Keanu Reeves Talks Matrix 4 & 5, Bill and Ted 3? [Updated]

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the matrix 4 5 keanu reeves neo Keanu Reeves Talks Matrix 4 & 5, Bill and Ted 3? [Updated]

The Matrix was an industry changing film on several levels, from ground-breaking visual effects to an entirely new way of shooting action sequences, all mixed together with an extra dose of “cool.” It quickly earned itself a pair of sequels in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions which unfortunately, didn’t quite live up to the stature of the original film about Neo, Morpheus and the rest of the human resistance.

While the Wachowskis brought some cool characters and arguably the best soundtrack and fight sequences with Reloaded, it laid a curious path for the trilogy conclusion, Revolution, which was all kinds of bad – for fans and critics alike. The trilogy seemingly saw the end of Keanu Reeves’ messianic character, Neo, but many expected he would rise again and according to Keanu Reeves, that’s actually the plan.

Ain’t It Cool News loyalist “El Nino” sent in info about Reeves speaking at “London school of performing Arts university”  - which I think means the London International School Of Performing Arts – as a keynote speaker. During the presentation, Keanu apparently provided updates on The Matrix 4 & 5 (both in 3D), Bill and Ted 3 as well as a modern adaptation of Robin Hood.

Before we get into the report, my problem with this is that no one else has reported directly about the event, not even the school which is not named correctly in the email sent to AICN. My immediate reaction is to believe it’s false as not one of the reporting sites has verified it. I sent the school a message about the Reeves guest appearance and to Warner Bros. about the news below and will update when I hear back, but here are the key points from the email for you to chew on in the meantime:

[UPDATE: The Senior Administrator for the London International School of Performing Arts informed me that Keanu Reeves made no appearance there, assuming that's the correct school. We're waiting on WB for more info.]

[UPDATE 2: Keanu’s rep and the studio confirmed that this is entirely fabricated. The only somewhat true part is about the future Robin Hood script, which we knew about already, but it didn’t cost anywhere near as much as $5 million.]

  • He’s currently on a 6-month workout regiment, training for a 3D Rated-R Samurai action film (47 Ronin).
  • He’s committed to Bill and Ted 3.
  • Wachowskis told him over holidays that they finished script treatments for Matrix 4 and 5 which would bring Neo back.
  • Wachowskis have consulted with James Cameron for advice on shooting them in 3D – They’re looking to again bring something entirely new for audiences visually.
  • Talk will resume about The Matrix sequels after Wachowskis finish working on Cloud Atlas.
  • Wachowskis sold the rights to the most expensive script ever ($5 million) to Warner Bros. for a future-based version of Robin Hood that will star Will Smith.

It all sounds good to me (whether true or not is yet to be seen), especially another new franchise for Will Smith. I miss him.

As hesitant as I am about a return to The Matrix, I know I’d be there opening night to see it. However, they’re setting what may be an impossible bar to reach if they hope to revolutionize the industry again. With them possibly shooting another two sequels back-to-back, I fear it may be another milking of the cash cow and a case of quantity over quality. That being said, Reeves promised he’s dedicated to the fans on this one and would only deliver another installment “worth of the title” of The Matrix.

What do you think of these rumored updates from Keanu Reeves?

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Source: AICN

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  1. If it’s true of “matrix 4 & 5″,that’s great news,because I’ve been a “huge” fan of “the matrix” films. Please don’t tell me that it’s a cruel joke being played on us. I’ll be waiting on “the matrix 4 & 5. Wow!!! Just the thought of it excites me!!!

    • You are f****** stupid as f***.

    • You are stupid.

      • Grow up man!Face it 90% of men love Matrix!

    • if these 2 events happen WILL sophia stewart be reconized as creator and author of Matrix. also will “THE 3RD EYE” be apart of the MATRIX 4th installment.

      • Trust me….she will!! I know!! I actually have in my possession matrix 4 books written by Sophia Stewart. It’s very true she is the mother of the matrix and once the court case is finished everyone will know. She’s about to do a radio interview soon to talk to millions of fans. Amazon sells the book for 37.00. I’m selling mines for 25.00 plus shipping and handling. Email concerns for the books at Thanks for supporting the real author for the third eye, matrix, and terminator series.

  2. If it’s true of “matrix 4 & 5″,that’s great news,because I’ve been a “huge” fan of “the matrix” films.

    • @ron harris: I’m totally with you man :) I love The Matrix franchise.And I think it would be outstanding if the Wachoski Brothers were to redeem it and return it to its former glory of the 1st Film in the series.

      This article was written over a year ago — June 23rd 2011 to be exact. The fact that its still getting comments, indicates that there is still much interest in the idea that The Matrix, has more stories to tell. And I’m all for it :D

      I wouldn’t mind seeing Keanu Reeves reprise his roll in Bill & Ted 3 as well :P

  3. It is not possible for matrix 4 @ 5. Its a fake speech to keep us fired up.

  4. Anyone who says any of the matrix films are bad is wrong who has missed the point of the movie entirely. There is a symbolic meaning behind it, no not religious, that *unfortunately* almost all don’t see. The movies were just ahead of their time, and still are.

    • Agreed!

  5. Excelente news! This movie is the best in innovation arts film

  6. I think the Matrix movies were way ahead of there time, and by far the best movies ever made. I can watch them over and over and over again and I never get tired of watching them ever. They are always exciting to watch, So for them to come out with two more sequels with Keanu Reeves, but they will have to find a way to bring back Carrie-Anne Moss as well to make the series what it should be…And a new bad guy Andy Wachowski some how they will have to infiltrate him into the mix again, maybe start him all over again, like King of the Matrix made a brand new version of him and started him all over again, but with new upgrades that are much better than before, even better Than Neo, So Neo would have to learn everything all over again to…What do you think…I think it would be a hit plus some new more innovative robots, Yeah that is the ticket because it is a World that is brand new so it has to start all over again so what better place than New….!!!

