Meet The Spartans Trailer: No Need To See The Whole Movie

Published 7 years ago by , Updated February 9th, 2012 at 9:43 pm,

meet the spartans Meet The Spartans Trailer: No Need To See The Whole MovieDoes anyone honestly think that Meet the Spartans, the next spoof movie from the folks that brought us Epic Movie and Date Movie is actually going to be worth sitting through?

Well I suppose that the same people who actually thought that AVP-R was great might think so. icon smile Meet The Spartans Trailer: No Need To See The Whole Movie

Seriously, just watch the trailer below, chuckle a bit at some of the marginally funny bits and call it a day. There’s no need to waste $10 and an hour and a half of your life sitting through this thing because everything even remotely funny in this movie is right here:

I don’t know exactly when it opens, nor do I care (and neither should you).

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  1. Along the same lines I think YouTube is going to kill good action/sci-fi movies because now I’m hearing stuff like “I don’t care about plot or characters, I just want to see people get killed.”

    It’s becoming all about short movie clip mentality now.


  2. Yeah Vic there’s a war going on for the consciousness of the youth right now.
    (IMO) Unfortunity Ipods and Iphones are changing the way people interact with entertainment technology and function in our society. Especally with the youth in big cities.
    YouTube should be more controlled and also pay for “their content”. When the artist dosnt get compensation for his work your going to see less creativity and more debris passing as creativity. (Some of that being very disturbing)…
    I’m almost postive that when this writers strike is over you’re going to see YouTube make alliances with the Studios or get shut down (over-night) by the Studios lawyers….
    They won’t touch YT now because that lends more weight to the writers pov.on this strike.
    All this bs over pennies , ahh I digress,,,
    This topic reminded me of that scene in “Back to the Future 2″, the one where Marty Mcfly Jr. comes home and turns on the tv’s and then says “where’s the atrosity channel?…….ยป

  3. Youtube, is a nice little preview of things for me thats quick and easy, not good quality, but I’m not there for a feature film. I search on Youtube, for either one of two things, independent short films, or a peak to remember what the Batman theme is or something, or perhaps the end part of credits if I didn’t catch it in theaters. But, to actually watch whole episodes of a tv show or sections of a movie is absurd. Also its the wide scope of youtube, that there is nothing you can’t find that somebody hasn’t put on youtube. A bigger problem is the damn videos of people singing to songs on youtube. OMGOMGOMG, I want to strangle all those people.

  4. Sorry, but I just realized what we are talking about, and its good evidence that if Vic (and staff) doesn’t put news up for a few days we’ll find something to “rant” about on our own.

  5. Well this shat is important.

    Happy new year. Everyone. !!!!

  6. Hah, I guess I am of the “Dense” population. I wont see this when it hits the big screen, but that wont stop me from renting it for some “Dense” laughing fun.

    Please, give it a rest. This movies are ment for mindless entertainment; nothing more, nothing less. You all act like this movie is going to impact the hearts and minds of America.

    Act dense sometimes. It’s fun.

  7. LOL! He’s probably funnier than the movie will be! :-D

  8. Yea my 2nd to last post was kinda preachy.
    I’m acting dense this weekend I’m playing Call of Duty4. The Xbox is my way of not seeing bad films. :)

  9. Maybe so, but wild whorses couldn’t drag me to this movie.

  10. “mindless entertainment”

    Am I the only one who find this to be an oxymoron. If it’s mindless, if my mind isn’t engaged, I am not being entertained. If I’m not being entertained, I can’t call it entertainment. At that point, I just call it a bad movie. That, to me at least, has the benefit of not being self contradictory, yet describes the same product as “mindless entertainment.”

  11. That is a true and literal use of the word “entertainment.” When I entertain guests, I don’t just let them in and go about my business. I engage, converse, serve, respond to. I agree, entertainment by definition has intrinsic value.

    You guys inspired me to rent “Airplane.” I’m sure there are many gags in that movie that a 20 year old would not “get.” Besides being a parody of a disaster movie, the jokes had a contemporary context. Why exaggerate cultural or racial differences? Who is this actress whose character “speaks Jive”?

