First Look At Matt Smith As Doctor Who

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When Northampton-born Matt Smith was announced as the new Doctor Who, the reactions from Screen Rant readers ranged from approval to disdain.  The age of the then 26-year-old actor dismayed some old-school fans while others, having faith in the casting call, are looking to take a wait-and-see approach.

Shooting has started for the new Doctor Who and as you can see, there in Cardiff, that’s how Matt Smith is going to look as the good Doctor.  Focus folks…  yes, that’s the Doctor’s new companion, Karen Gillian.

Again, we need to have some faith and see how it goes.  As I’ve recently discovered, actor interpretation and writing can really make or break a show.  I suggest patience until we see a few episodes with Matt Smith in it.

The new Doctor Who will be meeting his new companion in the first episode of the new season which airs in the spring of 2010 and being written by Steven Moffat.

Source: Sci Fi Wire

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  1. I await with bated breath. The writing on Doctor Who has just leapt ahead, and I am sure that we will see good things from this new package. :)

  2. Ditto here Gottarhyme.

  3. I want to see the specials and end run of David first, thank you very much. Mr. Smith will have to be DAMN good to fill the shoes in the same way David Tennant did and I’m not quite ready to bury his Doctor quite yet.

  4. T:

    I do know how you feel. I was really starting to enjoy Tennant much more than any other actor and I’m bummed that I got hooked on him, just so he could leave. Arg. I cursed it all!

  5. I tried to watch the earlier Dr. Who but it is really aimed at a UK audience. Us yanks find it a little difficult to get into.

  6. @ SmartAss

    I have to disagree. Yes, it may be initially intended for the UK audiences, but there is a huge and growing fanbase here in the States. If you like sci-fi, then it doesn’t matter what part of the world the entertainment comes from. Cowboy Bebop anyone? Sci-fi is sci-fi, as long as it’s good, engaging, and entertaining as hell.

  7. Ack, Tucker Carlson is Dr. Who!!! Hopefully, that Bowtie is just a story specific accessory.

  8. @SmartAss:

    I grew up being terrified behind the couch watching ‘Doctor Who’, to me it was like watching ‘Star Trek’ (Which I also grew up on).

    Although I agree with you in part, British and Aussie audiences probably are more in tune with ‘Doctor Who’ culturally, I am glad that it has not been ‘Americanised’ AKA ‘Red Dwarf’ I think that American SCI FI audiences are now far more sophisticated thanks to the internet, and the proliferation of high quality SCI FI shows from Australia (FARSCAPE), and Britain, ‘Hitch Hiker’s Guide to The Galaxy’, etc.

    Although I agree, that the older shows of Doctor Who lose some of their sparkle for me now I am no longer a child.

  9. I dig the bowtie actually. Smith was in desperate need of something to make him look distinguished and older. All the mock-up photos before this looked just horrible but this right here screams a new Doctor. I’m still waiting to be sold, but this is good start.

  10. The bowtie brings back a touch of magic that was Patrick Troughton and the paisley jacket keeps it simple and Matt Smith is a pretty good pick as Doctor 11 and a dash of Tom Baker type boots makes him a Tom Baker Patrick Troughton crossover with youthful instantances of Peter (Moffat) Davison and David Tennant and he is much better looking than Colin Baker and Sylvester Mccoy respectivly.
    I think this young bloke will do great guns.I look like Pat troughton but wanted to use it as a gravatar as I’m wearing a black smoking jacket with a tie and a cricket jumper and a small Celtic which one could use to get in to hard door locks and the ilk.
    I hope his Tardis interier is old world oak wood cladding like the old Professor Kronottis interior in the Tom Baker rare story ‘Shada’ or better still bring back the 8th Doctor’s interior and please BBC do a regeneration story of McGann and Ecclestone in a memory piece of new dr 11 and bring McGann back in a Two Doctors style six parter as then we get to see McGann’s version and have him tell the new guy that he stayed on Earth with his old mother and became human for sixty years to live in hiding after the meltdown of The Time War.

  11. I’m a big Dr. Who fan! I wasn’t a big fan of Matt Smith’s new duds though. But I understand why they went in that direction. Smith is the youngest actor to take the role. Its only logical they would choose a wardrobe that would play up the Doctor’s advance age. Hence, we have the tweed jacket, bow tie and patches on the elbow. I prefer Tennant’s Doctor for now, but I’m anxious to see what Moffat has in store for Sigma Theta

  12. i have faith that he will be a good doctor, but that outfit is, well terrible!

