‘Masters of the Universe’ Reboot: Director Jon M. Chu Out, Writer Terry Rossio In

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motu Masters of the Universe Reboot: Director Jon M. Chu Out, Writer Terry Rossio In

Fans have had a long wait to see Masters of the Universe back on the big screen. The franchise – perhaps best known for the 1980s animated series of the same name – has tried for years to get a new film off the ground, as the series’ last cinematic representation was the 1987 box office flop starring Dolph Lundgren. However, the road to production has been fraught with obstacles.

Early on, the project was to be titled Grayskull (after the kingdom He-Man fights for) with Kung Fu Panda‘s John Stevenson in the director’s chair. However, that version of the project fell apart when Sony acquired the film, and director Jon Chu (G.I. Joe: Retaliation) took over. Now it seems the troubled Masters of the Universe reboot has taken a step backward.

According to THR, Jon Chu has left the project, and writer Terry Rossio has been brought on board to work on the script. It’s unclear, however, if Rossio – who co-wrote all four Pirates of the Caribbean films and The Lone Ranger – will simply be re-working the previous version of the script by Predators writers Mike Finch and Alex Letvak or starting over from scratch. In any case, the report mentions that the new Masters of the Universe will be set firmly in He-Man’s the mystical land of Eternia.

he man1 570x320 Masters of the Universe Reboot: Director Jon M. Chu Out, Writer Terry Rossio In

The fact that Chu is no longer attached to direct the film may be disappointing to fans since the director seemed intent on finding just the right tone for the new film and avoiding the campy aspects that have defined previous incarnations of the franchise. Hopefully, the director leaving the project doesn’t indicate that Sony hopes to embrace a sillier approach to the property and make the same mistake that fans are anticipating from the Jonathan Liebesman’s Ninja Turtles reboot.

That being said, the studio’s decision to bring Rossio onboard likely means that Masters of the Universe is being positioned as a more family-friendly adventure. After all, the writer specializes in making swashbuckling summer blockbusters that adults and children alike can enjoy (in addition to his work on Pirates, Rossio had a hand in the two Zorro films that starred Antonio Banderas). Until a new director comes on board the film, fans can only hope that the Masters of the Universe reboot is able to carefully toe the line between a fun popcorn flick and an over-the-top mess, assuming Rossio’s involvement is based on infusing the film with a lighter tone.

Do you think Rossio is the right fit for Masters of the Universe? Are you disappointed that Chu is off the project? Sound off in the comments below.


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Source: THR

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  1. Huh, first good news then bad news. But I’m not that attached to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe so whatevs.

  2. i think the director of my movie should do it. Chris Nolan.

    • Yes. And then you´d have a skinny He-Man, wearing black rubber, he wouldn´t have a magic sword, and Battle-Cat would be a green tank with yellow stripes. No thanks.

    • I´ve read the “Grayskull” script and it was very cool. Some nice twists with some characters and an overall Eternia feeling. This article is nothing but bad news. Family friendly? *throws up*

      • Family friendly?!…no thank you!

      • What?! That’s what He-Man is…..family friendly. (Apart from homophobic families that don’t like He-Man’s obvious camp factor.)

        It is funny how people grow up and want dark, serious and violent versions of their favourite colourful saturday morning cartoons. That’s because when you look back on them, you can’t really enjoy them like you used to. So instead, we want them taken seriously.

        • I don´t want dark, serious and violent versions of my favourite colourful saturday morning cartoons. Like I´ve already said, the “Grayskull” script was very good. It has the overall feel of the classic He-Man but with a modern day approach. A great read, that´s what they should adapt.

          • Adapting these things can be tricky. I can see in my head all kinds of cool stuff, but if they give it to the wrong directors and design stuff wrong it can ruin it. I don’t want to see what happened to “Transformers” happen to other things I cherished as a youth.

    • Hurawl?

  3. Personally I’m not a fan of how Jon Chu directs and especially how he directs action scenes cause they seemed to choreographed but it seems like this movie is going down a bad path.

  4. I give up, this movie will be a Transformers disaster!

    • “Disasters of the Universe”

  5. Relly not sure about this movie, cartoon was great but…maybe they should just leave it alone.

    • *really

  6. let this one go …

  7. why not a Thundercats movie?

    • Starring James McAvoy as Lion-O???

    • i would rather see Thundercats instead

      • I’ve wanted a “Thundercats” movie for years. My “Thundercats” cast list was……

        Lion-o : Heath Ledger
        Tygra : A young Peter O Toole
        Panthro : Michael Clarke Duncan
        Cheetara : Alison Mack
        Snarf : Jim Carrey (voice)

        That was a few years ago and two of those actors are dead now. :(
        It was only a hyperthetical list anyway.

    • You dont remember when they canceled the 3D Animated Thundercats Movie?

  8. After watching GI Joe retaliaton, this is actually good news…

    • Uh did you see The Lone Ranger? It was even worse!

      • LOL not yet, will have it in mind for my next mindless movie night…

    • I agree. While it’s a bit sad to see a fan of the cartoon not on the project any more, with the huge disappointment that was GI Joe 2, this may be good news.
      POTC 1-3 were fun, but 4 and TLR were pretty bad, so I’m hoping that the new writer doesn’t have too many changes to introduce.

  9. You mean this won’t be complete and absolute crap like GI Joe 2? Or will they just continue to crap on my childhood in a different way?

