Director Jon Chu Says ‘He-Man’ Reboot Will Be ‘Serious,’ Not ‘Campy’

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he man jon chu camp Director Jon Chu Says He Man Reboot Will Be Serious, Not Campy

If you were ever holding your breath for the new Masters of the Universe movie to be released, chances are you probably passed out a long time ago. The rights were in Warner Bros’ hands for a long time before the studio finally gave up on the project altogether. The film was later picked up by Sony Columbia Pictures, and Predators screenwriters Mike Finch and Alex Litvak were hired to write a new script. Now, almost three years later, they’re apparently still writing it.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation director Jon Chu was brought on last summer to direct the film, presumably because his experience adapting a 1980s Hasbro toy line to the big screen made him a top candidate for adapting a 1980s Mattel toy line (plus, he’s already proved himself a hit with the kids by directing Justin Bieber documentary Never Say Never). Chu spoke about Masters of the Universe very recently, explaining that he and the writers are currently “experimenting” and are planning to “throw out all the things that don’t work – which is most of it.”

In another interview, this time with Topless Robot, Chu has expanded a little on the direction that the experimentation is taking them. Since Chu spent the end of last year completing post-production for G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and more recently doing press tours for that film, it sounds like his involvement in Masters of the Universe is only just getting underway:

“We’re still in the beginning stages, designing a ton, and this is sort of the most fun phase because we get to do a bunch of different designs of the world and the costumes and make a lot of mistakes, as much as we can so we know where we shouldn’t go and where we should be headed in terms of the tone and the look of the movie.”

This is much the same as what we’ve heard before, but when pressed to give a more clear picture of what the script currently looks like, Chu explained that he already has a good idea of what they will and won’t be doing with the tone.

“We’re going for slightly more serious. And I wouldn’t say ‘serious’ as a dark tone, you don’t necessarily want ‘He-Man’ to be [dark], but it’s not campy. We’re not going campy. It’s sort of an origin story of how He-Man came to be, and to me that gives you a lot of opportunity to create real culture in this world. What is Eternia really like, what are the cultures, what are the languages they’re speaking, what are Snake Men, what are Beast Men, what are all these things, and how do they exist in this world?

“So we’re taking a real look at creating life on this planet, on this world, that hopefully will translate. And again, we’re in a very early designing phase of it, the script is great, but we’re still very early at figuring out exactly how theatrical we go, and how real we go, and how dark we can take it.”

From the way he describes it, Chu might be trying to go in the same direction as Avatar - giving the ecology and society of Eternia the same level of detail that James Cameron gave to Pandora. He also avoided answering whether or not Prince Adam and He-Man would be played by different actors, which could mean that Prince Adam won’t exist in the reboot, and the film will instead be based on the original mini-comics that came with the toys.

The original stories (which can be read over at had a somewhat more serious tone compared to the later Filmation cartoon, so there’s a chance that Finch and Litvak have gone right back to He-Man’s roots to find inspiration for their script.

he man original mini comics Director Jon Chu Says He Man Reboot Will Be Serious, Not Campy

It’s almost a shame that Chu is so adamant about the film not being “campy,” especially since he doesn’t seem to be particularly sure of anything else. Whether this conviction stems from a belief that the current Masters of the Universe fans don’t like camp – or he’s trying to attract new fans and make the film more accessible to a wider audience – there are a number of pitfalls that come with trying too hard to give the franchise a serious tone. Personally, I’d love to see $150m or so spent on making the campiest Masters of the Universe movie possible. There are enough “serious” comic book movies in theaters right now that Chu could corner the market on camp.

How do you feel about these very early indications of where Masters of the Universe is heading? Do you like the idea of a serious take on He-Man, or would you prefer a 90-minute version of this? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

We’ll let you know when if Masters of the Universe gets a release date.


Source: Topless Robot (via ComicBookMovie)

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  1. They don’t have to go campy, and they shouldn’t be so serious about it either. I think the best thing they can do is bring to life what made the show so popular in the first place.

