Keanu Reeves Talks Matrix 4 & 5, Bill and Ted 3? [Updated]

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the matrix 4 5 keanu reeves neo Keanu Reeves Talks Matrix 4 & 5, Bill and Ted 3? [Updated]

The Matrix was an industry changing film on several levels, from ground-breaking visual effects to an entirely new way of shooting action sequences, all mixed together with an extra dose of “cool.” It quickly earned itself a pair of sequels in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions which unfortunately, didn’t quite live up to the stature of the original film about Neo, Morpheus and the rest of the human resistance.

While the Wachowskis brought some cool characters and arguably the best soundtrack and fight sequences with Reloaded, it laid a curious path for the trilogy conclusion, Revolution, which was all kinds of bad – for fans and critics alike. The trilogy seemingly saw the end of Keanu Reeves’ messianic character, Neo, but many expected he would rise again and according to Keanu Reeves, that’s actually the plan.

Ain’t It Cool News loyalist “El Nino” sent in info about Reeves speaking at “London school of performing Arts university”  - which I think means the London International School Of Performing Arts – as a keynote speaker. During the presentation, Keanu apparently provided updates on The Matrix 4 & 5 (both in 3D), Bill and Ted 3 as well as a modern adaptation of Robin Hood.

Before we get into the report, my problem with this is that no one else has reported directly about the event, not even the school which is not named correctly in the email sent to AICN. My immediate reaction is to believe it’s false as not one of the reporting sites has verified it. I sent the school a message about the Reeves guest appearance and to Warner Bros. about the news below and will update when I hear back, but here are the key points from the email for you to chew on in the meantime:

[UPDATE: The Senior Administrator for the London International School of Performing Arts informed me that Keanu Reeves made no appearance there, assuming that's the correct school. We're waiting on WB for more info.]

[UPDATE 2: Keanu’s rep and the studio confirmed that this is entirely fabricated. The only somewhat true part is about the future Robin Hood script, which we knew about already, but it didn’t cost anywhere near as much as $5 million.]

  • He’s currently on a 6-month workout regiment, training for a 3D Rated-R Samurai action film (47 Ronin).
  • He’s committed to Bill and Ted 3.
  • Wachowskis told him over holidays that they finished script treatments for Matrix 4 and 5 which would bring Neo back.
  • Wachowskis have consulted with James Cameron for advice on shooting them in 3D – They’re looking to again bring something entirely new for audiences visually.
  • Talk will resume about The Matrix sequels after Wachowskis finish working on Cloud Atlas.
  • Wachowskis sold the rights to the most expensive script ever ($5 million) to Warner Bros. for a future-based version of Robin Hood that will star Will Smith.

It all sounds good to me (whether true or not is yet to be seen), especially another new franchise for Will Smith. I miss him.

As hesitant as I am about a return to The Matrix, I know I’d be there opening night to see it. However, they’re setting what may be an impossible bar to reach if they hope to revolutionize the industry again. With them possibly shooting another two sequels back-to-back, I fear it may be another milking of the cash cow and a case of quantity over quality. That being said, Reeves promised he’s dedicated to the fans on this one and would only deliver another installment “worth of the title” of The Matrix.

What do you think of these rumored updates from Keanu Reeves?

Share your thoughts in the comments and with us on Twitter @rob_keyes and @screenrant.

Source: AICN

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  1. Yay, for Bill and Ted!!! And Robin Hood with Will Smith!!! However, I thought one Matrix movie was enough and didn’t really get what was going on in the other two soooo – they need not ever come to fruition. Other than that, I’d love for this to not be a rumor.

  2. Like whoa bra, I like totally do another matrix film. Cha, and in 3D. (Signal air guitar!).

    • I’d only see them if they brought back Hugo, if not, good luck. Bill and Ted however, I cant wait :)

      • They’d figure out a way. Agent Smith was the best part of the sequels.

        • Yeah, he was awesome. Now I’m gonna have to watch the movies this week sometime lol.

          • Can Bill and Ted be the same without good ol’ Carlin?

            • Hopefully! But they can always work around that i suppose.

