Will Megan Fox Feud With Michael Bay Mean No Transformers 3?

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As you no doubt already know, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is currently playing in theaters everywhere and making insane amounts of money. In fact, you’ve probably already seen it twice considering how much money this thing has made in its opening week.

As of now, it’s made over a half-billion dollars worldwide in just over a week and expected to net plenty more over the weekend – that means we are absolutely guaranteed a third installment to round off the trilogy.

No matter what anyone says, or what rumors you may hear about Michael Bay, Transformers 3 will be made. It’s a guarantee.

For the next installment, what we do know is that Bay is taking a break from the franchise to work on a little more serious and a much smaller project. He’s spent the last three years working strictly on bringing the Cybertronian robots to the big screen and working insane hours to get the sequel out on an extremely rushed schedule. Now, he needs time off to gather himself and work on something different and come back later with a fresh mind.

As for the franchise’s leading lady and ultimate marketing device, Megan Fox has been continuously playing down her role in the movie and berating the Michael Bay franchise. Here are some examples:

In response to a question about how much of her acting range has been demonstrated, Fox said:

“Seven percent. On the new one ['Transformers 2'], I tried. But unless you’re a seasoned veteran, working with Michael Bay is not about an acting experience.”

And as for claims against Bay for being more interested in effects and explosions than action:

“That’s true. He thinks it’s funny to put his actors through Navy Seal boot camp to make a movie. And it’s not even necessary for the job! It amuses him”

Perhaps she’s emulating what she’s been reading online from news sites, blogs and critics and trying to appease to them?

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  1. I have no problem with people criticizing Michael Bay, I do it myself, but I think its BS that she has the nerve to critize the guy that got her where she is.

    If Bay cared more about acting, he never would have cast Fox in the first place and no one would know who she is.

  2. “What is wrong with the world. Megan Fox is the sexiest woman alive.”

    she’s just another pretty face. her today, someone else tomorrow.

  3. Are you kidding me, Megan Fox is just another flavor of the month. I know at least 30 people hotter than her. She’s had plastic surgery, tattoos all over, and toe thumbs on her hands.

    She’s nothing special. Transformers is only famous because of the transformers. No one gives two ****’s about Megan Fox. If it was because of her, how come no one cares about her upcoming movie where she’ll be almost nude?

    Maybe you guys going crazy for Megan Fox need to turn off the computer, get rid of the cream and kleenex tissues and go outside and meet girls. You’d find that there are girls way smarter, prettier, nicer etc… than Megan Fox.

  4. She’s a major idiot.

  5. He has built carers, but those people didn’t get great carers because someone say a bay film and thought what amazing acting. They saw the numbers that the film with those people got in and thought “Nice I can market those names now.” Those actors all had to prove they had acting chops later on in their carers with other movies.

    Like her or not she is 100% right.

  6. Wow alot of Fox haters on here. I think she is hot as hell. Not the hottest girl in the world and has nothing to do with the success of Transformers that’s all about the CGI, but still very hot. She is easily replaceable, but so is everyone else. Transformers would still make a huge profit it they replaced Shia in the third film. No one gives a crap about the actors. I like Megan. Even if I don’t agree with everything she says I respect that she speaks her mind and isn’t afraid of what might happen. I live my life with pure honesty I think it’s the only way to live. I get sick of actors pussy footing around questions afraid to actually answer. She isn’t an amazing actress and really is just a pretty face, but she isn’t so terrible that it takes me out of a movie. I look forward to seeing what she can do in Johna Hex and other films. I don’t judge anyones ability based on a Bay film for the exact reasons she gave. There simply isn’t much acting in those movies. It’s all about things going boom.

  7. She’s getting caught up in the hype surrounding her, she has good PR people.


  8. I will Agree with Daniel F on this, even though I think that Fox is being totally arrogant, but facts matter, not opinions(except when it is concerning whether viewers like the film).

    BTW, it is shocking a film like Transformaers is making that much bling. Films these days have to give viewers a much more fulfilling viewing by presenting deep themes, exploring them with a good plot , not by giving boob shots, robotic fights and explosions. Dark Knight was an exception, but even that awesome film explored very minor themes, only a few of them are based on real life.

    Makes me sad to see that movies that are making such huge amounts of money are such simplistic concepts.

    I am going to get flamed quite badly for saying this, but there, it is said, and it is a fact.

  9. Transformers would’ve had more or less the same success without Megan Fox or Shia LeBoeuf or any of the human actors. It was always about the robots, their voices and the CG effects.