    • They will crap all over everyone’s childhood. LOL

      Its a matter of time before we get Micronaunts in the Land of the Lost, the 4 My Little Pony’s of the Apocolypse and the Shogun Warriors vs Power Rangers. Ack.

  10. Cartoon picture up above of the big tiger-creature looks like he is coughing up a hairball the size of a tumbleweeb!

    • “tumbleweed” (bad spelling, sorry).

  11. I don’t know what fans have been waiting for another Master of the Universe movie. Anyone old enough to actually remember the television show and original movie might not really care one way or another if they do another live action movie; especially since as the article states the first movie was just awful and made no money.

  12. He-man is not material that lends itself to the big screen. It is nearly impossible to do without being campy, corny, cheeseball…etc. As a Children’s cartoon, it’s awesome. As a live action movie for adults, it is failure no matter how you approach it.

  13. how can this not be cheesey…i was a huge fan as a kid but come on

  14. I would love to see a kind of Lord of the Rings type of MoTU movie. I think that would be awesome. I think that was the direction the Grayskull script was going for at one time and I I heard that was the direction at one time. A Masters of the Universe could be awesome, if done right. I just can’t see Rosario on this.

    • That’s what I’m thinking. A fantasy movie in that vein would work.

      I just remember the first two cartoon shows (the original and then the second one in the early 90s where He-Man was transported into the future and there were spaceship battles and He-Man himself was a lot skinnier, more athletic than bodybuilding in look).

      Make the movie different and nothing like those shows and we’re golden.

      • So…make a completely different character and universe, but call it He-Man to cash in on 80’s nostalgia? Sounds a lot like the Robocop reboot.

        • That’s why I’m avoiding that horrible Robocop reboot. That trailer we saw looked terrible.

          But no, I meant stay away from the camp of the first He-Man cartoon show and also avoid the space adventures in the second He-Man cartoon show.

          I still have action figures from both shows though. The second one had He-Man sold alongside a single pilot ship that looked a bit like an X-Wing from Star Wars if all the wings were closed together and also had a convenient handle so you could “fly” it by waving your hand around while gripping said handle.

          I’m sure they changed Man-At-Arms in that show too and he became taller, slimmer and looked nothing like he originally did.

          • Man-At-Arms was only in the pilot episode if I remember correctly.

    • If you mean Lord of the Rings level production quality that would be a decent start, but I doubt they will spend that kind of time or money on this idea. They may even be able to set a similar tone as something like Lord of the Rings, but in the end Masters of the Universe really has no narrative behind it and the shows were basically twenty minute toy commercials. LOTR had a strong established story behind it from the beginning, He-Man is just a thin concept.

  15. did you know that he is gay ? Well, I enjoyed his show. The real action movie is something I am concern about, I don’t know.

    • I heard that theory before, why ?

      • Because of the colors Prince Adam wore,but if anything he was a playboy and smooth talker,he just acted really silly to hide his identity as He-Man.

  16. Usually this means a delay. Good

  17. Wow, they really don’t care about this franchise do they? I guess whoever will take the gig for the least amount of money in order to turn a dollar these days. You know Chu and Russio’s stock has gone down a lot given both of their flops. -Might as well have Paul W.S. Anderson and Michael Bay team up and helm this one, They seem to be spearheading the Garbage to Theater for Morons Cash Grab Gravy Train these days. Given the new gen market this movie will make millions worldwide.

  18. Thank GOD! Chu is a horribly lackluster director and cares nothing for characterization and making an audience “feel” anything for his heroes. This can only be good for this movie.

    I’m a huge He-Man fan, and I sure hope there isn’t the Pirates-style camp to this. Johnny Depp is one in a million with that role and it actually started grating on me after the second one. The gag totally wore off, so let that be a lesson to anyone directing/writing this. They need to go for realistic. I mean seriously, do ALL family films have to be family-fun oriented? I’m pretty sure when the Batman movies came out, families flocked. What little boy wouldn’t want to see a great super hero onscreen? Now hopefully the trailers will show a new generation just how cool He-Man is. They should totally start rocking the series in syndication on Cartoon Network so kids can catch up on the character.

    All I need is for realistic sets, very little CGI, great physical battles and a competent story of a young man becoming a hero and finding his strength. Cringer doesn’t have to say a dang word. Shut that cat up, just make him a small tiger, which can obviously be painted in CGI and then have him be complete CGI once He-Man rides him. I would hope the riding scenes would be minimal as that would necessitate cheesy CGI no doubt. I hope they capture Eternia properly and make it look tangible rather than some CGI fest of sights.

    Here’s to hoping…

  19. Kellen Lutz would be be my choice because hemsworth is Thor.I just think he needs 20lbs more and longer, messier hair to look different from Hercules.

  20. Channing Tatum for He-Man!

  21. Channing Tatum should not be He-Man Chris Hemsworth should be He-Man

    • Agreed, I can’t believe ANYONE would want Channing Tatum, he’s a trash actor. Literally soulless. Mine as well get Hayden Christensen while you’re at it!

      Hemsworth would be good, I’d want a He-Man with blonde hair and brown eyes, like the cartoon. That would definitely keep with the original look. I guess that’s rarer to come by.

  22. Every few months I get online and scroll around for the latest MOTU movie news. Not anymore. I’ll get it at Redbox. Anybody who had anything to do with LR should be out of the movie business permanently

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