Will Megan Fox Feud With Michael Bay Mean No Transformers 3?

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As you no doubt already know, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is currently playing in theaters everywhere and making insane amounts of money. In fact, you’ve probably already seen it twice considering how much money this thing has made in its opening week.

As of now, it’s made over a half-billion dollars worldwide in just over a week and expected to net plenty more over the weekend – that means we are absolutely guaranteed a third installment to round off the trilogy.

No matter what anyone says, or what rumors you may hear about Michael Bay, Transformers 3 will be made. It’s a guarantee.

For the next installment, what we do know is that Bay is taking a break from the franchise to work on a little more serious and a much smaller project. He’s spent the last three years working strictly on bringing the Cybertronian robots to the big screen and working insane hours to get the sequel out on an extremely rushed schedule. Now, he needs time off to gather himself and work on something different and come back later with a fresh mind.

As for the franchise’s leading lady and ultimate marketing device, Megan Fox has been continuously playing down her role in the movie and berating the Michael Bay franchise. Here are some examples:

In response to a question about how much of her acting range has been demonstrated, Fox said:

“Seven percent. On the new one [‘Transformers 2′], I tried. But unless you’re a seasoned veteran, working with Michael Bay is not about an acting experience.”

And as for claims against Bay for being more interested in effects and explosions than action:

“That’s true. He thinks it’s funny to put his actors through Navy Seal boot camp to make a movie. And it’s not even necessary for the job! It amuses him”

Perhaps she’s emulating what she’s been reading online from news sites, blogs and critics and trying to appease to them?

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  1. @gottarhyme

    I agree 100%, and if I was a football player, 110%, lol.

    I would add hot momma Martina McBride to that list. Yah, I know she’s not an actress, lol. Michelle Pfeiffer, Diane Lane, and Emily Mortimer because she’s just so cute and adorable! lol.

  2. @ken and Daniel:

    You guys have good taste.

    Liv Tyler is stunning, isn’t she Daniel? and I reckon she will be just as beautiful in 10 years.

    Megan won’t. Parts of her might be… 😉

  3. A friend of mine is 40 and she’s hotter than Megan Fox. She’s what I call a hot mommy, lol. Sweet girl too, I’m sure she knows she’s beautiful, but will never say it because she’s not full of herself.

    Another friend is around 34 and she’s also hotter than Megan Fox (mommy also, lol), she’s also super sweet but she’s not as modest about her looks, but is not to the point where she thinks she’s better than other people or anything like that. Like she wouldn’t SAY she thinks she’s hot, but I know she knows it because when she wants a favor from me, she’ll do the “pleeaaasse” while trying to pose as cute as she can. I always pretend it doesn’t phase me but I swear my heart flutters even though I know she’s just joking around with me, once my knees almost buckled, but I kept my composure… 😀

    The other girls I know that I consider to be hotter than her are around her age, so can’t use them as examples for what we’re discussing now.

    But ALL of them are 100% NATURAL, no plastic anywhere. :-)

  4. Heck, I am hotter than Megan Fox!


  5. So, uh, gottarhyme, you got a facebook or something?? lol, just kidding… 😉

  6. LOL. Some people take TWILIGHT seriously! I had to leave.

    Facebook…Yep. Just joined! Interesting.

    Can anyone explain TWITTER? I joined and I have 8 people I dont know following me, I dont get what the fuss is all about.

  7. I have to say, Fox did get a little more respect from me admitting that Bay’s movies have nothing to do with acting; and she’s right. I had never heard of this woman until the first Transformers, so I do believe Bay made her career (and, of course, I may be wrong). The Transformers movies have nothing to do with human actors. I think it was Ken J who mentioned coming up with a DVD of just the parts of the movie you want; if I did that, out of the 2 hours and 30 minutes, I would probably have a DVD of 30 minutes. 😉

    Fox is not the hottest actress around. Heck, I saw a woman in W. Virginia, in a low income neighborhood, that was hotter than Fox. I’ve worked with women hotter than Fox. Oh, gottarhyme, we need your facebook picture…..like now. 8) :-)

  8. Well Ken Hotness is about the most subjective thing in the world. While those girls are hotter to you than Megan Fox doesn’t mean it’s that way for all guys. We all have different things that do it for us. For instance I tend to be more attracted to girls I actually know than strangers even if most people would find the random girl on the street hotter I’ll usually side with the girl I personally know.

