Terminator 5 Will Involve Time Travel. Again.

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terminator salvation3 Terminator 5 Will Involve Time Travel. Again.

We’re now less than a month away from the release of Terminator Salvation, the latest installment in one of the most successful sci-fi franchises of all time. Fans are gearing themselves up for an explosive time at the theater, expecting plenty of bang for their buck, and I’m sure the final product won’t let them down.

The finishing touches are just being put onto Terminator Salvation right about now and yet director McG is already looking ahead to the inevitable sequel. I don’t think it’s too much of a spoiler to say that there most likely will be a sequel – with the amount of money Salvation is sure to make (can you really see it flopping?) I can’t see there not being one. However, with a sequel in mind, what does McG see it involving? Well, he’s let his thoughts on that very subject be known.

[WARNING: the following could be considered SPOILERIFIC since it hints at how Salvation may end]:

“I strongly suspect the next movie is going to take place in a [pre-Judgment Day] 2011… John Connor is going to travel back in time and he’s going to have to galvanize the [sic] militaries of the world for an impending Skynet invasion. They’ve figured out time travel to the degree where they can send more than one naked entity. So you’re going to have hunter killers and transports and harvesters and everything arriving in our time and Connor fighting back with conventional military warfare, which I think is going to be f***ing awesome. I also think he’s going to meet a scientist that’s going to look a lot like present-day Robert Patrick [who famously played the T-1000 in Terminator 2], talking about stem-cell research and how we can all live as idealized, younger versions of ourselves.”

This comes from a conversation between McG and director of the first two Terminator flicks, James Cameron, as they met to discuss the fourth in the franchise.

Wow, what I wouldn’t have given to have gotten in on that dialogue!…

McG is a director who I think gets more of a bad rap than he deserves. Sure, he directed Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, but he’s not directed nearly enough films to label him the atrocious director that some have been so quick to call him in the past (for example, the first Charlie’s Angels was a lot of fun… c’mon, just admit it…). However, I may just be willing to lend my ear to those many avid Mcg-naysayers when he says he wants time-travel to be a plot-point of T5.

Why? Haven’t we been there and done that? All three of the first movies involved people (well… robots…) getting sent back in time to complete a mission, so I really don’t see the need for doing pretty much the same thing again. We have been teased with the idea of the actual war between man and machine for decades now, and when we finally get Salvation which (hopefully) showcases that in all it’s glory, they’re just going to revert back to more of what we’ve seen before with the fifth movie?

Seems like a poor idea to me…

When it comes down to it, I trust McG with Terminator. From all of the many, many things we’ve seen so far (such as trailers, posters, images, info  and so forth) it really does look like a heck of a lot of fun at the very least, and perhaps it will even be at the same level as the first or second movie (I don’t know if it will quite make that cut, but you never know…). It looks like he’s giving us the all-out war-centric Terminator movie we’ve been yearning for, and so I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to his time-traveling plans for the next movie.

I just hope he can completely eradicate that doubt when the time comes…

So what is your opinion about a Terminator movie possibly involving time-travel again? Should they do it because it’s in tune with what we’ve seen with the first three? Or should they now set it exclusively in the future?

For all of what was said by McG, including his thoughts on the franchise up until this point, you can go to FilmJournal.

Terminator Salvation is set to open on May 21st in the US, and June 3rd in the UK this year.

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  1. Welcome to the discussion EnglishGavz, have anything else to add ?

  2. Kind of agree with Englishgavz a little bit though in a less mocking and childish way. You seem to be prematurely hating T5 before T4 has even been officially released. Kind of like you refuse to like it no matter how good it is.

  3. Yep. We are so done with the “changing the future”-part. We have the first 3 films and the tv-series. Now we want to se the post-apocalyptic war, and Kyle Reese being sent to the past etc. Leave the “past” alone.

  4. Not really being sent to the past he’s not gonna be messing the any established time line it’s more like going to our present. I’m assuming the film will come out in 2011 which will be the year he will travel to. It won’t have any effect on Kyle resse or anything established I see no problem with the idea.

  5. Yep Daniel, based on where Mcg wants to take the franchise, I’m hating T5 before its out. True I won’t argue with that. ;-)

  6. Based on where he wants to take the franchise? All he has sad really so far is that he plans to use time travel. That’s not exactly new did you also hate number one and two ? Personally I love the idea of John traveling to the past I think it’s awesome plus it doesn’t interfere with any other past movie’s time travel because it’s a different year he is traveling to.

