Keanu Reeves Talks Matrix 4 & 5, Bill and Ted 3? [Updated]

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the matrix 4 5 keanu reeves neo Keanu Reeves Talks Matrix 4 & 5, Bill and Ted 3? [Updated]

The Matrix was an industry changing film on several levels, from ground-breaking visual effects to an entirely new way of shooting action sequences, all mixed together with an extra dose of “cool.” It quickly earned itself a pair of sequels in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions which unfortunately, didn’t quite live up to the stature of the original film about Neo, Morpheus and the rest of the human resistance.

While the Wachowskis brought some cool characters and arguably the best soundtrack and fight sequences with Reloaded, it laid a curious path for the trilogy conclusion, Revolution, which was all kinds of bad – for fans and critics alike. The trilogy seemingly saw the end of Keanu Reeves’ messianic character, Neo, but many expected he would rise again and according to Keanu Reeves, that’s actually the plan.

Ain’t It Cool News loyalist “El Nino” sent in info about Reeves speaking at “London school of performing Arts university”  – which I think means the London International School Of Performing Arts – as a keynote speaker. During the presentation, Keanu apparently provided updates on The Matrix 4 & 5 (both in 3D), Bill and Ted 3 as well as a modern adaptation of Robin Hood.

Before we get into the report, my problem with this is that no one else has reported directly about the event, not even the school which is not named correctly in the email sent to AICN. My immediate reaction is to believe it’s false as not one of the reporting sites has verified it. I sent the school a message about the Reeves guest appearance and to Warner Bros. about the news below and will update when I hear back, but here are the key points from the email for you to chew on in the meantime:

[UPDATE: The Senior Administrator for the London International School of Performing Arts informed me that Keanu Reeves made no appearance there, assuming that’s the correct school. We’re waiting on WB for more info.]

[UPDATE 2: Keanu’s rep and the studio confirmed that this is entirely fabricated. The only somewhat true part is about the future Robin Hood script, which we knew about already, but it didn’t cost anywhere near as much as $5 million.]

  • He’s currently on a 6-month workout regiment, training for a 3D Rated-R Samurai action film (47 Ronin).
  • He’s committed to Bill and Ted 3.
  • Wachowskis told him over holidays that they finished script treatments for Matrix 4 and 5 which would bring Neo back.
  • Wachowskis have consulted with James Cameron for advice on shooting them in 3D – They’re looking to again bring something entirely new for audiences visually.
  • Talk will resume about The Matrix sequels after Wachowskis finish working on Cloud Atlas.
  • Wachowskis sold the rights to the most expensive script ever ($5 million) to Warner Bros. for a future-based version of Robin Hood that will star Will Smith.

It all sounds good to me (whether true or not is yet to be seen), especially another new franchise for Will Smith. I miss him.

As hesitant as I am about a return to The Matrix, I know I’d be there opening night to see it. However, they’re setting what may be an impossible bar to reach if they hope to revolutionize the industry again. With them possibly shooting another two sequels back-to-back, I fear it may be another milking of the cash cow and a case of quantity over quality. That being said, Reeves promised he’s dedicated to the fans on this one and would only deliver another installment “worth of the title” of The Matrix.

What do you think of these rumored updates from Keanu Reeves?

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Source: AICN

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    • Oh and to answer the question about just lobotomizing everyone……I would think the more active the mind was the more electricity the body in general would generate. You need all that mental activity, synapses firing, etc to keep the battery charged.

      Plus if it were not so then there would be no reason to have the Matrix and hence no movies!

  1. I would go to see both fore mentioned projects. ( of course it depends on Vic’s reviews) foir the final green light. I have only disagreed with him once. ( GH)

    • I wouldn’t worry – to be honest I don’t believe this story. Nobody else has posted a word online about this Q&A even happening, much less beans like this getting spilled. And the school it’s alleged to have happened at doesn’t actually exist, either.

      I agree that the last film wasn’t a worthy successor to the first – it had some good and interesting ideas, but the execution was sorely lacking. But part of me would really like to see if some distance and a little more humility would mean the Wachowskis could make some sequels that really were worthy of the first. After all, if the sequels were that much of a disappointment to some fans, what is there to lose?