  13. I think that they should have taken a bigger step with the new Doctor and changed his race to Black, Indian, Arab, or Asian.

  14. David Tennant is supposedly scheduled for a couple of episodes on the Sarah Jane Chronicles next season.

  15. Every new doctor appears with a huge fan base uncertainty. However, the premise and history of this series always keeps me positive about each regeneration. I’m really not concerned about the new Doctor. Like many others, however, I’ll have my nostalgic issues as I’ve been a fan for many years and have, like many of you, all episodes on DVD starting with William Hartnell. As the characters and Doctors evolve, so should we stay appreciative of the many years of pleasure this show has given us and accept the changes.

  16. i just hope he’s not girly.

  17. Good to see doctor who back on the screen and i believe the series had a shaky start like it did in 1963, but the return series seems a bit rushed for no reason at all and thus it contradicts itself (occasionally the original series was guilty) but this series has done this so much especially with the timelords and the daleks. Like in one particular dalek episode (Daleks in Manhattan) the doctor said there are only 4 of yeww but in the timelord prison there were over 2 million daleks that had escaped and then were imprisoned again which i say is very poor writing and the writers i believe have not bothered watching the original series but are dumbing it down way too much! It better inprove as far as scripts go or the series will die very quickly, and currently story wise this series is light years behind.

  18. I’ve learned to carefully watch the timelines when watching any Dalek episode. It does hang together but you must listen carefully or it will go right by you. And since I’m a Yank hopelessly behind you Brits in what’s being seen now, I still have a good sense of how this show hangs together. Not bad for a guy in the Colonies, eh?

  19. Thanks for the post Sam as I am from Australia and not england, and the idea of the timelords being wiped out is that part of the timelines too?

  20. Oh I forgot to mention about a relevant story of this series, how about an episode on the New World Order with the illuminati on world governance where inside the UN building in NYC where they have a Meditating room (which they do have) and the doctor asks – um brigade leader why do does the UN have a large black stone in the centre of this dimly lit room? BL says well um if you understand nature/universe it is about the god of light in the pyramid capstone! oh i see the doctor says hmm all in relation to mars hey where the human civilisation originated from hmm marvellous. In the mystery religion that is the occult (Occult latin for hidden or secret) and the god light is Lucifer from east to west the doctor explains, well um doctor i did know that he confides with a smirk, oh the doctor says – so you worship this god of light do yeww, well to a point Yes. Doctor then says – well no wonder some humans are twisted in believing in deity’s like mo-loch as they are just symbols all esoteric as the occult (doctor explains further once again) the secret lies within the symbols/words/terms as symbols also act as a cover! Well doctor im not surprised that yew knew this and what will you do about it? Well it has been part of human civilisation for thousands of years and when the mars people left, a new belief system occured which was not part of the plan for human development and they have a date set which is December 21, 2012 for their return to this planet earth to rectify the wrongs and as a result of this mystery religion millions of people have died because as a result of this deity lucifer, moloch etc etc. Brigadier your new world is set to fail by 2012 you fool.. So sam the author there’s a story for yeww boy use it and forget what the BBC says just do it man.

  21. Hi David. Point well taken. It seems to me, however, that in each Dalek episode there is always a reference to time in which the Time Wars have always happened in the doctor’s timeline but not necessarily of consequence to the Dalek’s manipulations of their own time travel efforts. Without these obscure references, we couldn’t have the repeated appearance of the little critters. I also suspect that that there will be, given the continued success of the series, a way for the Doctor to continue without the limit of 12 regenerations. I suspect that a rediscovery of the time matrix would justify continued regenerations. Actually, you and I both know that anything will be written to achieve this. Part of the fun. Sorry for my Brit comment. Just a poor assumption on my part. Love this dialogue.

  22. I think they’ve tried too hard with the outfit, they sould make it look more natural and comfortable and as if they havnt put that much effort in like Tennnt’s Doctor with his converse shoes and suit. His look is natural and nice looking but this outfit looks too exaggerated. Smith has some big shoes to fill in after Tennant. However, i’m looking forward to the new series to see what’s in store for us.

  23. the bow-tie looks stupid, he’s too young for a bow-tie.

  24. I can’t believe david tennant has quit, this new guy probubly won’t be as good