‘Mass Effect’ Movie Gets A Comic-Con Panel

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Mass Effect Movie Comic Con 2011 Mass Effect Movie Gets A Comic Con Panel

[Update: Check out the Legendary Pictures live blog recap here.]

We are less than two weeks away from that big event in San Diego, the one with the superhero costumes, endless lines of people and yes, major film and television news to go with all of the comic book goodness that is Comic-Con International.

While there was some back and forth about Marvel Studios’ presence at the convention, recent insider info confirms The Avengers showing up in some capacity. We can now also add Legendary Pictures to the guest list who are bring their first ever full film panel to the annual event. On tap for their presentation are four films: Pacific Rim, The Seventh Son, Paradise Lost and the big budget video game adaptation, Mass Effect.

Pacific Rim is Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming sci-fi film about humans using robots to fight off an alien attack and stars Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam and Charlie Day. The Seventh Son stars Comic-Con familiar Jeff Bridges alongside Ben Barnes and Julianne More, and tells a tale of exorcisms and other supernatural trickery in the 1700s. Paradise Lost stars Bradley Cooper in the Alex Proyas directed fantasy film about the heavenly war between archangels Michael and Lucifer. All three films will be distributed by Warner Bros. (Sorry, no Man of Steel or The Dark Knight Rises).

The fourth film Legendary is bringing to their panel, and arguably the most intriguing is that of Mass Effect, the video game adaptation was first brought to light back in 2008 when producer Avi Arad picked up the Mass Effect rights a year after the first game hit store shelves. In the video game industry, Mass Effect 3 is one of the hottest and most anticipated titles, and it made waves at last month’s E3 event (think of it as the Comic-Con of video games).

Legendary optioned the rights to Mass Effect last May and we’ve heard nothing about it since, although we know there’s rising interest since the franchise’s popular is steadily growing as we await to end of the main trilogy of games. On the panel, the game’s creator and producer, Casey Hudson, will be joined by screenwriter Mark Protosevich whose penning the screenplay. Outside of that, we have no idea what to expect.

Hopefully, there will be some major announcements, perhaps something along the lines of the choice of director and/or lead star and we won’t be surprised if they show a trailer for Mass Effect 3 while they’re at it.

Groan all you want about video game movies, but sooner or later, that genre will be done some justice. Hopefully with game companies like Ubisoft launching their own film studio, and with Casey Hudson involved with the Mass Effect feature – and the series focus being on story and character – that this property is done justice. It’s already a cinematic masterpiece in its own right, so they best not mess this one up.

I’ll be in attendance for this panel, so follow me on Twitter @rob_keyes and be sure to check our Screen Rant’s live coverage and previews at our Official Comic-Con Page.

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  1. Woah, woah, woah … Mass Effect? Now I’m really interested!

  2. Yes!!!!!

  3. First off I hope to god they dont take off the games plot and characters.

    Failing that, I hope they dont even consider having a female Shepard like some people seem to think they should.

    Having the Shepard character be a part of it is bad enough, having the character as female is just even worse.

    • It’s ‘Mass Effect’, how can it not be about Shepard? If it’s based on the game how can you rule out a female lead character?

      Relax dude.

    • Casey Hudson said in an interview around the time Mass Effect 2 was released that there is official “canon” to Mass Effect, and the male Commander Shepard is considered “canon.”

      • Nope. The devs, including Hudson, have REPEATEDLY stated there isn’t an official canon to the story. It’s a default. Big difference. The whole point to the ME trilogy is PLAYER CHOICE. That’s over every aspect of Shepard. Each individual player’s Shepard is “canon.” This whole canon BS is just about some people wanting to feel like their Shepard’s the true Shepard & just can’t deal w/the idea that everyone’s Shepard is the real, true Shepard. Those people need to get over it already & be happy that their Sheps are the real deal just as everyone else’s are. Why? B/c we each CHOOSE them to be.

        • Casey Hudson stated directly that for marketing and advertising purposes, Commander Shepard is a Spacer, Sole Survivor, Solider, and Male.

          This is why the marketing campaign that was just released for ME3 showcasing female Shepard was such a big deal and went against all conventional marketing that Bioware did for ME1 and ME2.

  4. Mass-effect movie, this is not good the whole point to mass-effect was the choice mechanic how do you, copy that into a movie with a single story. This will be a epic fail. Another great gaming franchise that’s going to get ruined by Hollywood,.

  5. Mass Effect Movie…Interesting

    The only Idea I can think of is a prequel during the First Contact War. Humans v Turians. Then they can go on from there obviously tie-ins to the game, but no main characters. Sequels could really be anything, but involve us (humans) joining the other races on the citadel, and figuring out how to fit into this suddenly lively galaxy.

    This way they can have the straightforward narrative, unlike the games, because no matter how you played the game the first contact war was when Humans learned they weren’t alone. It would flesh out the backstory of the Mass Effect Universe, and that Is what I’d want to see.

    • Ace, I was thinking the exact same thing, making a prequel to the game would not only give us more of a backdrop to the epic games, but it also allows bioware and hollywood to collaborate and make an original piece set in the mass effect universe. It shouldn’t be difficult either, all you need is the writers from the game or even the writer of the novels to pen the script and your golden.