              • Use the guy from Evil Dead.

  3. the only thing that can save his career now is a third Bill and Ted movie

  4. the first matrix movie was one of my most memorable movie going experiences. Never had i seen that sort of action *aside from anime that is*, or style in a movie before. I loved it. And its one of those movies that really does hold up well over time. The second one was pretty enjoyable as well, but like most i thought that the third fell flat.
    It’d be good to see Neo and the gang again. if for nothing more then having that nagging question of what happened after Neo passed.
    it really would be kind of neat to see this happen.

  5. Seems like a LOT of brand new information to come out of a ‘public’ speaking event.

    • No kidding, eh #suspicious

  6. After like 5 years of Twilight and the like, I am more than ready for another trip to the Matrix

  7. I think the biggest problem with this report is that it comes from an imaginary university. The performing arts school alleged to have hosted the event doesn’t exist.

    Personally, I’m gutted that it seems bogus. I’d really love sequels, if the Wachowskis have been able to work out why 2 and 3 didn’t work so well, and can develop new scripts as tautly and skilfully as the first was. I’d be really happy to have a second shot at sequels worthy of that original Matrix – and what’s the worst that can happen? 2 and 3 already have. But I’m almost certain a denial will be issued tomorrow from all parties.

  8. I feel like sequels of the Matrix would make no sense because the war between people and machines is already over. I guess the only thing that they could do is get all of the humans out of the matrix but that seems like it would be a lot to do, and it would probably start another war. That sounds kinda dumb to me in all honesty. the futuristic Will Smith Robin Hood movie sounds good to me though

  9. I didn’t like the Matrix sequels when I first saw them in theaters, but watching them on DVD, I gotta say I like them (as a two-part story) better than the original. Granted, they are a different tone, some like the tone of the first better (understood), but I for one really enjoyed the sequels on multiple viewings more than the first.

    As for 4 & 5, I doubt this is true and I really don’t know why teh Wach bros would revive this franchise.

  10. Matrix in 3D…if there’s one movie that could use the 3D treatment, it’s the Matrix. Bullet time in 3D. Wachowski ALWAYS bring exciting and original action scenes. I can’t wait to see what they do with the sequels.

    As for the continuation of the story, I’m sure they’ll work it out to something logical. I for one thought Matrix 2 and 3 were amazing films (not as good as the first)…I know the philosophical nature turned some people off but I loved it.

    • I enjoyed the sequels as well. I have to admit that it took multiple viewings to finally understand what the Architect was saying. Can you believe there are people who still don’t understand what the Matrix is? I grieve for this country. :-)

  11. I would love nothing more than for all of this to be true!

    Unfortunately, it is probably not. :(

  12. Well okay, didn’t the Orical say we’d see Neo again in time? Well it’s time and these (if true) had better be the cat’s pjamas. I was alright with the fact that hey made 2 and 3 but was let down that they released them too close to each other and really didn’t give us much time to think about Reloaded. So if all true I do hope they indeed film them back to back BUT give us more time between releases. I too would LOVE to see Hugo Weaving again as Smith but Neo can’t be so dumb as to not notice it’s him as he did with Bane in Revolutions. It was bloody obvious!! I mean really, anyone in the Matrix that had a run in with Smith could have told that Bane was “possesed” by Smith. But Bill and Ted 3? Is Death going to be in it too? He was my favorite character in Bogus Journey.

    • i agree! The Matrix 1 was so Epic it could have been spread over a 10 movie series lol. I mean really i can’t think of any other movie that could. It felt so rushed after and that disappointed a lot of people. They essentially sold out the story, one that was more valuable then what they sold it for too. There was no reason to rush to take it further to another level when the level they were on was so high already. It was overload really.. I’m sure a lot of people thought it would take different directions based on the way the first captivated our imaginations. Ultimately it would go where they sent it but not with leaving so much other events out.

      Idk.. it left a lot to be desired.