  9. LOL!

    Men! So predictable.

    The men in film that attract me (and most women I know) have nothing to do with how they look, but more about who they are PLAYING.

    I love ‘heroic’ men who are not afraid to fight, not afraid to cry, and who temper strength with a love of art, beauty, and poetry.

    Indiana Jones
    William Wallace
    Fox Mulder

    If men only realised that if they want a woman, they need only to take her to a film or a play that SHE likes, then act a little like the hero of that story, then there would be happier relationships all around.

    No woman wants to compete with a ‘Plastic Princess’ on the screen. Why do men insist on taking their wives and girlfriends to films that make them feel inferior and unsatisfied with their looks ? Megan Fox is a plastic child captured and airbrushed on film, filters added to make her every man’s dream, and packaged with slow motion gratuitous boob shots in order to appeal to a certain sense. It is unrealistic to believe that she is in any way real. However, a man can be a personal hero to a real woman in his life every day.

    Looks are not that important to most of us (women), actions are. How else can you explain the proliferation of beautiful women marrying ugly men in real life? 😀

    We marry the MAN and the actions and behaviour of the man not the image, which fades all too quickly!

  10. Of course people will go see it, especially those who’ve been trashing the first two, regardless of whether the girl’s in the next one. She may be wasting her real talents by trying to act, but people don’t go to see this for the acting anyway. They go to see the special effects and explosion.

    As for how many times people here have seen it, based on how hard he was trashing it on here, Firestick has probably seen it 4 or 5 times by now.

  11. gottarhyme you may be speaking for your self, but for women in general looks are very important. You can show them 10 pictures of men with a description of the guy under the pictures and 9 times out of 10 they will go with the muscular guy or the widly considered handsome guy. The statement nice guys finish last really is true and especially if that guy is a little over weight or not traditionally handsome. You can be the nicest guy in the world and a true gentleman, but 9 times out of 10 a girl won’t even give you a second look if your over weight no matter how nice you are. Guys may find Megan Fox hot, but that doesn’t mean they think she is hotter than everyone else out there. There is no denying that physically she is attractive. That doesn’t mean that the guy next to you thinks she is better looking than you just that she is attractive. I’ve seen plenty of girls drool over the hunk of the month or some ripped guy in a movie. Lets face it MOST romantic comedies don’t put a fat guy or not so handsome guy in the lead unless it’s all about how unattractive he is and that’s where all the comedy comes from. Look at all the Romantic comedies Matt I love my bangos and not wearing a shirt gets. Don’t try to act like women are saints and men are just shallow pigs because it goes both ways.

  12. I agree with Daniel F, I am a very confident guy who pretty much does no wrong and a gentleman(I don’t mean to brag, its just how my Mom raised me), and I cannot get a girl to talk to me just cause I have scars from acne(my skin pigments cause I am naturally tanned, so they are like black marks where the acne was) and I have evesdropped( do not know how to spell it) on convos with other girls and most of them have said that they are repulses by my ugly skin.

  13. Being a conceited b**** can cancel out a LOT of hotness. And, quite frankly, her leather-like skin in Transfomers 2 would indicate she’s got about 5 years of shelf life before she’s so dried up, Hollywood won’t need her, or her giant gums! Wow, not since Julia Roberts have I seen horse teeth like hers! Seriously, since the Wonder Woman comments, I wish her 15 minutes was up already.

  14. @danielF and Fred

    I am sorry to hear that. I have four daughters and all of them are beautiful. However, I have taught them to look at the man (as a human being) first.

    We are visual creatures. Men, I am sure will look at a beautiful woman first before looking at their personality.

    I have the problem of being quite ‘brainy’ with three university degrees. I also have ‘modest’ good looks.

    Let me tell you, my experience with men has been they LOOK first at me, think, ‘that’s hot’, then are intimidated because I A) Earn more money than them, and B) Have intelligence.

    All I want is a bloke I can have a decent converstaion with, who won’t try to get me into bed after the first date!

    That has been my experience.
    I quite like this site, as you guys actually have something intelligent to say, and prior to you all finding out I was a woman, I enjoyed being treated as ‘one of the boys’.

