Matthew Vaughn Wants to Direct The Avengers

Published 6 years ago by , Updated August 14th, 2013 at 4:46 pm,

Matthew Vaughn, director and producer of the upcoming rated-R comic book adaptation, Kick-Ass, really wants to helm Marvel Studio’s The Avengers movie.

Vaughn, if you remember, was director of X-Men: The Last Stand… for a short while anyway. After he took over for Bryan Singer, he quickly left which opened to door for Brett Ratner to direct the project which in my mind, is the absolute worst of the four X-Men movies.

Looking forward instead of back though, Vaughn now has directed three feature films: Layer Cake, Stardust and now Kick-Ass (which quickly earned itself an American distributor after premiering footage at San Diego Comic-Con.) Now, he wants to do another superhero flick…

In speaking with MTV, he revealed the following desires of his:

“[I'd] love to do ‘The Avengers,’ and Superman… I think it would be great to reinvent Superman.”

Vaughn was attached to direct the Thor solo movie before his contract expired and Branagh was hired to helm the project. The script he and partner Mark Protosevich had written was apparently loved by Marvel Studios but it demanded an insanely high budget that he needed to cut in half (apparently from $300 Million to $150 million).

As for Superman, the current rumor out there is that James McTeigue may direct with the Wachowski Bros. supporting as producers.

On that note, Vaughn also spoke about another Marvel project that he wanted to direct a few years back.

“I was desperate to do ‘Iron Man’ about 8 years ago, and everyone was like, ‘Iron Man, no one will go watch that,’… Cut to now, and it’s a huge hit.”

“I grew up watching superhero films, so I want to make superhero films,”

I admire his passion for the genre and I’m willing to give him control over one of the major Marvel feature films in development. At least that would give him his chance to finally direct the Thor character and hit on his dream of directing Iron Man.

Would you light Vaughn to direct the Superman reboot or The Avengers?

The Avengers is currently scheduled to open May 4, 2012.

Source: MTV

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  1. I wouldn’t mind him directing a Superman film…as long as they don’t make it “dark” like its rumored to be. I’m not sure how I feel about him directing The Avengers film.

  2. Anyone who has the guts to ask should be considered…almost anyone.

  3. I like Stardust…No interest in Kick-@$$…Didn’t he choke on X3 because of how big the budget was? I think he now has the experience to helm a bigger budget tentpole film so why not…

  4. I think we could give him a chance,Superman would be good for him,but Avengers? Thats hard,he did direct Layer Cake, a great
    gangster flick,and Stardust,which was OK,but not bad,this could

  5. @ stuntmanJ

    Does that include Brett Ratner? LOL!! :)

  6. He seems to be a better fit for the Superman reboot than The Avengers film. Leave that to Favreau.

  7. Who doesn’t want to direct the avengers? These guys coming out and begging for the job are pathetic!

  8. I wasn’t sure who Matthew Vaughn was and what films he directed so i did a quick check on IMDB and found out he directed only 3 films: Layer Cake, Stardust and Kick-Ass.

    Layer Cake was a decent film I’ll give him that but Stardust was absolutely awful and unwatchable. And Kick-Ass isn’t even out yet so I can’t really have an opinion on it until it’s released.

    So my conclusion is that he’s presently wrong for the job of directing Avengers. There’s just isn’t enough directing experience here to reassure me he can do the job well. There are other directors more worthy out there. I say give the job to Favreau, he’s already proven himself.

  9. lol Ironman2You

  10. I’d give him a shot, although I think I’m more keen on someone who has directed one of the solo Pics a shot. I think having someone who has directed Iron man or Hulk or Thor should do it.

    Vaughan is very good in my opinion.

  11. @ Everton Carter,

    Good point. It makes more sense to having someone do it who’s already in the fold – It’s hard to say who’s best at this point since none of us have seen Thor, Captain America or IM2 but they have still have a bit of time to figure it out…

  12. I think Vaughn would be an interesting choice.
    Something tells me he is going to have a chance at a lot more experience at directing Superhero movies
    Once Kick Asss comes out.

