Rumor Patrol: Megan Fox to Star in ‘Carrie’ Remake

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No classic horror title is safe from the remake syndrome nowadays – and Brian De Palma’s well-known 1976 adaptation of the Stephen King novel, Carrie, is the latest cinematic scarefest that is being prepped for a makeover - courtesy of MGM and Screen Gem.

News regarding active development on a Carrie remake only broke at the end of last week, but already there’s a big name actress reportedly interested in playing the titular teenager: the 25-year-old starlet of the first two Transformers movies, Megan Fox.

Fox was apparently approached at one point to play Wonder Woman on-screen (in the recently-defunct TV series reboot, perhaps?) but Showbiz Spy claims it has been informed by sources close to the actress that “she wants to move on to more serious roles.” Hence her interest in playing Carrie – and, by implication, why she is not appearing in this summer’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon (be sure to take all of that with a grain of salt).

The actress played a teenager who seeks vengeance upon those who wronged her (with the use of supernatural powers) once before in the horror-comedy Jennifer’s Body, which failed to impress critics and didn’t exactly rake in cash at the box office. More importantly: Does Fox even remotely resemble the kind of person who’d be mocked by her high school peers and looked down upon as an awkward outcast – like Sissy Spacek did when she played Carrie in De Palma’s film?

Megan Fox circling lead role in Carrie remake Rumor Patrol: Megan Fox to Star in Carrie Remake

Regardless of whether you think Fox wasn’t allowed a fair chance to demonstrate her acting prowess in the first two Transformers movies – or if you feel she really is just a pretty face and nothing more – it’s near impossible to argue that casting the actress as Carrie makes sense, at least from an artistic standpoint. The argument that Fox would increase the box office potential of Carrie doesn’t hold water either, as illustrated by the failure of Jennifer’s Body – and that was in spite of the film being scripted by Diablo Cody (fresh off her Oscar win for Juno) and boasting (among other things) a scene in which Fox and Amanda Seyfried locked lips.

It ought to be mentioned that the idea of Fox starring in the new Carrie is strictly RUMOR at this point – and while this casting move certainly isn’t out of the question, it’s far from a sure thing right now. On the other hand: there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of enthusiasm for another cinematic take on King’s spooky coming-of-age tale as is, so it’s difficult to say whether this rumor will help or hinder the current outlook for the project.

We’ll keep you posted on the status of the Carrie remake as more information is released.

Source: Showbiz Spy (via STYD)

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  1. Alison Pill would be excellent.

  2. There is only ONE movie industry Megan Fox would be good in… No ACTING involved if you know what I mean. lol ;-)

    • Took the words right out of my mouth….

  3. jennifers body was good story, good dark horror, she has talent, her and lohan starred in a movie together in ’04

  4. As a HUGE Stephen King fan I would hate to see a remake of his movie with Meagan Fox as the lead role. She cannot act and she doesn’t even come close to the kind of character needed for this role. It would also really suck if Lohan got the role. I mean, really? That is just a joke. I won’t have to worry too much about that one. I am sure she will be in jail or rehab when the time comes.

  5. It’s official: this movie will bomb. She couldn’t act her way out a wet sack. She’s in movies for eye candy only. Please cast someone else.

  6. She wont be cast as Carrie, don’t worry. Lohan? Maybe. I wont be seeing this movie until it hits netflix or free on demand no matter who is in it. I am all set with giving my money to them just to reinforce their lack of imagination and desire to resurrect old screen gems just to go on and gut them of their essence. I am not anti-remakes, some movies should be remade. They better not touch any Kubrick film, Taxi Driver, Good Fellas, you get what I am saying at this point and I don’t think many people would disagree. Why not remake movies that were s***** with a good premise? Why not remake something like Barberella? Doesn’t that make more sense than remaking Carrie? Lohan could be a good Carrie, Fox could be a good Armani model, I can still be a nonpaying customer along with everyone else with half a brain. How about they get an up and coming actress that is six years younger than Lohan and Fox? Why are we looking at girls in their late twenties to play a girl in highschool? Yes I am aware that this has been common in older films but we are too well aware of Lohans age, that and she has the tits of a 36 year old fat pregnant woman. Put Jennifer Lawrence in it as Carrie and I might consider handing over some dough at a theater

  7. megan fox as carrie would be a bad choice. shes a dreadful actress and with the character carrie the audience feel sorry for her and at the end of the film you feel glad she got her own back and with megan fox the only thing id feel sorry for is probable a stephan king film being destroyed.

  8. NO sissy was cute, innocent, felt sorry for.. Megan Fox is hot can’t feel sorry for, and can’t act

  9. I can totally see her playing one of the “mean girls” but certainly not Carrie.


    • Mean Girl is her stock-in-trade character, Vic…like asking Shatner to play Capt. Kirk/T. J. Hooker/Denny Crane.

      BTW, anyone notice how Boston Legal in its last few years was looking like a “Love Boat”/”Fantasy Island” for former Star Trek actors/actresses?

      William Shatner (Denny Crane…Rene Auberjonois (Paul Lewiston)…Armin Shimerman (Judge Brian Hooper)…Ethan Phillips (Michael Schiller)…Jeri Ryan (Courtney Reese)…John Larroquette (Carl Sack, a senior lawyer and Candice Bergen’s boyfriend)…”Laugh-In” alum Henry Gibson (Judge Clark Brown), who was a Ferengi in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”…Ron Canada (Judge Willard Reese) who has played a human, a Klingon and a Malon in three different Trek television series…Ed Begley Jr. (Prof. Clifford Cabot), who was Henry Starling in the Voyager 2-parter “Future’s End”…
      Corbin Bernsen, previously a lawyer on “L.A. Law,” played divorce lawyer Eli Granger; in 1990, he played the hammy omniscient being Q2 in “ST:TNG” episode “Deja Q”…Michelle Forbes (Juliette Monroe) was Ro Laren in “TNG”.

      Also connected: Mark L. Taylor, Scott Bakula.

  10. Loved Megan in Jennifers body I thought she did a very good job. Think nobody got the movie – it was a black comedy! Megan would be absolutely AWESOME in carrie remake, about time she is given the chance to prove that she can act…

    • No, you’re not the only one who liked Jennifer’s Body. I would mind her in the movie, but for some reason I believe she could be an out cast. Lindsay should be Carrie and Sissy Spacek as her mom, if they can’t get her than I would to see Ann Hathaway or Azura Skye as Carrie.

      PS: I would like to Megan Fox as Raven in TT.

  11. just let megan fox keep getting those god awful plastic surgeries and in about… 5 years max she’ll be perfectly ugly enough for the role.

  12. megan fox and lindsay lohan want this role.
    both actresses really in need of a comeback.
    both i think lindsay lohan has the upper hand bcuz:
    1)she is the better actress
    2)stephen king recommended her himself.
    although, megan is a more reliable actress, as she doesnt pull the same shenanigans lindsay does.
    anyways, may the best atress….

  13. “More importantly: Does Fox even remotely resemble the kind of person who’d be mocked by her high school peers and looked down upon as an awkward outcast – like Sissy Spacek did when she played Carrie in De Palma’s film?”

    Maybe in Beverly Hills High School…”Oh look! It’s Jennifer’s Body-That-Has-No-Brain! Insult any directors that made you famous lately?”