    As I said, I enjoy a good converstaion. :)

  15. Meh finding out your a woman opens up other conversations for you, but for me doesn’t close out any conversations that we had before we knew.

    I think your a little negative on men in general. From my experience woman are just as in to looks as men if not more.

  16. No. You are wrong. I love men.

  17. Oh, I also think you all treat me like ‘one of the boys’, I think that last comment came out incorrectly, and I didn’t intend to insult anyone here.

    It’s just conversation. We have to laugh at our foibles as ‘visual beings’, both men and women, I think the ‘Megan Fox’ crapola is all about ‘seeing’ rather than thinking, isn’t it?

    I am not saying that women aren’t as shallow, just that to some of us, looks are not as important.

    Although I do ENJOY looking. I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t!

  18. @gottarhyme

    I am not at all someone who would objectify women or one who is a “playboy” or talks to women just to get into their pants. I respect women, sometimes people think I’m a feminist, but let’s not get carried away, lol. I am just a “nice guy,” and can’t imagine being anything but a gentleman to women, all women, just friends or more than friends.

    BUT I have to say something, you are getting it all wrong about the looks thing. Men and women both look for good looks. Women simply try to deny it, claiming they want “nice guys” when nice guys always seem to be “just friends” for them and they go for the “hot” playboy. But it’s part of nature. Instinct makes us attracted to attractive faces for the sake of seeking out the best mate to continue the species. They’ve done studies with babies and they show conclusively that babies react to “pretty” faces more positively than “not pretty” faces, that there’s actually a preference to “pretty” faces. But I’m not criticizing it, I’m just saying it’s normal and shouldn’t be considered a “oh, typical men” issue.

    I would agree with people who say that most men are pigs who are willing to cheat on their significant others. I’m not one of them, but just about every guy I know are. I would like to only make friends with those with the same moral standards as I have regarding relationships, but if I stuck to that I will have 1 friend right now, the only guy I know who absolutely will not cheat on his girlfriend. Everyone else, I know they are willing or have already in one form or another.

    I’m not saying women are less likely to cheat, but I wouldn’t know since they wouldn’t be open to giving me that information, but you know guys, they tell other guys almost anything because they figure it’s normal and they’re not too ashamed of it either… I know of a few women who have cheated, but can’t say for the rest.

    But anyway, I guess my point is, even I do consider looks first, since that’s what you see first. But obviously after someone attracts me, I talk to them and get to know them, and depending on that I decide if I’m actually interested or if it’ll be a “hey, nice meeting you, see you around” type deal. Personality is definitely a very important thing, but looks is what attracts me at first. Although sometimes circumstance puts me in contact with someone I otherwise would not approach and because of their personality I’ve been interested in them. So in a way, personality is the most important.

  19. Ken I agree with you on most of that though woman cheat just about as much as men do. They just hide their slightly pig like nature better than we do.

    I’m surprised how much we have in common ken. I often get told I’m to nice or to much of a gentleman. In fact I was just on a date the other day and that’s all she kept saying to me all night the word thing was she said it like it was a bad thing.

  20. I’m not saying women don’t cheat as much as men. It’s just that I can’t say so without it being an assumption or hearsay since they don’t usually admit to those things to me, only a few women I know have either admitted or I have found out about (three women I started to date I found out the already had boyfriends lol), but just about every guy I know either do it regularly, have done it, or are willing to. All except one, lol. Pretty bad huh?

  21. Funny thing is, no offense ladies, but the worse of an offender the guy is, the more attractive they are to women it seems. Sorry but women say all of this crap about “women’s intuition” yet in real life they are the worst judge of character. By the time their “intuition” kicks in most likely the guy has already cheated on her many times without her suspecting a thing and probabky every guy she’s dated prior to him have cheated on her without her knowing. It’s sad really. They are always like “he seems like a nice guy” for the biggest and. MOST OBVIOUS pigs I know.

