Matt Smith Is The New Doctor Who

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doctor who matt smith1 Matt Smith Is The New Doctor WhoWith nothing but torment, the BBC1 teased people throughout the show with only the age of the new actor to play Doctor Who, as being 26. Tweeters and bloggers alike were going crazy. Some didn’t think it right that the new Doctor be younger than they are, but then, they just don’t get it then, do they?

What took me by surprise was that despite all the names that were thrown in the mix, a new one suddenly popped up as a favorite before the announcement: Matt Smith. I did my research and when it was announced, I was no longer surprised or saying what everyone else was saying: Who!?

Northampton-born actor Matt Smith has been officially announced as the new Doctor Who. Smith will appear in the iconic role starting in 2010, taking over the role from David Tennant. Smith is the 11th actor to take on the role and youngest actor ever to play the good Doctor.

Matt Smith is 26 years old and already has quite a bit of experience under his belt. Aside from Party Animals, his television experience includes the 2006 adaptation of The Ruby in the Smoke, the follow-up, The Shadow in the North, and in ITV2′s Secret Diary of a Call Girl. His stage experience includes a West End stint opposite Christian Slater in Swimming With Sharks, and other roles in the Royal Court and National Theater.

Smith was cast over Christmas. The moment the head of drama at BBC, Piers Wenger, saw his audition, he knew he was the one.

There will be a year and four specials before we see the new Doctor, but for Smith, filming starts this summer.

Now being run by a new creative team for the 2010 season, the show will be led by executive producers Steven Moffat and Piers Wenger. This casting was paramount to anything else, which obviously included the finalizations of scripts.

Though it hasn’t been quite the wait that we’ve had to endure like in other television series when they break up the final season, it was still a much anticipated announcement that the BBC1′s show, Doctor Who Confidential was going to announce the next actor that will portray the good Doctor.

The announcement was big enough that BBC1 simulcast the show live on their outdoor screens around the country in city centre locations including Hull, Liverpool, Rotherham, Swindon, Swansea, Norwich and Walthamstow.

Here’s an image of Matt as the new Dr.:

matt smith dr who Matt Smith Is The New Doctor Who
Matt Smith as the new Dr. Who

Head over to for more and highr-res pictures of Matt as the Dr. (and thanks to regular SR reader Ash Ali for the tip on the photo above).

The web went quite stir crazy as reporters, fans and every Doctor Who site editor emailed each other and started scurrying around to decipher this information… and then we all had to wait. Wait until the Saturday broadcast to find out who will be replacing David Tennant. Arguably one of the more popular actors to portray the quirky Doctor.

The hard part was sorting through the noise of shameless websites and tweeters announcing the new doctor, incorrectly I might add, before it was officially announced. I presume to generate traffic. It does not help a harried entertainment reporter I dare say!

And now that we know who the next Doctor Who will be, the next obvious piece to this time traveling puzzle would be who will be his assistant? Could we possibly see Billie Piper again? I only ask that because she’s worked with Matt previously. Egads, the questions never stop, but that’s what I do. Stir up the pot.

Sources: BBC News, Northampton Chronicle,

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  1. I just start watching doctor who episodes from Water from Mars to its current finale and a few odd episodes in between. My view is that David Tennant played the role of Dr. Who amazingly – he will land on his feet so no worries – I mean really did you watch Hamlet ? Goood stuff.

    I will buy the boxset of Dr. Who with him in it as I feel I’ve missed a great deal and based on the only few episodes I did watch it would be well worth it.

    As for Matt Smith – I didn’t like his small part in the final episode and I doubt its going the change based on the other posts I have read above regarding Moffat and his butchering of the series.

    That said give Matt Smith a chance – he might surprise you or confirm what you all have posted.

  2. i dont want matt smith to be the new doctor i like david tennant the best david tennants the best!!!!!

  3. Just watched “The End of Time”. It really is the end of an era. With Russell T Davies leaving, it was imperative that a strong actor took over the role of the Doctor. Matt Smith is far too young. He doesn’t have the looks to appeal to teenagers or the gravitas to appear to older viewers. I agree that the casting of him & the assitant (whose name escapes me)is moving the show firmly to kids TV. Maybe they should have done with it & move it permanantly to CBBC. Bad, bad move.

    • hannah proctoh doctor who sun toke me Tardis see you doctor who do up you soon sibsd dbda dbds ndsdna

    • Ha, you were SO wrong.

