Rumor Patrol: New ‘Matrix’ Trilogy in Development

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new matrix trilogy Rumor Patrol: New Matrix Trilogy in Development

Considering the age we live in – where Hollywood seems desperate to remake any good idea they’ve had in the past – a revisit to the Matrix seems inevitable. The Wachowskis had an irreversible impact on the industry with their 1999 film, The Matrix. It significantly changed what we’ve come to expect of visual effects and action sequences, and produced the technology that allowed those ground-breaking advancements to be commonplace today.

The two sequels that followed – The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions – were less well-received and paled in comparison to the first film’s imagination and execution. Still, fans have been eager for a return to the innovative though deceiving future laid out in The Matrix – so much so that when a fake report claiming the Wachowskis were hard at work on a Matrix 4 & 5 went viral, just about everyone gobbled it up.

And here we are today, with what could very likely be a case of déjà vu (that or someone’s been tampering with the Matrix). Latino Review has posted an exclusive report claiming the Wachowskis have already turned in to Warner Bros. “early treatments and outlines” for a new Matrix trilogy.

Their proof? Nothing more than the Wachowskis long history with Warner Bros. and how both they and the studio are desperate for another big hit. Since The Matrix Trilogy fizzled out with Revolutions, the Wachowskis haven’t yet scored another box office smash. (See Speed Racer and Cloud Atlas.) Their latest effort, Jupiter Ascending, looks promising, but it better perform well beyond expectations if there’s any hope of it recouping its $200 million budget.

As for Warner Bros., since the studio ended its partnership with Legendary Pictures and lost the Terminator franchise rights, their future hinges entirely on the success of their DC Comics’ properties - specifically, the Man of Steel sequel, Batman vs. Superman. Since it’s generally accepted to be a bad idea to put all your eggs in one basket, Warner Bros. must surely be eager to have at least one more bankable franchise.

the matrix 4 5 keanu reeves neo Rumor Patrol: New Matrix Trilogy in Development

With nothing more than LR‘s purely circumstantial evidence, coming to the conclusion a new Matrix trilogy is on the way does seem a little farfetched. Then again, LR touts past examples where rumors that were initially denied eventually came true: Star Trek Into Darkness and Khan, more Star Wars films, Independence Day sequels, etc. Will this be what happens with these rumors the Wachowskis are developing another Matrix trilogy?

Only time will tell, but were another Matrix trilogy to come down the line it’s hard to know whether it’d be a continuation or a true reboot. Not that anything concerning the Matrix has ever been clear, but considering how the original Matrix trilogy left some doors open – with The Architect suggesting Neo wasn’t the first or only “One” – there’s plenty of potential for further exploration. (For example, these rumored new Matrix films could examine the story behind the birth of the Matrix.)

What are you thinking? Is a new Matrix trilogy something Warner Bros. should be interested in? Do you think this new rumor is anything more than hot air? Let us know in the comments below!


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for any developing news about the possibility of new Matrix films.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. Yep Christopher Nolan would make a awesome matrix movie. I would like them to reboot the series there is so much potential.

    • Reboot? Not a chance. & IMO, I prefer the Wachowskis to Chris Nolan. Chris is a psychological thriller fanatic, anything at that scale wouldn’t suit him. I’d rather have him work the story.

      • The Matrix belongs to the Wachowski’s NOT Christopher Nolan. I do love his work however, and would certainly be cool with some sort of collaborative effort between Nolan and the Wachowski duo.

        ‘The Matrix: Inception’

      • Arguably it was the scale of the sequels that caused them to be such a mess. Christopher Nolan could bring it all back down to the central themes and wouldn’t make things so convoluted. Heck, whatever you thought of “Inception” it already seems to prove that he at least has the potential to make some decent Matrix films.

        I just don’t think Nolan would be interested.

        • Dont agree at all, these are not Chris Nolan movies….. The Wachowskis have some making up to do…. They will finally do justice to the source material.

        • Just say NO to a Nolan (or anyone else besides The Wachowski Brothers) Matrix.

  2. Wow… not really much to go on here.

    I guess just because 2 and 3 tanked in terms of the money they made they were crappy movies…

    even though the feel of 2 and 3 were very different from the original and they didn’t make gobbs of money, doesn’t mean that they sucked. together all 3 movies made a complete and coherent story, unlike another trilogy that started out around the same time…

    I think the most important aspect of doing another set of matrix movies would be to somehow turn the whole concept on its head and bend our brains in the same way the original did.

    I remember seeing the matrix all by myself the Saturday after it opened in theaters. I was utterly amazed at the brilliance and cleverness of the story. I was awed by the possibilities and ideas that it sparked in my head. I was totally dumbstruck by the fantastic visuals to go with this wondrous story.

    if they could do that again in a new story and not rehash all the concepts that they pumped into the original trilogy, I would be all for it.

    but with the track record that the Wachoski’s have had, I don’t know if they should even be making movies any more.

