‘Maze Runner’ Trailer #2 & Poster; Sequel Already in Development

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A new trailer for The Maze Runner premiered at the film’s San Diego Comic-Con panel a few days ago, and now the preview has been made available for everyone else to watch, online (see above). Visual effects artist-turned director Wes Ball is adapting James Dashner’s best-selling young adult sci-fi novel for his feature debut, working alongside a youthful cast led by a pair of TV actors in Dylan O’Brien (Teen Wolf) and Kaya Scodelario (Skins, Southcliffe).

Maze Runner, unlike other recent hit YA sci-fi books-turned movies such as Hunger Games and Divergent, doesn’t start out by painting a clear vision of a futuristic setting – one that holds up a mirror to modern times, with troubling implication. No, in Dashner’s story we get tossed head-first into the thick of it alongside protagonist Thomas (O’Brien), landing in a mysterious labyrinth – one populated by several male teenagers struggling to stay alive, no less.

The second Maze Runner trailer doesn’t spill any more secrets that hadn’t already given away by the first trailer – including, the moment when the eponymous maze welcomes a young woman named Teresa (Scodelario), who knows Thomas. However, this new preview does introduce some vital terminology for those unfamiliar with Dashner’s source material (the maze is “The Glade” and the monsters therein are “Grievers”), while also hinting that the secrets of the world will, in time, be unlocked. (Again, those who’ve already read the source book are ahead of the curve, in this regard.)

On that note, we also have a new poster for The Maze Runner. Have a look and see what you think, below.


maze runner poster 691x1024 Maze Runner Trailer #2 & Poster; Sequel Already in Development

There appear to be some derivative elements inherent to the Maze Runner premise – the Lord of the Flies-esque macho posturing, hero’s journey tropes – but the story’s intriguing premise and world makes it easy to understand why the original book did so well. Now, it remains to be seen whether or not screenwriters Noah Oppenheim (who’s now working on the Divergent franchise), T.S. Nowlin (who did script revisions on the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot), and relative newcomer Gran Pierce Myers were able to effectively translate Dashner’s book into cinema.

At Comic-Con, Ball confirmed that development is underway on a film adaptation of the second Maze Runner novel, The Scorch Trials, in anticipation of the first movie performing well enough at the box office to justify a franchise. Again, we shall have to wait and see how that plan turns out; after all, it worked out for Divergent, but getting a head-start on a sequel didn’t save The Mortal Instruments from becoming the latest failed attempt at franchising a YA property.

The Maze Runner opens in U.S. theaters on September 19th, 2014.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. The posters screams 3rd task from HP4.

  2. Oh man, this looks good…I have read the book and I know what’s coming, but still…wow. This looks very faithful to the book. I am now officially excited. September 19th, get here fast!

  3. one just one girl ? ( blue bells )

    • The Girls’ Glade is in another place (other side of the maze perhaps, not sure where exactly), this is the Boys’ Glade, which is why it’s so shocking that a girl somehow got over to them.

      • Spoiler..

  4. I thought that lead guy on the poster was the Scottish guy from Agents of SHIELD for a moment.

    • both of those movies are generic and lame though :/

    • i assure you this movie will be completely different from both of those movies, if not better.
      I read all of them and this movie is gonna be AMAZING, if it is like the book.

  5. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. Can’t wait.

  6. Oh yayyyy ANOTHER post-apocolyptic movie.

    1. post apocalyptic world CHECK
    2. totally farfetched TEENAGE action heroes ( yeah OOOKAY) CHECK!
    3. oppressive government CHECK
    4. Lame plot CHECK
    5. Teenage love story (am I boring anyone yet) CHECK…..

    The list of cliche, contrived bull**** goes on.

    Just remember kids, THIS is the kind of garbage you’re watching, nothing with substance or real character. Sure the book is probably great, but it just simply stole from all the others Hunger Games, Divergent, Numbers, Ender’s Game they all stole from other sources. Frankly, I’m getting sick of teenagers believing the world revolves around them. These films do nothing more but inflate their sense of self and ego even more, just feeding the current narcissistic generation.

    They literally don’t have patience to watch a FILM, they need to watch movies with predominantly teen casts and shot changes every 3 seconds, Bay-style, to even sit through something. It’s pathetic. And to any naysayers, I was watching noir like Blade Runner and Memento when I was a teen, so nice try.

    • So you know the plot…before you even seen the movie…crawl back from the rock you came from. Those other movies didnt steal anything. They are books with their rights bought so get your facts right. Go preach your beliefes else where…nobody is waiting for this bs.

      • And this is from a book with the same name…get that fact right too ok

      • The “Hunger Games” books are a direct ripoff of the Asian film “Battle Royal” so the films by association are a ripoff. Also, all of these YA novels are garbage so by relation so are the films based on them. The guy really isn’t saying anything that is untrue.

      • Lol! Right!? This fool is misinformed

    • Respectfully, I’d have to disagree with you on that. The book in itself is quite enjoyable, something the critics seem to agree with me on. As for your points about this movie being the same as every other YA fiction adoption, it only proves your lack of knowledge in relation to the plot of the film. While the sequels do branch out into dystopian/post apocalyptic fare, this first story is more akin to the film, CUBE, rather than something like Divergent. Another element that isn’t in this novel that you claim is, is the oppressive government, as the main characters re completely isolated and have no idea whether there even is a government or who is behind it. (SPOILERS, it isn’t, but more a powerful private research firm.) Another element that isn’t present so much in the first book as the sequels is the love story. While it appears in the sequels (which in case you hadn’t realised dip in quality with each instalment) it isn’t a core element in this hook, instead trying to focus on the Lord of the Flies elements and the inherent mystery of their situation. So while you may be right in saying the story is not wholly original, most stories nowadays aren’t to begin with. However The Maze Runner combines elements of various stories in an interesting enough way to create a story that fells
      Fresh and new. Also, regarding your comments about teenagers not having the attention span to watch a film like Blade Runner, I find that untrue and slightly offensive, as you are discrediting the intelligence of a whole generation rather unfairly. I’d also mention that the other day I finally got around to watching Primer, and enjoyed it thoroughly, as well as Memento, which I also enjoyed, even if I found it slightly predictable. I suspect you are a troll, but felt I should say my two cents on your misguided views anyway. Feel free to disregard me entirely, or to engage in a discussion about why you think I am wrong.

      • Amen.

    • Maybe you should read the actual book before you assume that it’s going to be exactly like other stories just because it’s in a similar genre.

      Because all fantasy films are the same too, and all space sci-fi adventure films are exactly the same too.

      I love it when people complain about how stereotypical something is without having any actual clue about what the story is.

    • The ignorance in this post is embarrassing. You could at least go read the wiki page for the book if you’re going to try an act like you know what the story is about.

    • I will defend books in the “Enderverse” (Ender’s Game, Speaker for the Dead, Shadow Saga, etc.) with my last dying breath. Orson Scott Card takes the whole “oppressive government” trope you mentioned to new level. Especially in Bean’s Shadow saga. Highly recommend all of the books. You get Sci-Fi, drama, great character development, new views on world politics, and a new look at what drives humanity. It almost reminds me of Jonathan Swift in some ways.

  7. This looks pretty damn great. The first trailer was okay. It didn’t blow my mind, but I planned to watch the film. Now this, this was much more exciting. I especially loved the horror elements, how the grievers were shown here. Jumping them from the dark.

    So yeah, definitely watching this in the cinema.

  8. So exited i started reading the book series this year and got all the books in a box set in my room, Only thing I hope is the director doesn’t leave out vital stuff in the story. Trailer looks good cant wait to see it. SEPTEMBER 19TH