  13. Neo looks very GreenLanternesque.

  14. sounds too good to be true

  15. yea i never understood why i read on the internet people didnt like 2 and 3 i lovved every bit of all three films and to really like them you have to understand everything about them. all theyre anime and neromancer influnences. how morpheus and seraphs sunglasses and how they are based of ghost in the shell characters eyes like batos cyborg eyes. how jack in is a throw back to g i t s and neromancer its just stuff like that that i loved about that film the acttion sequences and just the character of neo i never noticed keanus acting its never been an issue for me if you suspend your disbelief(like your supposed to) then youll apperiate the film for what it is

    • TankD

      I’m with you but I could see why ppl didn’t like the 2nd and 3rd. Too much hype (from the first), sequels being too close to each other, convoluted and overly philosophical story, keanu’s acting, etc. That’s the gist of what I gathered from people that didn’t like it. However I always try to tell people that some of those reasons are rather silly in the grand scheme of just how awesome those movies are. No other movie has touched the Matrix in terms of quantity and quality of great action scenes…Inception came close but it was only that one hallway scene.

  16. ohh yea what happen with that film?? i heard it was to expensive to do i dont see it happening honestly

  17. Yeah I don’t see how they can do another Matrix. The machines promised that they would free the humans. And they don’t go back on their word, unlike the humans. So I don’t see the point. Unless were going to see a prequel? And that’s freken lame.

    And 3D, gheesh man thanks for continuning to stck that up my viewing recctum.

  18. Matrix 4 I could see, maybe 5 if they flesh the story out well enough.

    I mean really, they had him doing magic the real world.. so he’s still in a layer of the matrix. Hmm.. sounds like inception/paprika kinda.

    • it wasnt magic because of his be grown by the machines he possesed the “code” he had a connection with the machines thats why he could do what he could in the matrix so that gave he a connection to the machines in the real world

  19. THE MATRIX sequels were two of the worst sequels ever. Just let the franchise go.

  20. Doing prequels is more practical cuz sequels’ story are over n Neo’s already dead….

  21. Matrix was the coolest movies ever. The sequels just tried too hard. I wish the 4th and 5ht are better than the original though. Its been such a long time. Though its obvious that whatever the movie might be like it is a guaranteed future blockbuster as of now, I hope they put work into it. I need New and Morpheus to be back. They can dissolve the rest of the cast though.
    AAAAnd Will Smith! That guy has to be back with a bang. I heard a little birdy say something about an I Am Legend sequel. Please let that be true. Will Smith should also be put in more Isaac Asimov book to movie adaptations. He fits in that world. Though I Robot was not an adaptation as such and only loosely based, I still enjoyed it.

    • Agreed.

    • The reason the sequels failed is because the story for the original was plagiarized by the Wachowski’s, oh wait “allegedly” plagiarized.

    • I heard Will Smith’s I Am Legend sequel is not a sequel, its a prequel.

  22. As much as I really loved the Matrix I felt that the concept behind it was very flawed.
    Whilst humanity was being farmed & used to provide energy for the machines it was being done in such a way that people didn’t even realise it.
    Everyone had a life to life & noone was being subjugated in the actual matrix. As far as the average Joe knew, they’re lives were perfectly normal.
    Then Morpheus & the gang come along & start busting people out so they could become fugitives. Constantly running from the machines, living like peasants with no real chance of having a real life again.
    If I was given the choice I know what I’d choose.
    The guy in the first movie, cypher was it?, had the right idea completely by wanting to be put back into the matrix to live in ignorance of the “real” world.

    • I suppose that what some of the house slaves believed, that they had it so good, why rock the boat. I would have done the same thing Morpheus did, and from what I know of the actor, so would he. This is what Morpheus was trying to tell Neo, that he was a slave within his own mind, much like some of my Afro-American brothers and sisters today. They believe that America owes them something because of what happened to our ancestors. They need to realized what the phrase, “To thine own self be true” means. I find it very comforting that a black woman was the one who wrote this story, and it is linked to The Terminator (John Connor being the first One).

      I’m sorry if that sounded like a rant. I just had that on my mind when you made your comment. And when I see what my black brothers and sisters are doing to themselves today, I just want to yell.

      • How is it linked to the Terminator? I musta missed that bit, sounds interesting though.

