Megan Fox Kicked From Transformers 3

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Everyone remembers the “feud” between Transformers director Michael Bay and Megan Fox, the star he introduced to the world. This resulted from the production of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen where Fox was clearly feeling confident in her career and not thinking ahead to Transformers 3. That was a big mistake…

The controversy and news reports following Megan Fox at the time had the young star stating in interviews that working for Bay didn’t involve acting and that working on set with him was a boot camp-like experience. In reply, Bay tossed her comments aside emphasizing that she’s young and doesn’t know what she’s saying, while taking credit for giving her the career, fame and fortune she has now.

Fox even went as far as referring to him as “Hitler” in his style of directing but later, after very negative reaction to her words, put out an apology on national TV in her speech at last year’s Scream Awards. For obvious reasons,  many have speculated that Megan Fox would have her character of Mikaela in Transformers 3 reduced significantly by Bay killing her off.

The explosive director shot down those rumors by saying she would be back in a “great role” for Transformers 3. As of today, this is no longer the case. He’s definitely taking revenge, and Megan Fox is the now the fallen…

Deadline has the scoop on the major breaking news of Paramount Pictures deciding not to pick up Megan Fox’s contract option and that it’s a direct result of Michael Bay. That’s what you get for dissing Bay. He can do whatever he wants and especially when it comes to this billion dollar franchise.

Deadline‘s insider reveals the following explanation.

“Giving Shia a new love interest makes more sense for the story.”

Story? Sense?

Oxymoronic statements aside, it doesn’t matter a bit if Megan Fox is in it. Explosions and robots sell this movie, not story, script or acting, and especially not Megan Fox whose solo movie Jennifer’s Body didn’t exactly kill the box office. Her upcoming Jonah Hex doesn’t look too promising either, if you ask me.

Regular Screen Rant readers know that I was a defender of the first movie, not because I thought it was great, but because it had a lot of moments of awesome and could easily be turned into something great with Revenge of the Fallen. Instead, we got a terrible sequel which emphasized and increased all the problematic parts of the first movie and as a result, we now have another rushed installment set to come out next summer.

Currently, Bay and Ehren Kruger are finalizing the script (Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman made the smart decision to leave and work on other, better things) and filming begins soon.

Just a few days ago, Shia LaBeouf was quoted as saying Transformers 3 will be better and acknowledges the problems with Transformers 2 (and for Indiana Jones 4 if you’re keeping track). Perhaps this is the first step in making that a reality. That, adding Alan Tudyk, and getting rid of The Twins

What do you think about this?

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Transformers 3 arrives in theaters July 1, 2011.

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Source: Deadline

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  1. Kudos to the casting/production staff. You have just sold a ticket to someone who was previously going to avoid this film like the plague. Best. News. Ever (today.)

  2. WHAT!!!! No Megan Fox in Transformers 3, have we all gone mad.
    Well maybe we will actually see Soundwave in action this time.
    and not just a few quick scenes either. It will be interesting
    to see how the plot will have to be changed. And how do they
    get Sam to cozy up to a new girlfriend after all he and Mikela
    went through together, even if Mikela is killed off, Sam wouldnt
    just get another girl that fast. I guess Sam and his new love
    interest will slowly grow close and be getting ready to go on a
    date by the end of the movie. This may actually hurt the film.
    Who knows, i think it would be best if Bay and Fox sit down and
    talk things over.

  3. BEST NEWS I ever heard, Shia’s character is useless in both movies, they should bring new cast and get rid of the old ones giving Transformers some new robots and fresh faces !!

  4. You know what I thought of the other day.
    How are they planning on explaining why he is not with her in the movie anymore..? Haha.

    I just rewatched Revenge of the Fallen and remembered that he finally said, “I love you” to her.

    So basically they’re saying that he says, “I love you” and then almost immediately decides, “Hey, I actually don’t love her. I just liked watching her boobies hop around while shes running from these giant robots. So I guess I’ll dump her a@@ and get some other really $^@&ing hot girl!” lmfao.

    Anyone else think that they’re screwed already with Transformers 3?

  5. But they “loved” each other at the end of the 2nd movie. And now she’s just going to not be there? What???

  6. Bruce Willis did just fine without his wife in the third and fourth Die Hard movies, and at the end of the 2nd one they loved each other too.

    Transformers will be just fine without skeletor.. i mean megan faux.. (Look up her recent red dress photos, she looks hideous.)

