‘Chronicle’ Screenwriter Set to Pen the Sequel

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Thanks to the critical and box office success of his found footage variation on the traditional superhero origin story – Chronicle - director Josh Trank is on his way to working on bigger and better projects, like a spin-off about Spider-Man villain Venom. Meanwhile, Chronicle writer Max Landis has become one of the more hot-in-demand scribes around Hollywood and is working behind-the-scenes on upcoming flicks like Shawn Levy’s Frankenstein re-imagining and a Pied Piper movie.

However, if 20th Century Fox gets its way, the pair will likely be working together again on Chronicle 2 in the future – and now, the studio is at least half-way towards realizing that goal.

Deadline is reporting that Landis has indeed been set to script a followup to Chronicle, though there’s no word yet on what exactly the production timetable is for the sequel. Similarly, although Trank previously confirmed that he does have “a deal” with Fox, the helmer (when asked about Chronicle 2) also expressed an interest in working on more original projects, ie. not a sequel. Hence, even though Landis is officially aboard for the followup, that does not assure that Trank will soon be following suit.

Without getting into specific spoilers, it’s safe to say that Chronicle stars Dane DeHaan, Michael B. Jordan, and Alex Russell won’t all be reprising their roles as newly super-powered teenagers in a sequel. Much like the recently-announced followup to Project X (a fellow found footage flick), there’s also no guarantee that Chronicle 2 will retain the faux cinéma vérité element of its predecessor; given the innately less costly nature of the intentional amateur filmmaking style, though, studio heads will at least favor that approach.

Chronicle movie 2012 trailer clips  Chronicle Screenwriter Set to Pen the Sequel

Russell, Jordan, and DeHaan in 'Chronicle'

There are certainly several interesting directions that Landis could take with his script for the Chronicle sequel, like further exploring the mysterious (alien?) force which granted the first film’s teen protagonists their super powers – or… er, chronicling the further adventures of that flick’s surviving characters, which could involve them dealing with the aftermath of the dark events in Chronicle‘s third act (or, alternatively, facing off against a new super-powered foe, in conventional comic book superhero story mode).

Chronicle 2 naturally risks squandering the good will showered on its predecessor, should it not offer the same engaging character drama or inventive filmmaking techniques offered by the first film. Not to mention, the found footage element could easily end up being stretched to the point where it breaks in the Chronicle sequel, especially since the latter project will be saddled with expectations to do something more creative with that storytelling format (more so than even the first movie).

We will continue to keep you updated on the status of Chronicle 2 as more information is released.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Movie sucked. Don’t see the hype for this movie at all. Just like other crappy movie Project X.

    • Really, you think so? I thought it was pretty good. Not sure what direction they’d take for a sequel though…

      • I didn’t enjoy it either I had a problem watching green screen special affects. And the scene were he first started to float the camera Infront of the mirror when it turned the reflection stayed the same. I thought it was a good concept just didn’t appeal to me.

  2. enjoyed the movie but a sequel won’t measure up to the first.

  3. Chronicle was great,but sometimes you just need to let movies stand on their own.

    Making a follow up to this movie is a terrible idea.I’m sure that it will get over Hollywood-ized with more action then character development.We don’t need that with this movie.

    Just like District 9,just leave it alone.

    • i agree it needs to stand alone.

      • Spoiler:
        I was just about to bring up District 9, I agree though. I think Chronicle should be left alone.

  4. After seeing and really liking Chronicle I was in the let it stand alone camp.
    But, with Max Landis back for the screenplay I’m willing to give the sequel a shot for a few reasons.
    1. He’s the one who wrote the 1st. So he’s not adapting another persons work/ideas.
    2. I believe I read here that he wrote the 1st quite fast. So imagine him not having to rush?
    3. If you’ve seen his Death And Return Of Superman Video he seems to have a grasp on what works and what seems totally ridiculous when it comes to Superhero’s in Comic Books so I’m confident he can translate that into films.
    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I have unwavering faith in him. But the idea of him expanding on his own story rather than another writer is interesting and may be worth a sequel.

