Rumor Patrol: New ‘Matrix’ Trilogy in Development

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new matrix trilogy Rumor Patrol: New Matrix Trilogy in Development

Considering the age we live in – where Hollywood seems desperate to remake any good idea they’ve had in the past – a revisit to the Matrix seems inevitable. The Wachowskis had an irreversible impact on the industry with their 1999 film, The Matrix. It significantly changed what we’ve come to expect of visual effects and action sequences, and produced the technology that allowed those ground-breaking advancements to be commonplace today.

The two sequels that followed – The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions – were less well-received and paled in comparison to the first film’s imagination and execution. Still, fans have been eager for a return to the innovative though deceiving future laid out in The Matrix – so much so that when a fake report claiming the Wachowskis were hard at work on a Matrix 4 & 5 went viral, just about everyone gobbled it up.

And here we are today, with what could very likely be a case of déjà vu (that or someone’s been tampering with the Matrix). Latino Review has posted an exclusive report claiming the Wachowskis have already turned in to Warner Bros. “early treatments and outlines” for a new Matrix trilogy.

Their proof? Nothing more than the Wachowskis long history with Warner Bros. and how both they and the studio are desperate for another big hit. Since The Matrix Trilogy fizzled out with Revolutions, the Wachowskis haven’t yet scored another box office smash. (See Speed Racer and Cloud Atlas.) Their latest effort, Jupiter Ascending, looks promising, but it better perform well beyond expectations if there’s any hope of it recouping its $200 million budget.

As for Warner Bros., since the studio ended its partnership with Legendary Pictures and lost the Terminator franchise rights, their future hinges entirely on the success of their DC Comics’ properties – specifically, the Man of Steel sequel, Batman vs. Superman. Since it’s generally accepted to be a bad idea to put all your eggs in one basket, Warner Bros. must surely be eager to have at least one more bankable franchise.

the matrix 4 5 keanu reeves neo Rumor Patrol: New Matrix Trilogy in Development

With nothing more than LR‘s purely circumstantial evidence, coming to the conclusion a new Matrix trilogy is on the way does seem a little farfetched. Then again, LR touts past examples where rumors that were initially denied eventually came true: Star Trek Into Darkness and Khan, more Star Wars films, Independence Day sequels, etc. Will this be what happens with these rumors the Wachowskis are developing another Matrix trilogy?

Only time will tell, but were another Matrix trilogy to come down the line it’s hard to know whether it’d be a continuation or a true reboot. Not that anything concerning the Matrix has ever been clear, but considering how the original Matrix trilogy left some doors open – with The Architect suggesting Neo wasn’t the first or only “One” – there’s plenty of potential for further exploration. (For example, these rumored new Matrix films could examine the story behind the birth of the Matrix.)

What are you thinking? Is a new Matrix trilogy something Warner Bros. should be interested in? Do you think this new rumor is anything more than hot air? Let us know in the comments below!


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for any developing news about the possibility of new Matrix films.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    • First one was cool. Second one was lame. Third was was laughable.


      • +1

    • I blame “The Matrix” for nerds wearing ankle length leather coats.

      • Ah, no. Blame director Larry/”Lana” Wachowski for the flamboyance. The dude is now a dame, or at least he thinks he’s one. Seriously.

      • Oh…I misread your comment. Yea, I also think a lot of nerds wear ankle-length leather coats due to The Matrix, but I blame the confused director for the over-the-top flamboyance in the film itself.

  2. Wait… I thought Jupiter Ascending was The Matrix reboot. :)

    • I Totally agree there is SO MUCH POTENTIAL in this franchise, that I can’t explain why they haven’t exploded it, it really makes me wonder if it was actually written by someone else *cough* *cough* Sophia Stewart. If done properly it could’ve been the next starwars. The plots of the previous “ones”, the plot where aliens try to come to earth and the machines kill them, the whole spiritual theme, a movie adaptation of The Second Renaissance part 1 and 2, Or the story of Morpheus before he met Neo, I mean seriously why have they not done anything with the franchise, a TV series maybe is someone holding the right or something like that? grrrrrrrrrr.
      Any way I hope this is true and they expand on the movies rather than rebooting them, even if Reloaded and Revolutions could do with some rebooting.

