Meet The Spartans Trailer: No Need To See The Whole Movie

Published 7 years ago by , Updated February 9th, 2012 at 9:43 pm,

meet the spartans Meet The Spartans Trailer: No Need To See The Whole MovieDoes anyone honestly think that Meet the Spartans, the next spoof movie from the folks that brought us Epic Movie and Date Movie is actually going to be worth sitting through?

Well I suppose that the same people who actually thought that AVP-R was great might think so. icon smile Meet The Spartans Trailer: No Need To See The Whole Movie

Seriously, just watch the trailer below, chuckle a bit at some of the marginally funny bits and call it a day. There’s no need to waste $10 and an hour and a half of your life sitting through this thing because everything even remotely funny in this movie is right here:

I don’t know exactly when it opens, nor do I care (and neither should you).

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  1. Coundnt agree more Vic, the trailer for this film has it all.
    The film itself disgusts me as to call itself a motion picture.
    This piece of sh#ite trailer was run before the aVp film. Yea its funny to make fun of spears and 300 but to pay money for and indorse this creativity, in the words of the TX “no”.
    :( grrrrr!

  2. Oh…my….god….

    somebody actually *greenlit* that movie?

  3. What sickens me the most is that when I saw this in theaters, the audience was laughing hysterically. Maybe I missed something?

  4. That same audience probably loved AVP-R. :-)

    Actually I did get at least a smile or two watching it, but I know that as a full length movie it’ll get old really fast.

    And how do these things get greenlit? I don’t know but stuff like this is why I started this site.


  5. When will it stop? Like Gordon said’”somebody actually *greenlit* that movie?”

    Sickens me to say that it will do ok, JUST because the teens and Springer-neers will and would watch any spoof.

  6. There was a film that came out a few months ago it was a sports parody type film. ” A forgetable title”.
    But every single gag was somebody getting crushed, kicked, slammed into etc. The film was mindless violence.
    This film strikes me the same way. Sure who woudnt want spears to fall off the planent to some degree, but to make a film/films about this kind of mindless violence/slapstick is damaging to our culture and youth.
    These spoof films all started more or less with “Airplane” a great comedy/parody of Airplane the dramatic films in the 70s.
    Airplane had great writing and creativity that’s what these new films lack.
    They make these films soo cheap that they can afford to keep making them. Somebody out there is buying just enough tickets/dvds to keep this thing going.
    Can’t we all just set our Phasers to Kill,,, these “films”.?? :)

    I hope the support for these films fades away soon.

  7. Yup. Vic was absolutely right. I’m surprised Jack Black isn’t in it. ;-)

  8. Hey KEL, J, Black’s coming out with a new movie called “be kind rewind”
    *something like that.
    Sounds exciting..?

  9. Ya know……I watched the trailers for that one the other day and I’m actually kind of looking forward to it. :-)

  10. Yeah Liz our general population is a sad group…
    I’m sure your explaination of a UPC code had them totally confused and angry.

    I wish this country would wake up…

  11. So, this is what the Writer’s Strike does for film?

  12. Hey Jim, believe it or not they had writers write this screenplay…more than one.
    (I don’t mean to hijack the thread)
    There’s some interesting info on the strike. David Lettermans writers have been allowed to go back to work. There’s a good artical on LaWeeklys site,its linked thru Drudgereport.
    Let’s hope these tactics bring an end to this strike.

  13. When Date Movie was released on DVD, I was working at a place that sold them. The price changer screwed up and we couldn’t put them out on display right away, since their UPC wasn’t in our system yet. I figured, “no big deal – who the hell is going to buy this?”

    Unfortunately, I was wrong.

  14. “These spoof films all started more or less with “Airplane” a great comedy/parody of Airplane the dramatic films in the 70s.”

    Yeah, things like this make me wish ZAZ were still making movies. We need more spoofs with that kind of quality.

