Matt Damon on Stepping Away From ‘Bourne’ Franchise

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Matt Damon Bourne 4 Matt Damon on Stepping Away From Bourne Franchise

Matt Damon won’t be beating up any bad guys in the new family-friendly dramedy We Bought a Zoo, but it’s hard to forget Damon’s action hero chops. As the face of the Bourne franchise, Damon helped the popular action trilogy bring in nearly one billion dollars at the box office worldwide.

So why, with all of the franchise’s success, did Damon decide to step away from Bourne Legacy, the fourth entry in the series and how did Universal come to the decision to bring in a new character, played by Jeremy Renner?

As we reported last year, the new film will not be a reboot or direct sequel, but rather a new adventure featuring a different spy set within the established Bourne universe. Damon elaborated on the decision to start fresh and why he wanted to leave the role in a recent interview with GQ Magazine (via MSN).

Quoting the article:

“If you look at the first three movies, we kind of pounded that idea of identity and amnesia into the ground. We really got everything out of it that we could. So to reboot it, we need to come up with something completely new.”

The Bourne series is one of the better action franchises to come out in recent years and part of the reason why is the trilogy’s cohesive plot.  As Damon says though, there’s really only so far you can go with the amnesia storyline. At a certain point, the shadowy CIA conspiracy angle would get a bit ridiculous.

In Hollywood, where most movie stars milk franchises well past their expiration date, it’s actually nice to see an actor leave a franchise on a high note. Damon was great as a super spy, but it will be just as much fun to see how Tony Gilroy brings in a new character and further explore the world of Jason Bourne.

What do you think of Damon’s comments? Could they have made another movie with the amnesia angle or is it a better idea to start fresh?

Source: GQ Magazine (via MSN)

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  1. Matt Damon could play Jason Bourne 100 times and I wouldn’t care. HE IS JASON and nobody could do it like him.

    • I loved Legacy. It made 300 million worldwide, which is more then the first Bourne film. Less then Ultimatum, but its great. I would be fine going forward without Bourne and following Cross. It may lose some fans, but it will gain new fans. I am sure of it. I actually didn’t see Ultimatum, so i can’t compare, but I really was kind of tired of Matt Damons, big head, un athletic movements, and the idea that this guy could for some reason beat up an army of people. He was a super soldier for no reason. Training? Really? I didn’t buy it. They fixed that issue. Also, the idea that other CIA agents would help a traitor like Bopurne never made any sense to me. I mean I understand why Bourne didn’t shoot that dictator guy. Bourne was very sensitive. But it was still a bad thing to do.

  2. Well Jeremy Renner is a great actor, totally assume in (the town) with Ben Aflac but Matt Damon is Jason Bourne! In my opinion the Bourne movies will never be as good, or as profitable without Matt Damon as Jason Bourne!!!

  3. They could’ve dropped the amnesia angle and being tracked down by the CIA, and started fresh with a new storyline. (with Damon.)
    Why did they feel they were stock with the past storyline?

  4. Matt Demon is still ” Jason Bourne “

  5. and will be always Jason Bourne

  6. I am a great fan of the Bourne series and would watch any sequal that comes out but I have to respect Matt Damon reason for not doing another one

  7. ive read soooo many articles on bourne n they have different opinions n diferent things thats happiningg!!!JUSTT MAKE A BOURNE 5 WID DAMONN NSTILES N GREENRASS N MAKE IT GOOD!!FULL STOP!!!

  8. Matt Damon is The Bourne Series and no matter whom they replace him with it will not be the same and I think that they will lose money on any Bourne Movie without Matt Damon. However – if he wishes to explore other avenues good for him. Good Luck.

  9. I watched the new Bourne Legacy and no-one can play Jason Bourne as well as Matt Damon!! He’s just to good ;) x

    • If you saw the film you would know that Bourne wasn’t in the film. <<

    • And its “too good”. Not “to good”. Good grammar makes everything better. ;)

  10. Me and my family is one of the biggest fans for Bourne series we’ve been watching it many many times and we’re deeply impressed so much. We’ve been looking foward to see the 4th Bourne but we was so disappointed that we didn’t see Matt as Jason Bourne! This film is great but the stereotype and the picture that we can imagine is Matt Damon=Jason Bourne….Jeremy is a great actor but he’s not Bourne! we hope to see the 5th Borune with Matt as it would be famous and more profitable because of him.

    Supprinyabhorn’s family,

  11. You really should have done better research. If you see Matt’s interview with the British host, Graham Norton, you will see how he really felt about the movie. IN fact he did plan on playing the role but the studios wanted the film done in a quicker turnaround than he felt comfortable with. He said that he went back to the studios and said they needed more time to complete a quality type of movie. Then he said the next thing he knew he was seeing word about the new Legacy movie sans himself. He said it was a shock to him!

