SR Picks [Video]: Digital Megan Fox To Appear In Tranformers 2

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megan fox transformers 02 SR Picks [Video]: Digital Megan Fox To Appear In Tranformers 2

Well, there was no way news this big was going to be concealed forever, and people this is HUGE! This could bring the very existence of Hollywood into question. What is this news I speak of? It’s news that turns S1M0ne into an uncanny look at the future of cinema.

We all know that Hollywood has been slowly replacing actors with digital stuntman for years now. Earliest example I can recall is Wesley Snipes as Blade in Blade 2 during one of the opening fight scenes. After that, Legolas, Orlando Bloom, had several full CGI replacements during the trilogy Lord of the Rings. Jar Jar Binks, of Star Wars: Episode One infamy, would probably been an example of how NOT to do a full CGI replacement.

And CGI is not being used to just replace stuntmen, Hollywood has been slowly “enhancing” and touching up some of our favorite actors and actresses. Patrick Stewart recently got the “young-over” treatment on Xmen Origins: Wolverine. Sir Anthony Hopkins was given the same treatment to play young Hannibal Lecter in Red Dragon.

I’m usually OK with producers and SFX guys making some of the hottest women in Hollywood that much hotter. Cover up a mole here, conceal a zit there or even just removing the bags from under their eyes after they were out all night drinking and partying. But are those same guys starting to cross the line? The first time CGI enhancement really influenced how we viewed actresses, I feel, would be the breast enhancement given to Angelina Jolie for Tomb Raider. Apparently she just wasn’t “big” enough for the role, I disagree and think Ms. Jolie is perfect the way she is, but even so, at least it was 95% her and 5% CGI.

What I do have a problem with, however, is the blatant attempt to play a ruse on us. It would appear that Megan Fox in the upcoming Transformers 2 movie, has been completely replaced by CGI! That’s right, apparently the only way to have a woman as hot as Megan Fox in a movie is to just make her from scratch using CGI and animatronics – and thanks to the guys over at Film Drunk pointing us in the right direction, we now have a video to prove it.

As you can tell by now this whole article is very much tongue-in-cheek, but damn if it isn’t just plain funny. The people at Landline TV put this farce together and it is much appreciated. Let’s hope that Hollywood doesn’t ever truly go this route. Jar Jar is one thing but when they start messing with the women, Heaven help us all.

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen opens June 24, 2009.

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  1. That was friggin’ hysterical. 😀


  2. Makes me think that the next hollywood remake/reboot/redo will be Weird Science. 😀

  3. The truth has finally been revealed!

  4. I’m sorry, this is news? You know Christian Bale is Woody Allen in a costume right?

  5. just like Fred Savage is Michael Moore, Rush Limbaugh, Tony Danza, Camryn Manheim, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, John Forsythe and Lars Ulrich

  6. I… did not know about Malcolm-Jamal Warner.

    Did you know Eddie Murphy died years ago. That dude we see in the movies is a marionette who just wants to be a real boy.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  7. This is a joke, right? The video was funny but it’s hard for me to believe this is true.

  8. @Kahless

    Yes, buddy, this is a joke. :)


  9. Way out of left field but whats that bump in her one piece suit at minute 109?!?!?!? Bulge?? WTF??

  10. @Vic
    Thanks. I know I act like I was born yesterday but I was laughing and frowning at that video at the same time. 😀

  11. @thumbmonster – That’s were she keeps her cell phone. No pockets on that swimsuit.

  12. i have actually had this discussion with a buddy of mine. with actors demanding huge contracts, its gonna be cheaper soon to make your own character and get someone to voice them. we’ll only have voice actors soon

  13. I read an article a few years ago that they will literally CGI blemishes, etc., over actors and actresses when they’d re-run awards shows (like MTV’s, etc.) and other events. They had still images of befores-and-afters, like bags under eyes removed, tans added, etc.


  14. I’m actually surprised that no one caught the S1m0ne reference. What Cantizzle is talking about was the very plot of the movie.

  15. i actually did catch it. i watched that movie when i used to donate plasma.

    men now we can’t even enjoy hot girl on screens without them being robots.. >_<

  17. Even if CGI got to a stage where you couldn’t tell the difference, I doubt CG actors would replace real ones. Think of it like CGI films replacing the old traditionally animated films, after a while people will start crying out for the old school stuff, hence why Disney’s Traditional Animation department was opened up again.

    Plus, there will always be something an actor can give us in a performance that can’t be imitated by an animator. And also, it would just saturate acting, we’d have many many actors “brought to screen” by a handful of animators meaning we’ll get similar performances across the board, no real stand out performances.

    There will always be a place in cinema for real actors.

  18. So she’s digitally enhanced? Or completely CGI?

  19. @Foopher

    Dude… joke.



  20. So THAT explains her acting…

  21. Wonder if they can they digitally wipe out her voice?
    She’d go from a D listed actress to B instantly.

    Speaking of ‘enhancement’, That’s why she’d make a lousy Wonder Woman. It would cost too much to have her digitally ‘fill’ that outfit.

    To use the word overrated is an understatement.

  22. @why – Thanks for your insightful comment. By all means please keep them coming.

  23. I’m guessing that comment got deleted? lol