    • I think retaining the original team that put together a (great) movie is a good idea, but I’m still not enthusiastic about seeing a sequel. Chronicle was all about what a bunch of real-life human teens would do upon getting superpowers – not much point if they just repeat a similar story with a new cast is there? Or if they make a direct sequel, I don’t really see how that might work out too.

      Perhaps the more interesting route would be to explore the alien thingy related to the powers, and that might also make a good ‘excuse’ for the found-footage aspect of the show, but even them I’m still wary. So I guess I’m also gonna just wait and see when it comes to this.

  5. Great movie. The fly sequence alone is worth the price ticket. First time ever I’m thrilled by flight in a movie. It’s totally thanks to the foot footage format.
    In the same way I wouldn’t have been engaged in the final fight so much if there wasn’t this akira-like teenage drama. Superpowers mixes really good with teenage drama theme as it points out how dangerous this age is.
    This isn’t hype. There is this triple layer of teenage drama, superpower and foot footage that makes perfect sense. It’s like a sandwich and if you remove a layer it doesn’t taste half as good.

    However I’m not sure a sequel can be any good : foot footage is just too specific not to become a gimmick. And I’m wary of the change of format (Blair witch 2), wary of explaining the source of powers (highlander 2) and wary of bringing back dead characters (highlander 2 again). It doesn’t left a lot of possibilities

    • I think that the possibility of bringing back andrew is imense due to the fact that he is being empowered by an out of this world being. For all we know the rock could have took some of all three of their DNA somehow and Made its own version of them and doubled or trippled their power just with less human emotions or something. Thats just off the top of my head but anything can happen

  6. it ended so well, what the hell would a sequel be about ? i say leave it be and work on another small project (but with bigger budget now that you have the cash).

  7. I think they should do a sequel. In the movie, the govt. cleaned up the site where they got their powers. Perhaps they could go off on a “govt is secretly testing something by exposing it to citizens” kinda thing. I know its cheesy but everybody seems to go for the whole govt conspiracy thing.

    This movie kind of reminded me of Cloverfield which really needed a sequel. Same with District 9. All good movies, but they were left alone as standstill films and they lose their attraction.

  8. And the best thing of all of the movie es that… there´s no vampires or werewolfs in it!!

  9. Is a beautiful film i think is a great idea to do a secquel dont worry about the trama will be a fantastic secquel

  10. I personally think that a sequel will be a great idea ASLONG as the idea of having another group discovering the rock that gave the trio their powers..I would like to see a sequel to this awesome film, maybe a thought could even be Matt trying to discover what gave them their powers and while he is at it….Steve and Andrew rise again..:D I mean they can fly!! I’m sure that they can heal themselves!! :D

    • I agree with the Resurrection of the original two characters (Steve and Andrew) that died. Maybe something along the lines of their powers preserved them or Matt used his powers to bring them back to life. Then continue onward with the three learning how they obtained their powers and how to control them better, or something along the lines of fighting something evil that came from that glowing crystal when they obtained their powers. Another idea,maybe, would be the revival of Steve from Matt so they can do something to help Andrew. Either way I would only be interested in a sequel if Matt is in it. I feel like growing on their characteristics would be better than having new characters. Gives the viewer more of an “attachment” to the characters.

  11. LOVED the movie! would be awesome if there was a sequel, that answered a lot of questions like; what was it that they found in that sinkhole? what happened to Matt at the end? is Andrew or Steven really dead?

  12. I think that they should make a sequel, and have some twist like Andrew coming back. The whole thing about Chronicle was that it was the origin of a hero, which is Matt. Honestly, it would be awesome if the first scene was Andrew retrieving his Camera in Tibet. I think it would be great

  13. I really enjoyed this movie and I developed a sort of loving emotion for poor Andrew. All in all a sequel is debatable and would be good and bad. I would surely enjoy it. Thank you for this extrordinary movie.

