Rumor Patrol: Matthew Vaughn in Talks for ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′

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The news that Disney has acquired Lucasfilm and is continuing the Star Wars franchise hogged the spotlight last week, enough so that many people missed the news that Bryan Singer has officially replaced Matthew Vaughn as director on the X-Men: First Class sequel (subtitled Days of Future Past).

It’s possible that issues of creative control contributed to Vaughn’s departure – as happened during his pre-First Class attempts to collaborate with 20th Century Fox on X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine (for more on that, listen to this week’s SR Underground Podcast). However, a new rumor linking Vaughn to Star Wars: Episode 7 suggests there may’ve been much more to the story than we originally thought.

Collider‘s trusted Editor-in-Chief Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub has been informed by sources that Vaughn has entered talks with Lucasfilm (which Kathleen Kennedy is now the president of) to direct the seventh Star Wars movie. However, Frosty has also admitted that “all my normal connections would not go on record (or they did not know)” – so this news, while intriguing, may eventually amount to little more than smoke and no fire. For the sake of discussion, though, we will examine this as a legitimate possibility.

Mark Hamill has revealed that concrete plans for more Star Wars began coming together over a year ago (at the latest), though there are still conflicting reports as to whether the film will be based on an old story treatment written decades ago by George Lucas (who is serving in a ‘creative consultant’ capacity on the project) or a brand-new screen story altogether. Either way, whoever signs on to direct is in a good position to also be involved in the scripting process – while keeping true to Lucas’ ‘vision’ for the future of the franchise.

disney lucasfilm star wars 7 Rumor Patrol: Matthew Vaughn in Talks for Star Wars: Episode 7

Vaughn, as it were, has co-written every film he has helmed since his directorial debut on Layer Cake. Moreover, Jane Goldman (The Debt, The Woman in Black) has collaborated with Vaughn on each of those screenplays, and the two had reunited for Days of Future Past. Hence, hiring on Vaughn to oversee Star Wars 7 makes sense, in regard to the dual roles he would play as writer and director – not to mention, most likely bringing his trusted geek-culture-savvy screenwriting partner Goldman to assist him.

Those two would have as much freedom as Joss Whedon had with The Avengers, based on the assumption that Disney and Lucasfilm are looking for Vaughn to serve as a possible architect for future installments in the new Star Wars trilogy (similar to Whedon’s role in ‘Phase 2′ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe). Vaughn and Goldman also wouldn’t have the constraints that came with First Class, such as the prequel format and a rushed production schedule (since Episode 7 won’t be arriving for another three years).

In other words: there’s a strong argument to be made, with respect to the idea that a Star Wars movie would appeal more to Vaughn than another Fox-backed X-Men flick – since he would have more artistic freedom working on a treasured geek franchise. Vaughn has also been gunning to tackle a big, big-budget blockbuster for some time, and now has the resume to prove that he can deliver the goods (something he did not possess when he approached Marvel with a $300 million+ vision for Thor).

disney star wars Rumor Patrol: Matthew Vaughn in Talks for Star Wars: Episode 7

Now, of course, the other question: Is Vaughn a good fit for the Star Wars franchise? Well, with his work on First Class and Kick-Ass, he has demonstrated a capacity for crafting the sort of exhilarating action sequences and effects-heavy set pieces that a Star Wars movie calls for. Furthermore, Vaughn’s adaptation of the Neil Gaiman novel Stardust nicely illustrates his ability to mix playfulness into the proceedings – as opposed to the comparative seriousness of First Class or the dark comedy/satire of Kick-Ass – while incorporating elements from Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth (or ‘Hero’s Journey’) that was so influential in shaping Lucas’ original vision for Star Wars.

That’s all to say: Vaughn has shown that he can handle imaginative storytelling, strong character development, massive spectacle, dark drama, whimsical comedy, and everything in between – all of which are elements that should be present in any decent Star Wars movie (to some degree, of course). Hence, if he does sign on as director, that could be a good sign for the future of the franchise.

Do you like the idea of Matthew Vaughn directing Star Wars: Episode 7 (and maybe beyond)?


Source: Collider

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  1. Bring it!

  2. Neil Blomkamp director of District 9 is my ideal choice.

    But any choice would be better than the previous director.

    • Neil is such a great choice, I’d love to see a SW movie direct by him!! But I’ll take Matthew Vaughn as well, he’s a great director!

  3. Well since Jane Goldman’s husband has admitted to being a bit of a Star Wars geek on his many tv and radio shows over the decades, I can imagine he’d be excited at the thought of her and Vaughn working on that franchise.

    If the 7th has a release date of 2015, I have a feeling they’re going with George’s old 12 part saga since it was already set in stone a long time ago with only updates and adjustments for modern storytelling needed.

