Matt Damon Hoping To Make Another Bourne Movie

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matt damon bourne 5 Matt Damon Hoping To Make Another Bourne Movie

The fourth film in the Bourne franchise is happening but it’s been confirmed for a while that star Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass will not be involved. Instead, the studio is pushing forward with The Bourne Legacy which, despite its title, does not feature the character of Jason Bourne at all.

The Bourne Legacy will follow another new character who has to deal with the results of the events of the Matt Damon trilogy, while Jason Bourne still lives in the background. While everyone can agree we’d rather have Greengrass and Damon back to make a legitimate sequel, at least this studio-motivated idea allows for them to return in the future should Greengrass gain interest.

The main reason Damon isn’t back for Legacy is because he has publicly stated on many occasions that he will not make a Bourne movie without Paul. Instead, Tony Gilroy was brought in to write and direct the fourth Bourne installment which will have nothing to do with the story of Eric Lustbader’s novel for which they’re using the title from.

We don’t know much about the history of this new character other than he’s an assassin who went through the same training/brainwashing Bourne went through. As for who will play the new covert elite, the latest rumors have James Franco as a candidate for the part.

If it does well, we can guarantee another sequel for the new character or Bourne’s, or even a mix of the two where they work together. But again, that depends on Paul Greengrass’ return as Matt Damon is very hopeful that he can play Bourne again a few years down the line. In speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Damon spoke honestly of his hopes and the situation.

“I really hope it’s going to happen. It’s really up to Paul Greengrass, the director. I’ve always said I won’t do it without him and I think it would be a bad idea to do it without Paul.”

If the pair should decide to work with Universal Pictures again on Bourne 5, it will have to be a few years into the future as Greengrass has other projects lined up first.

“I think Paul’s probably going to do one or two other films that he’s got kind of cooking but after that [maybe they would start working on a Bourne film],” he continued. “I think it’s kind of the thing where enough time has passed that I think it won’t matter if we wait five more years to do it.”

Unlike most trilogies of the last decade, Greengrass and Damon actually succeeded in delivering a third installment with Ultimatum that was not only good, but arguably the best of the series. When and if they return, they want to ensure they’re coming back to make another solid film for fans of the franchise.

“We just want to make sure if we do it, that we do it right. There’s been a lot of pressure for us to do it obviously but that’s that moment I think where you got to step back and make sure you’re not making a mistake. So when it feels like the right time, I think Paul would be open to doing it.”

Paul, Matt, you guys should have made Bourne 4 instead of The Green Zone.

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Source: THR

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  1. I’d LOVE to see a Bourne 5 and hopefully it would be some kind of…sequel to the Bourne Ultimatum. I’d love to see that they make a 5th also just so we can kind of forget the recent one with Reiner. Although he did a good job the film it’s self wasn’t as entertaining as the previous 3

    • Hay-lo, angel. Reiner was good, but Legacy wasn’t a Bourne movie. I want to see more Bourne, with or without Damon. Damon hilself said it was too hard to get in shape, and that was years ago. He’s getting too old for this stuff.
      Look on Legacy as a film all unto itself and it gets a lot better. But, it was too SF for me. They should have stuck to the formula used in Bourne. With Snowden running for his life, Bourne would be a blast, don’t you think? :)

      peace, it’ll happen.

      • I tried looking at it as a film just it’s self and couldn’t I think the biggest problem for me wasn’t the fact that Dammon wasn’t in it. It wasn’t reiner it was the story. Now I KNOW that NONE of the previous films where actually about the books they where based on(With the slight exception to Identity it had some parts)but at least they kept one thing from them consistent. JASON BOURNE. all the books still had Bourne. REGARDLESS of the title. Bourne Betrayal,Bourne Legacy,Bourne Bourne DOminion Etc etc. so for this to have the title but but not even the’s a hard pill for me to swallow.

    • I would love to see a fifth Bourne movie with both Damon and Reiner in it just to tie things together so that the fourth one isn’t just a random movie with the same sort of title only referring to Damon a few times

  2. I don’t really care how many years I will have to wait, but I want to see Matt as Bourne atleast one more time!!

  3. For crying out loud, kiddies, Damon is OLD. He’d probably have a heart attack trying to get into shape for the stunts. He had a few good movies and a lot of so-so. Let someone younger do it now. He doesn’t even look like someone from Nixa, Missouri, doesn’t move like a mixed-blood Native American (which most are down there), doesn’t sound like them, and he’s OLD. This is action-adventure, not geriatrics. He only acts like he’s five or six. Sure, it would have been OK for him to do at least one more, but like Sean Connery, you have to know when to move on. Take a break, Matty, enjoy the beach from your wheelchair and take that Geritol, old man!

