Rumor Patrol: Matthew Vaughn in Talks for ‘Star Wars: Episode 7′

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The news that Disney has acquired Lucasfilm and is continuing the Star Wars franchise hogged the spotlight last week, enough so that many people missed the news that Bryan Singer has officially replaced Matthew Vaughn as director on the X-Men: First Class sequel (subtitled Days of Future Past).

It’s possible that issues of creative control contributed to Vaughn’s departure – as happened during his pre-First Class attempts to collaborate with 20th Century Fox on X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine (for more on that, listen to this week’s SR Underground Podcast). However, a new rumor linking Vaughn to Star Wars: Episode 7 suggests there may’ve been much more to the story than we originally thought.

Collider‘s trusted Editor-in-Chief Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub has been informed by sources that Vaughn has entered talks with Lucasfilm (which Kathleen Kennedy is now the president of) to direct the seventh Star Wars movie. However, Frosty has also admitted that “all my normal connections would not go on record (or they did not know)” – so this news, while intriguing, may eventually amount to little more than smoke and no fire. For the sake of discussion, though, we will examine this as a legitimate possibility.

Mark Hamill has revealed that concrete plans for more Star Wars began coming together over a year ago (at the latest), though there are still conflicting reports as to whether the film will be based on an old story treatment written decades ago by George Lucas (who is serving in a ‘creative consultant’ capacity on the project) or a brand-new screen story altogether. Either way, whoever signs on to direct is in a good position to also be involved in the scripting process – while keeping true to Lucas’ ‘vision’ for the future of the franchise.

disney lucasfilm star wars 7 Rumor Patrol: Matthew Vaughn in Talks for Star Wars: Episode 7

Vaughn, as it were, has co-written every film he has helmed since his directorial debut on Layer Cake. Moreover, Jane Goldman (The Debt, The Woman in Black) has collaborated with Vaughn on each of those screenplays, and the two had reunited for Days of Future Past. Hence, hiring on Vaughn to oversee Star Wars 7 makes sense, in regard to the dual roles he would play as writer and director – not to mention, most likely bringing his trusted geek-culture-savvy screenwriting partner Goldman to assist him.

Those two would have as much freedom as Joss Whedon had with The Avengers, based on the assumption that Disney and Lucasfilm are looking for Vaughn to serve as a possible architect for future installments in the new Star Wars trilogy (similar to Whedon’s role in ‘Phase 2′ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe). Vaughn and Goldman also wouldn’t have the constraints that came with First Class, such as the prequel format and a rushed production schedule (since Episode 7 won’t be arriving for another three years).

In other words: there’s a strong argument to be made, with respect to the idea that a Star Wars movie would appeal more to Vaughn than another Fox-backed X-Men flick – since he would have more artistic freedom working on a treasured geek franchise. Vaughn has also been gunning to tackle a big, big-budget blockbuster for some time, and now has the resume to prove that he can deliver the goods (something he did not possess when he approached Marvel with a $300 million+ vision for Thor).

disney star wars Rumor Patrol: Matthew Vaughn in Talks for Star Wars: Episode 7

Now, of course, the other question: Is Vaughn a good fit for the Star Wars franchise? Well, with his work on First Class and Kick-Ass, he has demonstrated a capacity for crafting the sort of exhilarating action sequences and effects-heavy set pieces that a Star Wars movie calls for. Furthermore, Vaughn’s adaptation of the Neil Gaiman novel Stardust nicely illustrates his ability to mix playfulness into the proceedings – as opposed to the comparative seriousness of First Class or the dark comedy/satire of Kick-Ass – while incorporating elements from Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth (or ‘Hero’s Journey’) that was so influential in shaping Lucas’ original vision for Star Wars.

That’s all to say: Vaughn has shown that he can handle imaginative storytelling, strong character development, massive spectacle, dark drama, whimsical comedy, and everything in between – all of which are elements that should be present in any decent Star Wars movie (to some degree, of course). Hence, if he does sign on as director, that could be a good sign for the future of the franchise.

Do you like the idea of Matthew Vaughn directing Star Wars: Episode 7 (and maybe beyond)?


Source: Collider

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  1. I have a feeling most “big name” directors are going to steer clear of this. The Star Wars fan base is pretty much psychotic and the expecations for this movie are already way too high. The prequels and how they were received are a prime example of whats waiting for the next director.

    • Well the prequels weren’t good films. Expectations will always be high but a bad film is a bad film.

      • I have defended George Lucas on here, But I did not enjoy the prequels. I don’t know if it’s a case of, trying to hard, or just being out of touch, but the whole midichlorians thing made me hate the prequels.

        • Stabber

          Lucas of the 70s was a huge inspiration. I love reading and watching his thoughts on the integrity of films and his rebellious attitude toward big film production companies.

          It pains me that he betrays everything he originally stood for the same way the Prequels rob someof the greatness from the originals.

  2. For the love of Spock not JJ Abrams The man is a hack. Or Han help us not Michael Bay, my stomach couldn’t take it.

  3. Vaughn is a pretty good choice IMHO.

    • Vaughn, I don’t know? but he sure looks cool.