    If Fox wanted to say that her role didn’t require much acting that’s fine but she should still be grateful for having been chosen for the role.

  10. Meh. Just kill her off. She plays absolutely no crucial role in the films, anyway. She’s just the girl the main star goes after – totally replaceable. In fact, save a couple million bucks by taking her off the role in an off-screen explanation, or say she went to Australia or something. (Like what they did with Lois Lane in Superman III).

  11. BTW, Fox is right about there being zero acting in a Bay film.

  12. Yep, facts matter, and the fact is, Megan Fox can’t act, so she’ll continue to get jobs now that her name is still hot, but when it comes to her needing to “prove her acting chops” yah, that will be hilarious…

    Clash of the idiots…

  13. All i’ve seen from you on this post Ken is how much you hate Megan, but I haven’t noticed one comment about what she actually said and if you agree or not. Unless I missed it.

  14. Um, I did jokingly said that even if her acting in the TF movies were only 7%, even her 100% will still suck? Does that count? lol

  15. Oops, say*

  16. Plus I don’t “hate” Megan Fox or any celebrity for that matter, I just think she can’t act, she’s full of herself, and she’s immature. Heck, replace she with he and act with direct and I can say the same for Michael Bay, lol.

    I wonder if they still do that celebrity death match thing on MTV. I have no clue because I avoid MTV since I like to keep most of my brain cells. But if they do, they need one with these two and call it Clash of the Idiots. Should be pretty funny… :-D

  17. Actually, I have to retract that, maybe Michael Bay can be pretty smart. I mean, he does manage to make a whole lot of money from what seems like very little effort compared to other movie directors that make much less…

  18. I like that she speaks her mind.

    And she was just fine in the movie – acting wise. 3 out of 5 stars.

  19. I can rate her acting I’ve only seen her in transformers and even the most amazing actors cant be impressive in a bay movie there just isn’t any acting to be done. I will say I like that she speaks her mind so I’ve got no problem with her.

  20. Hey, how come when I speak my mind here I get b****-slapped by Vic? lol. I guess I’m not hot enough to be able to use that excuse… :-D

  21. beauty is in the eye of the beholder and to me she’s just ok… the only time i was actually attracted to her was in the scene where she’s sitting on shia’s lap just before she insults bumblebee for turning into the piece of crap camaro… she looked like somebody i liked in that scene. Did anyone that she was in bad boys 2 dancing in a bikini whilst water falling on her and she was only 15 at the time…?crazy. Someone that i do consider really beautiful that is within the age range i think is Lacey Chabert…but someone that was pretty and talented overall is Nikki Cox… neither of which we see as much.

  22. @Ken J

    Well she hasn’t commented here on the site – I’d moderate her comments just like anyone else’s. 8)


  23. From now on Vic, my excuse is “well, at least I’m speaking my mind!” I fully expect Daniel and fury to back me up, lol.


    There’s probably a very logical reason why she’s gotten so “big” so fast, but if I say it out loud here I’ll have to exercise my “I’m speaking my mind” excuse a little too soon, so I’ll refrain, but I’m sure you know…

  24. As long as it’s not personal insults Ken I support it. She didn’t do any personal insults in these quotes she gave her honest opinion of Bay’s work and didn’t resort to personally insulting him. Just giving her opinion. I think that’s better than her pretending that she think he is some amazing talented guy when they don’t believe that.

  25. I guess that makes Ryan Reynalds a complete moron for looking out for his acting career by being tactful during his interviews regarding Deadpool in the Wolverine movie then huh?

    But what I wonder is how she feels she is actually qualified to give such opinions about someone’s directing skill when her own acting skill is not up to par. That’s like a person who can’t read criticizing someone’s writing ability…

    As long as the illiterate person has boobs I’m sure nobody will care, lol.

  26. @ken j
    or the deer giving the hunter tips on what gun to shoot him better with…lol.

  27. Meh…

    Beautiful women whose looks will stand the test of time at ANY age…

    Elizabeth Taylor
    Sophia Loren
    Jane Seymour
    Cate Blanchette

    In ten years time, I bet that Megan Fox will be so nipped and tucked we won’t recognise her!

    Remember, beauty is only skin deep, but ugly (and no talent) goes all the way in. ;)

  28. Gottaryme

    I would add Liv Tylar, Sandra Bulleck and a couple others but those are top two.

    Ken Thats not at all what I’m saying. What reynolds is doing is a good smart carrer move. All I’m saying is there is nothing wrong with speaking your mind and I respect it more than what you call tactfull. I would use a different word by the way.