    You are probably the only person so far that I have seen that doesn’t think T4 is gonna be great.

  7. Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to be mocking to 790, sorry if it was seen that way, I was just being mocking towards the whole genre of people who make their descions before seeing the film.

    I’m guilty of that, and was concluding that T4 was gonna be rubbish but the trailers have impressed me enough to give it a second chance, also I like Bale because he’s Welsh.

  8. hmmm… read somewhere that Linda Hamilton / Sarah Connor is maybe gonna be in Terminator 5 (alive). Isn’t she supposed to be dead in 2011? Even if T3 was a dissapointment, it is more or less part of the “official” backstory for the new trilogy, or why is Kate Brewster in Salvation? I hate it when they retcon/ mess around with the timeline, even if parts of the timeline suck.

  9. I just noticed a double helix in the eyes of the Terminator poster. I think it’s a nice touch, since the goal of the Terminators in Salvation is to harvest human DNA to make human flesh coverings.

  10. i was more wanting it to have it set in the future than involve time travel again

  11. Well Daniel I don’t think I said I’m hating T4, and its a little late to discuss the emotional elements in the first 2 films, my entire point of this thread is that I don’t think Mcg has a clue and he’s changing things that are kinda important to the fans. (Or at least he wants too).
    Time travel was used as a plot device in the films not a gimmick. If Mcg wants to wipe the established continuity away and start sending main characters back and forth through time, I have a big problem with that/him.

    Sending back HK’s, and Harvesters Come on, Connor going back in time to warn the military? This sounds good to you?

    If you were paying attention to Kyle Reese in T1, the time device used by Skynet was a last ditch effort to kill Connor. He also told Sarah that time travel is a one way trip. Having Mcg change all that is where my frustration lies. Daniel are you forgetting the ending that Mcg originally wanted to use in T4? It sucked so hard that the online fans forced them to reconsider and change it! They won’t admit that but its true!
    Pongo, I agree that they (shouldn’t) dismiss the events of T3, as it leads us right into the future war. Sure some ppl didn’t like it, that’s fine however it did setup the war we all knew was coming.

    Mcg seems to want to use T3 as way to throw out all the Terminator canon. I find that insulting.

  12. So if Time Travel is used by someone you like it’s a plot device and if a director that you hate like MCG uses it well then it becomes a gimmick ? I guess they should of had Ridley Scott come in and direct the time travel scenes for T% then you will be ok with it or at least attach his name to those scenes.To me it just seems like you want to hate MCG and that’s mostly your only goal.

  13. I hope it’s just a rumor, I wanted T-3 to be happening in the future already and blast SKYNET to oblivion once and for all. It didn’t happen, they kept on sending robots to kill John Connor. Now how many times are they gonna keep sending machines into the past?
    If they were smarter they would have sent a machine to kill Sarah Connor’s parents period.
    I don’t see the need to do so many sequels if they want to keep the time travelling, I they gotta move forward into the future and have a huge battle with lasers.

  14. Holly crap,,,,

    Daniel, I’ve tried to explain myself yet you don’t seem to get it. Forget about my personal insults to Mcg and read between the frustration that comes when one of your favorite films is about to get sucky and lame…

    I don’t care if Ridley Scott, or even SPIELBERG directs Terminator 5, 6, or 7,,, if they can’t stick to the basics that made the Terminator story a compelling science fiction film then I’m not going to cheer them on and support them…You interpit this as hatred, that’s a close minded perspective Daniel.
    Again for the 20th time,,, The changes that MCg wants to try out in T5 violate the established continuity of the first 3 films. I can’t make this any clearer.

    He might as well rename the franchise if he’s going to send HK’s and John Connor back in time. But since those films didn’t mean anything to YOU, you don’t seem to mind.

    Enjoy the film for the explosions and cool flying things. But when you come out with your comments that I don’t understand gimmicks and plot devices you couldn’t be more incorrect in this case…

  15. we dont know what MCG will do .
    We know what is RUMORED, based on SNIPPETS of what he said.