  12. That’s great Jim! The film I’m sure is somewhat dated but there’s still some good jokes there.
    Like when the shat hits the fan!
    Ahh …
    The jive reference came at a time before Rap and all the gansta crud that’s prevelant today.
    “So do you like gladiator films Jim?”. Kinda funny since this post is about a bad Gladiator film.

  13. (Movie trivia).

    Airplane marks the first time ever in film history that shat literally hit a moving fan…
    Also Jim, Airplane 2 has a special apperiance at the end,, by some shat.
    (no moving fan)…

    I think the (oj killer) is also in these films.
    Don’t call me shirly… :-)

  14. “Airplane” is the perfect example of this sort of movie actually being FUNNY. I’ve always said there’s a fine line between “stupid-funny” and just plain “stupid.”

    And Jim, the woman in “Airplane” played the ultra white-middle-class June Cleaver in the 50′s TV show “Leave it to Beaver.” That’s what made it funny. :-)


  15. Steve, that’s ok that Airplane is kinda dated, cuz I am too. There’s a certain amount of humor that will go over the head (so to speak) of younger viewers. “I speak Jive” is a funny line, but even funnier is, Barbara Billingsly delivers it.

  16. Call me crazy,but after seeing MORE previews for this on TV,I’m actually pondering watching it on demand or renting it someday. Forgive me!! :-0 ;-)

  17. And I thought we were making such progress with you, Kel. With you accepting Heath Ledger as the Joker and all.

    Just kidding, bud. ;-)


  18. Thanks Vic I coundnt remeber who that was (June Cleaver!). Leave it to Beavers mom…
    I would sure love to see the outtakes on that scene.

  19. Man Jim I just realised I’m 40 years old.
    It was like yesterday I was sitting in a movie theatre watching “Airplane” everyone was laughing, it was communal…
    Now that theatres a Barnes & Noble store and I just realised that the humor in Airplane isn’t relevant anymore….
    Man this 2008 things hittin hard today….
    Reminds me of Ferris Bulers day quote I read here a few days ago…

    All we really have here on Earth is our time…
    This timeline will never be here again and it will never be the same after tomarrow…
    Ok I’m getting too preachy sorry everyone. Happy New year!

  20. LOL,Vic! Aaaah…..I’ve decided against it after all,God help me if I change my mind again! ;-)

    Yeah,Heath’s gonna be a GREAT Joker. I just wish I’d have realized that sooner. I mean,I had my doubts (you know it!) but after seeing the footage,I’ve every reason to believe that Heath will be fantastic.:-D

  21. Do you like gladiator movies KEL?
    Forgive you, KEL we all expect some kind of review!! I don’t think Vic and Heath are going.? :)

  22. LOL,steve! :-D

    To answer your question,steve,I don’t particularly care much for them,they all kind of seem the same to me most the time.

    Yeah,they probably won’t go,but I’m sure you can read the review by someone else at some other site,even tho I personally don’t like reading reviews that AREN’T here at screenrant.;-)

  23. Just kidding KEL, last time I quote that line…..
    And yes I’m kinda hoping Vic or Heath see this or at least try too..

    I know I would get more laughs out of reading Vic’s review than seeing the “film”.
    Also Vic I can’t wait for a review of Cloverfield. I won’t be able to see that right away…:)

  24. Hey Kel, thanks. And check out my shout to you on my latest “Indy 4″ post. :-)

    And I’ll definitely review “Cloverfield.”


  25. :O If Vic doesn’t review it Steve, I’ll review it for the both of us!

  26. Hey guys,

    I’d like you to keep an eye out on Monday morning for the Screen Rant 2008 Movie Preview. I put a TON of work into it for you guys and what I ask is that once it’s up you PLEASE use the “Digg This” link to vote for it on

    And if you could get all your friends that are into movies to Digg it as well that would be awesome. :-)



  27. Edan from 14 Carriege Rd. Great Neck NY 11024.

    Hey i really love this movie, I think this movie really matches my life :) I dont understand why they would hurt Britney like that :( Its pretty sad. I always been made fun of in High School but I am happy with me Jewelry business now.

  28. ROFL edan nice giving someone elses address so someone can beat the pulp out of them for being a fruitcake.

  29. i seen a better trailer on t.v. that crack me up. that one was straight up stupid!!!!!!!! it’s just anouther epic movie. im gonna see it the first day it go to theater’s