      • KTJ, tasouli,

        Did you guys see our update? It’s been debunked.


        • Ah, no I hadn’t – thanks. Not a surprise, really.

    im hoping this is true bets films ever made

  3. Good,this isnt true!

    I would however like another Bill And Ted, which according to a true interview Reeves gave to The Guardian, is being actively developed and he would happily reprise the role.

  4. Garythebra, have you seen the Animatrix?

    The explanation as to why the machines inslaved humanity is in there.

    • Yeah, I saw it years ago. I seem to remember that it painted the machines in a pretty sympathetic light. Didn’t humanity strike the first blow by denying sentient robots rights equal to humans?
      Is the animatrix considered canon in the matrix world? Has it been confirmed that it is indeed the way history developed??

  5. @garythebra

    We agree to disagree in the end, cordially.
    Just explain your name. Please.

    • Thanks Akshay, I’m glad there’s no hard feelings over our difference of opinion:-)
      As for my name. It’s kind of a long story & an in-joke between me & my friends. I could tell you the story but I don’t think it would mean much to you. It’s been my nickname for years now so it’s just second nature for me to use it when I’m posting in forums.

  6. @Vic

    I get that. The whole under 25 phase. But that is just what it is – a phase. I agree with the US crowd too. I fortunately/ unfortunately am not from the US and though we have the whole western methodology floating in our country I would like to believe that the teen lot over here still believes in th real life.

    Coming from a country that was ruled by the Britishers for a long time and being a descendant of freedom fighters who eventually prevailed and won the country back..I still believe that when faced with the ultimate question most would take the right choice.

    End of line.

  7. Yeah Gary, the machines wanted nothing but peace.

    The humans, (United Nations), voted no.
    And then covered the skies in black smoke in an attempt to crush the machiners power source.

    After the second round of talks resulted in mankind nuking itself rather then a union, the machines had enough and enslaved them for their own good.

  8. Reloaded was awesome. Excellent fighting scenes and great music. Revolution was alright overall – only the end really, really sucked. The Dragon Ball Z finale scene was not that impressive (almost boring actually) and the battle in the dome was… well… too much in a way.

    I have big hopes for the 4th – if the news is true :-)

  9. test

  10. Will Smith, an excellent actor, emminently watchable, lost all credibility when he sold out his daughter by putting her in that aweful “hair” video. How incredibly subservient to money, etc. do you have to be when you are at the top of your game. I won’t be paying any money to see Will Smith in Robin Hood, or anything else.

    • uhmm, actually you mean that he sold out when bad boys 2 was turned into a laughable caricature of the first one.

    • I cannot understand what you are talking about. Mr. Smith is making a future for his kids. Some projects will be viewed as trash by unprofessional critics and then other pieces will be well liked by those same critics. Not everyone will be pleased with everything an artist does, but when it comes to Mr. Smith, the most successful actor in the business whose films have made 6 1/2 BILLION big ones world wide, I would say the man knows what he is doing in the film busines, since he happens to be the BEST at it. Can I get an Amen on that folks?

      • I think it’s pretty immoral to put your kids in the public eye as child stars like that. They don’t need the money and the track record for happy adult lives for child stars is not remotely encouraging – the majority don’t make a go of it and there are way too many Michael Jacksons and Lindsay Lohans for comfort. Even Jodie Foster has been quite clear that she’d never let her kids go that route. It’s just wrong to expose your children to fame when they’re too young to make an informed choice of their own.

        Nothing against Will Smith, who seems a great entertainer, but I don’t think measuring talent in dollars is a particularly legitimate method. It would indicate that NSync are a heap more talented than Jeff Buckley was, for example, or Courtney Cox than Kate Winslet.

        • LOL@ “immoral”
          Mary Kate and Ashely, Dougie Howser, The Little Rascals, Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, Musketeers, Macaulay Caulkin, Shirley Temple, Haley Joel Osmet, Ron Howard, Jodie Foster, Elijah Wood, Ricky Schroeder, Christina Ricci, Billy Mummy, Fred Savage, Raven Symone… oh this list can go on for light years!!

