Matthew Vaughn Eying Retired Superheroes Movie ‘The Golden Age’

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Just because Matthew Vaughn is in the midst of rapidly editing footage for X-Men: First Class doesn’t mean he isn’t already looking ahead to future projects. Now he’s got another comic book adaptation in mind – an adventure involving retired superheroes titled The Golden Age.

The movie would be based off British TV chat show host Jonathan Ross’ currently unpublished comic book of the same name, which revolves around a pack of elderly defenders of justice whose heyday was back in the 1930s – a.k.a. The Golden Age of comics – a time that gave birth to Batman and Superman, among others.

Deadline says that Vaughn is already looking at prospective stars for the Golden Age adaptation, despite it not being clear whether he will produce and direct the film or if his First Class/Kick-Ass writing partner, Jane Goldman, will be at all involved. Vaughn’s wish list of actors to play the retired heroes called back into action includes Warren Beatty, Clint Eastwood, and Jack Nicholson. Will this give Eastwood the chance to play Superman after he passed on the role decades ago? Probably not, but still…

Those other two elderly stars of the silver screen aren’t strangers to comic book movies either: Beatty directed and starred in Dick Tracy, while Nicholson was The Joker in Tim Burton’s Batman. It’s possible that the actors’ past comic book movie roles are part of Vaughn’s enthusiasm for The Golden Age, as he’s pointed out that last year’s two “over-50-year-olds on a mission” pics, The Expendables and RED, both demonstrated that audiences are up for action movies that feature stars no longer in their 20s, 30s, or even 40s.

John Malkovich in Red Matthew Vaughn Eying Retired Superheroes Movie The Golden Age

Remember – don’t call him “old man.”

The Golden Age sounds like it’d be more in the vein of Kick-Ass than Vaughn’s upcoming X-Men franchise reboot – that is, essentially an unconventional comic book hero flick that messes with the clichés of the genre. That would also make it more similar in feel to RED, and less so to the ’80s action movie homage style of Sly Stallone’s Expendables pic.

Assuming that The Golden Age comes to fruition and does well at the box office, it could potentially pave the way for more serious comic books flicks that involve older versions of famous and universally renowned superheroes. Frank Miller’s 1985 graphic novel, “The Dark Knight Returns” is the best known (and most successful) story to revisit a famous hero well past their prime, and some of our readers might recall that Screen Rant‘s Chris Schrader even proposed a way that a Dark Knight Returns movie could follow Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

Would a hit Golden Age adaptation increase the chances of “The Dark Knight Returns” making the leap to the big screen in the future? It’s pure speculation at this point, but that’s still an intriguing proposition all the same.

The Dark Knight Returns Matthew Vaughn Eying Retired Superheroes Movie The Golden Age

Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class is due out this summer, and he probably won’t get serious about making The Golden Age or any other movie until that fast-tracked project is completely in the can.

In the meantime, feel free to express your thoughts on any of the ideas mentioned here in the comments section below.

Source: Deadline

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  1. hmmm , maybe he should just focus on Xavier’s movie, im not calling it Xmen anymore.

  2. I’m guessing Kick-Ass 2 won’t be happeing soon then, huh?

  3. Clint Eastwood as Superman?Interesting.Reunite the cast of “Space Cowboys”. Maybe they could get Joan Collins to play Wonder Woman.

  4. Maybe he could do the book “Kingdom Come”.

    • This is probably the only story based on this idea I would back.

      Unfortunately you cannot use actors of the correct chronological age because they won’t be able to do any real action scenes (not to mention they are most likely completely out of shape). They would have to use actors in their late 50′s – early 60′s…..people who can still be very physically fit and possibly age them a bit more visually to appear to be in their 70′s+. Or you just say Superheroes just age well ;)

      • Third option is to make cg models and mo-cap action sequences with a younger actor.

  5. There was a DC graphic novel mini series called “The Golden Age”. I think that would make more sense and be much more interesting…

    • I think they want to use one-off characters created specifically for presenting an analysis of the ideals and beliefs that were around when characters like Superman were created. There were no anti-heros or characters that blurred the lines of good and evil back then.

  6. I actually like this idea , retirement aged super heroes……I think that could be a really fun movie :)
    and Clint Eastwood ???? as a super hero ??? Superman ?? Batman ???? any super hero by Eastwood would be so very cool .
    I gotta say …. I would totally dig that .

  7. The actors he states would probably never do it.

  8. I could see Beatty as a decent KingdomCome Batman (Eastwood would be best…), Nicholson would would be terrific as Luthor. ‘Whathisname from MadMen as Superman… Does anyone if this involves major characters or does it create its own mythology…a la Watchmen?

    • John Hamm… Tom Hardy as Grog (whatever the badguy’s name was…)

  9. I dont think a Golden-Age will work, cause DC has already earned the franchise on Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern to move on and see what Warner Bros’ choices are. The DC Animated Movie will work but not the live action, it will get all DC fans sidetrackedly confuzed.

    • why would it are the fans you know brain dead, Im pretty sure that the average person would be just fine, or atleast no more confused then the people going to see Xmen First cless , expecting to see actual X men in them, opps bad example

  10. Eastwood for Batman, Nicholson for Green Lantern, Connery for Arrow, Mirren for Black Canary, Freeman for Manhunter, And finally Jon Hamm for Supes! Flash is too difficult to cast! Haha!

    • Warren Beatty as Batman; John Hamm as Superman; Jacklyn Smith as Wonder Woman; Bruce Willis as Lex Luthor; Eastwood as Hawkman; Danzel as John Stewart; Dennis Leary as The Flash; Connery as Green Arrow; Demi Moore (with Blonde wig)as Black Carnary; Nicholson as the Joker; Arnie as Solomon Grundy; Morgan Freeman as Black Mantis;Val Kilmer as Aquaman

  11. Spongebob Square-pants has already done this with Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.

    • ZING!


    • right on!

  12. I have dreamt of Eastwood and (RIP) Reeve in the roles of Batman and Supes respectively in a big screen version of “The Dark Knight Returns” for YEARS…sadly, never going to happen now for the obvious reasons. I like the idea of The Golden Age, but who said it was going to feature our favourite DC characters anyway? I do, however, second the comment about Lynda Carter reprising her most famous role- at her age she STILL looks the part!

    One final thing though…..please GOD don’t let it look anything like THIS-

    (I only saw this for the first time a few years ago and I’m scarred for LIFE. And this from a die-hard Supes fan who TO THIS DAY has managed to avoid seeing Superman IV: The Quest For Peace after seeing just one clip of it years ago….)

  13. CRAP for like 10 seconds i thoguht they were talkign about THIS

    That was a great limited series

  14. This is not a new concept at all. There is a terrific webcomic out there called “The SuperFogeys” created by Brock Heasley ( that has been running since 2006 which focuses on the life of Retired SuperHeroes living in a retirement home. It shows flashbacks to things in their past (origin stories) as well as challenges that face them in their new surroundings. Definitely give it a look.