  13. I would think that from this past years
    mediocre tent pole performances, that
    studios and comic book companies would
    be more careful who they gave popular
    characters and franchises to. Perhaps
    anyone who’s chomping at the bit as much
    as Vaughn might be worthy of assigned a
    challenging property. Let’s say, see if
    he could turn around the fortunes of the
    “Punisher,” “Daredevil,” or “Ghost Rider”
    . I’d even go so far as to let him choose,
    but limit his budget. Use the metrics from
    the properties past to factor a budget.

    I think Gary’s right too. Once “Kick Ass”
    comes out, we’ll have a better idea on
    what he can do with a superhero property.

  14. Cheers Rob.

    It’s like you say, we’re not sure who’s going to be the best fit. It could be who is best at controling a massive, multi layered story, without just giving in to the action. Let’s just hope they write a big enough story to give the 4 main heroes and the supports some juicy scenes.

    This isn’t a wish, but I bet you’d get short odds on Michael Bay! I hope not, but It wouldn’t surprise me.

  15. We should not worry about a director until we see the next 3 films. What is the status on Ant-Man is that on hold or completely over?

  16. Paul,
    Ant Man is delayed but it is still going to be made.
    the director wants to do something else first.

  17. I think Ant Man isn’t being considered as part of the “Avengers Project”. It’s definately a straight line through Iron Man II (Which is still hoping to have Norton’s Bruce Banner in believe) Thor, Captain America and then The Avengers.

    I think even if Marvrl do decide to make some other films in between, like Nick Fury, Black Widow or Ant Man they’ll be bonus movies rather than must be made ones. The Avenger iniative is the big aim here.

    As for the Marvel characters ruined by Fox and Sony (Daredevil (not good enough but I’ve seen worse) Ghost Rider (50 year old Rider?), I don’t think Marvel have been able to get the rights back, like the did with Hulk from Universal, so any hope of better versions of those films.

    As for The Punisher, I actually didn’t mind the Thomas Jayne version, but there’s a reason why there have been 3 film versions and none have really worked. Punisher is about the least worthy comic book in existance for movifying. Once you get past the pathos of jis family getting killed it’s just 80#s style , straight to video killing. You make it interesting by adding some detective work, infiltration etc and it stops being a Punisher movie.

  18. @ Everton Carter; Interesting points but ultimately unimportant. What’s important is if Vaughn is to be given a chance it shouldn’t be by handing him one of the two hottest comic book properties Carte Blanche. I’d say if he really deserves doing “Avengers” then lets see him work a behind the eight ball property, mine were just examples, and produce a profitable movie.

    Better yet, if he could work in some responsible capacity on the “Ant Man” movie, say direct, that could tell us whether he understands, on fundamental levels, how to handle high profile team dynamics. That’s going to be in any “Avenger’s” movie. Let’s see how he handles it in the real world.
    Besides Wright is a co-producer on “Ant Man” and Avi
    Arad is executive producing so its not like Vaughn’s work couldn’t be measured.

  19. @ The old man. Unimportant eh? Well it’s important in terms of Marvel giving Vaughan something “smaller” to work with, as to do so they’d really have to be Marvel films. I do get what you mean though. Honestly though I have faith that Vaughan could pull it off, based on his producing and directing record, however I stand by my gut feeling that the Avengers is most likely to be best served by a director of one of the solo Avenger projects. Well, that or James “add $100m to the budget” Cameron.

    On Vaughan’s other point, someone needs to breathe new life into Superman. Oddly enough, having stated above that The Punisher is inherently un-cinematic I feel that Superman is purely cinematic. As an impossibly God-Like superhero with myriad contrivances concocted to make him seem interesting and con people into believing he has any worthy foes. His one interesting trait is that his disguise is a pretence at normality as opposed to a disguise being a costume as with other superheroes. Of course I am aware that many, many people don’t share my apathy to the man of steel and I readily admit that Batman aside I’ve always felt Marvel to be far superior to DC.

  20. @ Everton Carter

    I totally agree with you that the Avengers director should be someone who also directed one of the standalone Marvel movies. I just hope it’ll be the director who best captures the feel and flavour of the comics as opposed to the highest grossing film…

    At the minute I would have to give that accolade to Favreau.