  16. @DAVID GUIVANT, it was explained in(Terminator) that Skynet couldn’t locate Sarah Connor’s exact location because the nuclear war. (Made things a bit messy)

    Therefore finding records of her parents wasn’t an option…

  17. There was a great commicbook series about a terminator sent to kill the wrong Sarah Connor.

  18. @Gary

    Sure got the conversation flowing though, didn’t it? 8-)


  19. I live for Terminator and Star Trek debates,,,

    This is going to be a good month,,, 8-)

  20. Vic ,
    True .
    It sure did.

  21. Heres my problem with what you say 790.

    One you tell me to enjoy my movie with cool special effects and explosions. I think it’s been made pretty clear on nearly every post I’ve ever made that I don’t care about either. I care about an emotional deep story. That’s the most important thing to me. That’s why when it comes to action films I usually only watch sci fi because there is usually a better quality in writing. That is also why I despise transformers and I am ashamed a bit of the entire human race for giving that crap fest so much cash.

    Second you say things like “if they can’t stick to the basics that made the Terminator story a compelling science fiction film ” So far every film has been based in Time Travel so to me that would basically be a basic for the franchise. I’m sorry, but T1 and T2 were fairly entertaining, but not all that compelling. Half the time it felt like for every line there was an explosion. Those movies were borderline basic action films. They right there in the middle between compelling and basic blow things up action.

    I’ll admit I haven’t seen T3 because I’ve heard it is the very definition of suck. However I haven’t really heard MCG say anything specific that would completely destroy the continuity of Terminator. Even if he says some random idea that’s 3 years off from being fully developed and it doesn’t quite fit in to the continuity think about something. This is a franchise based in time travel and ALTERNATE reality’s. Once you make those to things a major part of your franchise you pretty much scream ‘please destroy my continuity’. So far T4 looks amazing and looks to actually be compelling. The story seems to be emotionally driven and looks as though it will contain depth. As for T5 it’s about 2 and a half 3 years away and so far we have a paragraph or two on what MCG might like to do if the idea pans out. I think your basing your idea that it will break from continuity based on assumptions that you are making and by reading more in to it than what he is actually saying. There really isn’t much detail in what he said and it’s a basic outline for and idea for a basic outline for a movie that’s long away.


  23. Daniel, maybe you can tell me what you consider an emotional science fiction film?
    When I watch Terminator or Terminator 2 I don’t find myself dwelling on time travel, (you say the films are based in).

    The story is more about a family (mother & son) trying to survive and save the world from an evil computer system.

    I don’t remember Sarah or John discussing how they were going to stop the time machine from being built or how cool its going to be in the future when we can time travel.

    Maybe I missed those scenes…

  24. Did you see the scenes where people traveled back from the future using a time machine ? Because I didnb’t.

    It’s fairly simple an emotional scifi film is a scifi film with emotion actually in it. There was not one emotional moment in either of the original films. Everything was moving way to fast and there was far to much action for anyone to even stop and think. I have always said Terminator was a brilliant idea that I think had been poorly realized because they took a story that could be filled with bad ass action and great depth and emotion then they made a straight up action film with it. It had a good plot, but the films were all about watching the next big action scene. Not to mention Arnold is one of the worst actors I’ve ever scene. Lucky for us he only played a Robot.

  25. Ok, I’m going to time travel out of this conversation loop you are trying to keep me in Daniel…

    Happy trails,,,

  26. While I do understand both 790′s and Daniel’s arguments, I have to disagree with Daniel that the first 2 movies were not emotional. IMO, they were very emotional. In the first, Reese is sent back to protect a woman he fell in love with just from a picture and story. I felt much emotion during the scenes when they were not fighting for their lives (which was much of the film). In the 2nd, we have a juvenile who finds out that he will become some type of savior but who also finds that his mother, whom he loves, is not some crazed freak but is a woman who is hard-nosed and determined to stop a horrible war (like there is another kind). Sarah sees this new Terminator as some type of father-figure for John but realizes, at the end, that he too must die to save John and the future. The feelings that John displays in T2 were very strong.

  27. Yeah there is more to the Terminator movies than just action….thats why the first two were great, T3 on the other was just about action.

    While I am looking forward to “Terminator Salvation” I think McG shouldn’t do this, I personally hope that Cameron will come back after “Avatar” is released.

  28. Why cant it just be a trilogy about the future war!? Wasnt that the whole idea of this trilogy? We already have T3 and The Sarah Connor chronicles. We dont need another T2-rerun.

    We want to se post apocalyptic battlefields and friggin sharks with friggin lasers on their heads!

  29. If this is true, T5 is all in the future: http://notasoul.t35.com/shh