    • Why shouldn’t they be so serious abnout it? Are you saying that because all you can see is the cartoon? What about thundarr the barbarian? That toon was more serious than he-man, and lacked a great deal of campyness. With that said, should a movie about thundarr also be made into a campy movie or a serious one? In a time when folks are saying that hollywood is too scared to take a risk, this is a great opportunity to make a serious live-action, epic movie about a children’s cartoon, while not making the movie for children but, for adults. No one has done that yet with toons made into live-action-films. So should dare to and therfore take their time with it the same way that jackson took his time with lord of the rings, and paid much attention to detail and substance.

      Also, I don’t think that Chu is the right person to do this movie either.

      • what does that mean? Is Star Wars serious or campy?

  2. I think it’s going to be incredibly difficult not to have some camp when it comes to Masters of the Universe. He-Man and She-Ra were me and my brother’s favorite cartoons and comics as kids, and we had all the toys (I think we still have them). But it’s really a silly concept if thought about too deeply. I always remember the strong moral values and how no one ever really got “killed”–the fight scenes were things like throwing a barrel over a Hoard robot. But who knows how this could turn out. I guess it’ll be a wait-and-see game.

  3. Damn you Hannah for that you tube link, you put it out there like a dog pushing a treat to you with his snout.
    Damn you all too hell!!!

  4. Fellas, it’s entirely possible I might have been scarred worse than I thought, but you can’t possibly forget what Schumacher did to the Batman filmography with “Batman & Robin.” That is exactly what “camp” does to big-budget franchises. You wanna see nipples and cod pieces on He-Man too?? How about Skeletor?? Should he show his ass off to the camera? I don’t think so, either.
    For the sake of making He-Man actually legitimate on-screen with someone better than Dolph Lundgren, it’s IN OUR BEST INTERESTS to put today’s style of serious, gritty tone in the movie, lest you want another Green Lantern.
    As a He-Man die-hard when I was younger, going legit and serious is the only way to do it.

    • @ Mike

      Nipples & cod pieces weren’t what made Schumacher’s Batman films campy. That was WB who decided to take the franchise into a more (Family-Friendly) direction.

      • You said it best! The villains have the potential to be monsterous beings & Hordak should be depicted as the devil

  5. I think campy is definitely the way to go.. especially after watching that brilliant youtube clip.

  6. If it was campy like the 80′s “Flash Gordon” movie, it’d be kinda cool. It could be done really well as a serious fantasy though. Just compare the original He-Man cartoon to the most recent incarnation. It had well adapted designs and was far more action than camp.

  7. John Carter was pretty much exactly what I would excpect from a fun but not campy Masters of the Universe adaptation. Hit that tone and style and you are golden. Yes, I’m one of the few people who really enjoyed John Carter.

    • John Carter flopped, remember?

      I have reservations that this reboot may end up the same way.

      • John Carter flopped because nobody knew what the hell it or he was. that does not make it a bad movie.

      • Doesn’t matter. I judge movies by how much I liked them, not by how much money they made.

      • If you want people to go to “John Carter From Mars”…. snimply naming it “John Carter” – isn’t the way to go.

    • I really like it too. Just because a movie doesn’t do well doesn’t mean it’s bad.

    • I hear ya. I also enjoyed John Carter. I’m pumped about a new Masters of the Universe movie. They definately have to find that balance…”fun but not campy”. They should take a note from the newest Masters cartoon (2002 i think). It was great. Fantastic story, rich detail, serious tone, but still fun.

  8. This coming from a director who just crapped all over GI Joe.

    • The new Gi Joe is much better than the first and you can tell he is a fan. What did you expect from a GI Joe movie? Saving private ryan?

    • Yeah, that was Stephen Sommers…we aren’t talking about him.



  10. They are really deluded to keep thinking they are going to get significantly different results from one project to the next trying to make films based on toy lines and board games. When you start watering down Kool-Aid at a point all you have is tinted water…..