  4. He IS NOT TOO OLD…are you kidding!?!? As for Nixa MO…it’s becoming a BIG city. I just moved from there from CA and hardly anyone in the ‘new’ part if Springfield is from there…they are CA transplants! PLEASE Matt, do one more Jason, your way. Thank you!

    • He’s ancient. Find a younger man who can handle it. Might be, lady, that’s the white boy’s problem, he’s too old and is afraid to admit it. Maybe they can find him something about wheelchairs.

  5. Oh, Matt, you are my age and you are not old!!! Forget what people are saying about your age! We are still very strong…and I’m a woman….I stay strong with horses and a 4 yr old boy, my son:-)

  6. Matt…you and your director buddy let us all down.I wouldnt watch another Bourne movie if i was paid to go see it.You can only ***t on your “TRUE” fans once.Then we’re gone.I’m gone.

  7. Dena, ya crazy? What about Nixa 40 years ago? It’s still injun country. Just because the New York/Nashville crowd come into the area means what? Nothing. The discussion is: Matt Damon is a pure euro, not a metis as are all the NATIVE peoples down that way.

  8. Gee, yeah, man, not if that old fart is in it. He shafted everyone in the military when he went bratty and stuck his nose in the air at us. Acts like we were just a bunch of lowlife trash. Find a man for the job and let the old guy go. :)

  9. Matt Damon is Bourne! Bourne is nothing without Matt Damon and the franchise is just as good as dead without him! He is not old and can probably move a lot better and faster than all of you haters! I bet all you haters are are old and fat.

    • What are you saing? You sound like a four-year-old with a wet diaper. I AM NATIVE AMERICAN. Bourne is supposed to be a METIS, a mixed-blood Native American from the Ozark foothills. He does not look not act like one, does not sound like family, does not move like family. He was good in Identity, so-so in the others, but he is OLD. Bourne is in his mid-thirties, not edging towards sixty or something. Go find a real god to worship. The one in your mirror is greater than he is.

  10. I’m tired of the goofy mighty-white neo-nazi attitude demanding damon is the ONLY Bourne. What stupidity. They said the same of Sean Cannery, yet 007 lives on and perhaps even better, and Connery–one of the best I have ever loved on the screen–went on to make much better movies than bond. damon was good in but 1 (ONE) Bourne movie, Identity. If he wanted to, he could have made his life making a dozen more Bourne and we all would have liked them. Instread, he spat in our faces and turned his bacxk opn us because he thinks he’s better than all of us. Find a real man to do the job instead of a snobby whiner who claimed he got lost in the desert because he career is failing.

  11. I would love to see a “bourne again” where it demonstrates the training and brainwashing that went into and goes into the training of the agents.

  12. Come on guys! Why do you keep bringing up that Damon is old?? $#!t look at Dwayne Johnson! He’s just as old and has to deal with way more muscle mass to hold up.. yet he keeps looking better and better! Matt Damon can do this! And I for one would love to see it! With Jeremy Renner in it as well!

    • dweight, look at the picture at the top of the page. does that look like an adult or an adult with a mental disorder from advanced aging? Renner was OK in his part, but not as Bourne. Find a man who’s in his 30s who acts like a man is supposed to. If not for Damon, there would have been a new Bourne movie every year-and-a-half to two years. Uni has the scripts started after Identity was such a hit, an explosion. Damon wants to do old-tiomer flicks, movies that appealk to the older crowd and children. If they could switch actors in 007 so many times, why not on Bourne to keep it current and active? He spit on us. Military personel begged for more Bourne and he turned his back on them. On you, I might add. Let them find a young man for the job, not a whiner.

  13. I really enjoyed the Bourne Legacy,please can you at-least think about making more movies with Jeremy Renner because he did really well in the movies P.S I also enjoyed them with Matt Damon ALOT but i enjoyed the story line of legacy more and as mentioned Jeremy Renner does really well in the Bourne movie.

    • I like Renner, but he doesn’t feel right for the part. He has other fish to fry, anyway. Good actor, but he didn’t seem right. And, this wasn’t a Bourne movie to me, but SF. What ‘Bourne’ did, his training and so on, was completely possible for the average man at that age. What Legacy did was create a super-human. If they wanted to make a series with Renner as that, then yes, by all means. PS, sorry for not answering sooner, computer trouble, and cop trouble (a Dominican bro was murdered by a racist cop in Hazleton, and the cop got off scot-free). tsi!

  14. you know guys,, i really miss Jason Bourne..
    and the 4th series movies of bourne, it’s kinda dissappointed me because Matt Damon not there.. i hope the next bourne will have Matt Damon & Greengrass work together again..

  15. Amigo, me too, but I hear from people all over the country, Damon is out after he spit on his fans–something I am not anyway as he’s a fool. Greengrass did not like making the Bourne flicks. His art lies in other directions. The 4th spy movie was NOT a Bourne movie, but good. Not great, but good. We want more of Bourne. Man, even the Brits are clamoring for Bourne.

