Matt Smith Is The New Doctor Who

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doctor who matt smith1 Matt Smith Is The New Doctor WhoWith nothing but torment, the BBC1 teased people throughout the show with only the age of the new actor to play Doctor Who, as being 26. Tweeters and bloggers alike were going crazy. Some didn’t think it right that the new Doctor be younger than they are, but then, they just don’t get it then, do they?

What took me by surprise was that despite all the names that were thrown in the mix, a new one suddenly popped up as a favorite before the announcement: Matt Smith. I did my research and when it was announced, I was no longer surprised or saying what everyone else was saying: Who!?

Northampton-born actor Matt Smith has been officially announced as the new Doctor Who. Smith will appear in the iconic role starting in 2010, taking over the role from David Tennant. Smith is the 11th actor to take on the role and youngest actor ever to play the good Doctor.

Matt Smith is 26 years old and already has quite a bit of experience under his belt. Aside from Party Animals, his television experience includes the 2006 adaptation of The Ruby in the Smoke, the follow-up, The Shadow in the North, and in ITV2′s Secret Diary of a Call Girl. His stage experience includes a West End stint opposite Christian Slater in Swimming With Sharks, and other roles in the Royal Court and National Theater.

Smith was cast over Christmas. The moment the head of drama at BBC, Piers Wenger, saw his audition, he knew he was the one.

There will be a year and four specials before we see the new Doctor, but for Smith, filming starts this summer.

Now being run by a new creative team for the 2010 season, the show will be led by executive producers Steven Moffat and Piers Wenger. This casting was paramount to anything else, which obviously included the finalizations of scripts.

Though it hasn’t been quite the wait that we’ve had to endure like in other television series when they break up the final season, it was still a much anticipated announcement that the BBC1′s show, Doctor Who Confidential was going to announce the next actor that will portray the good Doctor.

The announcement was big enough that BBC1 simulcast the show live on their outdoor screens around the country in city centre locations including Hull, Liverpool, Rotherham, Swindon, Swansea, Norwich and Walthamstow.

Here’s an image of Matt as the new Dr.:

matt smith dr who Matt Smith Is The New Doctor Who
Matt Smith as the new Dr. Who

Head over to for more and highr-res pictures of Matt as the Dr. (and thanks to regular SR reader Ash Ali for the tip on the photo above).

The web went quite stir crazy as reporters, fans and every Doctor Who site editor emailed each other and started scurrying around to decipher this information… and then we all had to wait. Wait until the Saturday broadcast to find out who will be replacing David Tennant. Arguably one of the more popular actors to portray the quirky Doctor.

The hard part was sorting through the noise of shameless websites and tweeters announcing the new doctor, incorrectly I might add, before it was officially announced. I presume to generate traffic. It does not help a harried entertainment reporter I dare say!

And now that we know who the next Doctor Who will be, the next obvious piece to this time traveling puzzle would be who will be his assistant? Could we possibly see Billie Piper again? I only ask that because she’s worked with Matt previously. Egads, the questions never stop, but that’s what I do. Stir up the pot.

Sources: BBC News, Northampton Chronicle,

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  1. It’s kinda funny really, the actor is getting younger each regeneration all the while the character is getting much older. This will be interesting. I’m excited, but the poor boy is going to have to be good. Or else he’ll be forever compared to Tennant.

  2. That’s a most fascinating observation Ash Ali. Marketing is driving a curious conundrum of sorts!

  3. What was weird was the twitter buzz, I was twittering like hell when the program was on and someone twittered to me that Matt Smith was the Doctor before it was announced! infact it was on the wiki entry for him.

  4. I don’t know. Is a 26 year old going to be able to project the confident, worldly persona of The Doctor?

    That could be a story point though. Older people not wanting to take orders from him.

    I wouldn’t mind an older fatherly Doctor. Having the constant sexual tension between The Doctor and his companions is distracting as well as disturbing.

    After all he is an alien being. If he ever were to bed one of them it could be dangerous.

  5. I like the idea of the Doctor becoming younger with each regeneration. If this is what they’re going for, then the twelfth could be drinking age, and the thirteenth would probably be a teenager. That’d be pretty interesting.

  6. Initial reaction was oh no … but then after reading more it was this guy can do it.

    When the doctor was regenerating and we thought that was it we have someone new – we were all prepared then for David Tennants replacement.

  7. De-aging as a Progressing theme? So would that mean the planet Galifrey is actually ORK from Mork and Mindy fame as they too “aged backward”. Well whatever, until he has to trade the Sonic Screwdriver for a Sonic Pacifier…

  8. Wow. He’s…too poufy.

    David Tennant was like the absolute limit of the skinny, poufy Doctor as far as I was concerned.

    They really needed someone beefier, maybe even a fat, jolly guy. This was not what I imagined or desired.

  9. Northampton resident right here (was that a good thing to say on the internet?).

    Hell, I could have gone to school with this kid, he’s only 3 years older than me. But it’s doubtful, Northampton’s a big town.

  10. @Joshi Representing the UK massive =p

    I love the hate going round on the internet at the moment surrounding this guy I really don’t think its necessary, we need to see him in action first then judge.

  11. Dammit! I just checked his Wikipedia page and it turns out he went to the school that I attempted to and failed to get into twice because they were so damn picky (I didn’t live close enough).

  12. Thanks for telling me I dont get it, because I think a 26yr old playing the part is ridiculous.
    Who would have thought that I have spent 30 years watching the show and all along I didnt ‘Get it’.
    Thanks for pointing that out to me.