    With just a little more digging around you would have found this…

    • Thats not true. He has consistently said he didn’t want to do any more Bourne movies. He feels the story of Bourne is best ended once he “finds his identity”.

  12. no one could be better than Matt

  13. I quit watching the recent one …

  14. How can a franchise be so stupid and Risk not having Matt Damon into this movie??? he makes the acting and the movie more intense much more realistic,
    Matt Damon is definitely Jason Bourne.

  15. He is aboslutly spot on when saying it has been taken as far as it can be. The way it ends it really is the end. Of it`s possible to start over with a new storyline but it will never be as good as the other movies by miles. Matt is a clever man and with this descision he only up his reputation..

  16. I haven’t watched the new bourne movie when I knew that Matt wasn’t in it…. :(

  17. I see a lot of people making comments saying they wish Matt Damon still played as Jason Bourne in the new movies and that Jeremy Renner isn’t Jason Bourne and can’t replace him. I think it’s important to note that Jeremy Renner plays Alex Cross, and every time they mention Jason Bourne, there’s a picture of Matt Damon. He’s still a part of the movies, it’s just focusing on a different aspect of the Bourne world right now. Just sit back and enjoy! It all ties together and enriches the story as a whole! I loved the new Bourne movie, and I do love Matt Damon in this series more than anything.

  18. If it is not Matt Damon then it is not Jason Bourne. Plus Matt Damon is a super star actor who nails the character, he is so bad ass! And frankly we just love to watch Matt act. But he does have a point in beating a horse to death, but still the story could have taken many different directions. As long as it has Matt Damon kicking ass and making us believe how bad ass of an assassin he is, then make a million of them I would watch them all!

  19. I think,Matt Damon is absolutely right. I mean, we have seen just about everything possible that could’ve happened to Jason Bourne in his endeavor to discover his identity. So Why not continuing with a next installment along the lines of Jason Bourne returning home to (Nixon) Missouri where he finally thinks everything has settled down but instead a new strategy is put by the C.I.A to tie up loose ends. I believe the C.I.A pursuit for Bourne is a never ending cause, better yet audience get to know whether or not Jason has a family waiting for him. I mean how good will that feel watching Jason Bourne protecting his loved ones who he doesn’t remember?

  20. What the hell is this… I stopped watching the movie, after got to know that the Matt has been replaced with other actor.

    It was so disgusting that the director and producer took such a risky decision and made the fans of Bourne series disappointed. Hell with the Director and other prick decision makers of the Bourne series.


    As You can see the revenue of bourne legacy down by half, maybe because lots of people disappointed because Matt Damon was not the one who play the role of Jason Bourne.

  22. What we (including Damon) has to remember is the Bourne series is based off of novels. There are dozens of them and they’re still being written. If the book series is still coming up with fresh ideas, why not go based off the books? Legacy was great, Renner was amazing and I think did just as good a job as Damon and I thought the movie was just as good as the first 3, but for them to continue forward I think Damon should be brought back on. Just stick closer to the actual book series and you’ll be fine. I mean, aren’t all the great movies based off of novels anyway?

    • Obviously they will bring him back in a later sequel.

    • They will bring Matt Damon back later

  23. I’m Duck not the 1st name

  24. Matt Demon was the one who made the character so strong and real that the trilogy established an everlasting impact on the fans, just for this reason, bourne legacy was watched by me even that at any moment of movie, might be matt demon would be IN, I was so depressed when Matt demon was not made the part of the movie, the bourne legacy has no continuity in script and no connection establishing impact that bounds a fan to the movie….Matt Demon I am a biggest fan of you and you should be in the next part of this series otherwise the bourne series will have no more place in fans hearts….

  25. The lady who faxed theinfo out is now in chage. She tries to find Jason to help her catch another runn away programed agent who has gotten out of hand. Jasons payment is having his files burned.

  26. The lady who faxed theinfo out is now in charge. She tries to find Jason to help her catch another runn away programed agent who has gotten out of hand. Jasons payment is having his files burned.

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  28. No doubt Matt Damon was brilliant a Jason Borne but nuts if he quit because he and “his people” came to the conclusion that the character is burned out. I would respect him more if he wanted more cash…or if the acting was just too demanding for him physically – as in “no fun”. Anyone who has read these books knows there are many very cool directions the character can take. So many, in fact, the author Ludlum got tangled up trying to age Jason and ruined him. Had he left him alone in different settings, the series could have run on for a long time – but nobody is going to buy a 45 year old college professor in that kind of combat condition. Matt Damon himself is disappointing as an intellect – seems well educated but extremely naïve. Like Tom Cruise, the more I hear about his politics and personal thoughts from inside his insular leftist Hollywood bubble, the harder it is to take anything he does or says seriously.

  29. From Indonesia : “Matt Damon is The Only Jason Bourne” Respect…

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