m thinking that maybe Bay will just wing it and blow up a building and have Shia LaBeouf’s character, Sam Witwicky, run towards screaming “NO! Mikaela is in there!” while Bumblebee holds him back. Then BOOM! another explosion as we see Mikaela’s daisy duke shorts go flying into the air and land at the feet of Huntington-Whiteley’s character. She picks them up and tosses them aside; Bay cues heavy, guitar driver stripper music as she walks towards Witwicky, making him and every other male between the ages of 18 – 35 forget about what’s her name.

What do you think about lingerie model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley possibly replacing Megan Fox from the first two Transformer films?

Transformers 3 opens, sans the girl who danced in a bikini in the movie Bad Boys 2 at age 15, next summer 2011.

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Source: Geek Week

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  1. Um………………………………….ok.


  2. My first thought was eh and then with the next two photos of her I was laughing and then hysterical laughter with the third pic..who cares..use Cameron’s tech and create a CGI woman and be done with it..Then Bay can completely satisfy his god complex and create his perfect woman for his movie. SHe’ll probably just be boobs and only be capable of a language that consists of a sexually motivated system of moans and groans. This movie is vastly becoming a bigger laughing stock than the second film..

  3. Hope she can act better than fox

    • staring in transformers doesn’t need acting

      and it doesn’t matter who is in it

      *Mod – I removed your name calling.*

      • who is this *Mod?

        Sounds like somebody has their own god complex. Hey *Mod maybe you should join Mr Bay when deciding you God like things. You know what they say 2 gods are better than… erm….. I’m sure I made a point…. erm…

        • Paul,

          I’m not sure which of our moderators edited that comment. So… you consider our moderating rude comments out of something said on OUR site “God”-like behavior?

          So when you clean up your yard wherever you live after a dog takes a dump on the lawn, is THAT “God”-like behavior as well?

          Just wondering.


          • Vic – there are some other website who need your moderating skills. I stop going to them because the postings just became nasty comments and not conversation.
            So seriously, thank you.

  4. Michael Bay isn’t looking for someone who can act. He is looking for someone hot enough that will put guys in the seats.

    • I thought big, fighting, autonomous robots would put guys butts in seats. :) There is no actress on the planet today that would get my @$$ in a theater seat to see Transformers 3 because that’s not why I am going to see it. I want to see good robots fighting bad robots and that’s all I expect from Bay’s version of this franchise..that and cheesy dialogue.

      • exactly, we come for the giant fighting robots and watch it again and again for a good story and decent acting. That what happened with Transformers 2, everyone went to see it but no one wanted to watch it again, ever.

        I’m not gonna spend $10 for an actress based solely on her looks. thats what the internet is for, i want watch all the pics and video of her i want for free

        • LOL! Yeah!

      • I wanna see hot women, I wanna see bad @$$ robots. How can you go wrong?

  5. those pics make her look really stupid. At first i was all excited that they were replacing Megan Fox with some new chick. But now that i see this model with next to no acting experience (and questionable looks from these pics) walk in. On second thought, bring back Megan Fox, say wat you will about her acting but i’m beting it’s nowhere near as bad is this girl.

    • Yeah I was sort of limited as to what pics of her I could use on our family friendly site. Trust me…if you do a unrestricted Google image search of her, you’ll see plenty of other (read: lingerie/topless) pics of her. She’s not ugly by any means but she needs to have a food fight and let the food win.

    • I thought the same thing. This weekend I told my son that Megan Fox was not going to be in the next movie but the woman from PoP might be. He was excited but when he sees the pictures of this girl who will be replacing Fox, I think his jaw is going to hit the floor. This movie is looking worse with each passing week.

  6. I doubt it’s true, because there is also word of two more women “locked” for the role from an “inside source”.

  7. Yeah, I keep hearing Gemma Athertons name .
    So, let just wait and see .

  8. Total stupidity! This whole thing is stupid. Once again how the hell are they going to explain Mikaela leaving after that whole “I love you” debacle in the last movie. I understand most people don’t care about the human characters in these movies, but some do. Including me

  9. it wont be the same without megan how can u replace her. finger crossed she b back for the 4th

    • Because any actor/actress is replacable, that’s how.

  10. are you serious? ugh, why not pick someone who can act? this is stupid.. shes not even pretty..

