Matt Reeves Discusses ‘Cloverfield 2′

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cloverfield2 Matt Reeves Discusses Cloverfield 2On Wednesday, Matt Reeves spoke with MTV about some of the ideas and the dilemma of making a sequel to the shake-fest, Cloverfield.

In the interview, he clarified that the studio really wants a sequel (it was greenlit just weeks after opening) and that since the film came out in January there have been quite a few discussions and brainstorming sessions about the sequel. Reeves emphasized the point that wanting a sequel and having a good idea for one are two separate things.

“There are a couple ideas that have potential but we haven’t quite cracked it yet”

Although signed to direct the sequel (with Drew Goddard again writing), Reeves is currently busy with his project, The Invisible Woman and his Let the Right One In remake so his focus isn’t currently on Cloverfield. Sorting through the ideas and possibilities for the follow-up has proved challenging and one of their ideas was basing it in Japan – where the original story was inspired from.

We can expect the second film to be of a different style and entirely separate from the first. This means that it’s likely we’ll not see any of the characters from the first film and it probably won’t be based directly after in terms of timing.

I’m a huge fan of J.J. Abrams and his work and although I really dug the uniqueness and the experience that Cloverfield was, I was pretty ill throughout the second half of the movie – and I never get sick from films or roller coasters. Luckily, the makers realize that audiences are over the viral-styled gimmick and in a lot of cases were sick of the idea before the movie even ended.

I’m all for a Cloverfield sequel and I believe that it can become the modern Godzilla franchise. There are infinite possibilities but I’m hopeful of a follow-up that’s an entirely different type of film.

What do you think?

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  1. I liked cloverfield very much, but since it received such a split reaction a sequel could be a tough sell. If it has a shot to work it must be a straight story without shaky cam!


  2. I liked the first movie, sans the shaky cam. Get rid of the shaky cam, make the characters act more logically, and get rid of the INDESTRUCTIBLE camera they held, then I’m good to go on a sequel.

  3. I thought the story was good but I seriously had to leave the theater from the shakey came because I was getting sucha horrid headache. If they drop the shakey came thing I would be up for a sequal.

  4. I lovec Cloverfield, the shakey cam was just part of the experience! A normal film like godzilla was filmed, is just not the same, this gave a more real sens, you were in it, in a unique way, like Blairwitch was

  5. Doing it in Japan seems kinda disrespectful,,,

    One way to get me into the theater, is to base the film into two parts. The first part would show the recovery of the creature (at sea) or lack of,,,
    the second main part of the film should be the perspective of the Military (NY or alternate city) as they go right into the heart of the battle.
    The military would have a designated camera man with a steady_cam, therefore you wouldn’t have the handheld effect,,,

    Lots of ways to end the film, If you recall Godzilla could regenerate from just a leg or arm…

  6. Well I got to thinking about this for a few minutes and think yeah they should do it in Japan and this is how.

    The movie should start out at a mountain retreat for tourists. This retreat has many diverse diversions. There is a place to practice clay target shooting, JCTSA events, a golf course, a large lake to fish, boat, a club house and hotel. Now to sketch some broad strokes because I’m not quite sure we all know that much about this creature . The first assaults should be by the small man size creatures. Perhaps something crashes into the lake and afterwords people start disappearing.. I would make the tourists a cross section throw in some Europeans and Americans, citizens of the Pacific Rim and Locals of course.

    The story would get frenzied after a boat is wrecked in the marina, Somebody would find one of the hiding places for the small creatures and then the running and mayhem would begin. You would have the gun enthusiasts protecting a relatively small group who make their way down to a medium large, modern city, you would show in the beginning. By this time our group, we got some crack shots with us, has defeated the relatively small group of the man sized monsters and as they come to the edge of the woods they see… The city is now laid to waste. Suddenly they find themselves dodging the gigantic appendages of the big monster which they elude in the forest.

    We follow the main protagonists, we ought to know who they are by now, which if you don’t have Fred Ward & Michael Gross a part of, your missing an incredible opportunity, back to civilization in another city. They desperately try to make plans to get out of Japan but the city comes under attack by the Cloverfield monsters including more man sized monsters. Our refugees make a desperate run for the airport through the city. Part of our group are in pure ME survive mode, part of our group is in altruistic mode and part are in resignation nearly frightened to death mode. Some survive, that we follow to the end, where they get on a fleeing jet and take off. As they are talking about the harrowing escape they are looking back towards the city, suddenly a flash as bright as the sun shines, emanating from the city. The jet shudders and begins falling out of the sky.

    Anybody want to end it??

  7. There are tons of possibilities for continuing the series which is why it’s so exciting.

    One of the ideas I like is doing the movie during the same time period (or right after) first film but from the military/gov’ts perpective and it would be shot like a standard film (no doc-style/viral stuff).

    The film could start with some officials just finishing watching the footage of project cloverfield.

  8. I suppose I’m in the minority, but I still feel that Cloverfield only works as a one-shot deal, and we’ve already experienced that. Try to make it more conventional (sans shakey cam, first person viewpoint) and you’ve got nothing that sets it apart from other giant city stomping monster flicks. Do it in the same style and you’re re-hashing.