    • Which makes me wonder if it is the original 12 movie series he planned or has Lucas added changes since The Prequels. I bring this up b/c the original ideas he had for the Prequel were very different. It was darker, we would have actually seen Anakin Skywalker as the greatest Jedi ever, Darth Vader would have been shown hunting the jedi, The Clone Wars came along becasue of a Clone Rebellion and the Storm troopers were never clones. There are alot of things he changed for the Prequels. Honestly I think it’s best Lucas has ZERO input.

  4. im delighted that matthew vaughn may get the job. at least even if he screws up he’s still better than George’Its for Kids’lucas the sith lord (No Pun Intended)

  5. I think Peter Jackson would be a great person to direct a Star Wars movie eventually, maybe the 8th movie, right after he finishes the last Hobbit movie. He has the experience in making these huge blockbuster movies, and he also has a love for the source material, that I think would transition great into Star Wars.

    • I was thinking the same thing.

      • No…. this is star wars not middle earth. it will end up like king Kong. long and boring.

        • Not as tedious as the prequel Star Wars Trilogy

  6. Imo I think Vaughn is a good choice.

  7. I’d like to see Blomkamp’s next film Elysium to really know if he’s right to be the next Star Wars director. My gut tells me he is, he’s the right age at 33 to be involved for what is probably a 10 year commitment. But he’s taken quite a bit of time to get Elysium, one hopes the time has been well spent. He certainly was red hot off of District 9. I hope he just wasn’t a guy who was able to make the movie because he made it in South Africa on a budget and got a lot of help from Peter Jackson. I’d like to think that Jackson saw the talent in him and just gave him a hand up instead of a handout.

    Vaughn has more of a proven track record. His habit of project jumping is a bit worrisome, but something like Star Wars should keep his interest longer than Kick-Ass or X-Men. He’s obviously keen for larger projects. He’s 41, at that right age where he has the experience, but is still young enough to bring a fresh perspective and ideas. He’s certainly a very involved director by co-writing all of his movies. He’s not just some guy who waits for the script to be finished. You know he’ll be involved from start to finish. But the scale of Star Wars is so much bigger. He’ll be involved in production design, conceptual art, costumes, visual effects to a much larger degree than anything he has worked on before. If he’s game for it, then why not.

  8. Mr. Vaughn does not do “and beyond”. Might get him for one but he won’t be doing another…

    • Yeah, absolutely. Look what he did with Star Trek, a franchise he admitted he didn’t even like as much as Star Wars, and imagine what he could do with something he had enormous passion for.

  9. J.J. Abrams (Star Trek) anyone agree ?

    • No thanks. I don’t want to be blinded by light sabres haha

      • Not funny.

    • Damn, I didn’t even think of it that. Peter Jackson would be an AMAZING choice! If you watch the Star Wars featurettes he has a ton of great insight to the films. He grew up on them, they influenced him to make all this movies, who better than the humble, knowledgeable director of the LOTR trilogy to take on this big project? Not to mention, Peter prefers REAL SETS, not this CGI crap that looks like a$$ on screen. This guy would totally make Star Wars dirty again and much less sterile and superficial than Lucas made it during the prequels. I think people really underestimate setting in movies and the overuse of CGI. It makes a movie so much less believable and almost always ruins any “classic” potential within it. Peter’s use has ALWAYS been tasteful and he does well with character development.

      • As much as I would love to see a Star Wars film directed by Peter Jackson, I don’t think its gonna happen. Right now Jackson’s focus is on the Hobbit, which he won’t be done with till 2014, so that doesn’t leave him with the time to put everything into another movie oj the same level as Hobbit. We can dream though.

  10. Win Win! Bryan Singer returns to X-Men and Matthew Vaughn directs Star Wars Episode 7.

  11. Fantastic choice!! I think he’s probably the perfect director to tackle this.

  12. They need to base the new movies in the Star Wars Legacy universe. You’d have familiarity with everything new. You can even have you Luke cameo.

    • Interesting

  13. I’m not against the idea of Matty directing Ep VII, I just don’t understand all the excitement. What has he done? XMEN 1st class was very good, never saw kickass.

    District 9 Neil would be an interseting choice.

    • Never seen district 9 but heard some pretty good things, and I think Elysium looks and sounds interesting, so I guess I’d be okay with him stepping onboard

    • the thing with Blomkamp is that he doesn’t have enough experience to be trusted (for lack of a better word) with a big project like Star Wars. He’s only done one movie. Yes, I loved “district 9″, but it’s different with a big budget franchise like Star Wars. Besides, remember all the crap he went through when he was attached to “Halo”. I doubt he would go through something like that again.

  14. When are Disney going to make a sequal to Tron Legacy?!

    • I know! That movie was awesome!!

    • Probably in another 28 years (gap between TRON and TRON: Legacy)

  15. Called it and Like it!!!!!

    • Yeah that’s one of my fears for this to man, and I got a feeling we are not alone, hopefully that wont happen, hopefully this will be good

    • “The Avengers” wasn’t catered to the kids. It was actually enjoyable for all ages (just like the original Star Wars trilogy). Juar because Disney owns Lucasfilm, it doesn’t mean we are getting a children’s film.