    Also agree with your assessment of the Punisher as an 80s movie throwback (not that it’s a fatal flaw as I still like them anyway) and would like to see it more grounded in the Marvel universe. Have Castle take on some super-villain using cunning, determination and (naturally) flying lead. That would at least deviate from the last 3 Punisher movies which each followed the same plot.

    @the old man

    I agree with your plan to give Vaughn a ‘lesser’ piece to direct before tackling a bigger project. It really is a win-win for him if he’s as good as he says. If he can turn one of the comic-world’s b-list heroes into movie gold then he definitely earns the right to play with comic-worlds golden heroes.

  21. Give him “Howard The Duck” to direct!

  22. @ Jordi

    Now that is a pretty good idea. They really can’t make a 4th Punisher vs the mob film.

    As for Vaughan Those not convinced by Layer cake and Stardust (which reached number 13 in the Sci-fi channel UK’s all time best fantasy films list) will, apparently, be blown away by Kick Ass! It’s a good read, so we shall see.

    Despite my faith in Vaughan’s abilty to handle a film like this I still believe that one of the four “solo Avenger” films should get The Avengers. That’s favreau: Iron Man (who I recall saying he’d produce but not direct, Leterrier: Incredible Hulk (who really wants to), Branagh: Thor (can definately handle inimate character moments and has shown flashes of action prowess. A real wild card here)and Johnston: Captain America. (I think he’s a decent choice for a WWII set Cap Movie but I think The Avengers needs more flair than I’ve seen from him. It also seems likely that Avengers will need to be in pre-production when Cap is likely to still be in Post-production.)

    One more thing, with Tarantino back on form does anyone fancy letting him direct an R rated Wolverine in Japan movie? We already know the story should be class with McQuarrie writing a screenplay based on Frank Miller and Chris Claremont’s Wolverine comic books.

  23. @Everton

    Can’t agree with the T-meister directing Wolverine in Japan I’m afraid. Tarantino’s very good at what he does but for me it’s not superhero movie material. His style is too idiosynchratic, comic-book adaptations should be translated onto the screen as intact as possible (300 backs me on that one) not twisted by a director’s influence (I’ll cite Superman Returns here).

    Having said all that though, a Tarantino Punisher? I’d watch it! :D

  24. The reason I suggested it is because that particular storyline is very tarantinoesque. A lot of the imagery and the style are similar to both Tarantino’s imfamous conversation scenes AND his “hyper-violent” style. He’s actually possibly the best equipped to translate the story that is beind adapted to the big screen. There’s also a feeling, around the Wolverine fanbase, that after four 12A (pg-13) Wolverine performances it’s time to allow the movie audience to see the Wolverine that appears in the stand alone Logan stories, as opposed to the X-Men titles.

    I don’t think it’ll happen in a million years, but outside of Singer coming back to the X films I genuinely think Tarantino suits the story being written for Wolverine 2.

    As for Superman Returns (beautifully shot, poorly written) It actually shows that you can be too close to something and that the person who loves something the most isn’t neccessarily the best choice to direct it. It wasn’t Singer’s stamp on that film that killed it it was Richard Donner’s. Singer was so in love with Donner’s Superman 1 that he basically remade it, almost scene for scene. The problem was that the humour was missing, we’d seen it before, in the original movie and there were some mind meltingly awful ideas in there. How on Earth does Superman fly an Island made out of Kryptonite into space?

    300 & Sin City work very well as almost direct translations of the books onto film. there aren’t a lot of Superhero comics that that can work with though. X-Men had to change into a movieuniverse x-Men to work, the Spandex etc just wouldn’t work, whereas in Spider-man the skintight costumes work.

    dude this comicbook thing is a whole essay in waiting! We could be here all night!

  25. I like this idea. Thanks for the post, Rob. I’d like to see McTeigue’s take on Superman. Vaughn doesn’t seem bad tho. He may be right for Avengers. :)

  26. Perhaps some thought should be given to the idea that Superman is mythic even in the minds of the other Justice League members. We don’t need another Superman picture. We need Superman contributions to the other character’s stories. If Superman is rarely seen then perception of his actions can be controversial without betraying his character. Does that make any sense? We don’t need another Superman movie before a Justice League movie.