McFarlane Teases Us About A Spawn Sequel

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spawn00 McFarlane Teases Us About A Spawn Sequel

Spawn. You either love him or hate him. His presence is totally cool. And ya gotta love the characters human name, Al Simmons. What a cool name, huh? But a question has arisen amongst the masses. Especially the masses who read Screen Rant and we hear you! Is there wind of a Spawn sequel in the pipes?

About Spawn
Spawn is about a CIA agent named Al Simmons who is assassinated by his own people and gets sent to hell. Yet Simmons makes a bad deal with the devil and becomes an undead “hellspawn” back on Earth, all so he can see his wife just one more time. It gets complicated for me from there, suffice it to say that the character suffers greatly in his quests to fight evil and try to figure out how to break this terrible deal he made.  To me, he’s a tortured soul.  I like the battle tortured souls must deal with.

Spawn first appeared in 1992 and has been a moving force in some form of media ever since. From comics, to toys and even a movie. The toys is where it all really took off. Over on, which is the home site for McFarlane Toys, they feature properties for HALO, Guitar Hero, Call of Duty and major league sports figures. Even though the success of his toys was the surprise spin off of everything, it’s the movie that many are asking if there will ever be a sequel to.

Will there ever be a sequel?
spawn McFarlane Teases Us About A Spawn Sequel The mythical answer to that question is a DEFINITE: Maybe. There has always been some story about a sequel out there almost ever since the first Spawn movie, but truth be told, Todd McFarlane is probably the better guy to gauge if and when a sequel would be in the pipe.

Todd McFarlane was being interviewed over on about some games and associated toys and they dug a bit about his take on the very thing we are interested in, a new movie. And what I see is not something to get super hyped up about, but if the conditions are right, we may be in luck.

Todd said that ever since Iron Man hit the screen, he’s been getting calls about moving forward on a Spawn sequel, but strangely enough, he’s more focused on creating a low budget, cool, creepy kind of a movie rather than a big bucks extravaganza. That would be refreshing, and we know if done right, it can be done.

McFarlane is a very patient man. He wields a commodity that will not fade soon and he knows it. He was impressed with how Iron Man was marketed since he (McFarlane) felt Shellhead wasn’t a premiere character. (Sorry Vic, you and Todd may have to have a chat some day!) What McFarlane seems to be waiting for is when the studios burn through the top tiered super heroes of their titles. Told you he was patient.

He wants to make a $10 million dollar movie but there’s one hitch to the whole process and that is that he wants to direct it. He calls it the dealbreaker.

Though he didn’t direct the first flick, he must have something up his sleeve to say that. Personally, if he’s saying that’s the dealbreaker, then the studios need to reconsider. This is the man behind the franchise who’s been living with it since day one, and he just doesn’t feel like he has to reconvey everything in his head to someone else. The man behind the vision of one of the more robust franchises out there can’t be a bad candidate to direct the swirling mass of ideas in his head on a character he created. Can he?

The funny side of the issue is that he thinks at $10 mil, they’d end up with an inexperienced director anyway, so why not let it be him? In the same sentence he notes that Frank Miller is directing his own stuff. Nice subtle nudge there if you ask me… then again Frank Miller’s The Spirit is looking pretty darned awful, so that might not be the best name to bring up right now. At least McFarlane didn’t throw around Joss Whedon as another example, even if it is a good one.

If there were to be a Spawn sequel, what would it be like?:
Just to whet your appetites, he did touch on a very thin scheme of an outline in the interview. McFarlane said that if he would do the movie, it would be a drama with a spook in it. No super villian or nemesis, just “a sentinel stuck in the middle of The Godfather.”

For the moment gang, there are no concrete plans to jettison a new Spawn movie at us, but if we’re patient, we will see one sooner or later it sounds like. The comic is still going strong, they’ve got the animated series, you know it’s inevitable. At least I think so.  I’m patient.  It better be worth the wait.

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  1. I’ve been wanting a sequel since I went to see the film on opening day! I LOVE Spawn. I even have a Spawn tattoo. I thought the first movie could have been done a little better, but overall as a fan, it was great to see him finally hit the screen. Now, with all the rumors and lip service being paid here, I don’t know what to believe.

    I heard a while back (actually the last thing I heard about a Spawn movie before this) that they were wanting to make it more about Sam and Twitch, with Spawn as a secondary character who stays in the shadows. Spawn is responsible for the strange goings on that Sam/Twitch are investigating, but they didn’t want to really show him. Just a fleeting glimpse or outline. I was really worried when I read that, because I want a straightforward Spawn movie. Sure, it would be good, but it’s just not what I wanted to see. And after reading this Bruce, I think they are still thinking of doing the film like that.

    The character has movie potential, I just don’t want to see the character destroyed by turning Al Simmons into some kind of horror movie monster. But with McFarlane insisting upon himself being the director, I feel a little better. Ultimately, he will never get that. But it shows studios and fans that he is serious about delivering a movie that stays true to the character and the comic.

  2. I think you hit it on the head Jon. Lip service.

    I think he’s pondering ideas and we, the fans who want it badly, gravitate to it and hang on for all we’re worth!

    Like Todd, I’m patient.

  3. Ah man, I’m a Spawn fan from way back. I loved the movie, watch it every now and then for old time sakes. A sequel would be very nice. I agree with being patient, I’ve got time.

  4. I know man Simmons is such a cool last name. I like Spawn, not sure how I would feel if the guy that played Spawn last time returned.

  5. I am still waiting till news of the Savage Dragon movie to come. It shouldn’t be too long, after all how long did it take for us to get a good Captia…Fan…Iron Man movie!

  6. I thought Michael Jai-White played a great Spawn. I just thought the movie could have been better. I would love to see a Spawn movie with McFarlane as the director.

  7. A ten-million buck sci-fi / horror movie? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    If that doesn’t tell you it will stink, nothing will. The acting cast alone usually garners three times that nowadays, let alone special effects……you know: special effects???

  8. Ok A SPAWN MOVIE ok i am in as long as Michal Bay Directs…. For ten Million…

  9. i hope 4 a sequeal or even ReBoot.
    but i loved the necro-flesh in the first 1.
    i hope they keep it or upgrade the Look.
    but more “Real” Less CGI.

  10. I would prefer a reboot, rather than a sequel, Kids today need to be introduced to a better Spawn, I was dissapointed with the Film, though it has a killer soundtrack. and the cartoon series was just awesome to watch. I am avid collector of my fellow Calgarian’s various Toy series as well, he makes such cool stuff! Including Spawn and Venom!

  11. My vote is reboot… and Todd… I am waiting man…

  12. I had a good friend tell me the spawn story about 5 years ago and ever since i have been “spawn” with the same name it was the driving force behind my 14-1 MMA career and my students and teammates all call me Hellspawn … they say I would drop the comic character in the first round!! just the fact that he told the devil to goto to hell clinched it for me i too have a problem with authority!!

  13. This Deal breaker issue is easily resolved by a studio if they really do want to do a SPAWN film; tell McFarlane he can direct but only after he’s co-directed along side someone else with more experience as a director and on a similar type of film. This way McFarlane will have some experience and with a veteran Director, perhaps someone like Faverau.

  14. As far as spawn goes I’m a huge fan of the cartoon, comics, and the movie was pretty good. The movie was made back in 97′ I think they should do a remake of the original with all the technology they have now that would make for one heck of a movie. Maybe later on make the sequel. There’s so much they could do with spawn as far as the movies go there’s alot of fans out there that would love to see the movie remaster and updated. I know I would lol