  11. Note: What doesn’t work on the screen.

    Man running around in pants.

    That is all!

    • Works for me.

      • Thanks for the update on a potential Masters of the Universe movie, Hannah. Please continue to update us some more about this potential movie.


        Mr. Day

  12. Not sure what to say honestly. All i can think about was how awful Masters Of The Universe was. One of the worst films ive seen.

  13. @ Mike

    I agree with you that He-Man can be a serious movie. It could also be an epic movie with sequels following. Folks really need to calm down and see the essence of he-man. It’s a world of fantasy, just like the lord of the rings. Stop looking at the campyness of the cartoon and use your insight and see what made the cartoon fun to watch and the serious potential behind it. There are amzing characters that can do spectacular things, mythological creatures, etc.

    He-Man should be made into a serious movie, not a campy one. Don’t make this movie for kids because they already have the cartoons (from 1983 to the 2003 he-man) and can check them out on youtube and netflix. Make the movie for adults. I said this several times before, He-man needs to be made in the same vein as lord of the rings. Eternia and all it’s characters fit right into the world of middle earth, wth regards to the setting, and creatures, etc. However, unlike lord of the rings it should not be so fuzzy (for a lack of a better term, in regards to sam and frodo’s relationship). It was good for lord of the rings, but i don’t think it will work for He-man.

    In addition, I would even ask that some of the names of the characters be changed as well. I think as a kid, I even thought the names of some of the characters were a bit silly. Names like Stinkor (because he gives off a harsh smell as would a skunk), Man-E-Faces (because he has several different faces) just to name a few.

    Also, I am not sure that Chu is the right man to make this movie either.

    Mr. Chu, remember, Ghost Rider 1 was supposed to be serious, too, yet there was a lot of campyness in that film. Then we were told that Ghost Rider 2 would be darker, and yet the filmmaker’s version of darker was actually silly. With that said, when you say serious, Mr. Chu, what is it exactly that you mean? I hope you get this right because Masters of the Universe has the potential to be the next lord of the rings IF DONE RIGHT. Numerous sequels could be made, and many of the characters have their own back story, even the queen of eternia, Prince Adam’s mother (she was an astronaunt from earth who landed on eternia). So come on, man. SERIOUSLY.

    • ↑↑↑ This ↑↑↑

      I would all also say, in regard to the cheesy names, that even He-man could stand to be used sparingly.

    • ^^ Exactly what I had in mind. Well said, Mr. Day. I hope Mr. Chu reads this. ^^

  14. I could do without the camp. Before the animated series I always imagined He-Man as a more serious story. I never liked the Adam He-Man, Cringer-Battlecat, Orko thing. I’m willing to spend s few more bucks on a more serious adaptation but alas ……..I am only one butt in a single seat.

    • LOL.

      “I could do without the camp. Before the animated series I always imagined He-Man as a more serious story.”

      I think that there are many people who would agree with you, so you’re not alone.

  15. “Chu could corner the market on camp.”

    Why would you want him to do that? Hercules the Legendary Journey, with Kevin Sorbo, was a campy TV series in the 90s, so why would you want a he-man movie to be made in the same fashion? Just because these characters are from a comic book or originated as a toon, that doesn’t mean that a live-action movie being made about them should also then be made campy.

    Also, what serious comic book moives are you talking about? GR 1 and 2 were more so silly, with 1 being very campy. fantastic 4 1 and 2 were both campy and child friendly, and there was nothing serious about any of the x-men movies because of what I felt to be the studios way of making those movies kid friendly as well. X-men origins: wolverine was also a kid friendly film (am I right?), which is why there was no blood shown on wolverine’s claws and deadpool’s swords, and they watered down wolverine as well. Some folks argued that the Avengers movie was not serious enough and that the characters did not take the seriousness of an alien invasion in NY City, seriously. Iron Man 1 was said to be a “fun ride,” and Captain America, the Incredible Hulk, and Thor were all PG movies, each somewhat serious, yet ok enough for kids to see the film. The only film that was serious was Bale’s second batman movie with joker…and although they gave the movie a PG rating the movie could have been rated R because of the actions of the joker and two-face. Yet that was the movie that broke box office records by recording over a billion dollars in revenue for several weeks.