  11. Megan Fox had about as much acting talent as an underwear model, so…

  12. I didn’t think it was possible – but this looks like it could be even a worse decision than going with Megan Fox (if true).


    • LOL! I think we need to go buy a lottery ticket because Bay has shown that the impossible is possible. :-)

  13. Might as well plug in Rosie Odonnell….she’d at least scare the crap out of the robots AS WELL as the paying pulic! Now, THAT’S entertainment! LOL

    • * Public…jeeze!

  14. Have to admit that it really is quite funny. I do take this with a grain of salt, but I can’t say that I expect much better from the casting of this film.

    You would think with Steven Spielberg as a producer on this thing, they’d at least care somewhat more about the scripts for these films.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me. I need to get back to my ogling… uh, I mean “googling.” Yeah. That’s it.

  15. lol for those who want a “better actor” than Megan Fox… This is TRANSFORMERS… not exactly oscar worthy acting found in these films. If it’s a pretty face then that’s all you need.

    She looks a bit like Megan Fox with downs syndrome btw, just saying..

  16. I think she’ll do fine !! No need to have a huge brain to play any roles in “a” Transformers film.
    Just to make sure you don’t get injured on the set with all the explosions.

  17. Bay must be loving this casting call.

    The guys a perv and he’s selling sex with this franchise.
    Nice going.

    • “Bay must be loving this casting call.”

      And I’ll bet his car is loving it, too.

  18. I hope she can act better than she looks! No disrespect to her but she is your typical way to thin, flat-chested, no taste in photography runway model and that is bad news for Transformers 3.

  19. hahaha man it feels to be right.

    I said it before, Megan Fox getting fired from this movie is not a “blessing” like some ppl see it. Michael Bay is the problem and he sure as hell is not going to change. Case in point: hiring a model with no acting experience to be one of the main characters in an already established and financially successful movie franchise.

    This is a HORRIBLE casting choice as she might be an even worse actress than Fox. Bay is just a complete idiot. There are SO MANY hot actresses with experience out there.

    • Agree on all counts.
      Maybe the model will fall prey to Bay? Maybe that’s want he really wants?

  20. I doubt this will be Bay’s final choice.

    He’s going to be going through the girls, I mean list of actresses. It might take a while. Maybe a few months to nail down the right actress/super model.

    • “He’s going to be going through ALL the girls, I mean list of actresses. It might take a while, he’ll need rest. Maybe a few months to nail all the girls to find the right actress/super model.”


  21. This is becoming insanely retarded, kind of reminds me of the Cap casting rumors except we all wanted to actually know the outcome of that one.

    • I wouldn’t compare this to the Cap casting rumors just yet. All this news is fairly recent so really, there may not be any names on the the short list at all. Heck it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if Bay did away with a female lead altogether. That would make it closer to the original comics anyways.

  22. Personally I could care less. I saw Transformers and Transformers 2 for the TRANSFORMERS, not for the humans, hence the movie title was not Humans and Humans 2 Revenge of the Fallen. Megan Fox is good on the eyes, but if she “quit” Transformers then she is an idiot, but whatever. Hey maybe in Transformers 3 they can get Frank Welker to voice Megatron instead of Hugo”Red Skull” Weaving.

    • I agree with most of what you wrote, except that Hugo Weaving comment.

  23. I hope Kruger and Bay decide to keep Mikaela Baines in the story and hopefully this new actress can dye her hair black and hopefully look like the Mikaela of the first two movies.

    • They will need to do more than just dye her hair. The girl needs some serious protein.

  24. Let’s change the character too. A new girlfriend. This time, not a boring rude rebel. What about a good girl? I’ve heard they exists.

    • Because according to Agent Simmons (I hope he doesn’t return) “Criminals are hot”.

      • Yeah. There’s the problem. Too much criminals. Bad society. Hot, yes. But bad.

  25. UUMM is she pretty ? not to me

  26. I wonder what else the up and cumming…. I meant coming actresses/models have to do for Mr Bay when they audition. Awesome article, genuinley made me laugh thx.

  27. OK its all about the autobots and Decepticons!!

  28. Well she is currently dating Jason Statham, maybe his epic awesomeness is transmitted sexually?

  29. I liked Megan Fox…Michael Bay is a tool!

    • That might be a typo for “fool” but I agree that he is a tool of Paramount Pictures. He might act all high and mighty but I’d guarantee that someone else made that decision with his advisement.