Master and Commander 2? Please Let It Be So

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master and commander 2 the reverse of the medal Master and Commander 2? Please Let It Be So

[UPDATE: Sadly We now know that director Peter Weir will NOT be returning for the sequel.]

Currently one of my top 10 movies, Master and Commander: The Far Side of The World is a film that was set up perfectly for a sequel to be made quickly. Despite mostly solid reviews, a pair of Oscars and a worldwide box-office gross of $212 million, the sequel I wanted to see didn’t come to be.

There have been rumblings of work towards a sequel for quite some time now and this weekend, we may have even more movement on that front.

According to Crowe, yesterday he revealed that there’s a written script for a sequel based on The Reverse of the Medal, Patrick O’Brian’s eleventh book of the Master and Commander series and that they’ve begun early discussions for the project.

“There’s still a long way to go”

The first film was incredible and it featured two stellar actors and performances in Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany. Six years have passed since then and there’s no word yet on a production schedule.

Peter Weir wrote and directed the first and the only project he’s worked on since (which he also wrote and direct) is The Way Back starring Colin Farrell, Jim Sturgess, Mark Strong and Ed Harris. That movie is planned to open sometime next year.

I hope this happens but according to Crowe, it is just one of the many projects he is considering for the future at the moment.

Did you love the first Master and Commander as much as I did and would you like to see another story following the adventure of Captain Jack Aubrey ans Dr. Stephen Maturin?

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UPDATE source: The Playlist

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  1. That would be incredible – I never expected there to even be any talk about it at this point.

    “You have debauched my sloth!’

  2. I think one of the reasons this movie didn’t go over too well was it had nothing for the female audience. I think there was one bit part of a native girl and that was it. No romance angle of any kind. It was a pure sea adventure like Moby Dick.

  3. @Thandrale, I was going to point out that your point about this movie not really having much for women wasn’t really true. My wife loved this movie, too. Of course, then I realized I happen to be a lucky devil who has a wife that only wants to watch movies that have “cool guys with swords.” Yes, she’s an odd woman, but I’m not complaining given I’ve gotten out of soooooo many chick flick because of it.

  4. I really liked the movie. Both Crowe and Bettany gave fine performances. I wish it had won more Oscars but that year was totally LOTR’s. Not that I complain though.

  5. to Bill Blurne
    You are one lucky dog. Don’t ever let that gal go.

  6. Thandrale, I have to disagree with you. Women do not wish to see only romantic comedies. I loved this film. It is in my own top 10. Peter Weir has an amazing talent for creating an atmosphere. I told my friends after seeing this in the theater, that the only thing missing was the water being sprayed out over the audience. That is how drawn I felt into the world Weir created. Funnily enough, either he or one of the producers made that same exact comment in the booklet that came with the DVD. That being said, I know a lot of people, male and female, who just didn’t get this movie. Strange how I could be so utterly fascinated, yet they were bored out of their skulls.

  7. Oh, women LOVE the books and the movie. Women who love MEN, not skinny teen boys. I am just one of them. Actually, the only people I know who read all the books were women. We all saw the movie…several times. I am absolutely thrilled that there is a rumbling for the sequel and that they are looking at what I consider the best, most gripping book of the 20. I do wonder if they might incorporate some plotting from 12 and 13 as the 3 books really have a story arc. But Reverse of the Medal is Awesome. Hurrah for more Captain Jack!!!!

  8. I Loved the original.
    I REALLY hope this happens .
    If they can do Elizabeth : The Golden Age ,
    They can certainly invest in a sequel to the vastly Superior Master And Commander.

  9. One of the great films. It doesn’t have to be everyones’ cup o’ tea (or “soused hogs face” for that matter), but long after other historical adventures have faded and taken on a cliched patina, the smack of authenticity, astonishing imagery and cinematograpy and the warmth of human emotion that exemplified Master and Commander will continue as a superb example of how a literary classic like O’brian’s M&C series can both capture and expand upon the orginal source work to the edification of the characters, the history, and viewer and the story itself.
    Whether Wier is director or is involved in the production in another production capacity, it will garner great interest by an avid audience that is discrimating, selective and focused, and eager for more action above and below decks on the Surprise.
    If I could invest $100 right now for tickets in 5 years my only question would be “where do I send it now”?
    Scratch a post…now turn three times.

  10. LOVED the movie and i am a woman. It’s in my top movies list along with: Gladiator, Kingdom of the Sun, Hunt for Red October etc

    I really wish for a sequel, several even…

  11. Personally, I’d love to see an M&C 2. The movie, one of my favorites of all time, let me to Patrick O’Brian’s novels – which are even better.

    Paul Bettany is an excellent actor and would be well able to expand upon the true depth of Steven Maturin. In the novels, Maturin is a much deeper and more compelling character than the one in the movie. I think Weir did the best he could with the time he had… but there’s a lot to work with for the sequel.

    Another note: of the O’Brian novels, Reverse of the Medal is an interesting choice… it’s not very focused on sea battles and action. Much (most?) takes place in England and centers around political intrigue (way too convoluted to get into here).

  12. This is simply a MUST DO! It was so incredibly good! And as for the lack of supposed female interest – my mother’s favorite movie of all time was Lawrence of Arabia and I think that you could say much of the same there in theory but not in application.

    Shortly after the first movie, Sid Meyer’s game franchise incorporated a ship to ship battle game, the Total War series incorporated ship to ship warfare – a series of pirate movies appeared, etc etc, how can you ignore such great impacts as these?