    He-man needs to be made into a serious live-action movie. It can also be dark just like how lord of the rings was somwewhat of a dark movie. The characters of eternia do fit that mold very well.

    If you want He-man to be a campy movie, you should request that a CARTOON movie be made for the theaters, instead of a live-action film. The campy cartoon version of he-man is already on youtube and netflix, therefore we don’t need a campy live-action film. It needs to be serious because we don’t have a serious Masters Of The Universe in anything yet.

    • “The Film should have Cringer if Prince Adam is to make an appearance in the film but I think it would be best if he did not speak at least until he became battlecat (but that is debatable). Should Orko appear in the film?…I don’t Know but it would do just fine without him.”

      I’m fine with not having Battlecat talking. He didn’t talk in the 2003 He-man toon (which I now believe was only made to introduce a new generation of kids and teens (who are now teens and adults in their 20s) to He-Man as a way of increasing the fan base, for a future live-action film. Nevertheless, with regards to Orko, I am fine if he is not in it as well. I want the movie be dark and serious (and I say dark meaning… to exclude every kind of campyness and comedy). Lord of the Rings lacked campyness and silly comedy. Therefore, He-man should be handled the same way (very delicately, just like how peter jackson handled the lord of the rings). Orko was a goof-ball and therefore his character would probably steer the directors into a more comedy, campy style film, which I do feel is the wrong direction for the Masters Of The Universe. However, they could change his character to be somewhat more serious and even mysterious, yet limited in what he is capable of doing, which would be a great trade-off against his goof-ball mistakes in the toons.

      “Over the last thirty years the Masters of The Universe property has carved out a rich mythology that just keeps growing and growing. The MOTU Franchise is a great blend of Sword & Sorcery, Science & Technology, Fantasy-cool looking characters & Creatures, Magestic “other world” locations & scenery and is the ultimate struggle between Good VS Evil. These are all valid reasons why the MOTU franchise has stuck around for 30 years and will continue for some time to come.”

      And why it therefore should be a serious tone movie.

  16. Really don’t know how they are going to get away from the campiness with names like He-Man, Merman, Triklops, Trap Jaw, Evillyn, etc. Using those names alone demands a certain amount of camp.

    Whatever they do needs to be an improvement on the horrid 1987 version.

    • I think if the movie was similar to the last animated version rather than the 80s version it would be good. I think they showed how that universe and characters could be handled in a more serious way.

      To mongoose, I don’t think the names are a problem or demand any camp. It’s no different then Superman, Batman, or any of the many Marvel characters whose first and last names start with the same letter, like Bruce Banner.

      • I agree with mongoose. I would want some of the character names changed because they do warrant campyness, I think. Buzz Off was the name of one of the masters (heroes of eternia) who was a humanoid bee who could talk. Buzz Off? Come on, really? Keep the character but change the name to something far better.

        @ Mike

        You are somewhat right, too, with regards to certain Marvel and DC character names. Nevertheless, the strong aliteration began early in the comic book companies. Marvel, however, moved away from it more so than DC (in my opinion), which seems to have a boat load of characters with names that follow strong aliteration. Example: vicki vale, clark kent, lois lane, lana lang, lex luther, just to name a few with the last 4 being a part of the superman mytho.

        Also, the names of some DC characters are a bit silly to me and unoriginal, or just too generic. Examples: Boostergold, Aqualad (REALLY?), and Wolf. I mean, are they serious? Geez. It’s one of the reasons why I preferred Marvel over DC.

    • It’s “Fisto” and “Ram-Man” they’ve gotta get away with. (^-^)

    • Actually from that movie and Blade, Evillynn, Beastman were pretty awesome and so was Skeletor’s design!

