Matthew Vaughn Passes on X-Men: First Class?

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x men first class director Matthew Vaughn Passes on X Men: First Class?

There are some amazing and exciting things happening in the comic book movie genre with Marvel Studios and Warner Bros./DC Entertainment planning a large slate of big budget, big name epics over the next few years and plenty of other genre flicks sprinkled in between. Today alone we  saw our first ever official photo for Thor and have an idea of the release dates for Superman and Batman 3, all while Iron Man 2 is releasing and Green Lantern is shooting.

But what about the X-Men? Seeing and hearing all of the great things coming up from Marvel and DC really puts into perspective how far behind Fox is with their X-Men franchise. Both of their latest releases in X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine have left a significant portion of  fans and critics highly disappointed and there are no X-Men movies currently shooting or set for release.

One project Fox is trying to set in motion is that of the franchise prequel about teen mutants coming to Professor Charles Xavier’s school for the gifted and learning about their abilities. That film of course is an adaptation of X-Men: First Class and features some of the most famous X-Men in the origins of the team and how they use their gifts for good.

X-Men: First Class was looking like a movie with some potential when it was officially announced that Bryan Singer and his own writer had signed on to re-work the story for the movie and to have Singer direct. Singer’s name is associated with the arguably only quality X-Men movies seen to date and this was an opportunity for him to take advantage of his unused ideas for X-Men 3.

Not long after this announcement, Singer was forced out of the director’s chair due to his previous commitment with Warner Bros. to helm Jack the Giant Killer. Of the speculated candidates that we heard were in talks with Fox for the gig, the most common name that popped up was that of Matthew Vaughn, director of the recent Kick-Ass.

So it is then not much of surprise that Entertainment Weekly reported earlier today that Fox offered the job to Matthew Vaughn. While he seems to be their top pick, they are still in talks with other directors. We also need to keep in mind that he was set to direct X-Men 3 years ago, before he dropped out due to what seemed to be lack of control and tight constraints on the project.

With Vaughn’s vocal words in recent interviews about creative freedom and news of other projects he has coming up, it wouldn’t be too surprising if he passed on the gig, knowing how Fox has handled their recent superhero movies. And according to Deadline, they’re hearing he may have passed on the job already so we’ll find out soon one way or another.

We’re also hearing about one of the other directors Fox is in talks with; Daniel Espinosa. Espinosa is mostly known for his European crime thriller Snabba Cash and according to Heat Vision, the Swedish director has been chatting with Bryan Singer about X-Men: First Class as well.

The sad part is, I’m a big X-Men fan and none of this excites me. It barely makes a mark in the shadow of Thor, Captain America, Green Lantern and all of the other movies coming out from home bases of Marvel and DC and Fox has a lot of work to do if they want to make the X-Men as awesome and as anticipated as those others are.

Bryan Singer is producing First Class but will get his chance directing eventually. I wouldn’t be surprised if he signs to direct X-Men 4 once his schedule clears up and Fox is back on track with a series of X-Men movies.

What directors would you like to see take on Wolverine 2, X-Men: First Class and X-Men 4?

If you’re a fan, check out our piece on What We Need From X-Men 4 and on What X-Men 3 Could Have Been.

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Source: EW

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  1. What directors that I'd like to see do X-Men First Class? NONE,NOBODY,NADIE(if it's done by FOX).

  2. im watching them on fx right now man the first 2 were good

  3. I dont get it,,, so these studios can keep these franchises as long as they desire as long as they keep making movies?? I dont know who made that deal but that's just aweful!!?!? I thought there was a time limit or something! So Fox can keep Xmen as long as they want and Sony can keep Spiderman as long as they want???? Please someone explain this to me!! :P

  4. As long as Fox Abattoirs are involved I won't be spending any more money on these counterfeit adaptations.

  5. If Vaughn did in fact turn it down, then GOOD FOR HIM!

  6. Cool directing choices for the films include…

    Irvin Kershner (Empire Strikes Back, Robocop 2, Never Say Never Again)
    Nimrod Antal (Predators, Armored, Vacancy)
    Phillip Noyce (Patroit Games, Salt, Rabbit Proof Fence, Clear & Present Danger)
    James McTeigue (V for Vendetta, Ninja Assassin)
    Mark Palansky (Penelope)

    Tom DiCillo (Living In Oblivion, Double Wammy, The Real Blond)
    Raymond De Felitta (Two Family House, City Island, The Thing About my Folks)
    Joe Wright (Atonment, Pride & Prejudice, The Soloist)
    Jon Poll (Charlie Bartlett)

    David Wain (Role Models, The Ten, Wet Hot American Summer)
    Greg Mottola (Superbad, Adventureland, Paul)

  7. Don't give them any ideas PLEASE. ;( They need to move on to other stuff or other comic book companies, I want them to leave my beloved Marvel stuff ALONE!

  8. HA, Fox thinks they can hire a relatively untried director and get them on the cheap and have Zinger direct by remote control. With competition heating up Fox might be in for a few surprises. Can you imagine Warner gunning for them, releasing say “Batman 3″ close to “First Class?” And why not they sure stirred up things over “Watchmen?” Get this in many areas limited venues are going to force exhibitors to make a choice when it comes to IMAX play. Impossible you say? Well fellow fans its already happened!

  9. I think there's a period of time as well but it could be long into the future.

    But ya, they need to have movies in production every so often otherwise the license reverts back to the original ownership (and Disney wants all of these back badly).

  10. For Wolverine II, one name springs quickly to mind. That's the film's writer, Chris McQuarrie, who also directed Way Of The Gun a number of years ago.