  4. Maybe not my first choice but if Peter Jackson put his heart and soul into a Star Wars movie = EPIC.

  5. He is terrible. He totally walked away from the comics in X-Men First Class (His choice) so we want to give him the keys to the kingdom? He is a TERRIBLE director.

  6. Matthew Vaughn would make an EXCELLENT choice for director of Episode 7, ALMOST as good a choice as would Steven Spielberg himself who I KNOW there’s practically ZERO chance of seeing direct it but wouldn’t it be cool? I’ve wondered for years what the “Return of the Jedi” that he WANTED to direct would have looked like. Also I was discussing James Cameron’s habit of keeping Lucas from achieving the number one spot at the top of the highest money making films of all time list recently & you know how “Titanic” took the spot & then during the making of Episode 1 Frank Oz asked Lucas if he thought that it could topple that film for the number one spot. In typical mock humility Lucas basically said that nothing would ever topple Titanic but you’ve gotta figure that he was desperately HOPING that Episode 1 would. Too bad he made it suck. Then when Titanic lost the top spot it was to ANOTHER James Cameron film “Avatar”! So IMAGINE how Lucas would feel if his special effects house competitor Cameron were to direct Episode 7 himself and make IT the new top money maker of all time! :D I know that’s about as likely as Spielberg but it’s interesting speculation nonetheless.

    • Oh,hell a Steven Spielberg Star Wars, we came so close at one point, could it happen?

      James Cameron, no thank you.

      • It’s a pity that because of b.s. union rules – where’s Governor Scott Walker when you need him? – Spielberg couldn’t direct ‘…Jedi’, it would undoubtedly have been the icing on the cake of that Trilogy… and where it should have ended; no so-called ‘special editions’, no prequels, and no upcoming sequels, just beautifully restored versions of the Trilogy on DVD and Blu-Ray.

        Matthew Vaughn is a great young director with a stellar future ahead of him – more so if this rumor proves accurate – but I just can’t get over the fact this new trilogy is more a business decision (an enticing incentive for Disney to buy Lucasfilm) than a creative one, Lucas has spent the last 15 years saying the story ends with Episode VI, and there would be no more once the prequels were done… and now this! This is my last word on the sequel trilogy, from here on in, I’ll just wait and see what transpires, but it’s a pity that it’s not the prequel trilogy we’re talking about now, Vaughn would have done THAT story justice, alas…

        • Agreed Vaughn would have been great to the prequels

      • Spielberg would be awesome because he is awesome. I never knew he almost directed a star wars movie, is that true which one?

  7. What about Jon Favreau he’s still hanging around Disney right? ‘Magic Kingdom’ hasn’t been in the news awhile maybe it’s stalled. He did some voice work for the Clone Wars too so he’s definitely a fan…

    • Favreau wouldn’t be my first choice but I like him a lot he’s a great director

  8. I would be VERY satisfied with this choice. Loved First Class and Kick-Ass.

    Other top choices of mine would be Neil Blomkamp, Spielberg, Duncan Jones, Del toro, or Peter Jackson.

    • Good choices man


  10. What crack are you people on that you think Vaughn would be a good SW director? What major Sci-Fi has he done that gives him all this credibility? It certainly wasn’t First Class considering the terrible hole-a-riffic story line, the bad direction, terrible make up, and oh yeah THE COMPLETE DEPARTURE FROM THE COMIC CANON. What your saying is you want all of that but in STAR WARS. My god people think for a minute. Let’s get someone who RESPECTS the source material. Vaughn has proven he doesn’t.

    • 100% Agree with all of this…

  11. What about David Fincher? He use to work for ILM and has done quite a cross section of films. While most people here would say they didn’t particularly like ‘Alien3′ which he did, he also helmed ‘The Social Network’, ‘Fight Club’, ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’, and is currently doing ‘House of Cards’ which has a very strong political core.

    That could be very handy seeing that these new films will need something in the background driving the next three stories forward and with a current political pulse he could be instrumental in doing that. He’s worked with Disney on a ’20,000 Leagues’ remake and being Science Fiction and Fantasy is in his background he’s no stranger to it and is certainly no stranger to Star Wars…

  12. I doubt Vaughn would touch it with a bargepole

  13. Wow, so Vaughn drops out of the X-Men job to do this one? Hmmmm….wonder what the offer is going to be? LOL

  14. Vaughn is a lot like his friend Singer, they did really good small movies early in their career that propelled them. But the amount of love they get for their comic/sci-fi movies is a bit much.

  15. Joss Whedon

  16. Or Nolan. I want Star Wars to be a little grittier. Circa 80s Blade Runner

    • Chris Nolan is a fantastic director, and one of my favorites, but I do not think he is a good fit AT ALL for Star Wars.

      • Actually I think Nolan would be a great choice for a second Syar Wars filmif they follow the formula of original. Adventure (ANH), Dark drama (ESB) and then Concluding Epic (ROTJ).

        I could see Brad Bird Ep 7. Nolan or Darren Afronsky Ep 8. Speilberg for Ep 9.