      • The same can be asked of Sophia Stewart. Why has she not written a single word in the 33 years since her 30-page “epic” she claims both the Terminator and Matrix franchises stole from? Too busy warding off nighttime visitations from Philip K Dick’s vengeful ghost, I suspect.

        • Exactly. Sophia Stewart’s bullsh*t claims were laughed out of court. The trial of which she failed to even appear.

          The last thing Stewart has written she can genuinely claim to be her own was her signature on last months prescription for Prozac.

  3. This seems rather farfetched to me and I don’t see a new trilogy happening anytime soon at least not with the Wachowski Siblings at the helm.

    • report comes from latino review, so yeah it’s pretty far fetched. They should’ve ended it at the first film and went to do other original works but of course WB and the Wachowskis had to milk the franchise

  4. Imo, “The Matrix” was a one hit wonder and the films that followed werent even half ad good as the original. If they did make a new trilogy, then I would probably wait to see what word of mouth says abiut the film.

  5. Awesome, this means Kofi can have it out on the podcast again and explain to these naysayers why Revolutions was great lol. But seriously, overall I really like the entire trilogy. Obviously 1 is the best but I really really dig Reloaded. I thought it had the best action.

    • Do you remember which podcast that was? I would be interested to hear it.

      • I’m 99% sure it was the Olympus Has Fallen podcast. They were discussing Avatar sequels in the news segment and somehow it spun off into a Matrix discussion and Kofi was defending Revolutions. It was really funny.

    • +1000

  6. Is it April 1st already? Seriously though, how does this work with the Wachowski’s plans to direct the 2 Jupiter Ascending sequels? A commitment to direct 3 more Matrix movies and 2 more Jupiter movies would tie them up for at least a decade.

    • Who said they had to direct the new Matrix movies? (if they even happen)they could just be producers and writers maybe direct the first but they don’t have to do them all

  7. I’m open. Once I got over the fact that the sequels could never have the impact the first film did, I found them enjoyable (Though I could live without ‘cave raves’ 😛 ) Also, the Animatrix (a direct to DVD mid 2&3 release, featuring animated shorts set in the Matrix universe) really displays the variety that could potentially be explored on film.

  8. Keanu is desperate for a comeback. Since last year’s 47 Ronin bombed.

  9. Heck Yes. I don’t care what anyone says about Matrix 2 and 3… I’m a believer that they were all great. It was a good beginning middle, and an open ending… We never stopped the machines… There still up there evolving and we’re still near the core “where it’s still warm”…

    At this stage I don’t want a reboot already. Don’t even try to top the original with a reboot. #1 was ground breaking. Wether you enjoyed or hated it one thing was clear… It was the first of it’s kind. I’m 28 now and I remember seeing the first with my pops and I loved it. Even tho I spent an hour trying to explain what he just saw to him lol…

    It was the first of it’s kind with groundbreaking slow motion, special effects. Visuals… They may never top that or speeches like why Neo “believes he can bring Morpheous back” or the scene when they actually do… So don’t try. If you reboot it, it’s as if the movie will have no more meaning…

    With that said please… Continue that…

    one of the biggest fans of the trilogy Period..

    • this isn’t something sacred like star wars, there was one good matrix movie. i’d take ten more shitburger matrix movies for one more great movie. i’d pay to see them all.

      • You have to think though, to some people The Matrix was just as sacred if not more, than Star Wars…
        I remember seeing The Matrix for the first time in theatre’s as a 10 year old and taking off running as soon as the movie let out, because Neo ran from the Agents. And explaining the plot to my whole family as if it was the deepest philosophy known to man. Steve Rogers (yes I’m speaking in 1st person); is a die hard Matrix fan!

  10. NO NO NO NO NO !!!!!

  11. So much about the Matrix trilogy has been left unfinished. So many unanswered questions about what happened to Neo, and what happened to the Machines and Zion. I don’t care about a reboot, I just want the current storyline to continue to its proper conclusion.

  12. just because the second and third matrix movies sucked doesn’t mean more would also be terrible. they could be AWESOME. the second and third are indicators that it would suck, but the potential is amazing and good for us all if it is explored. the downside is some terrible movies no one wants, but who cares, if they treat it as they should it’ll be awesome. DO IT!!!!