  16. rednig, youre an bully, just reading the comments from a biase oppinion, you are incohierent, judgmental, ignorant and act like a “4 year old that s*** its diaper”. just plan arrogant, bet bourne is younger then you, and even if he isnt i bet he could be the s*i& out of you, no doubt. so stfu, and stop shi*ing on ppls dreams, most people wamt damon as the next star to the bourne movies, why not ley that be, if you dont like damon then you dont like bourn so why are you even on this forum
    (sry for mistakes,typing on smartphone)
    -tjakes (561)4009275 text me :)

  17. rednig, youre an as*h*l*, just reading the comments from a biase oppinion, you are incohierent, judgmental, ignorant and act like a “4 year old that s*** its diaper”. just plane arrogant, bet bourne is younger then you, and even if he isnt i bet he could be the s*i& out of you, no doubt. so stfu, and stop shi*ing on ppls hopes, myself along with most people want damon as the next star to the next bourne movie, why not let that be, if you dont like damon then you dont like the bourn movies… so why are you even on this forum
    (sry for mistakes,typing on smartphone)
    -tjakes (561)4009275 text me :)

    • Mistakes acceptable due to need. But, really silly rant is not. Damon spit on a lot of soldiers deployed overseas when he went on a girly whine about what he wanted. He lost a lot of fans that way, including me, who had a son in Iran at the time, just lost a brother-in-law there, and a cousin. They all liked Damon. Guess what, he’s a loser and a cry baby and no one respects him. He takes people’s money to help others while not spending a dime of his own. He laughs at people like you. How else can it be but he does? He would have acted like a man and bowed to what you want, more Bourne, if he had any respect for you. As someone who is in school again, back studying psychology, it’s rather easy for me to tell. If he were half the man you think, he would have made far more movies about Bourne. As for him being able to take me, so what? I’m dying anyway of a genetic disorder. But, can he defeat all us red nigs (liberal term for us :)? We walk in beauty in the millions. And none of us watch anything by him any longer.

  18. I think matt was great as bourne and though he is getting older, I’d love to see him in a finale teamed with jeremy renner. With edward nortons character chasing the two of them around the world. Awesome.

    • No, he was fantastic as Bourne. He found the one spot pretty much everyone loved him, even those who disliked his other work. It’s likened to a calling by God or something. Then he dissed everyone who was a fan by walking away in a girly fit. As it is, many consider Connery the best 007 and were shocked when he decided he was too old to do it any longer. 007 has thrived without him and, once the right ‘spy’ is found, Bourne will thrive without Damon. There are half-a-dozen Bourne scripts written with Damon in mind. It would be nice to see them made. With or without him, let them be done.

  19. Matt Damon is Bourne this is not 007. He did a excellent job and I am dying to see him again. Aaron Cross did not do anything for the series of Bourne and what ever they need to do to get Matt back they need to do it. Furthermore Matt is not to old and everyone has standards he has a right to his and if doesn’t want to do it without the director that is his preference. We are so quick to judge walk a day in his shoes and then you can past judgement. The movie is not the same without him

  20. I’m Native American. We make great jurists because we need to see both sides of each coin and talk about it until blue in the face, then make a decision. I said, did I not, that Damon found his place in Bourne. But, he’s hardly the first Bourne, is he? People complained when he was picked to do Identity because it was Chamberlain’s spot. When he refused to do more, they should have gone on without him. It took a few movies before Connery’s replacement was found, but they found him, and others. Why force Damon to do something he doesn’t want? He’s getting too old and suffers from having to get in shape. Yes, I have followed his career and so on. He takes money from others to use for his charities, not his own, but is lauded for it. How is that generous? He’s a hoarder, not a philanthropist. He’s one of the Boston elites that talk a good story, then complain we’re not doing enough while he does pretty much nothing. But, yes, it would be all right to see him again in Bourne. But, think of how many we would have?

  21. The Bourne movies will never be the same with Matt Damon. Nobody can play the part like he can-not even James Franco. I am very dispointed, as i am sure most of the fans are.

  22. First three Bourne Movies were all fast acting and entertaining I loved them . When the Fourth Movie came out it threw me for a loop . After just recently watching it again My Husband and I both agree :) A fifth movie should be made with both actors and the first Producer …. Just the thoughts of some fans … Cant wait to see the next one

    • Matt, you are Jason Bourne or should that be David Webb? Please play yourself again.
      I’d like to see you reunited with your family in Nixon, Missouri. They’d be wanting to know where you’ve been all this time.
      Will only see another Bourne movie if Matt takes his rightful place.
      Bring on the next Bourne installment with Matt in it. Paul will need to direct it if it is to be any good.


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