        • Sorry about that. That came from my sister who told me a woman had come up with the 2 stories. When you think about it, they could be linked. The woman claimed she came up with a short story that she submitted to the Wachowski’s and never got the manuscript back. I believe her but today, you’d better copywrite any material before sending it to anyone. The woman lost her case but is seeking to refile.

          • That’s been debunked pretty comprehensively – I was interested so looked into it, as there are a lot of strongly feminist themes in the trilogy that made the idea a woman wrote it as interesting to me as the notion a black person did is to black people. But it fell apart, once I started to look properly. She made a lot of claims about successful legal action that have been shown untrue – and the real problem with her claim is that the Matrix itself is very closely aligned to several previous anime/fantasy creations, Ghost in the Shell and Neuromancer for a start. Gibson said he loved the Matrix and saw it as a compliment if anything he’d written partially inspired it. Ghost in the Shell is so similar it’s untrue. So if anyone claimed they wrote it, they’d have to confess stealing a lot of it themselves. Not least from the Iliad, actually.

            The thing that made the Matrix brilliant was the way they synthesized anime, cyberpunk and stunning special effects with the archetypal hero’s journey to completely taut, enthralling effect. They took a lot of cult, niche tropes and made them absolutely compelling mainstream moviemaking. The way they created female characters who weren’t merely “feisty” but strong, and showed characters of all races contributing equally too, was a bonus feature. One that perhaps explains why there’s a strong female following, for an action franchise, and perhaps a stronger than usual black one, too?

        • Actually, when you first came up with your argument, I thought it was going to be the same I had years ago: Why didn’t the machines just use the natural heat from the earth’s magma? Zion used that heat, why couldn’t the machines? Of course, you wouldn’t have a movie then. :-)

          • That’s because the machines took over the vast surface of the earth initially and already knew a great deal about their human counterpart they were fighting and needed something to do with the remaining enslaved ones. Growing us for energy was the obvious choice.

            They probably would have gotten to other energy sources eventually considering the main one from the sun was blocked. They could have even reopened the sky and went solar haha. The point is they needed an immediate energy source to survive after the sun was blocked.

            That’s also why they were trying to destroy Zion so they could also take over their energy source. It’s kind of ironic, Humans just wanted to be free and the machines just wanted an energy source to be free too and they each had what the other wanted. If only they could live in “peace”.

            @Garythebra Man u missed the point/moral of the movie completely. I would not want to be a slave within my mind at All! I’d rather be aware and living real then ignorant and living a lie never knowing the truth about my existence. Not to mention by choosing to stay in it blinded that would cause the destruction of the human race entirely when they move on to other sources. Might as well revolt and fight back while u stand a chance.

            What i never got is why didnt they just drug us to keep us alive long enough to use our energy instead of going as far as creating this elaborate mind game/alternate universe matrix for us to live in. I mean really? That’s pretty nice of the machines to do for us even tho completely unnecessary.

    • Well it’s obviously Christian based, and me as a Christian I have been faced with these same choices. But the reason why you go with the truth (even when it’s hard) is that you come to see the world for what it really is(like the end of the first Matrix) and there is no other feeling like it.

      Total peace beyond understanding, and a sense of power you can’t feel anywhere else. Everything just seems easy. But things had to get hard before Neo even got to that point. You must endure to the end, but the victories are amazing to witness. It’s worth every minute.

      God Bless You Gary

  23. ^ Garythebra – Your name corresponds with your views.

    How could you even think of “wanting to be put back into the matrix to live in ignorance of the “real” world”?

    This just goes against the whole concept of humanity. People have fought since the beginning of time to be free. Even a life full of struggle and hardship IS a life at the end of the day, with a hope of a better future. The flawed life in the Matrix is not real, its just an illusion.

    The average joe would prefer to stay in reality and not be a doll in someone else’s doll-house.

    Think about it. Or you can return to playing Farmwille or Second Life. Do see the sunlight from time to time please. It still exists.