    • hindsight is 20/20, but I think you’re eating these words. In my opinion, Matt Smith has been a fantastic Doctor. I don’t want him to go.

  4. Does he remind anyone of the Frankenstien monster from Van Helsing ?

    I’m waiting for him to ‘urgh’ so I can compare the two voices against each other.

  5. I don’t know about that, but by God he looks like “Rocky” from the Cher film “Mask”.

    I watched his first few minutes and cringed… then I watched him on the set during Doctor Who Confidential and cringed even more. You could tell from the production crew and RTD that they all feel its over now…

    For me the bottom line is that David Tennant served up a great Hamlet at the RSC during a break in Doctor Who…

    Matt Smith, however would struggle to serve a grated ham omlette at the KFC after breaking up Doctor Who

    • Do you still think that?

      • I know I still do.

  6. Get rid of matt smith now. Bring on the 12th doctor as soon as posible. I dont care how the episode is wrighten. [cos i will not watch it anyway if matt smith is in it] But kill him off now. He is far far far too young. He is not the doctor and i dont care what steven moffet says or the bbc. After watching him in the holiday special i have not spoken to a single person that liked him. His rendision of the doctor is like a kid doing an impresion of his maths teacher. And his catchfrays of geronimo is embarasing.

  7. I love that David Tennant has come out politically and backed Gordon Brown as Prime Minister. “I’d rather have the cleverest person in the room as Prime Minister than the one who looks best in a suit – I find the thought of David Cameron terrifying…”

    Apparently they also asked Matt Smith for a comment. I understand his reply was one of bewilderment. “Gordon Brown?… What team does he play for?…”

  8. I liked David Tennant better. as an actor he brought the obviously fake aliens to life. but i don't know, maybe as Smith keeps acting he will too. I hope he can make every one fall in love with him as much as the other doctors did too and i hope his personality doesn't change too much. I think we all loved the way the other doctors smiled so much. I hope this one doesn't act depressed or something. Good luck!

  9. I liked David Tennant better. as an actor he brought the obviously fake aliens to life. but i don't know, maybe as Smith keeps acting he will too. I hope he can make every one fall in love with him as much as the other doctors did too and i hope his personality doesn't change too much. I think we all loved the way the other doctors smiled so much. I hope this one doesn't act depressed or something. Good luck!

  10. Katherine Tate wasn't as bad as I thought so there is hope for Matt. Not a lot but some.

  11. OK – I reneged on my decision not to watch 'cos so many people said I was being unfair (and I wanted to see what they did with the Tardis).

    So I sat through the whole thing and…. well…. It just doesn't come off, I'm sorry. He's earnest enough (bordering on over-acting) and I'll give him ten out of ten for effort… but it doesn't work. He LOOKS too young.

    You know what it looks like? A sixth former doing an end of term play where he is playing Patrick Troughton playing the Doctor. It just doesn't seem real.

    When then show all the previous incarnations from Hartnell up to Tennant and then Smith steps through the vision to announce that he is the Doctor, it really showed it up. Moffatt described this as the defining moment and actually he's right…. but not in a good way. It made my heart truly ache for Troughton, Pertwee, Tom Baker, Eccleston….

  12. Please kill him off and get another guy. Mat is useless.

  13. I love Matt Smith.
    At first, i was just willing to give him a chance because I was so in love with Christopher Eccleston that when he left to be replaced by David Tennant, I was determined not to like him (obviously that didn’t happen :P David you legend)
    Anyway, after the first episode I wasn’t sure because it just didn’t feel like Doctor Who anymore, because of the NEW THEME TUNE!! what is that all about?! and because he usually has a companion with him already when he regenerates and they are the constant which keeps the Doctor Who feel… but I think Matt has become the Doctor so well… he is walking in very hard shoes to fill, but doing an incredible job of it, despite the negative feedback from some ¬¬
    Keep up the great job, Matt Smith, we love you!!

    • I was extremely sceptical of Matt Smith, just as I was when David Tennant took on the role and I absolutely LOVED DT as the Doctor, but honestly and surprisingly, I like Matt even more as the Doctor . He’s fun and quirky and not as serious/emo/condescending/arrogant as DT’s Doctor. He brings more fun to the role, and I find his Doctor very charming. And even though DT’s doctor was fun and quirky at times, it was beginning to get waaay too serious/emotionally manipulative (although that may be part of the writers as well). Of course, I still think DT was great and he is certainly at the top of the list of my favourite Doctors, but I think MS will give him some competition if people give him the chance. Also, he has great chemistry with KG/Amy Pond. So, I’m very impressed (and surprised) with the new Doctor and the new Series.