  13. Oh, so that’s what Latino Review does when it’s bored on weekend.

    • I really need to get around to starting up my own website where each day I just make up movie rumors based on broad and logical assumptions, which then other websites can repeat and twist into knots for news articles. I just have to be vague enough that hindsight ends up making me seem like I was on the right path, and I can still be wrong pretty often too. Seems easy enough.

      Anyway, guys, since I don’t have that website is yet, my sources say that very early talks have begun regarding a reboot of Rocky, with Sylvester Stallone interested in producing, and a target of 2017 for release. You read it here first!

      • HA HA – I’ve been commenting about all these constant rumor articles too – tons of these articles start with … “so rumor says” and then it’s stuff that NEVER comes true – so why do they insist on reporting it ??

      • +1000!

    • +1! =)

  14. Matrix: The Phantom Agent

    Agent Binks, “Mesa gonna kill yousa now mmk.”

    • Followed by The Matrix: Attack of the Agents and The Matrix: Revenge of the Machines.

  15. The two Matrix sequels did NOT pale in comparison with the first movie. They were two of the best sequels ever produced by the Hollywood system.

  16. AH, yes. Another SR story title produced just to get more clicks on their site. Post a title, then go on to say that their own title and additional info is likely nothing but a bunch of bunk. Hope those clicks are producing more car ads for ya!

    • Still got you to click.

  17. How about three movies to bridge the ending of the third Terminator movie to the start of the original Matrix movie?

    I have little idea whether or not I am being serious. Probably not.

  18. Is a new Matrix trilogy something Warner Bros. should be interested in? I say go for it, they have plenty of options story wise. The first Matrix was awesome and groundbreaking, the other two were sad.

  19. Latino Review has had a good track record when it comes to scoops so I’m not sure why you guys are so quick to dismiss this story.

    In terms of the Matrix sequels (or prequels?), I really hope that they put more thought and effort into these films than parts 2 and 3. You could really tell those movies were rushed and didn’t have the same amount of care as the first one did. The Matrix universe is massive and there’s just so much potential for good stories to come from that.

  20. You know Kevin Smith brought up a good point about why the heck didn’t the siblings get hired to film a superman film after the first Matrix. The effects plus that last scene where Keanu flies into the air made it seem like they were capable of doing it. Then you have the fight scene in reloaded when Keanu knocks back all those smith clones piling up on him. Then theres the last big fight scene in revolutions, why did they decide to film a speed racer film instead of a big hero type film like superman?

    Just the other day I was thinkin, hey wouldnt it be cool to revisit the matrix world in a new set of movies separate from the trilogy(I was looking at the animatrix).

    This is so weird, this happened before when I thought, Hey Id wish theyd make more Harry Potter films, next day on screenrant harry potter spin off news broke.

    Someone tap into my brain so we know which movies will be coming to development.

    • also hopefully less leather this time.

  22. Im in they could show the early creation of the Matrix.

  23. At first I though, nah. Where could it go. The last movie was a bit of a mess.

    Prequel. The story of the first “one”, the first Neo. Could also include Zion being founded and the deal being struck.

  24. Jupiter Ascending cost $200 million to make. Whoa. That was a huge bet.

  25. I’m open to it but to be honest, the Wachowski’s returning is something I wouldn’t be too thrilled about. I’d much rather have some fresh blood take over the franchise.

  26. The first movie was a badass first instalment.
    Reloaded took it to a whole new level with the multiple Smiths.
    Revolution took mid-air fight scenes to the next generation.
    ‘Animatrix’ shows how diverse the story is.

    All in all, special effects are way more sophisticated than they were in the early 2000s. Story wise: there will always be an anomaly as long as the Matrix exists.

    I’m definitely down for the next trilogy.

  27. I wouldn’t mind Christopher Nolan directing a new matrix movie.

    • Please, no. I don’t need to see Neo enter a Matrix within a Matrix within a third Matrix within yet another Matrix. I don’t need to see a Matrix movie that’s so visually conservative that the most innovative shot of the whole film is just a room slowly tilting at a 90 degree angle. I certainly don’t need to see a Matrix movie that doesn’t advance the philosophy beyond the simple reality/appearance issues that were addressed in the first 20 minutes of the first Matrix film.

  28. Wb has another franchise… Christopher Nolan films.

    • +1