    • Akshay, I agree that one of the fundamental drives of humanity is to be free, but in what way are the people plugged into the matrix ultimately not free?
      Isn’t even the illusion of freedom still freedom as long as the people involved are ignorant to the fact that it’s an illusion??
      Let me ask you this. If you’re happily going about your everyday life, going to work, spending time with your friends and family, doing all the things that normal people do, and then one day out of the blue some guy like Morpheus approaches you & tells you your entire life is an illusion & offers to take you to the real world. But it turns out being in the real world sucks, you have to live on a horrible submarine/hover craft eating nothing but gruel and being constantly tracked & chased by giant squid robots, but it’s ok because this is the “real” world & your finally free. Are you telling me you would pick that life over the “illusion” you’re living right now?
      I find it hard to believe any normal person would make that choice. I know I wouldn’t. I may not have the perfect life right now but it’s still the life I’ve lived all these years.
      It would be different if the machines were treating the humans like slaves, subjugating them & making their lives a misery but the complete opposite is true. The machines went out of their way to give the humans the perfect life which they ultimately rejected.
      If anything the matrix movies highlight the fact that humanity itself is flawed.

      P.S. I’ve never used farmville or second life, if anything those things echo the point I raised about humanity being flawed. We can’t be happy with our real lives so we have to retreat to virtual worlds. I don’t see the point myself

      • I’d choose the real life, every time. I think there’s a pretty basic divide between those who would, and those who wouldn’t. It isn’t only about freedom either – I think it’s also about wanting an authentic life, not a dream one.

        Incidentally the whole point of the trilogy was that a proportion of the enslaved knew, at a very basic level, that their lives were a lie. That “splinter in their minds” was driving them crazy. So they were, very apparently, bitterly UNhappy in the world they inhabited, and they didn’t (other than Cypher) seem distressed by being free. In fact Trinity plainly found it impossible to even understand his point, in their final conversation. To her, the unreality of the Matrix rendered it meaningless – “the Matrix cannot tell you who you are.” And the truce Neo brokered, according to the Oracle in the final scene, meant that anyone who wanted out, and to be freed into Zion, would now be allowed to leave by the machines. So in effect the Wachowskis ended up providing for both strands of thought – those happy in the dreamworld could stay, those who hated it would be able to leave.

        • Actually that raises another point I had about the trilogy. If the machines were that bothered about that small percentage of humanity that wouldn’t except the matrix programming then why bother with the matrix at all. Wouldn’t it of just been easier & more logical for the machines to just lobotomize

        • Actually that raises another point I had about the trilogy. If the machines were that bothered about that small percentage of humanity that wouldn’t except the matrix programming then why bother with the matrix at all. Wouldn’t it of just been easier & more logical for the machines to just lobotomize everyone & thus bypass that problem altogether?
          Maybe I’m forgetting something, did they need the humans minds to be active for some reason??

          • Wow…It has been a loong time since I had actual Matrix talk. You bring up some good points. As far as staying in the Matrix and living a regular everyday life that was a lie compared to knowing the truth, I would go with the truth. As much sometimes the truth hurts, in my opinion it is always better to know what is really going on.

          • I think the main problem there is the same one that decided them against enslaving cows, whose utopia probably consisted of a nice cud to masticate: there’d be no movie. ;)

      • Gary the line your trying to blur is the line between Reality and Illusion. Yes they can be similar but one is a complete LIE and the other is the complete Truth. The problem is your choosing your reality based on trivial standards of personal satisfaction instead of based on honesty. This is the difference between Selfishness and Selflessness, Greed and Generosity, and Immaturity / Maturity that the movie divided a line between. I think you need to watch the first one over and over again. This isn’t a personal attack as a lot of people have whether out of enjoyment or grasping of the plot.

        The matrix is a legend because it is one of the few movies in history people could watch almost endlessly. You have got to identify the slave mentality within the film. You can’t be free and be a slave at the same time its not possible. No. Within the matrix your a slave but live free and outside of it your free but live like a slave. It is a moral dilemma. It is hard to believe any normal person would make that choice because “normally” people are self-centered egotistical immature children. This is the only flaw in humanity sir. A perfect mental life isn’t a gift to us when it was designed to keep us subdued involuntarily while our bodies are harvested for energy! Hell yeah i reject this.