    First Class? No interest whatsoever.

    X-Men 4? Singer should be cleared up by then schedule wise.

    Deadpool ? (ah, we almost forgot abou ya!) Ruben Fleischer.
    (*yes, Fleischer directed Zombieland, the same film written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who were writing Deadpool. Facto: I liked the director-writers dynamic of Zombieland; I want another team up of the trio on a different project)

  11. After giving us two great X-men films, Id like to have Bryan Singer direct them all. I liked his ideas for for X3 alot better than Ratner's. Maybe Hugh Jackman should try directing, and direct the Wolverine solo films and star in them while Singer sticks to the X-men team-related films. FOX studios should wise up, or just hand over the franchise to Marvel.

  12. Matthew Vaughn turned them down? Good news. Vaughn is shaping up to be a fine director and I'd hate to see him waste a year or two of his time on this Fox nonsense when he could be directing, say, Bloodshot, or a proper Marvel or DC adaptation (Doctor Strange? The Flash? Just throwing out ideas here).

    If/when the property is returned to Marvel, I think First Class would be a pretty good way of rebooting it. Sort of like Batman Begins: pretend it's a prequel, then make sequels to it that ignore the events of the originals. Audiences seem to be able to get their heads around that kind of reboot more easily.

  13. Hugh Jackman did a good job but how about we get a guy who really personifies Wolverine in every way like Robert Downey Jr. personifies Tony Stark 100% While some things are just not that necessary or important,Wolverine's height is. Wolverine needs to be done by a short actor. That's one of the main reasons why people loved Wolverine in the comics was because he was a LITTLE GUY,like an actual Wolverine(real wolverines are small but kick ass) which was new and different among the normal tall and good looking heroes. Him being so short made him sort of the underdog especially when he fought guys way bigger than him which is on a constant basis. And look what happened in Wolverine SNorigins, Wolverine was bigger and taller than Sabertooth?! Comon' son!

  14. Easier said than done. I mean, makin a film based off a comic book character is harder to make 100% accurate as followed by the comics people read. Singer could of found someone taller than James Marsden as Cyclops and Tyler Mane was taller than Hugh Jackman was in the first X-men film. Maybe not Liev Schieber, but for why they didnt want Tyler Mane to reprise his role i dont know except they wanted to Sabretooth to look more humanlike before evolving into a more sabretooth like man as seen in the first film. The director/studio is gonna choose whoever they feel is best for the part of the character, for that reason, not their height. Take Michael keaton or Christian Bale as Batman. Batman in the comics would be taller than them. To date Adam West is the tallest to play Batman.

  15. Not saying that depicting a character 100% is necessary,it just so happened RDJ was perfect. And to try a character 100% will not always work well on screen. But Wolverine's height plays as an integral part of his character, to not be faithful to it diminishes his characteristics drastically which is not comparable to Batman and his height because the differences are not noticeable,however,with Wolverine it IS. They NEVER planned on making Sabertooth gradually change to a larger more feral character,(thats a FANBOY WISHFUL THEORY NOT A FACT)that was just a mistake in continuity because they were more concerned with the actor and not size but with Sabertooth,you can't do that. Liev Schrieber's Sabertooth was NO were near as intimidating as Hugh Jackman's Wolverine,that was a mistake.

  16. I'm always a little leery of films where the director is also the writer. Not saying they can't turn out well, but sometimes, it's good to have a different person directing. Otherwise, you end up with “Blade III.” Even great writers need good editors/directors who can point out the flaws in a script. That different set of eyes can make a huge difference.

  17. I'm not really opposed to Fox holding onto X-Men, although, it's more of being “resigned” to it. Still, I'm baffled by the idea of an X-Men 4. I just don't see where they've left themselves a lot of places to go with the team they had at the end of the third film.

    I am definitely excited about a “First Class” film, though. I think there's a lot of potential there.

  18. Hollywood seems to always believe that a VIDEO GAME and COMIC BOOK movies should NOT reflect the actual characters. Of course, that is one of the reason for so many reboots. The Hulk and the Punisher got rebooted, and talk of a Superman reboot as well as a Fantastic Four reboot (a comic that was first made into a feature film, but never hit theaters, in 1994). I understand the idea of wanting the story to be unpredictable, otherwise, why go see it (and pay a fortune on the popcorn alone) if you KNOW what exactly is going to happen- beginning to end.

    This, however, doesn't apply to VIDEO GAME and COMIC BOOK movies.

    The original X-Men would have been perfect as characters- Cyclops, Marvel Girl (Jean Gray), Beast (before the blue fur), Iceman and Angel. And the director to create such a masterpiece? PETER JACKSON.

  19. I would want all of them back badly as well! I'm totally with Disney on that one!

  20. With the success of Kick-Ass I'm not surprised that Vaughn turned it down

  21. Blame that on the popular overblown obsession with Wolverine and Fox's inability to use the ORIGINAL X-men origin source material as they're template.

  22. Robert Rodriguez & Frank Miller did a fairly accurate job with Sin City as did Guillermo del Toro with Hellboy. It can be done if you work at it, are passionate about the characters you're working with and have a desire to be as faithful and accurate to the source material.

    Fox couldn't care less for the original source material, are lazy and give Singer way too much creative control and credit.

  23. I agree Fox should wise up and hand over the X-Men franchise to Marvel including the rest of Marvel's property.

    I do however believe Bryan Singer and Brett Ratner should be kept as far away as possible from all future Marvel projects.

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