    • I really don’t know how much depth they expect to get out of a series of 30-minute toy ads from the 80′s. These rehashed properties from back then played well in the context of the time period, but when they get dusted off and given the CGI treatment it just looks lame the majority of the time.

  17. That’s too bad. There’s a chance that a campy take would have gotten some interest. A serious grimdark reimage of a campy 80s IP will just join the rest of them in the bargain bin.

    You don’t need to go full on 60′s Batman campy but I’d see the hell out of a “Army of Darkness” style campy He-man.

    • What Steve said.

      Sure, a serious Masters of the Universe COULD be done. My question is: Is it the right property?

      Nah. It is a fun, child hood memory for guys in my age bracket. Make it a fun movie. It is NOT the Lord of the Rings as some have posted. LOTR has generations of fans and the respect of a large community for the literary work it is. Master of the Universe were FREAKING TOYS, and translated well into campy cartoons on Saturday.

      Not exactly the same thing. Not EVERYTHING needs to be the “Dark Knight”.

      • So because it was a cartoon and had toys made out of it, it should be campy? why? because everything that is in toon form doesn’t deserve a serious take or should not be taking seriously? I have said this before, stop looking at the campyness of the 80s cartoon, and instead use your insight and look at the possibility of the epic standard this movie can become.

        “LOTR has generations of fans and the respect of a large community for the literary work it is”

        And Masters of the Universe doesn’t have generations of fans and the respect of a large community for the fantasy world that it is known by and for? He-man is 30 years old.

        “It is a fun, child hood memory for guys in my age bracket.”

        I also grew up watching the show and I don’t want it to be campy, so not everyone agrees with you. Not to mention the fact that thanks to the 2003 Masters of the Universe (which had a more serious tone than it’s 1983 predecessor) there are teens and young adults in their 20s (along with fans who are in their 30s because of the 1983 toon) who probably would prefer a more serious MOTU film than a campy one –again– because the 2003 he-man toon, which they grew up watching was more serious than the 1983 toon.

        For them to make a campy Master of the Universe movie, seems like a cop-out. Basically it’s saying…because the 1983 toon was campy make the film campy, as well, because trying to make it serious (although not impossible) is hard to do. COP-OUT.

        • in addition, I said this before…that if folks want a campy Masters of the Universe movie, they should request a CARTOON version of Masters of the Universe be made for the theaters, and leave a live-action film for the adults. Besides, both he-man toons (the 1983 and the 2003) can be seen by almost anyone at anytime on youtube and netflix so if folks want a campy masters of the universe they can check out the 1983 version there. The campyness of Masters of the Universe has already been done. Let’s drop the kid stuff and move onto to something more serious and adult oriented.

  18. How can u not have prince adam in it does that meancringer will only be battlecat? Right proves its not sticking to the original lore just like bay is ruining teenage mutant ninja turtles

    • This movie definitely needs the magic sword and the “By the power of grayskull”-Transformation. NOT having that makes it just another Fantasy-movie.

  19. I Know people are making comparisons of the new Masters Of The Universe (MOTU) Movie to the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.

    I am not one to believe it needs to be a Lord Of The Rings Movie but it can draw some Inspiration(s) from those films while keeping all the strongest elements that make the MOTU Franchise storytelling so great.

    The MOTU Franchise has always had some camp value to it (Some Campy Humor,Fight Scenes-Throwing Beast-Man/Mer-Man in a mud puddle) but I don’t think each variation on the franchise is as campy as some people make it sound. I always liked the MOTU Franchise for its overall richness in mythology (Characters, otherworldly settings, storytelling).

    Even though the 1987 MOTU movie had some camp elements the film-makers tried to make a semi-serious film.

    With todays advancements in movie-making technology and the rich history of the MOTU Franchise there is little that the current filmakers cannot accomplish.