    • The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions are actually ONE MOVIE cut in half. They could literally be spliced together end to beginning, scene to scene as a single film. There is literally ZERO time between the two

    • Coherent? They lost that after the first one.

  3. I thought this was old news? I’ve been hearing Matrix 4 & 5 were in development for about the past two years. But I guess more people are getting word of it. I hope it’s true. I actually enjoyed all three Matrix movies. I don’t understand how people can critique an original idea of a film and say the originators of that idea got it wrong somehow. That’s just stupid. Other than that, I enjoyed the Animatrix film very much and the nine stories that stemmed from the film just shows the potential of how many different stories can be weaved from the story. I would like to see how The Matrix got started but then we’d just have another “I. Robot” movie but this tie Will Smith dies. But a continuation story would be awesome as well. Maybe seeing the machines and programs losing power and trying to revolt against the humans. Who knows but I’m down!

  4. Oh my God! Jeezing!!
    I´d really like a Matrix return. its time.

    Yeah and as much as I would like sequels, I think they will aim for the prequel direction.

    • How about a reboot?

      We have all the elements already set up. If we have a new Matrix movie now, we are best off not bringing back the old cast except possibly as carefully planned cameos (so that we can tell we are in the same universe).

      What we need are a new set of characters to follow with a whole new set of goals, playing on specific themes.

      The world of The Matrix has so much potential and the only problem is, now that Neo is gone, what is the new focus for the story? I know that the Matrix Online tried to carry things on, so perhaps the writers can get some inspiration from the storylines in that? But the point is that we need someone with an interesting story to tell set in the world of the Matrix – and no, I’m not convinced that the Wachowskis are the right people for the job.

      • A Matrix film without the Wachoswskis? are you sane?

  5. I’d love to see some sequels! They left everything in complete disarray. The humans have to live near the core where it’s warm, how will they ever feed the billions of people that are released from the Matrix on the completely ruined planet? They left so many questions unanswered, would love some closure, as well as, some new philosophical conundrum to push a couple of sequels along.

  6. “13-th floor” is a better realization of the main Matrix idea. First Matrix was good and all, the second felt strange, and the 3-rd one was absolutely lame. Sure all of them had some nice scenes but thats all.
    Unless they rethought the idea of Matrix world they can relax and start searching new ideas.

  7. yes! i love the matrix, sure 2 and 3 were not as good but the effects and the fights were amazing and with todays standards it would look even better because when you watch those movies they are a bit dated.

    i wonder what type of new ideas they will do because films have copied matrix ever since it was made and still do it today. i would really like to know what happened after the end. i really hope neo comes back and its not a prequel or anything like that. nothing against them but i just wanna see it continue.

  8. As long as the new additions follow the dark, oppressive feel of the first entry and not the faux Superman/robot porn wankfest of part two and three, I don’t have a problem with reanimating that franchise.

    Thing is, if the reasoning behind bringing back the franchise is true and WB is indeed looking for another DC/Terminator to branch out, there’s little chance we’ll see a techno noir movie. I’d expect a lot of flying, explosions, an over saturation of CGI and an ending equally disappointing to the one in the third installment.

    • “if the reasoning behind bringing back the franchise is true and WB is indeed looking for another DC/Terminator to branch out, there’s little chance we’ll see a techno noir movie. I’d expect …an ending equally disappointing to the one in the third installment.”

      Yeah, aren’t you tired of all these big budget Superhero/blockbuster movies with ambiguous, semi-pessimistic endings where the main character dies simply to allow his allies to forge an uneasy détente with the enemy, leaving millions of people enslaved and humanity in constant danger of eradication? Every movie has the same story!

      • Your snark is noted.

        I’m sure you enjoyed the ending. I expected something that would match the first 20 minutes of Matrix in it’s mind bending, reality altering glory. Alas, what I got was a stock hero-must-die cop-out, one that wasn’t even particularly logical. To each its own I guess.

  9. Matrix 2 was one of the best action films of its time IMO. And Matrix 3 was kind of weak.

  10. The only way I’d want another reboot is if they used the original actors… Keanu could certainly use a boost to his career and it certainly would NOT be a matrix movie without him in it! All these year later remakes are getting old with all these new actors… Get some new ideas or reboot with as many original actors as possible or leave the movies in the past and on DVD!


      Reboot/Remake = Starting over

      Personally, I want a continuation, not a reboot/remake. There is definitely still more story they can tell continuing from the point or sometime after the point Revolutions ended.

  11. Sure what the hell, Id probably Redbox it

  12. if they use the old cast i’m in

  13. The “Animatrix” was the best thing to come from the original movie.

  14. If this happens then I won’t be watching.

    The original was decent at best and extremely dated now and the sequels were god awful. Just let it go.

