Will Megan Fox Feud With Michael Bay Mean No Transformers 3?

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As you no doubt already know, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is currently playing in theaters everywhere and making insane amounts of money. In fact, you’ve probably already seen it twice considering how much money this thing has made in its opening week.

As of now, it’s made over a half-billion dollars worldwide in just over a week and expected to net plenty more over the weekend – that means we are absolutely guaranteed a third installment to round off the trilogy.

No matter what anyone says, or what rumors you may hear about Michael Bay, Transformers 3 will be made. It’s a guarantee.

For the next installment, what we do know is that Bay is taking a break from the franchise to work on a little more serious and a much smaller project. He’s spent the last three years working strictly on bringing the Cybertronian robots to the big screen and working insane hours to get the sequel out on an extremely rushed schedule. Now, he needs time off to gather himself and work on something different and come back later with a fresh mind.

As for the franchise’s leading lady and ultimate marketing device, Megan Fox has been continuously playing down her role in the movie and berating the Michael Bay franchise. Here are some examples:

In response to a question about how much of her acting range has been demonstrated, Fox said:

“Seven percent. On the new one ['Transformers 2'], I tried. But unless you’re a seasoned veteran, working with Michael Bay is not about an acting experience.”

And as for claims against Bay for being more interested in effects and explosions than action:

“That’s true. He thinks it’s funny to put his actors through Navy Seal boot camp to make a movie. And it’s not even necessary for the job! It amuses him”

Perhaps she’s emulating what she’s been reading online from news sites, blogs and critics and trying to appease to them?

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  1. pretty faces are a dime a dozen. Replace her with someone who has TALEN!!!!!

  2. Call me shallow !!!! I probably wouldnt want to know her but do her i would!!! Then wake up really early and bail with all the braggin rights!!!!! Yes I am that shallow!!!!!!!!!

  3. Man i would love to have a relationship with Megan Fox i personally think she is the hottest chick out there and women could be like her. So hatters back offf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. LOL, you must live in a really sad place full of ugly chicks… There’s a girl working tonight where I am that’s hotter than Megan Fox… And she’s smart and sweet too! Two qualities Fox doesn’t have, lol.

  5. I wouldn’t miss Meagan Fox at all in Transformer 3, she’s a terrible actress and not that cute. Replace the witch

  6. Stop hatting on Megan Fox cause she is sexy, smart, and attract matter of face i am her biggest fans beside u haters need to back off cause she is ain’t going nowhere as she take on hollywood

  7. Man, I got the funniest joke, but can’t say it because it’ll kind of count as a personal attack, dammit!!! lol :-D

  8. Megan Fox keep doing ur things cause u got fans like myself who got ur back no matter what Hatter if u got something to say it to me cause i am not the one to mess with!

  9. Must… resist… will power… getting… weaker… :-P

  10. Michael Bay thinks he put Nicholas Cage on the map? Cage had been doing films for 15 years before meeting Bay… and his uncle is Francis Ford Coppola, for god’s sake.

    As for Ben Affleck, his name was MADE when Good Will Hunting came out. And that was no thanks to Michael “the ego” Bay.

    As for those saying that Megan Fox “got where she is thanks to Michael Bay”, well, that’s not saying much, is it now! Where exactly is she? No one in Hollywood would give her a serious dramatic role unless they wanted to attract the horny male teenager audience… as is pretty obvious from the disgusting pandering that’s going on in this thread.

    Dudes: she’s a friggin’ piece of plastic. And she couldn’t act her way out of a soggy paper bag. And an idiot to boot!

    “Transformers” is a financial success because it’s a completely brainless, SFX-laden popcorn movie that pleases hormonal teenage boys and adult basement-dwellers with translucent skin that haven’t seen the sun in years.

    Michael Bay gets to make movies (and I use the term VERY loosely) because the guy knows how to put explosions on screen. Other than that, he’s a pathetic filmmaker. His camera movement is amateurish and unmotivated, his editing is schizophrenic and epileptic, and the dialogues are – at best – laughable or – at worst – insulting.

  11. Michael bay is an idiot.

    Ben Affleck was already a household name before he even met Michael Bay. “Good Will Hunting” anyone?

    Nicholas Cage is Francis Ford Coppola’s nephew, for god’s sake. He REALLY didn’t need Michael “I am god’s gift to Hollywood ESSSSPLSIONS!” Bay to make him famous.

    As for Megan Fox.. well, she got to where she is because she was in a Michael bay film. Um, where exactly is she? I don’t see anyone offering her Lady MacBeth or any other serious dramatic roles since her thespian escapades in “Transformers”.

    Of course, she isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier either. So I guess she and Michael bay deserve each other. Pots. Kettles. You know the drill.

  12. Honestly the only thing nice on that girl r her eyes. If i was bay i’d definantly replace her or just not put her in transformer 3. Shes ungrateful regardless of anything whether bay is full of himself or anything he hooked her up and she just put him out there like that. That’s messed up i would most def. not hire her again if i was him

  13. Well call me crackers & put jelly on my head. Grammie always said, “If da slippy aint dippy then the slappy aint dappy!!” Words to live by. Megan Fox got da goat by da cheese now! June aint green if you know what I mean!! Eh…eh, fellas?!? Oh Yeah!!! Bang a gong & get it on!!!

  14. the second transformer movie was ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!!! but the horrible acting wasn’t even what killed it. fox definitely was the worst actor of them all, but that could also be just bad directing. however, bay still should just put a better looking girl in her place, since she’s so ungrateful. doesn’t she realize she is a dime a dozen?

  15. I hope Megan Fox is NOT in the next transformers movie. People are sick of her anyway.

  16. megan fox is hotest and shes ass is cool

  17. The movie, as was the cartoon, has been and always will be about the transformers, not the human actors. Yes, the movie did need some human intervention, but, the movie would have probably done just as well casting any other actor(s).

  18. Fox served no purpose in the transformers movie, except to cater to sex drives. Get rid of her.

  19. i think that megan fox plays a important job and that she should keep her job also its not fair to judge her over a few movies i still think she is an excellent actress

  20. I have to admit megan fox is hot as all hell. and yes she does have the additude going, wich no its not super profesional but its hot and sexy so everyone will like her for it. as for Bay from the comments he is quoted saying here he sounds like a high and mighty a-hole. like every one who is any one should all be graveling at his feet. he’s jus a director, they are the actors they are the ones who do good. if they get famous its cuz they have what it takes not cuz he brought them into the game. someone needs to give him a wake up call and bring him back to earth.

  21. I believe that she can be replaced, but then the story gets offset because then you wonder where this new person came from. if there is a new girl playing megan fox’s role, then i believe that it wont’ be as good because it’s not the original cast from the first and second movie. I think that michael bay should keep megan fox in the cast and every time she bitches about something or make ridiculous comments then she should lose some pay.

  22. By Megan you are finished! It was nice knowing you. NOT.