  13. He IS pretty skinny, but he seems cute enough :) I’m sure as soon as I see him as The Doctor, his looks will skyrocket to total hotness :D

  14. Is Matt’s middle name John, perchance ?
    That would be too good to be true, wouldn’t it ?!!!

    My initial reaction was that he was too young and the role needed an older person, but I also thought David Tennant was too young and he’s turned out to be the best Doctor ever…

    So I’ll wait and see what Matt does with the role before passing judgement.

    It was interesting to see how the BBC made the announcement, doing it in a way that would have dented ITV’s ratings for the FA Cup third-round tie between Preston and Liverpool, something that ITV have only recently poached off the BBC…

  15. Everyone seems to be more concerned about this guy’s age than weather or not he can act! Being from the colonies, I don’t know this guy from Adam, but I am encouraged by the lack of doubt about Smith’s ability to become the Doctor.

    That being said, I am just as surprised by the choice of such a young guy to fill the roll. To me, it spells almost certainly there will be romance in the air (god, I hope not!) for the good Doctor and his next traveling companion! One of the surest ways to doom a show is to take the tension between two main characters and turn it into a romance. For Doctor Who it would destroy the universe.

    Question: Does anyone know who the next Doctor Who companion is going to be?

  16. Sorry Bruce, I didn’t read the last paragraph of your article before posting.

    Still, anyone have any good ideas of who she could be?

  17. My only concern with such a young and “fashionable” choice is that writers will be tempted to write endless romantic and sexually charged stories. One of the refreshing things with Doctor Who was the lack of TV romance plots for the most part save for some close calls during Tennants run.

    We can only hope they put the new actor in an asexually un-fashionable costume. Short of this I fear that the new direction for Doctor Who will “Gossip Girl” with time travel.

  18. lammmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! choice,why does everything have to be a 1st these days!the oldest,the youngest,the hairest,the fattest.poor choice.robert caryle perfect choice.charisma packed,established actor.please reconsider the people of……bbc or whoever

  19. I’d never heard of Matt Smith until the BBC ran an interview with him and some clips of previous things he’d been in, and I have to say I was sold on the spot. Don’t let the skinny foppish thing fool you, this is NOT another Peter Davison.

  20. matt smith has got to be the worst choice ever. haw can enybody relate to a child as the 900 year old time lord ? this is a case of very bad casting. i am a big doctor who fan and have been all my life. i fear that this skinny pale faced ponce will be the deth of the show. i will take this regeneration the same way i did when peter davidson took over from tom baker. switch it off and pretend it does not egsist. and whats with his hair ? what are they thinking ?

  21. Ah sweet internet backlash, how do we love the?

    For all those who think this is the worst thing since sliced bread (the nerve of some people… bread that’s pre-sliced, against nature it is) is it too much to ask that you guys wait to see his performance as the new doctor before ripping him a new one?

    No, of course not. Save for a few of you, the vast majority of people who think he’s a bad casting choice will forever be convinced he’s a bad Doctor, even if it turns out he isn’t and people actually like him. Most of you are already resigned to the fact that he’ll be bad and will continue to bash him even if he ends up doing quite well in the role, making up reasons why he’s bad and picking his performance apart in ways you’ve never done to any other doctor because you don’t want to admit that you may have once been wrong in your predetermined assessment of an actor in a role you haven’t even seen him in yet.

    I’m reminded of the backlash against “Blonde Bond” Daniel Craig for Casino Royale… this is pretty much exactly like that “I’ve been watching Bond for my entire life and this guy will be the worst thing to hit Bond in years! It’ll kill the franchise it will!” and what did we get? A rejuvenated franchise (yes, even if the last film wasn’t all that good, it was better than all the Brosnan films and Craig’s performance was as good as ever).

    All I’m saying is, don’t resign yourself into believing this is a bad choice until you’ve actually seen him in action. I’m not saying he’ll be perfect for the role, I’m not saying he’ll be bad, I’m simply saying no one knows yet.


  22. Who cares how old he is? The important thing is ACTING ABILITY, not age. Good grief people, get a grip.

  23. @ glenn kirkaldy.

    How you ask? It’s a little thing called, “suspension of disbelief.” That’s how we’re all gonna believe he’s a 900 year old Time Lord.

  24. I do believe the franchise should not be written off by first impressions in production choices such as who plays the Doctor.

    My first take was similar in nature… eh? Then thought to myself, well, let’s see what they do with it.

    The franchise understands what has worked in the past, what worked with this present rendition and we can only hope they retain that formula as they employ whom they think will fulfill that particular set of expectations.

    That’s why I said some wont get it. It’s about a mutating / regenerating time lord. It should not matter what they look like as long as the core of the character remains the same.

    I wrote in a different post here on Screen Rant that the Dr Who franchise is famous for reeling in non-scifi fans into the show because of the compelling writing / plot lines. The story telling.

    With that in mind, I say we just wait and see. Let’s give it a chance.

    Thanks for visiting here everyone.

  25. Okay, are so are my comments being posted? Only I’m not seeing them and I spent rather a long time making an idiot of myself by calling everyone else an idiot and I’d like people to see it…

  26. Oh, now it’s there and I look like an even bigger idiot. :p

  27. @Joshi

    I don’t know why some comments get “flagged” but I do continually check the spam area for valid ones that get caught.


  28. Cheers, I thought it was maybe due to the length or something. ;)

  29. So so so young. I can only imagine that they’re gonna cast a 12-year-old companion.

    They almost have to, to make this guy look like he has some wisdom.

    I would have preferred Paterson Joseph.

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