    I think the new MOTU Movie should be a much darker themed film and a little bit of humor should be inserted in a couple scenes here and there but a darker adult themed film (PG/PG-13)that respects and expands on the mythology could create an epic film trilogy that could continue well into the future for generations to come.

    Matthew H

  20. Happy Resurrection Day, folks.

    “I always liked the MOTU Franchise for its overall richness in mythology (Characters, otherworldly settings, storytelling).”

    So have I. As I am typing this I am actually watching and episode of the 1983 he-man toon. My thing is…forget the camp of the 80s toon, and look at it for the richness and mythology it brings.

    “I am not one to believe it needs to be a Lord Of The Rings Movie but it can draw some Inspiration(s) from those films while keeping all the strongest elements that make the MOTU Franchise storytelling so great.”

    If you mean that it doesn’t have to be as dramatic as lord of the rings, then I agree with you. I also agree with you that it should have a darker theme to it. My comparison to the lord of the rings has to do with it being as big if not bigger than lord of the rings (IF DONE RIGHT, and I believe making the film a serious and darker theme film is doing it right), in relation to lord of the rings’ epicness (if epicness is actually a word, but i think you know what I mean).

    “…while keeping all the strongest elements that make the MOTU Franchise storytelling so great.”

    I definitely agree there, too.

    “With todays advancements in movie-making technology and the rich history of the MOTU Franchise there is little that the current filmakers cannot accomplish.”

    EXACTLY! I agree.

    “Even though the 1987 MOTU movie had some camp elements the film-makers tried to make a semi-serious film.”

    And this is why I do have a liking for the 1987 dolph lungren Masters of the Universe movie, because I understand that hollywood lacked the technology to actually bring the world of Eternia to life. The casting department gets credit for the cast they picked to play notable characters. Dolph looked exactly like He-man, and had the physical characteristic too (though his acting was off, i thought). Also, the make-up was very good. The make-up they put on Frank Langella to play skeletor was pretty good. It was good workmanship given the year the film was made.

    As for the humor part, I would prefer a Masters of the Universe film to have less or the same amount of mild humor that Lord of the Rings had. I think in today’s hollywood of making films out of established properties (such as comic book characters and cartoon characters) the studios still see such properties as being for kids, not realizing that huge potential and profit that can be made if they actually made such films to suit the adult audience.

    I think we should be careful when we say…”it is ok to have a masters of the universe film with humor,” and not describe the type and the amount of humor we are actually talking about, because I feel that once the studios hear fans or the viewing audience say “it’s ok to have humor in said future movie,” they (the studios) take that to mean that the movie should be campy, or have campy elements in it and therefore make the movie fit for little kids. It’s simple supply and demand. If the fans (consumers) don’t demand a quality product/service it’s more than likely that the studios will continue to give out a sub-standard product/service.

    I read an article where Gary Goddard’s vision of having a “motion picture comic book” take on the 1987 Masters of the Universe film was rejected by the studio because the studio’s stance was that “comics are just for kids.” They were and are soarly wrong.

  21. Actually, I do Not think the new MOTU Movie should be campy in any way but there are ways to make a film with humor in it while taken in a subtle manner.

    I have faith that a New MOTU Live-Action movie will be something epic and will hopefully be made to target the now Adult Audiences that used to watch the MOTU Filmation Cartoons when they were children or even expand upon the audience that picked up on the 200X Mike Young Productions re-boot.

    I also hope that parents will take their children to see a great film and a new generation of fans will come along for the ride for years to come.

    Matthew H

    • I am in agreement.

