Rumor Patrol: New ‘Matrix’ Trilogy in Development

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new matrix trilogy Rumor Patrol: New Matrix Trilogy in Development

Considering the age we live in – where Hollywood seems desperate to remake any good idea they’ve had in the past – a revisit to the Matrix seems inevitable. The Wachowskis had an irreversible impact on the industry with their 1999 film, The Matrix. It significantly changed what we’ve come to expect of visual effects and action sequences, and produced the technology that allowed those ground-breaking advancements to be commonplace today.

The two sequels that followed – The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions – were less well-received and paled in comparison to the first film’s imagination and execution. Still, fans have been eager for a return to the innovative though deceiving future laid out in The Matrix – so much so that when a fake report claiming the Wachowskis were hard at work on a Matrix 4 & 5 went viral, just about everyone gobbled it up.

And here we are today, with what could very likely be a case of déjà vu (that or someone’s been tampering with the Matrix). Latino Review has posted an exclusive report claiming the Wachowskis have already turned in to Warner Bros. “early treatments and outlines” for a new Matrix trilogy.

Their proof? Nothing more than the Wachowskis long history with Warner Bros. and how both they and the studio are desperate for another big hit. Since The Matrix Trilogy fizzled out with Revolutions, the Wachowskis haven’t yet scored another box office smash. (See Speed Racer and Cloud Atlas.) Their latest effort, Jupiter Ascending, looks promising, but it better perform well beyond expectations if there’s any hope of it recouping its $200 million budget.

As for Warner Bros., since the studio ended its partnership with Legendary Pictures and lost the Terminator franchise rights, their future hinges entirely on the success of their DC Comics’ properties - specifically, the Man of Steel sequel, Batman vs. Superman. Since it’s generally accepted to be a bad idea to put all your eggs in one basket, Warner Bros. must surely be eager to have at least one more bankable franchise.

the matrix 4 5 keanu reeves neo Rumor Patrol: New Matrix Trilogy in Development

With nothing more than LR‘s purely circumstantial evidence, coming to the conclusion a new Matrix trilogy is on the way does seem a little farfetched. Then again, LR touts past examples where rumors that were initially denied eventually came true: Star Trek Into Darkness and Khan, more Star Wars films, Independence Day sequels, etc. Will this be what happens with these rumors the Wachowskis are developing another Matrix trilogy?

Only time will tell, but were another Matrix trilogy to come down the line it’s hard to know whether it’d be a continuation or a true reboot. Not that anything concerning the Matrix has ever been clear, but considering how the original Matrix trilogy left some doors open – with The Architect suggesting Neo wasn’t the first or only “One” – there’s plenty of potential for further exploration. (For example, these rumored new Matrix films could examine the story behind the birth of the Matrix.)

What are you thinking? Is a new Matrix trilogy something Warner Bros. should be interested in? Do you think this new rumor is anything more than hot air? Let us know in the comments below!


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for any developing news about the possibility of new Matrix films.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. Absolutely. The Matrix was and still is one of my favorite all time movies. The story of “the one” was always exciting I just wish hope if they do continue or start over that they make things a little more clear. It can take some people a few times to watch the matrix movies to really understand. There is still a lot of promise and money to be made in these movies and the fan support would be there of course. Make another one!

  2. Yes, oh hell yes.. another matrix trilogy would be amazing!

  3. I can not wait for another Matrix movie to hit the big screen all of the Matrix movies were well done. And I hope that in the future movies that Trinity will come back to life being that was Neo’s only true love it would not be the same without her. And we already know that Neo will be back because he is the back bone of all of the movies. Now what they will do with the plot is just something we will all have to wait and see.

    • That would completely ruin the first trilogy if they did that

      What they should do is stick to the biblical aspect and have Neo resurrect like Christ and Smith being the Anti-Christ it should have a revelations aspect with a war to end all wars with the complete end to the matrix and machines

      • And a prequel would be awesome to

        • Absolutely! How did the war between humans and AI’s start? Do it, just don’t screw it up. This could be incredible.

          • the author that wrote the books which became the Terminator movies is also the author of the Matrix series. As the author intended for the Terminator movies to be the beginning of the war that lead to the Matrix movies. That is how the war started, according to the author

            • It sounds as though you’re referring to Sophia Stewart, Douglas, in which case there are no books, no intention, and barely even someone who could be described as an author. This is a woman who claims that both the Terminator and Matrix franchises plagiarised a 30-page novella/short story/call it what you will of hers written in 1981, despite James Cameron already having been forced to pay and acknowledge Harlan Ellison for using elements of the 1964 Outer Limits episodes “Soldier” and “Demon With A Glass Hand”. The Terminator also shares some similarities with Philip K Dick’s 1953 short story “Second Variety”, and The Matrix definitely owes a massive thematic debt to Dick’s “reality vs illusion” works of the ’50s and ’60s. All of which predate Stewart’s effort by way more than a decade. She, meanwhile, has written nothing since 1981. Not a single word.

              I’m not having a dig at you at all, incidentally; it’s that the version of events you’ve arrived at above is like the outcome of an internet version of Chinese Whispers, and I see it as a kind of civic duty to stick to the known facts!

          • If you Really want to go in depth about how the war began, you should buy “The Animatrix” and watch “The Renaissance” parts. They also give a lot of backstories, such as how The Osiris got the Oracle’s message to Neo in Reloaded, or how Neo “saved” the kid that was obsessed with him.