  14. Over the last weeks i have been able to overview Matt Smith’s work as the Doctor and i believe that he is a fine Timelord. If anyone really has issues it’s with the head writer Mr. Steven Moffat, his scripts lack fast paced word play and the essence of works before him, not just Russell’s work but those who precessed him. His pomposity which has shown through multiple times on Doctor Who Confidential and the amount of plot lines that reside on Earth still remain a vital flaw. Being a writer for the BBC myself i feel that it is the writer’s job to make the script compelling no matter the actors, genre or programme and feel that Moffat has not kept the feel of Doctor Who.

  15. Im an american – Ive lived near Wash DC most of my life until i moved to Florida. I followed Dr Who religiously during the tom baker years back in high school on public television (sometimes late at night). Tom Baker rocked! The effects were bad but the plots were engaging and the show was funny at times and deadly serious at others.

    With Ecclestons and Tenants runs as The Doctor I felt the same way. Better effects, good scripts (The darkness in the library episodes should have won the Hugo Award, IMHO). Good writing and a darker grittier view of the doctor. All of this rocked.

    I sometimes watched the earlier doctors (Pertwee etc) as well. They were O.K. and nearly as engaging as Baker.

    The rest of the later doctors – just werent the same. I couldnt get into Davison or any of the others. After seeing one episode with Matt Smith on BBC America this last Weekend – Im sorry to say ill dump him in with the other Dr Who forgettables. I just had no interest in what happened in the episode. The show was almost unwatchable. Bad Script and Bad acting.

    On a side note I thought Paul McGann did ok as a melancholy doctor who but the script and the other actors did him in. They americanized the movie way too much (and im american lol). Eric Roberts as the master lol – Roberts – IMHO he is only good as a mobster like bad guy (like in the Stallone movie “The Specialist”). Definite Bad casting.

    I think Dr Who will survive. I think due to the economy its just entered a necessary but unfortunate doldrum period.

    My prediction is Smith will survive only 1-2 years unless his acting dramatically improves. Ill leave it to the british fans to suggest a replacement.

    In the future Id like to see more of the Doctors Daughter (from Tenants Hand etc) or even more of the actress who played Dr. Riversong (maybe as Romana regenerated and returned from the anti-universe?) Some of the ideas in this thread were also quite good (the guest star as doctor idea in particular)

  16. First off i under stand loyalty to a character or even an show you like. So…How do the majority of us think as far as Matt Smith as the Doctor. I feel like the minority in this, apparently if you follow the reviews that are posted then Matt Smith is the next coming as the new Doctor. Maybe being an American something is lost in the translation of Matt Smith as the Doctor. I grew up watching Tom Baker on PBS channel in California. I didn’t understand somethings like “jelly babies” of certain slang wwords but i did like the show. I stopped watching for a bit and then started watching Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor i liked the edgy nature and meloncholy version i was also impressed with the great stories amazing cast i could not help but like it. As my name states i read comics. I will explain what that entales not that you the reader would not understand but to explain how i came to be a comic book reader. First you find a character you like and find the origin (how that character came to be)…like Superman was born on another planet or Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider. As watched the show Doctor Who i wanted to learn more and i was amazed on the historty and regeneration so another man can pick up the torch and continue on. David Tennant with one show won over my family. I think it helped with the continuity by keeping the previous cast members around to help you believe he was the Doctor. Now i am sure in the beginning everyone was not so happy with the new David Tennant as the Doctor but he grew on you and when his tenure was up you missed watching him as i did. I watched the new Doctor and i wanted to like him …i thought well he will grow into the part…still nothing. Matt Smith comes across as trying to be the Doctor and it is painful to watch. If he would have been hinself and not…Ihonestly want to like the new Doctor an tell everyone to give him a chance. But i can’t Matt Smith might act better in a different role but he will be consider a forrgetable Dr Who at best. Again maybe i am the minority but to say Matt Smith is doing a great job of is the shinning hope for the Dr Who character would be a lie. Regrettably i still record Dr Who on my DVD-R in hopes that Matt Smith will get better but…now i just hit delete. Here’s hoping the next Doctor Who does a better job because 11 is not hitting the mark. Lastly the bow tie should be taken off of him and force fed to Matt Smith with a lemon wedge so he knows how bitter it is to have to watch him attempt to act.