    Russel – please do it again! You were so awesome as Aubrey! =) =) =)

    • …. I would happily sail around the world on a ship commandeered by “Lucky” Jack Aubrey. However, since this is unlikely to happen in the near future, I could live with a sequel; same crew, same director. Would be fabulous!
      READ: I want a sequel, please.

  13. As a fan of the Original O’Brian books, “Far side of the World” was a travesty……….but WHAT A TRAVESTY!It really does capture the flavour of the first 11 books in one excellent film. The attention to detail was almost exquisite, right down to the scar across Lt.Tom Pullings face!For those who havent read the books, that scar is the remains of Stephens Handiwork after Lt Pullings received a sword wound to his face.

    The descriptions of the plotline for The Reverse of the Medal sound like it will take in much, if not all of “The Letter of Marque” as well. That sounds like a great mixture and I can’t wait for that, so lets hope Mr Crowe (from one Rugby League fan to another)picks up this ball and runs with it all the way. Though if he does it will be interesting to see if some of Stephen Maturin’s “shadier” occupation comes to light. And who will they cast as Sophie (Mrs Jack Aubrey)and Diana (Mrs Stephen Maturin), both of whom are essential to the plot.

  14. As a former crew member on board the USS Constitution, I can’t imagine another movie bringing to life moments at sea any more than M&C. Not a single detail (historically speaking) was overlooked in this movie. Some of the details just were short camera shots, but if you knew what you were looking at, they were truly remarkable camera shots. This movie has a permanent home in the USS Constitution Museum for many reasons.

    Please, oh please, bring on a sequel.

  15. must say on first viewing this film passed me by. but now I appreciate its a real masterpiece. The more times you watch it the better it gets. The attention to detail. The plot. the script. the relationships in the film. The set (the boats basically). The music (superb). This film is a masterpiece and you dont say that often. Crow is superb in it as well. bravo. theres more intelligence and emtion in this film than all the hollywood blockbusters of the last decade put togther.

  16. I tried O’Briens books and found them a touch heavy but still enjoyable. Then I saw this film. Wow, it took my breath away. The last film I saw that inspired me this much was Dead Poets Society (just before I started University). I must watch the film at least once a week and after all this time I do not tire from it. Attention to detail is fantastic, even at the end scene when they ‘beat to quarters’ to escort the prize into harbour and, on the horizon, just visible in the distance, is ‘the prize’. I honestly thought at the time, the timing of the film, 1805, was setting up for a sequel involving The Battle of Trafalgar, the 200th anniversary in 2005 but this never materialised. Never has a film been more deserving of numerous sequels. Come on Mr Crowe and Mr Bettany, start the ball moving PLEASE!!

  17. Dit was nu eens een film die mij geboeid heeft van begin tot eind, zie uit naar een vervolg. Overigens een film over onze eigen zeeheld Michiel Adriaansz. de Ruijter zou ik ook wel graag eens willen zien

  18. Still anxiously awaiting sequel. Has been one of my favorite movies since it first came out, and can’t wait to see another addition to this interesting sea adventure and life aboard a vessel in this period of the world.

  19. i loved the film, but the best thing about it was that the film caused me to be aware of the books. dont try to find the plot of far side of the world in the books, though–it isnt there. i would love to see any sequel, but IMO a prequel would be better. preferably M&C, book one. i would love to hear the concert where jack met stephen, and for the romantic interests missing in far side, the screen writer could make as much as he wanted of jack’s romance with the port captain’s wife.

  20. I enjoyed Master and Commander movie. Hope there is 2nd movie. hope they use all the books for movies.

  21. The sequel of Master and Commander , will be like Shawshank Redemption, a sleeper hit , pure ecapism , wonderful story, amazing actors, and perfect timing; a majestic escape from a worrying, bad news world.

  22. Yes, please make the sequel to the Master and Commander movie, the first Master and Commander far Side of the World, wonderful, excellent performances by all actors. Russell Crowe and Peter Bettany are outstanding in the first Master and Commander. I am waiting for the sequel to hit the screens soon in the US please.

  23. Master and Commander was for me a glorious movie about a time and style that I believe our world in general has lost. I first saw the movie while I was stationed in Italy while in the navy back in 2003 when it came out in theaters. For me, being a avid military historian, the movie was inspiring, and even (lol) inspired me to read the Patrick O’Brian series of which I am now on the 12th novel. This movie deserves a sequel I believe to capture the sense of adventure that young people like and enjoy and inspire them to look to serve a higher purpose. Russell Crowe is the best person “Period” for this role his demeanor is perfect for a captain in the Navy there is a very short list of actors that could even come close to his performance, I would love to see Mr. Crowe, Paul Bettany, and the rest of the original cast back in the sequel (that is those that survived the final battle sequence in the movie lol). A fine movie one that has lasted for me and been a small dream come true to see old sailing ships fighting it out and seeing a in depth world of complexity move in a concert of rope, sail, wood, and gun. The movie for those of us who actually prefer “accuracy and scope” over “run and gun action” is better than the Pirates of the Caribbean if given a choice between the two I would watch this movie over Pirates of the Caribbean any day. Though good and thrilling and I certainly do enjoy those movies, they lack a quality of depth that M&C provides in showing what life at sea was truly like during those days of Pirates and Afterwards. Whereas POC was about fantasy, comedy, and adventure this depicts a far more dramatic and realistic picture.