    Cloverfield was a (very good) roller coaster ride movie, and roller coasters don’t need sequels. Roller coasters don’t need to explain “why” they work, they just do. When we’re done riding “Space Mountain”, we don’t go looking for “Space Mountain 2″ Electric Boogaloo”. If we want to experience it again, we ride the same ride again. And when we want to see a first person city-stomping monster flick, we pop in the Cloverfield DVD and hit play. It’s not all that complicated.

    Want to make another roller coaster movie? Start with a different set up, and a different genre and heck, a different universe if necessary, but it should have nothing to do with Cloverfield, in my opinion.

  9. I kinda thought that would be film 3 material. Let’s milk it first!
    Do a standard film next. Then bring in the steady cam/military film. The third one would be even bigger. A monumental reveal!

  10. Meh, I prefer Gwoemul

  11. Oh Man. NO. Blair Witch meets Godzilla. The original was weak. Thin storyline, very little actual information on the ‘monster’, drama for the sake of drama, it was just a BAD movie. I know they are making a second one, after I saw the First one I wanted my TIME back(as I had gotten it from the Library so I saw it for free). Without a complete different angle and story I’ll just add it to my “don’t bother” list and move on.

  12. The only way a second one might work is if they go in a completely different and unexpected direction. Think Ridley Scott’s “Alien” vs. James Cameron’s “Aliens.”

    I, for one really like “Cloverfield” a lot. So what if the storyline was thin – it was more about the experience – like being in the middle of a disaster as it happened in documentary mode.


  13. When have they ever had a franchise like this and not want to do 3 films? If you take that as a given, then the story should have an arc. My broad strokes concept tells us this is happening in more than one place and all of mankind’s existence is at stake. I don’t think a second movie needs some home movie feel to it. We got that perspective of it, go with a standard way of shooting a film and build to a reveal in a third movie. Then complete the story by revealing the whole truth from the military perspective in the third.

  14. I think that if they do a sequel they HAVE to get rid of the shakey camera. I HATED that, it ruined the whole movie for me. They could have kept the movie the same and used a steady cam and the movie would have been so much better. I won’t see a sequel if they keep the same film style.

  15. T,

    Yours is not the first time I’ve heard those complaints of the film, but honestly, as true as those facts are (i.e. lack of info on the monster, story) focusing on that is missing the point. As I said before, the film is a roller coaster ride. You ride/watch it for the experience. When one realizes it’s meant to be seen as a first-person account of a disaster unfolding in real time, how could anyone expect for events to play out as one would expect in an ordinary film? Real life disasters don’t have a script or pacing, things just happen as they will, and the man on the street is not going to have or find any answers to what’s going on either, so neither will we. It would be more ridiculous if the main characters kept running into the scientist, the military officer or the public official who then shares their larger, more informed view of events.

    In fact, the deliberate lack of information ratchets up the tension and fear. The more we know about a monster/creature, the less mysterious and frightening it is – and the more it robs us of what we want out of this kind of movie. There simply is no need to know here.

    Consequently, that’s another reason I don’t want to see a sequel. Any attempt to explain more about the creature sucks the effectiveness out of the original – so odds are I won’t be seeing the sequel when it is released, but not for the reasons you won’t.

  16. I think what a lot of people forget here is that Hud was the guy that carried the film,,,

    The sequel just needs a clever script and a great cameraman…
    I hope they do it military style. I could see Bruce Campbell as a great choice for a cameraman. 😎

  17. JerseyCajun,
    Honestly, the movie simply stunk. The “first person” aspect may be OK for a Video Game, it may be fine when dealing with a legitimate disaster when one is dealing with discussing the things which occurred(past tense, the whole story comes out and THEN you get to see events unfold from that person’s point of view) but as “entertainment”, it simply doesn’t provide anything remotely interesting. Even the fact of the fate of the main character smacks of a simple “rip-off” of another movie plot/premise, Blair Witch, which actually does nothing but promote lazy writing and repackaging of the same tired drek which makes the entire genre suffer.
    First Person POV is fine for actual events, especially those which you hear of and get the story of beforehand but using it as a plot device has already been done. Sorry, watching someone play a first person Video Game is as interesting as watching a sunburn peel and that is all Cloverfield boiled down to being.

  18. Cloverfield wasn’t a movie about the monster, it was about regular people in the big city and their experience during a monster attack (ie. their perspective while this horrifying event was happening)

    In a movie like that, how the heck are you suppose to explain the monster? how would 6 youngsters come across that info? It would of been a stupid movie if it was those 6 people being the heroes of the day, finding out all the info and somehow that working in its style.

    The movie was a unique experience. I don’t know how there can be complaints about story or plot in this kind of movie, it fulfilled its objective perfectly – although the camera shake got to be a bit too much for me. It’s like saying there weren’t enough gun fights in the Major league movies – when its a baseball film, lol.

    In the sequels, we may and hopefully will get the story, history and science of the monster(s).

  19. Most definitely the sequel should be entirely different than the first film cuz havin’ the same characters would be too generic and unoriginal (granted, the characters in the first film were generic). Although they have some good ideas, setting it in Japan would make the film a remake of Godzilla ’98, considering the fact that film had a more modern setting. I don’t have anything personal against Japan, but if they’re gonna make a sequel and set it in Japan, it would end up being the laughing stock of the movie industry.