  7. Megan Fox let pride get the better of her, and now she has paid for it. Transformers put her on the big screen and she will fade away now.
    Don’t bite the hand that feeds you

  8. U think Megan dident make the movie yes she did wow they all made the movie. And the new girl sucks at acting just because u were upset because of a statement wow. U made ur viwers unhappy I love the movie untilled the last one sorry it sucked

    • @ toni

      While i didn’t care if the franchise moved on with or without Megan Fox, i do agree about Rosie’s performance in the 3rd film. Infact, i never cared for her from the start because for the character of Carly i thought they needed a actress who can act & looked like the (down to earth) kind of girl. Not a magazine-model girl. It was Megan’s choice to leave the franchise & make a film like Jonah Hex instead. If Michael Bay isn’t directing anymore, maybe they can ask if she wants to come back.

  9. Dude are uu fawkin nuts its megan fox transformers 3 was odd noo megan fox deffently kill it u cany replace optimus prime with as hyundai..

  10. I hate the movie it used to be my favorite but they had to kill it with the other chick it just makes me wanna scream

  11. If you disagree with somebody, you affirm the strength of your conviction by attacking his good faith: he is not just wrong, he is evil!

  12. Michael Bay is weak. who cares if you are called names. grow up. shes a good kid and it is a free country. We say what we want and if you can’t take it get out of show business. Just saying. I am not in the business but a couple of comments don’t make me cry or fire someone.

  13. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the third one (I’m watching it right now) but I didn’t love it as much as the first two. Reason? I’m not quite sure! It could be to do with the fact that Megan wasn’t in it, or it could be my dislike of the character of Carly. She’s not so hands on as what Megan was……. Not sure if she was afraid of breaking a nail, but the part was totally wrong for her. That’s my opinion any way.

  14. Completely disagree. The love interest is part of the movie and killing it because of a personal rant is detrimental to the story line. As for the twins; racial stereotyping? So what, if it wasn’t an ethnic minority stereotype but maybe a European one instead then no one would be moaning. Stop making racism where it doesn’t exist. I found transformers 2 amazing and was dis-interested in transformers 3 because they changed the sam characters life by getting rid of megan fox. They ruined it for me and most others (check out the pole on this website if you don’t agree) and whats worse is that they did it over an unprofessional feud.

  15. without megan fox transformers 3 sucks tbh. Megan and sam were great together and now there some other chick, makes sam look real bad, the director made sam look real bad. Megan was awesome in transformers and without her with sam it sucks real bad. you should have never even made transformers 3 if she wasn’t even going to be in it.

  16. The love between Megan and Shia’s characters was strong in the first 2 movies and nothing could keep them apart. They went through everything together and for what? For people’s emotions to get in the way. They hurt this movie by giving him a new gf and removing her after everything in the other movie’s. They should’ve put feelings toward each other aside and did the movie or they should’ve changed his love interest in part 2 when he went to college. I hope they bring her back for part 4.

  17. It made so little sense when I first seen T3, I didn’t know about the Fox/Bay fallout, I actually thought something may have happened to Megan that made her unable to play the role. So Sam gets yet another supermodel hot girlfriend who also just happens to be highly interested in cars, righhht. And of course he looks like an idiot d-bag for supposedly loving this random chick after going through all of that with Mikaela and taking 2 films to say I love you. It would have been nice to give her a bigger role. It’s probably true that Bay is dictatorial as a director, if he was more open to other peoples ideas and feelings the Transformers films wouldn’t suck in so many ways, that huge production crew, could no one catch the flaws?

  18. Transformers 3 wasn’t any good cause there wasn’t a reason that Sam was with someone else, if there was a scene to show Makaela leaving then it wuld’ve been different but sam jumping from one girl to another with no reason makes it not as good as it culd’ve been.

  19. Now that there’s been 4 movies, I can honestly say the absence of Megan Fox and the complete change of storyline (TWICE) disrupted the hell out of how I felt about the movie since 1 & 2 :/ When I first heard she wasn’t gonna be in 3, I actually agreed with Bay saying it won’t make any difference but after watching the 4th I have to say I’ve lost the excitement I had about these movies to the point that I really have NO interest in when the next movie comes out. Say what you want about the actors or storyline from the first 2 movies but for me and apparently a whole lot of Transformer fans, these transformations changed the whole vibe on this franchise. SMDH :/