  17. David Tennant brought drama to the part. He made you believe the world was in peril. He made you believe that he cared. When facing powerful foes, when the time for jokes had passed, he made you believe that he was the TIME LORD, someone to be feared and awed.

    Matt Smith brings the dramatic tension of a pickle. Really, you could put a pickle over his image on screen and get the same effect. Please get rid of this guy.

    By the way, according to ratings for his first season, viewership dropped almost 4 million between Smith’s first episode and the season finale. That should tell you all you need to know. Another year of this guy will completely kill the show.

    • I agree K-Rock. But he’s good – just nowhere near as good as Tennant or even Eccleston to be honest. And Karen Gillan is sooooo bad.

  18. This new doctor just doesn’t seem “quite done yet”. His acting is juvenile, though he does try. His companion seems even more juvenile that he is, which is real shame as I have searched throughout the season for a reason to enjoy the series that my family and I had learned to love. I have been quite disappointed, not only with the acting but with the writing. The scripts have left me with nothing but questions upon questions that I thought would be answered in the season finale, or in reruns of the last season. Needless to say, I have seriously been disappointed.

  19. i looooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeee matt smith and david tennant… they must be the sexiest men in the worldd (dont hate me!)

    • i do hate you, lol

      From your friend


  20. I started watching the show again recently, (grew up with Tom Baker). Personally I think the new writers are far superior, which makes the new season enjoyable. But since the re release Smith just isn’t all that great as the Doctor. I’m thinking a new Doctor or somehow bringing back one of the last 2 (preferably Tennant) would make this show much better.

  21. I think Matt Smith is doing well, he is portraying the doctor as all of the formers did, still having the knowledge and memories of his former self, but bringing out his own side as well. The thing that pulls me away from the show ( I guess I do have to keep in mind the fact that I am not that far through the first season of Matt ) is the fact that not only did the doctor change, everything else did at the same time. The TARDIS doesn’t have the quirks and ‘personality’ that made me want one for Christmas anymore. The Doctor was like a whisper, he consistently saved the universe from devastation and then disappeared without a praise and now he has a 1-800 number for people from the past.

    I guess we shall see as the show progresses, but from the little I have seen so far, I don’t think that it is Matt’s fault for what the show is. It didn’t become the longest running SciFi show by doing a complete 180, it did it by being reliable, consistent, and just plan fantastic.

  22. Please, please, please get rid of Matt Smith. He is NOT!! Not the Doctor. The show is almost as old as I am and having watch all previous 11 Doctors.. He is certainly not the doctor. Who in their right mind choose him. I agree with others i don’t care what Steven Moffat says or the BBC. After watching him after the first episode I can’t watch it anymore, until we get the 12th Doctor. He needs to go. He plays the Doctor like a big grown up kid.

  23. Hi matt I am your big is fun of doctor who can u tell me had long u be in doctor who for matt and I like all of your friends are u marry matt yes or no do u have a girlfriend yes or no

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  25. I will give Matt smith the oppurtunity to prove himself, but David tennant was the best doctor out of the entire series, even the old ones from te 1960s and on. I hope tennant will make a guest appearance at some point. He was eccentric and wise as the doctor and not many people can pull that off as actors.

  26. I was very unsure of Matt Smith from the end of End of Time but from about 20 minutes into The Eleventh Hour I forgot who David Tennant was and got totally behind Smith. Despite his youth he plays the role with as much gravity as anyone before him and combines serious and childish in a way that makes it perfectly believable he is an alien.

    David, I loved you as The Doctor but Matt Smith has proven to be far superior to me (as well as a faaaaaaaar better writing team) and I haven’t enjoyed the show this much since the days of Tom Baker. Long may it continue!

  27. Wow,almost all of you are overly judgmental and just plain mean. I immediately liked Matt Smith just as much as David Tennant, so you guys are probably just hanging on to someone who is never going to be the Doctor again (except for anniversaries). Grow up and learn to accept change as the best part of an amazing show.

  28. Honestly, from The End of Time, I thought Smith was a dud. Thought he was a useless, unfunny dud.

    How wrong can a person get?
    Matt Smith, believe or not, brought cheerfulness and quirks to Doctor Who. I liked it a lot.

    I don’t bash David (who was wonderful…) and you don’t bash Matt.