        Only the Few “Ones” ever see the light of day.

      • Who says that “illusion” is any better? you say that the real world sucks because “you have to live on a horrible submarine/hover craft eating nothing but gruel and being constantly tracked & chased by giant squid robots” that might be true for the people who are activily on the mission of going into the matrix, but there where 1000s of people who lived normal life’s in zion. If I had the chance I would grab it in a sec, For one freed from redundancy of this world, 2. I can learn kungfu in a matter of seconds. Coming back to the “illusion” and being able to kick ass and do the impossible, most def a plus. I would have no problem with it at all, it would be an adventure. If this life that I am living right now is the illusion, I am not really living up the good life to want to hanker down and not destroy that illusion.

        There was a reason that cyfer choose to unmask the illusion of the matrix in the 1st place, somewhere down the line he lost that reason.

        You bring up farmville, but people everyday escape to different things other than the real world, tv, movies, video games, just to get away from the real world. You may not see the point, but others do. You would be one of those people that are just not ready to be unpluged, others are dying too.

    • I read an interesting take on the whole Matrix correlation to religion. Religion is kind of like the Matrix where people choose to believe and live by in an obscure and made up world (rules, beliefs, etc.) I thought it was interesting and I agree that people no longer want to be “truly” free, the majority are content with limiting themselves to one set of beliefs (religion), identify themselves with one group of people (racism), etc. Of course that’s a very cynical outlook on society but there’s a lot of truth in it.

  24. I would actually like to see a fourth matrix (and if the quality of the 4th permits) a fifth. Then again, I was one of just a few that I know that didn’t dislike Reloaded and Revolution.

    • Dude, I loved Reloaded and Revolution.

  25. @garythebra

    So I have a little respect for you now. I came across as a little hateful to your comment but you still managed to reply without being angered. Good show.

    Back on the original thing, I would choose that hell of a life. Its life at the end of the day and I can not make the decision of going into the Matrix even if I’m given a chance to get my memory removed. I’ve been through bad times and have learnt that any place can be made your home as long as you have a few friends along with you and a strong heart. I can never be an escapist.

    I respect your choice but I would ask you to not generalize your choice to the majority of the humanity.

    No one is happy with their life, take that from me. You might be the king of the world but you may still want more.

    Also even when I play video games I play the sort of stuff I can’t do/ don’t want to in real life. GTA can not be done in real life as I can’t really shoot people and run cars over them. Its just a different argument altogether.

    I find Second Life on of the saddest things ever made.

    • Hey Akshay, I appreciate your comments & I agree that I was generalising a little with my own opinions.
      One of the things I love about this site is that I can come here & read all sorts of different views & opinions about things.
      Hopefully I don’t come across as being disrespectful of other peoples opinions as that is never my intention.
      I think the main reason I wouldn’t chose the real life in the matrix is because I’d miss beer too much:-) also, I just don’t look good in grey knit

      • Lol….Now that’s funny. make some great points.

      • isnt that the point of the matrix? to raise an argument over humanity, where everyone has their own different perspectives?

        • Awesome point Geekman. I think this discussion thread proves you’re correct.
          I also think it comes down to a matter of individual perspectives, especially their perspectives of what freedom is.
          Some people are saying if they had the choice they’d rather live in the real world & be free, but how much more free are the people who escape from the matrix.
          Until the truce was declared in the 3rd movie all the people from Zion were pretty much living in fear. Fear of the future of humanity, constant fear of the machines. How can you really be free living like that.
          People still in the matrix had no such fears, they’re fears were much more mundane. And they’re lives, while ultimately being lived for the benefit of the machines, were still defined by the individual choices they made. That to me is a greater form of freedom.
          Plus, would people really give up on the lives they made for themselves, turn their backs on all the people they love & cherished for the chance to live in constant fear??
          Call me crazy, or shallow but I couldn’t do it:-)

    • I died @ “I find Second Life one of the saddest things ever made.”