      • I think you could bring Neo back, however, as a result of the intense energy his body absorbed defeating Smith (he was essentially microwaved) The machines saved his head and put it on a machine body with six arms, I’m kidding, but you could bring Neo back with machine made cybernetic eyes, They could bring Trinity back in theory, but they would have to fix her with machine parts which could be interesting, I would write it that her body could not be salvaged but the machines were able to save her electrical patterns through contact with the things that killed her, in my next movie the machines could try to use an artificial Trinity who cannot leave the Matrix to lure Neo to the machines side and trick him into going back to war with humans. There you have another movie. . . . .

        • Nope, i don’t think its a good idea.
          I think if the matrix would come back, it’ll be a whole new story, characters are going to have a new look. I love Neo and Trinity to be together but in the revolution they were killed. I know it’s possible for Neo to be resurrected, but how about Trinity? If Neo can have the power to resurrect Trinity in the real world, that would be great. But if not, then I don’t see the point of Neo’s return.

  4. The Matrix: Rebooted

  5. I would love to see more Matrix Films, I have watched all three many times, and I still enjoy them, so yes, more matrix movies would be welcomed by me!
    And I hope that Keanu Reeves reprises his role as Neo/Mr Anderson.

  6. Honestly, I think a full fledged trilogy about the Hight of Mankind, then showing our demise would be great. Also, maybe the reason for Jupiter Ascending delay is because they were too busy with the Matrix prequel Trilogy? Who knows, but I’ll watch them.

  7. There are so many things to explore. The wars leading to the ‘burning’ of the skies (One ide like to see) The evolution of the A.I. (Would be awesome) and the stories and eventual failures of the previous “Ones” and the harship of selecting the seven or however many that repopulate the city. So many areas to explore, they could make a matrix series to rival the Final Fantasy game series and never lose any story quality because there are so many areas to explore.

  8. Cloud Atlas was awesome!

  9. the first thing a writer needs to learn is to leave their personal opinions out of the story and p[resent the story based on actual facts, not constantly interjecting his or her opinion into the story the 2nd movie did not fizzle it was a smash hit the third movie on a larger budget made the same as the first , so while it was a let down domestically, it still made a huge profit . , everyone is entitled to thier own opinion , but your not entitled to share it or voice it unless you can and are willing to cite the actual facts that caused you to form that opinion. and its not just , how you feel , or an opinion someone else told you to have . americans have become sheep , go read get the actual facts form your own opinions and be able to say why you formed them .

  10. I absolutely love the matrix movies! I have suspected since the first time I watched revolutions back in 2003 that they would extend the story of The Matrix. If you havent seen “The Animatrix” and your a matrix fan then you owe it to yourself to watch it. It is a bunch of short stories concerning the creation of the machines, as well as the story of Trinity and the future of the human race after the peace between the humans and the machines. If you are confused about certain parts of the matrix the animatrix explains alot. I would think that they would probably go with a plotclose to one of the short stories in the animatrix. Maybe go all George Lucas and start with the beginning and the start of the war with the machines. Anyways if the rumors are true i will def be at the Imax the day of the release!

  11. Are there any other plans to do other movies about simulated reality and mind uploading? The Matrix wasn’t the first story of its kind, and probably won’t be the last one either.

  12. Really don’t care what anyone says about the sequels, they are AWESOME. I love all the movies equally, and for the Wachowskis to even think about returning to the franchise would be a dream come true for me. I would prefer for Keanu to make a big return, or at least a cameo. Whatever the case, I will be TRUELY excited if this gets a green light! :D

  13. Thank you dentist, i was wondering what he was talking about myself. First of the war with machines in the terminator is in essence total machine dominance with the intent of destroying all mankind. The point of the war with machines in the matrix is being as rhe humans blocked out the sun to cut the machines if there main supply of energy which was solar power, the machines constructed the “power plant” in which all the humans tied into the matrix lived in a simulated dream world to stay alive while the machines used the bioelectric energy of humans to keep the machines alive. A sick and twisted symbiotic relationship for sure but the machines in the matrix new there was bo way they could survive without humans, which is why they agreed on the peace treaty with neo to to stop smith at the end of revolutions. No way that those two story lines can ever tie in just because of the motive and intent of the machines in either film. But i can say this much, Terminator Genysys looks like its gonna be freakin awesome! Im hoping they do another matrix trilogy. I think they could make whatever story the lean to EPIC!

  14. They should make one that shows the beginning like when the war started and when the human lost the war the destruction of the human race

  15. Let me just say in what was completely another reality
    for me…I had a vision of the opening screen shot for a
    New Matrix Movie. The vision held as follows:
    Open. Matrix roll visual trademark. Sequencing #’s.
    Roll audio. Pink Floyd: Welcome to the Machine.
    I thought it was a fantastic open!!! I hope they make IT
    …in your realty ..
    That’s all for now.

  16. A few interesting points were made about revealing an origin to the matrix. Instead of writing a story that takes place prior, you can encompass an origin within a revelation story of current events. Perhaps a matrix within a matrix or throw in some higher intelligences involved (yes, aliens). The world the wachowskis wrote about was very tiny compared to the theory of us being inside a massive computer program. It would seem that the limitations in the “dessert of the real” (real world) were conjured up by limited intelligence. The depth at which a new outer shell story could be told would be infinite. But on the flip side of that, it could become incredibly out of control and lose sight of its original story and theoretic representation.

  17. If there is no way to create sequels to the original trilogy, they can always go back in time to the prequels, like George lucas did and do a real-life version of the animatrix or something inspired by the animations.

  18. Please make a new matrix trilogy there are so many different variations

  19. Not sure what’s happening with Wachowskis but check out this script of Matrix 4 which is pretty amazing at matrixresurrected dot com. Maybe not an official script, but it seems to go in the right direction. I couldn’t put it down.

  20. I was thinking the same thing… They should go back in the past and examine the birth of the Matrix. That would be awesome!