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mark wahlberg max payne First Max Payne Trailer

I’m not a video game guy (believe it or not) so when a movie is being produced based on a game I come to the table “clean,” with no preconceived notions. Well… other than assuming that the movie will be awful, as seems to be the case pretty much without exception when it comes to movies based on video games.

So to me, this trailer for the upcoming movie Max Payne, looks pretty cool. Now as I pointed out in my Wanted review, it takes more than “cool” to make a decent movie. Generally Wahlberg brings a lot of intensity to a role, so this one may be custom made for him. Let’s just hope this film isn’t all look and no substance.

Here’s the plot synopsis:

“Coming together to solve a series of murders in New York City are a DEA agent (Wahlberg) whose family was slain as part of a conspiracy and an assassin (Kunis) out to avenge her sister’s death. The duo will be hunted by the police, the mob, and a ruthless corporation.”

Anyway, check out the trailer right here:


So what do you think? Are you familiar with the video game the film is based on? If so, sound off and let us know what you think.

I wasn’t even aware this movie was coming out this year… the release date is set for October 17th.

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  1. I have heard of the game but never played it .
    I hope they tell a good story.

  2. The Max Payne games were unbelievably fantastic and revolutionary – and their timing were perfect with coming out after the matrix.

    The game was famous for its incredible use of bullet time. The key to the game was running and diving using bullet time and shooting as many ppl as possible while in that state.

    The trailer however doesn’t feel anything like the game…not even the story. Who the heck is the chick, why is bullet time not used, what’s with the gargoyles?

    This movie better pay homage to the first game or ill be pissed. The story is already made perfect and so is the action. all they gotta do is turn gameplay footage and cutcenes into real life. How can you screw that up? (rhetorical, the answer is studio execs)

    the trailer does not get me excited, so i hope the next trailer does.

  3. I’ve got both games, but I’ve yet to play them. So I can’t comment on the trailer from that standpoint. I can say that if done well, the movie looks like it could be pretty good. It all depends on how the story is handled.

  4. I loved the Max Payne games and Rob hits it on the head. There were very little there that reminded me of the game, which is quite a shame.

  5. Are you guys sure you played the same games as I did? Or maybe you didn’t pay much attention to either the game or the trailer.

    Obviously it won’t be exactly like the games. It’s an adaptation and they are hardly ever an exact replica of the source material no matter if the source is a book, a comic or a game. And that’s usually a good thing. This trailer is just full of Max Payne vibes and if this didn’t remind you of the game then I guess it would had to have clips of the actual game in there.

    The voice over, action, dark atmosphere is all there. Marks voice is not quiet as good for the voice over as it could be but that’s a pretty minor issue as it seems he has all the rest nailed.

    As for bullet time he is not supposed to be some kind of super human who can dodge bullets like in the matrix. The bullet time stuff was more a homage to John Woo movies and to help the player get an edge over the enemies. In a movie I would expect stylish slow motion but no shoot dodging. in the trailer we see slow motion used several times but no actual bullets being avoided.

    The chick is actually chicks, namely Mona Sax and her sister both from the games.

    Just like in the first game his family gets murdered and he is on a rampage to find out by who and why. You get a short shot where his bedroom goes from his old happy life to the new dark world after his wife and daughter got killed.

    Aesir corporation (where he is getting shoot at while running with the documents) from the game is in and seems like they even took the helicopter fight straight out of the game.

    Ragnarok seems to be in although the place doesn’t seem to be literally called that (the rest of the letters are broken so it says what looks like ragnarok). Jack Lupino, the psycho who distributes the Valkyr drug is in.

    The gargoyle things as you call them is most likely a visual representation of the fallen angels mentioned several times in the game. In other words they are not a physical being but rather a metaphor or hallucination caused by using the drug.

    They are even keeping the snow blizzard from the first game.

    I must say from seeing the trailer and reading interviews and such it seems like they are taking it in more or less exactly the direction I was hoping they would. Hopefully it works out as well as it looks to.

    I think the trailer could have been put together a bit better though as it feels like you kind of need to know the games a bit to fill in the gaps or else it’s hard to really get what it’s about. I might be wrong though as I can’t see it with fresh eyes and really now for sure how well it works for someone unfamiliar with the games.

  6. I have played the games too, and this indeed has a strong feeling of those games. The games for me are fanatastic for it’s story telling and sense of a film noir.

    This is NOT a horror or sciene-fiction film at all. So those gargoyles are probably a dream or illusion (like you sometimes experience in the game itself).

    The only thing I feel missing is the raw voice that the game-character had for the story teling. Wahlberg can’t really get there with his voice.


  7. Yo Parkar,

    Do you think this movie was made on the idea of the story from Max Payne? Or the marketability of action sequences mostly unique to the game? Because the story has been done before.

  8. The things i loved about the game were the dream sequences and the atmosphere. The trailer doesn’t seem to have either of these things, not even the plot. I remain to be convinced.


  9. @Rob

    The premise of the story is defiantly done before but the way it unfolds is a bit more original I think.

    I’m guessing it’s both. If you take a look at the interviews and such they are focusing more on the story and character then the action in the answers. I think the trailer is probably even the first time we get any kind of indication on what the action will be like. I think the action sells the movie while the story, mood and characters fills it with substance.

    Scott Miller (Producer of the games) mentioned in a comment about the trailer that they have been trying to get a movie made since the first game and that if they just wanted to cash in on the game it would have been done already.

    Not sure if any of this makes much sense, feels like I am just talking out of my ass :). I just hope the movie is at least as good as the trailer makes it look.

    @Kieran, I have a feeling there probably won’t be any obvious dream sequences like in the game. Not sure if I feel it’s a good or bad thing. It would probably be a hard thing to translate directly anyway without just being weird.

    I think the trailer captures the atmosphere pretty well though. The noir is not quiet as overdone as it’s in the games but I think it would turn to much into a noir parody if they went as far as the games do.

    It would have been nice if they did two trailers instead though, a story trailer that captures the mood and one with just action. Maybe not something that would be selling the movie any better but would have been cool since this one kind of feels a bit like it doesn’t know what to focus on.

  10. this movie looks unlike the game in every way possible besides for the fact that his whole family was murderd.
    my feeling;
    will be a cool movie will not be a max payne

  11. I’m speechless

    There’s adapting for the screen…. and then there is what is on this trailer.

    From this trailer I will not be seeing it, the woman is “Mona Sax” loosely, but it doesnt matter…. you know why?


    Instead, we have flying…. Gargoyles, amazing, just amazing, I had high hopes for this, but after the dark knight, I’m not even going to bother watching max payne.

  12. These are great games, but I’m not sure if it should be a movie. There will be alot of comparisons here to The Punisher movies, I.M.O. Hopefully it will be able to stand on it’s own, and Kunis will rok as an assassin……….

  13. I have both games and love them both — not because of the shooting and action (though I must say, some days it feels good to “pick up a gun” and get rid of the bad guys). However, the main thing I like about the games is the mood – and that unbelievably haunting theme music that I certainly hope is SOMEWHERE in the film (though the trailer did contain some music that, if not exactly what you hear in some scenes in the game, is reminscent of the type of music you hear off an on during the various game levels).

    I’m not sure I’ll see it when it comes out in the theatres – just don’t see many movies that way anymore. However, I’ll probably spring the bucks for the DVD when it’s released, just to see how it turned out.)