  14. Maybe they should go spiritual with it. since Matt goes to Tibet, he learns to go within and discovers powers like remote control, bi location, astral travel, teleportation, psychic stuff etc. he learns self enlightenment. Then on the flip side, he has to deal with an antagonist, maybe like what the govt did with the crystal/rock, any experiments, or anybody else who was affected by it. or they’re looking for him or he meets extra-terrestrials or inner terrestrials (inside/under the Earth) idk, let the imagination be the limit. but to make it bad ass ha.

  15. I just finished the movie not ten minutes ago. I LOVED IT! I’m all for a sequel if the same writer AND director work on it. Maybe the same actor that played Matt too. Like people have said in the previous comments, I think that it would be awesome if the sequel could look into where the crystal came from, what it is, etc. I would definitely buy a sequel to this epic movie.

  16. I think matt should revive Steve and they go to revive Andrew to find he’s healed himself and it’s like Steve and matt vs Andrew because Andrew was the strongest

  17. As long at they keep the story personal it could work. Set five years in the future, and then have Matt find or his girlfriend (a reporters) email him the footage of another group of teenagers or adults that have been gifted similar powers, the first half could be him reviewing footage of various characters in action as he and the audience get to know them. Perhaps we learn that Matt and his group were not the first. Then in the middle have an attack on monastery with Matt fighting off the attack. The ending could be tracking down the people that launched the attack and capturing the crystals to stop other people from getting the powers.
    The last scene could be when it is reveal that it someone else that is reviewing the footage, the Chinese government (just because I am bored with American men in black people always being the mysterious force behind events).

    • I like that but like matt should like feel the other peoples powers and fly to see what happened and see it on the news of the other people with powers like them

  18. I’d want to at least give the sequel a chance IF it continued to tell the story of the surviving character. If they just tried to pull a “too” kind of sequel, probably not. I’d rather see them let it be than try something like that.

  19. As a writer I can think of quite a few ideas for a sequel, the first thing I thought when I saw it was, that’s it? I wanted to see more, The camera thing, we can drop that, totally pointless, but im so thirsty for a part 2,i’d write it myself and it could be a hit.

  20. First off, I loved the first film, the story of Matt, Steve and the mentally destroyed Andrew, really pulled at my comic book nerd heartstrings. This was a great playbook on how a successful origin story should be made. That being said, a sequel is something I am really on the fence about. I don’t want a version where it is a hollywood’ed “Bang Bang” Michael Bay-esqe film, I love what they did with the found footage concept and how they really dwell deep into the characters and made you actually invest in them, and seeing it take a Hollywood turn may destroy the franchise that could have gotten a trilogy. I’d love to see a direct sequel tho probably with Matt learning from the Tibetans Monks and learning self control and to use his powers for good. Then on the flip-side have Andrew body be recovered by the government and the “Alien” bringing him back to life and him escaping. Then as alot of awesome commentators said before me, Matt’s girlfriend could be a Lois Lane type of reporter with her knowing about Matt and his powers, she then sends him a video of other “heroes” who have gotten powers *Which is what we will be watching for the first arc* the second arc will be of Andrew coming to where the new “heroes” are and trying to destroy them, and the rest of the world with a big battle happening in their city. The final arc would be Matt coming back to help whichever “heroes” are left and stopping Andrew once again, then Matt and the rest of the “heroes” leave with Matt to hone their powers. That just what I would do if I was making it, that way we get our character development we loved in the first film, and get a new feel for new and old characters, some awesome super hero fight scenes and building destruction which I’m sure Hollywood wants to do, and hell maybe some cameo or return from a once thought dead future class president(Cause he seriously needed more screen-time). Well what do you think Movie-lovers, I know this may not happen but i’d love to see what your thoughts would be on this take.

  21. Mmm naa i think there should be a second chronicle if they keep the same cast but i think there should be a second one because at the end of the first one he said he was gonna find out answers so i think the second one should be about discovering the alien tht gave them powers. Im all in for a second chronicle