          Will Smith’s daughter has a hit video, his son has a hit movie and folks have issues like it’s the first time kids have been in music, TV or movies… WOW!
          Jada and Will are very involved in what their kids get into. When you see them doing porn or smoking dope you’ll have a point.

          • I have a point because their personal privacy is being removed from them at an age when they’re too young to decide for themselves. That’s immoral. I don’t give a damn if a consenting adult chooses to make porn or smoke dope, as long as they’re happy with their lives and not harming others. I do give a damn if a child is known to millions – possibly billions – and will never be truly free of that again. It’s toxic; a child should be able to grow up free of that kind of pressure. I don’t give a damn how “involved” these parents are, or how much of a fan you are. They should back the hell off and allow their children to be just that: children.

            It’s a child protection issue, and only a society so obsessed by money and fame would miss the point that fame is a pretty unpleasant side-effect to showbiz success, and not one that should be foisted on kids – and in this family, it’s not like more money could ever improve quality of life, either. You do know that half the names on your list had terrible childhoods, and many of the other half are too young to have their real views known about yet? Hardly a great advert for your position.

            • I actually ommitted the ones with bad childhoods my friend. The Danny Bonaduce’s, Drew Barrymores and Gary Colemans..
              anyway, Prisons and streets are full of people with pretty crappy childhoods.
              having said that, i’ll respect your professional opinion and empirical data on this subject.

              • Well, that might be a nice change. My patients often don’t. 😉

                I really don’t see what relevance your streets & prisons point has. If some people have difficult childhoods, so should others? Parenting is tough, absolutely, but some people seem to create extra issues for their children where there don’t need to be any. It’s hard to have any respect for that, whoever the parents may be. And it must be exceptionally difficult to grow up with a clear sense of self, when your self is being defined for you by the media.

  11. Link should never have been put in – he was too stiff and robotic. Tank should never have been taken out. So what if he wanted more money – he knew he was worth it. Imagine what sequels would have been had Tank still been there….

    • I loathed Tank. Thought he was a hammy and unconvincing actor. I can’t remember the name of the guy who played Link, but he’s had a pretty decent career – was ace in Romeo + Juliet. I think he suffered because his part was half exposition guy, there to be amazed!By Neo, and half Marital Problems Guy with Zee. Awful part.

      I was still relieved they canned the actor who played Tank. Especially as some of his demands weren’t about money – he was demanding to be on posters alongside Neo, Trinity and Morpheus. Um. Delusions of grandeur, big time.

  12. Garythebra

    I really liked your points about Matrix.
    I think the true intention of the machines are echoed in Agent Smith’s words with captured Morpheus. ‘you are a disease to this planet…’

    I’m one of the few who liked Reloaded and Revoltions.

  13. I would love it personally if any of these rumors were true, because the matrix was an amazing franchise that had it’s problems, but still took you in and showed you a whole new world that you never dreamed was ever possible. Will Smith is an amazing actor, and I think anything he touches turns to gold, but the simple fact is that this person was looking to ride the wave of people’s past successes and was too lazy to get attention on his own. Plain and simple, he should have taken the blue pill.

  14. First, if The Matrix 4,5 are anything like 2 and 3, why bother? I have lost confidence in the Wachowski’s ability to cohesively tell and present a consistent story that makes sense. The original was ground breaking, 2 was bearable, 3 was completely ridiculous. As for Will Smith, he’s a pleasant actor who plays the same character (Himself) in every movie – wise crackin’, smart a**. Hey Will, before you take on the part of a futuristic Robin Hood, just think of ol’ Wild Wild West.

    • In LA,

      You’ve missed a few Will Smith movies my friend..

  15. It appears some folks haven’t read the update, sorry to hear that there wasn’t at least something to this story. :(

    I loved the entire Matrix trilogy, and would love to see more in the future.

  16. @Ed I recall it was the humans the created virtual reality. It was then used agaisnt them.

    The machines just found a way to harvest the humans through VR.