    • Akshay,

      While I agree with you about being free and in the real world, I would but $100 that if you went out and conducted a poll, a LOT of people (especially 25 and under would choose to live inside the Matrix.

      Look at the amount of time spent online, in front of a TV, playing video games. What percentage of kids still goes outside to play? Have you ever seen two teens sitting next to each other and texting each other instead of talking?

      Look at what’s happening right now with people willing to give up more and more freedom for security – self-determination is a dying concept, at least in the US, my friend.


      • I found your views here to be very interesting.
        My perspective leads me to feel that the machines were offering a beneficial symbiotic relationship to the humans. The humans were given a standard of living, which was as good as nature had provided. The machines were afforded a sustainable energy source. Put this way I tend to want to allow that. Does not feel wrong to me.

        However, I really really respect self-determination as you mentioned. Maybe because I don’t posses any myself, although I am not sure. My point is I guess, I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on why the things you mentioned are negative. TV, and video games, I agree, are arts at the mercy of industry, which can only produce glimpses of true art. But the playing outside, (and I will say that I get the classic argument, exercise, fresh air, nature. I love these things too, but in the sake of the argument.) texting instead of talking. They just seem to be the natural progression of humanity & their technology. Efficiency can hardly be said to be a negative, although maybe it is unsustainable.

        I guess I’m saying, you seem to be directing your argument at mediums through which humanity channels its passion. Whether the results be harmful or ethical remains the variable. This does not mean that “submitting” to the machines is wrong. Nature doesn’t need us to play outside. It is a human nostalgic emotion. no?


        • tradpole,

          The more one depends on technology, the more one depends on others for their existence and the less self-sufficient that person is. That’s all well and good if you have complete faith in the intentions of those who are in control – but since when has power NOT corrupted people?

          This is why I chafe at the ever increasing number of laws and control the US government imposes on its citizens year after year. I want to be able to guide my own life how I like as long as I don’t harm others. But the government (the Matrix) wants to control every aspect of your life “for your own good” because they know what’s better for me than I do (in their eyes).


      • good point vic. To add to your post, the saying:

        “Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither” by Ben Franklin rings true here.

        Its true the matrix parallels our reality and serves as a fairly complete analogy. Imagine the fact that in the matrix when u breathe fresh air ur experiencing a memory. It can be better than or worse than the real thing but the point is its not the real thing! With illusions your reality is downloaded to u instead of sensed on ur own. Submitting to the machines is and would always be Wrong. Wrong because it isn’t natural. It isn’t nature. It isn’t REAL.

        P.S. Anybody that uses force vs. cooperation to alter your reality is never to be trusted as they are acting within their own self-interest not yours. That “alternate reality” you console is not even secure. That is why you deserve neither, for failure to see that point. To be free is to be truly secure.

        I will bet a $100 that anyone that disagrees with me is either Religious or someone that values instant – short term gratification.

        • I’d take that bet any day Ed and I’m neither religious nor do I overly value short term gratification.
          I’ve been coming at thus discussion purely from the hypothetical situation the I personally found out one day that my reality was false & I’d been plugged into the matrix since I was born.
          I think about the life Ive led in ignorance. All the experiences I’ve had & the people I’ve met. I think about the family & friends I love. I think about the woman I married who means everything to me & the son we have that brings me joy everyday.
          Like I stated earlier, my life is far from perfect but if someone came to me one day & gave me the choice of escaping from the matrix and living a life of hardship & fear or carry on living my life of ignorance in the computer generated fantasy world of the matrix with the family I love I’m sorry but I would choose my family & ignorance everytime.
          It may not be the moralistic choice, it may not even be fundamentally correct but who has the right to judge me based on my choice??
          Everything in this life is subjective, what’s right for one person isn’t always right for someone else.
          One of the themes of the trilogy was that humanity should have the choice to live the way they chose. My choice would be to tell Morpheus to stick his pill where the sun don’t shine:-)
          Sorry to keep banging on about this, I must be coming across like some kinda mentalist by
          I guess it’s a good job we’re not really plugged into the matrix huh………or are we??:-)

          • I’ll just refer u to what docgreenthumb said on page3.