    And worse of all, if I try to say something to them, I am being jealous and she will think I have a crush on her, lol. So frustrating, I want to help but then she’ll think I’m being crazy and be pissed at me and the guys will call me a snitch, so it’s better to just stay quiet and be there to console her later when he breaks her heart, lol. Sorry to laugh but sometimes it’s so predictable it’s funny…

  22. Megan Fox is AMAZING, I have yet to meet a person (male or female) who doesn’t wanna do her. Sorry thats a fact. This is hollywood and your entirely based on how you look. In this regard shes worth a lot obviously. Disagree? Get yourself into a movie and make a few million and then we can talk.

  23. So if we measure success by looks, Morgan Freeman, Whoopie Goldberg, Karl Muldan, and many other actors would never have gotten any work. Actors like Deniro, Eastwood, Nicholson, and Streep are still acting because they are extremely good at it, not because they look good.

  24. @AORL

    Like holy crap, I cannot believe you said that, looks make a better person in movies?!?! The only reason I even like to watch an actor is because of their acting/coolnes factor/badass factor, not their looks, and BTW, I am a straight person and I would not like to do Megan Fox, simply cause she has probably has one of the most unattractive personality ever, and there are times where I think that she practically oozes Vanity and arrogance.

    People who go only for looks in movies are shallow types/perverts that could not give a flying **** about the plot. I slept through Transformers and it was posible the bigest waste of Two hours in my life ever- or maybe not, since i did get some shut eye, but the loud speakers in the cinemas only made me wake up with a headache after the movie ended.

    BTW, go have a talk with Streep or Nicholson.

    Atleast mention Liv Tyler, not only does she have the looks, but damn she can act well. Possible one of the most underated actresses ever.

  25. AORL, hi, my name is Ken, there, you’ve met me, I can honestly say I don’t want to “do” her. I want to get intimate with people I love, I don’t use the word love just to get into girls’ panties. I don’t know Megan Fox, nor do I care to get to know her, so no, I don’t want to “do” her as you so eloquently put it…

  26. gottarhyme,
    You sound like such a feminist!
    Sorry, i had to say it. These guys are pretty much saying the right things about us, no matter if i want to agree or not. You cannot honestly admit you would date a man no matter what his flaws are.
    You could be sitting down having dinner with a guy that has the best attitude in the world & when u stand up to leave he is extremely shorter then yourself. This is simply an example, but you cant deny it. You know the truth is, it would bother you. Im not trying to come off as a pessimist or shallow, everyone thinks that way whether they like it or not. Its what keeps them from talking to every guy at a bar. It is those qualities your already looking for in a guy & if it doesnt fit, girls (& guys) will continue looking. Its not always a bad thing but it is very rude.

    ken j, i agree with you. Women are idiots when they come to liking someone. They dont like to listen to negative comments about the guy and they regret it. I really believe getting the truth is what a guy best friend is best at. I love my friend and praise him for all the times he has saved me from a jerk. If you have known him & trust him you should believe the guy no matter how you feel about the man your crushing on.

  27. Megan Fox is an idiot…7% of her acting range my ass. I have seen her in other things and her acting was less than stellar then as well. She is nothing a but rich, snobby hick. (although she is a gorgeous one) This is Bay’s style of film making and we all know taht by now. Most of his movies are about special effects , explosions, heroism, some race against time, and an unconventional love story but he IS pretty good at what he does. Personally i did not like the Fallen all that much, but take away some of the bad dialogue and those two idiotic robots it wasnt have bad. The action was good.
    I am not a Michael Bay fan by any means BUT Megan fox shoudl keep her mouth shut. She is a newcomer to the industry and BAy is one of the biggest names out there and if you want to make you need to keep your rep good with these people. Looks can only take her so far, her acting sucks and her relevance to teh transformers series is minimal. She coudl be casted out of the next flick and people would still not hesitate to go and see it

  28. I’ll agree with Megan in one instance I would like to see more acting in the next Transformer Movie but not by her or any of the other humans for that matter. I want to see more character from the Robots. I understand what they were trying to do with the two idiot robots and the little robot in the box but it was kinda unnecessary. The goofy robots had three times as much dialogue in the movie then all the other autobots combine. Next time around why not have the robots as the lead and the human interaction as the supporting cast. Which pretty much too me would mean Megan could be easily forgotten with a simply line like
    Anybody- “what happen too your girlfriend Sam?”
    Sam- “Oh it just didn’t work out.”
    BOOM (random explosion.)

  29. LOL, I like the random explosion, might actually happen