  22. I could write a mega-long comment about my hopes & fears for this film but I’ll start with a few points

    1, Don’t make anything up! MotU has a rich enough history to draw on without the need to create new concepts.
    2, The villains should be TERRIFYING! Skeletor, Hordak, King Hiss should be giving kids nightmares
    3, Make the best movie possible! Don’t leave loose ends hanging in the hope of a sequel

    All us fans know this has the potential to run and run but we do need to learn from previous mistakes of other movies. Green Lantern was everything this film shouldn’t be. John Carter was enjoyable but the script was muddled. The Lundgren film’s biggest mistake was new characters and setting it on Earth. Don’t make a sci-fi/fantasy film and slap the He-man title on it. People hated The Last Airbender because it was nothing like the cartoons.
    I have no idea if Chu is a good choice for Director. He’s certainly no Peter Jackson or James Cameron so I’m somewhat disappointed on that level. I’m well aware that one man does not make a movie but hopefully he can steer the script & studio in the right direction. He shows some promise in talking about Snake Men. An origin story is probably needed but where do you start? Marleena, Evelyn & Dr Beastman crash-landing on Eternia? The rise & fall of the snakemen, The Horde? The origins of Grayskull/Skeletor/He-Man? It’s stuff like this that panics me about the scope of this film. It irks me when people talk about it being ‘campy’. Did anyone actually think this at the time or is it just something people say nowadays to appear nonchalant and hip. I thought it was very serious and grown-up at the time (even though I was 6!).
    I think the film would be fine as a 12A (in the UK that means it’s quite violent/adult but the studios still get kids in for the merchandise potential! A scary and serious film doesn’t mean it has to be inappropriate for younger viewers.
    Oh dear, seems I did waffle on too much for a comment that no-one will read :(

  23. My choice to play any one of these parts in the film so far are:

    Frank Langella…Eternian Elder, Eternian Citizen, & Voice Of Battle Cat.

    I wanted to add that I think if the filmakers decide to make Battle Cat talk in the film that they should consider using Frank Langella as the voice of Battle Cat. He has a wonderful soft spoken (yet powerful) voice that I think would be great for a Green Majestic GCI Tiger and when Battle Cat needs to yell or scream in battle Frank Langella has the commanding presence to pull that performance off as well and really make the character come alive.

    Channing Tatum…Prince Adam(Son Of King Randor)
    I think Channing Tatum would make a good Prince Adam character and I think if his name were attached to the film he would bring an audiance both new and old into see a MOTU Live-Action Movie. As far as the He-Man character goes I am not sure if they should use the same actor or use another actor to play th part of…The Most Powerful Man In The Universe.

    Matthew H

    • Putting Channing Tatum in this is the absolute best way to ensure its epic failure.

  24. Just give this to Chris Nolan if darkness is better or just give it to Quentin for a nice little surprise in directing

  25. remaking/rebooting a well known film/story with a fresh genre is going to be very adventurous, like making a brand new movie altogether.

    ‘Avatar’ was adventurous
    ‘Passion Of Christ’ was adventurous

    both films started untested in cinemas but ended at box office.

    ‘Superman Returns’ was a reboot but didn’t perform as expected.
    But ‘Batman Begins’ exploded right through the sequels.

    Probably with the right ‘formula’ to ‘feed’ audience with new ‘recipes’ will make the film a hit.

    Casting of actors, wonderful storyline and of course, advertising are also huge factors.

    I’m a huge fan of 1987 ‘He-Man and The Masters of The Universe’
    And I was toying with the idea of He-Man is being played by Chris Hemsworth(THOR)

  26. I think they should go ahead with the serious tone. Camp – even the tolerably & novel kind – looks a lot better on paper than it does in execution (and that is the only explanation for why Batman & Robin even happened. For non die-hard Dark Knight fans, a campy Batman does sound like an interesting novelty on paper)…

    Chu delivered a pretty neat “G.I. Joe – Retaliation”, by the way. Curious to see what he’ll do with this….

  27. If there is a God in heaven they will let this die.

  28. They need to do She-Ra first. Etheria’s base storyline was already far darker than Eternia’s. They can introduce He-Man and She-Ra in one movie using the drama of twins reuniting and trying to keep one world free and rebel against the legal ruling authority of the other as part of the Rebellion. She-Ra’s definitely the better source material for dark and edgy.