            I firmly disagree that everything in this life is not solely subjective. Objectivity exists in at the very least an equal quantity. Perhaps your purely subjective view is clouding ur judgement?

            While it is imbalanced I do respect that this is ur opinion – to hold on to what u have, but as doc confirmed this is a short term mindset. if u fought u would stand a chance at a real life together. in the end its all just memories so why not?

            P.S. This reminds me of my friends bumper sticker we would debate on endlessly:

            “If ignorance is bliss, why aren’t more people happy?”

          • @Garythebra:

            I hear what your saying, and I to agree that we all should have the right to decide for ourselves.Where we will reside.But those who take the ‘Blue Pill’ in a sense could be seen as traitors to humanity.

            What I mean by that is this.Over the course of human history, we went from hunter gathers to farmers, to the industrial age and beyond.But the Matrix stops human progress.How many brilliant minds who could have figured out how to help mankind become a space faring species, never got the chance, b/c as Neo said “There is no spoon.” No Morpheus like person ever offered them a choice. :(

            I’ll never forget how disappointed I was with Buffy Summers the Vampire Slayer, in Season 5.When she and her friends essentially took the blue pill with Dawn.All the memories she had of her being her younger sister were a lie.The Key was a tool, an object.Yet Buffy treats it as though it were her “real” sister.

            Also the whole mystical monks just being able to create a human soul, out of an object.I found to be offensive and was sort of to much for me to supspend my disbelief.Season 5 is one of my favorite of the series, but the way Joss Whedon just decided to alter Buffy’s reality like that and have her go along with it as well.Felt like the ultimate guilt trip to me.It’s as though Joss Whedon wanted his own creation: Buffy the Vampire Slayer to not be mad at him.

  26. I think it would only work if it was made for the fans and they set out ot right all the wrongs they made in 2 and 3.

  27. I loved the Matrix trilogy. It did get somewhat confusing but all in all I enjoyed them very much. The original was just ground breaking. The other had less of an impact but they were fun and highly enjoyable. I still think the Frenchman was cool and his wife(wow). Give me more Matrix.


    That’s the only memorable role I could picture out the guy other than the MATRIX TRILOGY..

    always have waited for reeves to say those lines, WHOA! BOGUS and EXCELLENT! along with a rocking air guitar…

    • I love the idea of a 3rd B & T film, but the kids now a days have no idea who they are and i think it would suffer from it , I live in Fl and I go to Halloween Horror Night just to see the Bill & Ted halloween show, its classic.

    • I’ll be entertained by how they portray a pair of slackers from the eighties as they enter their mid-life crisis!

      Yep, the kiddies today would probably have no memory of B&T and the totally tongue in cheek style of the movies, but B&T3 should be written for an older audience anyway, exactly because it should be about growing up and choosing whether to accept “acting your age” or not. With time travel thrown in… awesome. Oh, maybe they can use outtake footage from the first two movies so older Bill and Ted can interact with their younger selves on screen!!!

  29. My only question about the Matrix has always been why don’t the machines make the Matrix a Utopia? Why does the Matrix have to be a direct clone of the real world, surely less people would rage against the machines if they were content in their matrix lives.
    If you asked 5 of the worlds richest people where they’d rather live, I bet all 5 would rather be hooked up to the Matrix.

    • You need to re-watch the end of Reloaded where the architect explains this very thing. The general concept was that when they did create a utopia people just didn’t buy it and so “entire crops were lost” They needed that realism and struggle to survive to make the Matrix believable.

    • I think his words are that he “came to realize that your species define themselves through suffering.” The first Matrix – that perfect world – was, to the inhabitants, so blatantly false that their minds rejected the programming altogether.

      • Smith also brings it up when he’s interrogating Morpheus in the first movie.
        I actually really enjoyed that scene because it gave a different perspective for the machines motivations.
        I liked how he implied that it was mankinds self destructive tendencies that led to the machines deciding they needed to get control of the situation which in turn sparked of the war.
        Ultimately, you could say that humanity was responsible for it’s own destruction.

        • Thanks.You guys set me straight.