  17. Can’t wait for Matrix 4&5, and any movie with a “Smith” in it.

  18. It’s not an hoax. It’s called viral marketing. It’s their way of announcing the new movies and check online how much noise it creates.. if statistics from web search engines will prove that there is a market to sell the new movies they will happen. It’s just as simple as that.

    • Yeah, I saw you make that comment elsewhere, and someone there pointed out that viral marketing would usually be an actor talking up a possibility, or a leak from a studio, not someone trolling an ancient site like AICN with obviously dodgy and easily disproven claims. Unless Harry’s in on the scam it wouldn’t be possible to guarantee any exposure at all, and even then it would be a dodgy route in, as it’s so blatantly poorly attributed that it could well never have got off the ground at all.

      Horses and zebras when you hear hooves, you know? It could be a vm campaign. Or it could just be a troll. Given it was done somewhat ineptly, my money’d be on the latter.


  20. I think it shows great weakness to state you’d rather live an easy fake life rather than a hard real life, it’s really a sat state of affairs.

    You obviously “can’t handle the truth”, what ever that truth may be, you would rather live a lie if that lie is “easier” to live with.

    It sounds like a lot of you have no spine, think long term, get out the Matrix in order to come back and free the rest of your loved ones and live a real life together.

    You should strive for truth and freedom at all costs. It sounds like some of your are already asleep living in a dream world, who needs a Matrix.

    • Ok DocGreenThumb, I think this is all getting a little too personal now. We’re only discussing a movie. I don’t think you need to start making judgements about how easy my life is or whether I’m spineless or not.
      You dont know anything about me.

  21. @Ed,,,says,,,

    “Anybody that uses force vs. cooperation to alter your reality is never to be trusted as they are acting within their own self-interest not yours. That “alternate reality” you console is not even secure. That is why you deserve neither, for failure to see that point. To be free is to be truly secure.”
    True and that’s the world were living in right now. The tv/news media is our Matrix.

    Didn’t you notice when Morpheus explained the matrix to Neo, he was using a Tv set. On the back of the set was an upside down triangle with the words, “Deep Image” written clearly.

    I like to think the Archictect was the Wachowski’s version of Wolf Blitzer, in the Situation Room.

    • really? no i never noticed that. Makes sense though, television is kind of forced on us as well even though we have a choice it appeals to us to say yes which is forceful. emotional instead of logical.

      does the triangle represent the NWO or somethin?

  22. I’ll pay only if Nolan directs it, Cameron produces it in 3D and it’s like the first one… because Matrix 2 and 3 were pretty dissapointing for me.

  23. @Ed, from what I heard frm a good source, the ending to “Revolutions” was edited by Warner Bros. They didn’t agree with how it should have ended, and told the Wow Bros to cut some heavy stuff out.

    There’s a scene at the end of the film that was reshot because of the editing. It was the scene where Morpheus and the leaders are walking out from the what look like I beams. Morpheus looks up and says “It was Neo”.

    That wasn’t originaly indentend to be in the film/stories ending. They had to quickly throw that scene together.

    • That just goes to show the freakin bigwig Hollywood execs need to stay the hell out of the process about making the movies, leave it up to the directors, writers and such.

  24. @Ed, (imo) that scene is very symbolic, in terms of what matrix their reffering to in our world.

    The Machines are the government, the Matrix they are using to control us is the Tv… Especally the news media outlets.

    We are told what is truth and 90% of the people accept it and go back to sleep. Those that question the truth are purged, spit out. Like Neo was when he knew the truth.
    The government machine makes its energy off our labor, our suffering.
    The Pyramid is mainly used as a Free Mason symbol.
    However turned upside down, well I can read several things into that.
    Sure its just representing the twin-antenna but its so large and the words “Deep Image” just slap you !!!

    The words “Deep Image” are also on the front of the tv, written as a brand name. Check it out. :)

  25. Oh god I could only hope so. Now I’m going to search the internet for hours and hours to see if there’s any kind of proof that the Matrix 4 and 5 are indeed a possibility. I just can’t wait!