  7. There seemed to be a lot of ‘hints’ in the matrix revolutions about Neo returning, one thing at the end was the ‘lotus’ plant which we were seeing in Neo’s light vision… if he was dead, he wouldnt see anything… plus there were a few other hints as well. for all we know he was probably unconscious. Time will tell. I’m all for it, as its still an original movie idea :)

  8. If it is true that they are making matrix four and five. That’s great for the fans because the films are really good movies. I love the films lot for me. I just hope that who ever is directing the movie. They should have the same actors and actress like Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus Keanu Reeves as Neo and Jada Pinkett Smith as Niobe.

  9. Hahaha you lot make me laugh! gettin all serious and worked up over movies! XD get a grip you Gollums! does it matter either way? lol

  10. just bring the matrix back!!!

  11. Firstly, the Wachowski Brothers never wrote the Matrix or The Terminator in the first place therefore, they don’t how to continue the story. They stole it from the original writer, Sophia Stewart. She wrote The 3rd Eye and it was copy written in 1981 while she was in film school at USC.
    She entered a sci-fi comic book contest that the Wachowski Brothers put out and they stole her work and made Matrix and The Terminator. They are gagged from speaking about anything related to the Matrix or the Terminator by a federal court order.
    She has a website and
    Hollywood is smoke and mirrors as symbolized in the wood from the Holly tree for its purpose in how wands are made from for witches and warlocks, not Yuroba Orisha’s.

    Sophia Stewart is the Oracle and a visionary and the message in these movies are of spiritual content not religious.
    She has written Matrix 4, The Evolution and its in book form for all to read as well as the The 3rd Eye.
    Go to her website and check it out for yourself and she has made available the court information where she sued the Wachowski’s and other parties involved. So chew on that. By the way…Sophia Stewart is an African American sister from New York, that bestows gifts from the creator to reveal spiritual truth! Ase’!

    • Yeah, no. Really, no.

      Sophia Stewart is a fraud, so go advertise elsewhere.

      If she is the “Oracle” you claim her to be, it seems like she would have been bothered to, you know, actually show up in court.

  12. G*dd*mn please let this be legit. Ever since i saw the trilogy (about a million times) i have been begging God for another Matrix film and He hath answered me! lol another B&T?… ehhh haha they better have some major visual effects to make Keanu and Alex look younger if they are reprising

  13. any new news on the matrix 4 and 5? would love to see them do these

  14. I think you guys should come out with the new matrix 4… How many remakes of superman and batman they are gonna make…bring on the next matrix.. Fast and furious is on #6…they already gotta next 1 coming…smh! Lol… #matrix4

  15. The Matrix 4 will air next summer to be exact.

  16. I would keanu to make another matrix to let us kno wutz going on did they accudally let go the people

  17. Its great news

    we are eagerly waiting for the matrix 4 and 5

    • Did you even read the article? Did you even bother to read the “update”.. instead of going entirely off the title?

  18. So whats up? Yes or no to The Matrix 4&5??

    • Nope

  19. do you know we are in reality in a matrix . the wholle univers is an hologram . look for the awnsers youtube david icke – nassim haramein – david wilcock – et ect there is more information to discover than you know .from my own experence yes we live in a dreamworld the way we think what it is real , ask yourself what are you in reality ?

  20. Would be so good to get 2 more.. I dont know why people hate on revolutions so much either. I really liked how it wrapped up but still left plenty open.

    • I love,love Matrix 1 and 2.But way,way,way did Neo have to die in nomber 3.That mad my angry!!!!!Hope Neu lives agen.Hope thay make new Matrix!

  21. I am a Super fan of Matrix 1 and 2!!!But the last Matrix was so,so,so BAD!I went to see Matrix 1 and 2.But I went to a shop to get Matrix 3 dvd.When I sow Neo dies in Matrix 3 I went mad and was altra angry.I broke the dvd and screamd!

  22. I think that the matrix should be held off for another fifteen years or so so the original should be remade into something that way outdoes the original. This is something that can’t afford to be made a joke of with two pointless sequels-unless they make sense.

  23. With James Cam helping with the visual. I can see this being a great Film

  24. The Matrix… Just a movie?
    Think again, in the future, this is how many pls will live.
    Already, just try to disconnect y-gen (& everone else) off the net & their devices.
    For health (old age/ disability), entertainment & financial reasons ie, pls homes will be a 6 x 12′ box with only a chair to “jack in” as real homes will too expensive.
    Think about…

    Oh.. and yes we NEED! Matrix 4,5 and more, bring it on.

  25. matrix 4 and 5 i dont see how thats going to be a part 4 or part 5 at the end of part 3 there at peace with one another….

    but bill and ted 3 has been being talked about for a long ass time. the guy that played rufus is dead though … but both keanu and what his face that played bill really want to do another b&t frankly i would love to see it.

  26. I’m confused. Is there going to be another Matrix or not? Cause if not, then that’s just plain wrong telling people this then denying it. Even though I’m 12 years old, I saw the trilogy (with my dad for it being R-rated but now I watch them alone) last year in July and I thought “That’s it? They need more movies on this”. I agree on at least another Matrix movie, and if it’s good, then another. I will be more than ticked if they don’t make one.

    • Read the update in the article? There’s no matrix 4 or 5. It was completely fabricated by a fan. The Matrix is done as far as anyone knows.