      • Well it definitely was not catered to adults or young adults. It’s significantly lighter in tone and more colorful than any of the preceding films. Lucas did the same thing when he directed the prequels and wanted to sell toys.

  16. Vaughn would be a great choice! Would love to see a guilmo del toro take on the star wars universe too!

  17. I like Vaughn’s films I think he’s fantastic he was actually who I guessed Disney would go to for this. I loved X-Men first class and I was really suprised by Star Dust just by reading this I want to watch Star Dust again because it was a lot of fun to me. I didn’t care for kick ass all that much but that’s really just because the story for it just isn’t my thing (just because you have a character get the living crap beaten out of him and then kill somebody does not make it realistic, to me if the character had second thoughts or struggled with th notion and burden of killing someone that would make it realistic… To me at least if you like the movie good for you it’s fine by me).
    Overall i think Vaughn would be a great choice for this, I love his movies

  18. Awesome! He can sign on and then drop out of this too!

  19. Please reboot Star Wars and lets get the prequals right, Obi Wan finding Anaking not Qui Gon and Obi training an older Anakin, and Anakin actually hunting down the Jedi then transforming into Vader. Then reboot the original trilogy so it looks more modern than the prequals then do the new movies. I hate that prequals look more modern than the original movies.

    • And while we’re at it, let’s remake Casablanca and The Wizard of Oz! Reboots are almost never good.

      • Well they have done Return to Oz and Sam Raimi has just made an Oz prequel, also just read somewhere that a Casablanca sequal could be in the works, so nothing is sacred in Hollywood, can’t wait for Disney Star Wars on Ice!

    • That would be awesome. I would love for a prequel series that didn’t practically contradict everything the Originals established. One where Anakin is known as one of the greatest Jedi ever, one where Darth Vader actually hunts down Jedi instead of killing children and where the real Clone Wars took place. It be also nice to see an actual Jedi Uniform instead Lucas just rehashing from ANH, and using the robes Ben Kenobi was wearing when he was hiding on Tatooine. Why would someone in hiding wear their uniform of their previous occupation?

  20. jeeez….
    As long as Bryan Singer, McG, Brett Ratner, and Paul Anderson are nowhere near the making of the new Star Wars films, I’ll consider that a huge favor. So Mathew Vaughn is ok in my book, he’s done anawesome job with his other films.

  21. Am i the only one who enjoyed Star Wars Episodes 1-3?

    • I also enjoyed the prequels.

    • No I enjoyed them then again I was a kid then but don’t worry guys they weren’t the first Star Wars movies I saw I watched the originals first I actually got them for my 4th Christmas on VHS it was awesome!

      • @ Matthew

        Im not a big big big Star Wars fan. I enjoyed all 6 films is all. My friends got me into the original trilogy when Episode 1 was in theaters so i missed that one first time around. So i only saw Episode 2 & 3 in theaters in their first run. Yes, the prequels had more cgi, but it also made it easy to expanded the universe over being on locations that could look the same to that in the original films. That’s my opinion. I agree Jar Jar was annoying, but i always found C-3PO just as annoying aswell in a different way. Like in Empire Strikes Back, i just wanna say thank you to Han/Leia for switching him off,lol.

        Episode 3 was the best outta the prequels without a doubt. But as for original trilogy, it’s between Episode 4 & 6 imo to being the best. Probly because i think i wasn’t born or too young to see Episode 5 in theaters to feel different about how great it was like others might.

  22. I do not like this. Matthew Vaughn is average as a director. X-Men: First Class was better than X3, but not the greatest movie overall.

    I would much rather it be Speilberg or Neil Blomkamp from District 9.

    I think Speilberg still understands an audience and also character (minus INDY 4). I think, who better than George’s best friend who has always been a little envious of this series in a good way. He deserves a shot at at least one of them. Not only that, but he went back and UN-Altered what he did in ET. He understands the mistakes Lucas got criticized for and prefers actual sets to crazy CGI.

    As for a young gunner, Neil is my guy. Really captured character well in District 9 and got audiences to “feel” something important. I think he could really run with this. Not to mention, the action sequences were both believable, explosive, and most importantly, emotional. Imagine what this guy could do with some of lightsaber battles….

  23. I hope that this is only a rumor. I liked First Class, but I’d rather Vaughn stick to doing a sequel to that, and instead have Brad Bird direct the new Star Wars. I know that Vaughn seems to have a reputation for dropping out of movies, so who knows.

  24. Not good, not good :(

  25. My top 3 to direct Star Wars are Vaughn, Cornish and Blomkamp.
    Any of those three would be a great choice IMO. So if this works out I’ll be a happy camper. :)

    • There is a difference between fans and fanatics.