  15. It pisses me off that this movie is called “Meet The Spartans”

    I used to know that if a movie came out and consisted of two words, and the second word was movie (Date Movie, Epic Movie, Scary Movie, etc), that it was just going to contain scenes from better movies, recreated with accurate set decoration, but with pop culture references and sex jokes thrown in.

    Changing the title formula around screws me all up. I’m going to wind up accidentally walking into a movie only to find out that it’s one of these idiotic “spoof” flicks. I’m going to get tricked into seeing one of these things, and it’s going to really piss me off.

  16. Haha, Rod.

    I’m looking at the movie shot. (Keep in mind I’m the guy who noticed goobers on the Iron Man toys) What is the bearded guy doing with his left hand? Can you get a wedgie while wearing leather? And, wouldn’t it suck to have to wear a cape? How annoying.

  17. Rod, you crack me up. :-)

    And personally, I wish capes would come back into style… it would be cool to be able to wear a cape and not get laughed at. :-D


  18. Vic,
    Think of all the times a cape would get in the way.
    (I decline to elaborate, which is a first.)

  19. Yeah… from “The Incredibles”:

    No capes, dahling… NO CAPES!


  20. Is that on your movie quote rotation?

  21. It is now. :-)


  22. >>Hey Jim, believe it or not they had writers write this screenplay…more than one. <

    Steve, I was commenting on the piss-poor quality of the trailer…I know this is too soon for the writers to have been on strike, but the effect is the same.

    (For some reason, notification of your post was sent to my Yahoo spam folder. I get scores of notices from here and they all go to the normal Inbox. Hmm.)

  23. Vic, Capes are totally in style on Hollywood bvld. Little ones and big ones. Also the Neo trench coat is timeless as well on Sunset bvld.
    Jim C..
    Writers/editors I think we both agree this trailer/”film” is gonna to be aimed at AvP crowd…
    Or what I like to call, our dense population… :)

  24. Gone are the days of the ingenious movies like Airplane, that combined all sorts of irony, slapstick humor and thinking mans humor to make one really funny movie. Seems like a lot of movies now are very one track minded. It has to be simple to be funny….i disagree completely

  25. Conan O’Brien’s show has some of that. I don’t like his term for it, but I suppose it’s descriptive enough: Arbitrary humor.

  26. Alex in some ways I blame Mtv and then later Vh1 etc. They
    have been altering minds of young adults for about a full decade now.
    Simple is funny to this generation because there attention span and GASF(give a shat factor) is about 5
    seconds long.
    I was never soo pissed off when Mtv went from playing videos to then slowly adding comercials (something they originally said would NEVER happen) and then stared doing there incredibly retarded (imo) shows, that later influenced the direction in TV itself…(Reality tv ect). Gone are they day when you could actually see up and coming musical groups. Now its all messed up.
    Also gone are the days of watching a film like “Airplane” and laughing at every gag and joke along with the entire audience. (I’ll never forget the day I saw Airplane in the theatre). The pain of laughing so hard was like ringing in your ears after a rock concert. :o
    Connan O Brian is great I can’t wait til he takes over the 11:30 spot. I’ve had enough of Leno.

  27. i could’nt agree more, i don’t think its worth wasting time and money to see this after i saw “Epic movie”. I just wish they stop making pointless movies.

  28. I remember wanting to see Epic Movie in the theatres. After spoofs of teen movies, horror movies, and all sorts of stuff I couldn’t relate to–finally a genre I understood. But a week or two after it opened, I couldn’t find it anywhere. It was GONE. And none of my friends had seen it.

    Later, when I rented the DVD, I knew why no one saw it and why it had left the silver screen so quickly. Gaa-aaak.

  29. I remember when that “film” I know what you did last summer came out. I thought it was a comedy.. I would never see a film like that so somebody had to tell me it was a horror film.
    (The line is blurry)
    Seems like since the movie “Hot Shots” its all been a slow moving bad movie experience when it comes to these parody films.
    Somebody told me “Navy Seals” was a serious action film, after I saw that I was like, yeah right!!
    Lol. :)