  15. I really hope this happens… I love the MATRIX films!!!

    IMO MATRIX is a Masterpiece (10/10)
    Matrix Reloaded is good (8.5/10)
    Matrix Revolutions is average at best (7/10)…

    If true it’s obviously a smart move by WB… The 3 films cost 363 million to make, and they went on to gross 1,632,989,142… That’s over 4 times the budget which is a lot of profit and that doesn’t even include video games, collectables, dvd/bluray sales…

    I just hope they take their time and create the best movies possible, hopefully movies more like the 1st matrix, with the original cast…

  16. I enjoyed the entire Matrix trilogy, as well as Cloud Atlas and surprisingly, Speed Racer. I would enjoy a return to see how the system has evolved, and whether or not things have stayed peaceful.

  17. I want Keanu Reaves back as Neo, I think he’d do it if the story was fitting, his passion for martial arts will make him want to also. He is brilliant. the rest of the cast would be good as well.

    why do people hate on the 2nd&3rd films. I understand the upset of the 3rd one but the 2nd one was incredible. The fights scenes are unprecedented the music was nailed with the fight scenes. and the story was intriguing, it obviously not going to have the total “completely new conept” because the 1st already did that!

    Revolutions was clearly dissatisfying. it didnt contain much fun action fight scenes like reloaded or 1st one, because it focused more on Zion :(, the people. thats what made it suck, not enough action Neo

    • I agree, but I think Keanu despite not aging on the outside wouldn’t cope with the physical aspects of making the movie. Man of Tai Chi wasa perfect example, those fight scenes with him in it just looked like he was stretching to get some of those kicks out, and just looked arkward.

      I’m super excited for a matrix revisit though, between the movies and the matrix online game it’s my favourite fictional world ever. The game perfectly captured the ambiance of the matrix world.

      Prequel is stupid and redundant, there’s nothing to explain that the animatrix didn’t cover, short of a LOTR style walk looking for grains and berries to start their new city up with.

      Start it with a civil war in the machine world, and a hunt to find Neo, and go from there.
      Or not,just make something good.

      • “Start it with a civil war in the machine world, and a hunt to find Neo, and go from there”

        Another good idea that could possibly mesh with my idea below. Something strange is going in and the group needs to enter the Matrix after all this time to find Neo because only he might know how to resolve the situation.

  18. Im interested. However, not so sure a prequel with an entirely different cast will work.

    The wachowskis will direct no doubt. If Chris Nolan could take any franchise, he would do an amazing X-files movie.

  19. No thanks. They did so much damage to their legacy with that awful conclusion that after 10 years in denial, i have finally come to the realization that they got lucky with the original and just played with house money with the sequels.

    • “…i have finally come to the realization that they got lucky with the original and just played with house money with” — every movie they made afterward.

      I think that’s more accurate.

  20. Loved The Matrix

    Hopefully the rumor is true and the Wachowskis can make another trilogy.

  21. “Bullet Time” filmed using 3D cameras would be mind-blowing. The biggest mistake the franchise made IMO was spending time in Zion. I think a prequel is the only way the franchise can possibly be great again. Rian Johnson (Looper, Brick) could inject a much needed dose of noire that the sequels desperately lacked.

    • You mean the guy who ruined his gritty noir crime film by bringing in some 12 year old X-Men reject villain who flies around and zaps people with his mutant telekinesis?

  22. I’d like to see Matrix 4.

  23. Hey WB, reboot Harry Potter already!! Lol

    • They already kinda are. There are plans in the works to revisit Hogwarts with another group in another time not during the Harry Potter years.

  24. Pay Sofia Stewart to write it and you will have something closer to the original story that the Wachkoskis stolen from her…

    • Pay Sophia Stewart to write it and you’ll be waiting around for three decades for something she stole from Harlan Ellison and Philip K Dick.

  25. The Matrix is one of the greatest movies of all time. A continuation of this amazing story line would make billions of people satisfied. I am wishing this rumor is true.

  26. oh my gosh cant wait for the new matrix its got to be legendary i still watch the dvd,s thought the hole trilogy was amazing woul kill to see more cant wait will be praying for more !!!!

  27. oh hell yeah i want to see this is this just a rumor is this something real?

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  29. Reboot? No way. You won’t be able to improve on the first which always spells disaster.

    Now a continuation IS possible. Reeves is still here, we don’t know exactly what happened to his character and he could easily now exist only in the Matrix itself. They could then bring back Fishburne as an elder of the council and any others from the original who are interested.

    At the end of 3 though the two programs did talk about peace…….”as long as it lasts” and the beginning of 4 could be the rumblings of that peace ending. This would give Morpheus and crew a need to re-enter the Matrix after all this time only to find it a drastically different place from the pinnacle of the 20th century they once knew. Neo could then show up in a spirit “Obi Wan” capacity to help guide the group in this new Matrix.

    LOTS of possibilities.