      • Glad someone agrees :D , by placing it within the canon, but before the games it allows them to do a concrete story. Which is what any game based movie needs, but most have lacked. Most games today, with Mass Effect at the very top, are so movie-like there is no real point to just make a live action version of the game.

        But I’d love to see the ME Universe fleshed out, it really could use more of it. And a story of another hero before Shepard allows them to do really any story they want. Whereas if they tried do it with Shepard there’d be too much anger over their portrayal of Shep, because everyone’s is different. And even if the did a continuation of the Story it wouldn’t fit because there will be many many ways for ME:3 to end depending on your choices.

  6. Matthew Fox as Shepard? And the iPhone app just took me to this story via an external link. Then when it opens in Safari it asks me to download the iPhone app, it happens on about half of the stories…

  7. Did anyone else just freak out at the thought of Garrus and Wrex on screen :D:D

  8. Matthew Fox.

  9. Paradise Lost? That’s freaking sweet! I just read it this past semester so there’s my excitement.

    Mass Effect movie? Definitely. Although if it goes the Prince of Persia route, everyone will rip on it. And how are they going to handle all of the alien races? Complete CGI? Makeup only goes so far. I’m getting nauseous just thinking about how it could possibly work. Still psyched though.

  10. Why do people doubt that Bioware couldn’t produce and write a good movie. The lynch pin here though is that Bioware has to be the controlling force in both the story and the characters. I dont trust ANYONE in hollywood to adapt this over to the big screen without making changes “they” think will make it better. It has to be true to the game or it is not going to work, and before anyone says it there are many, many movies that have failed due to this problem.

  11. If they do this they have to do it right. I want a trilogy of 2 hour films showing the characters, the back story and the universe. It is an amazing story which could become an amazing franchise if done right. So many characters and stories.

  12. i hope the mass effect film doesnt just copy the games. it probably shouldnt have shepard at all. the first contact war could make a good movie. Whatever it is it will need a big budget 100 million+ to be done right. But this is awsome, we heard about it a year ago and i thought it would never happen.

  13. Awesome!

    Rob, I saw this story posted on their facebook page and immediately ran to screen rant to see if you had anything on it. I need to remember to always check here first! :)

    • Hah, thanks Matt!

      You know I’ll be all over this sort of stuff ;)

  14. What? no Godzilla at Comic-Con??? I was looking forward to hearing some news regarding the new Godzilla film

    • No affense, but that was a pretty random comment lol :P

      • the new godzilla film is being done by legendary pictures

  15. I think it’s more likely to be something either before or after the Mass Effect game trilogy. Beforehand, you’ve got 26 years of Humanity trying to fit into this new galaxy; probably have something at the beginning of the film about the explorers on Mars and discovering the true reason behind Charon.
    Here’s a couple different ideas: the First Contact War, which could introduce not only General Williams, but also the man who would become TIM (Apparently Jack Harper according to these comics) and Saren Arterius, who apparently served in the FCW.
    Another idea would be an on-screen dramatization about Saren and Anderson’s mission, though admittedly that’s been covered in a book already.
    If they did a post-ME3 film, it’d be interesting, but I don’t think they will since they’d have to do their ‘canon Shepard’ and what he did during the War with the Reapers.
    One thing I’ve noticed about their canon Shepard: he seems to be a mixture of the Paragon and Renegade, though how much of each would be difficult. I get this from the fact that in one of the recent novels, it’s mentioned that Shepard’s having troubles with TIM, and yet the second game pointedly shows that the ‘canonical’ path is for Shepard to have let the Council die, killed Wrex, and left Kaidan to die. (ME2 beginning if you don’t import.) I’m only assuming that what they use is their ‘canonical’ path, though it’s technically obsolete now they’ve provided the ‘choices’ DLC for Xbox users as well as PS3.
    So if they don’t do one based on the game, than I think it’d be best if they did it before Shepard’s time. 26 years worth of material…..

    • It’s interesting you note the canonical path and that Kaiden is supposed to die, yet in all the lead-up to ME3, Kaiden is allover the place on posters, screen shots, etc. I’m confused by this.

      Personally, and this is just me, I think the best path for Shepard is to just be friends with Ashley, romance Liara, because it adds so much more depth to Shepard and Liara during the “Lair of the Shadow Broker” DLC for ME2. Romance Ash in ME1, and all you get is a hug on Horizon and an “I’m sorry for being a b****” email later in ME2, and the LOTSB with Liara is noticably less dramatic and emotional.

      Combine all this with the fact that it was Liara who actually saved Shepard after the destruction of the Normandy, well, there you have it. :)

      • Yeah, I noticed that stuff with Kaidan, too. From my understanding, though, the demo at E3 was with a ‘base Shepard’; that is, without an import, and I’ve noticed that if you do a male Shepard w/o import in ME2, than Kaidan is automatically dead.
        I think one reason the whole ‘Kaidan’ thing is going on is because while Ash is a fairly competent soldier and clearly a friend to Shepard, Kaidan is the more open of the two in regards to aliens and being an actual part of the galactic community. Which is one reason I find BioWare’s decision to have the V.S., whoever it is, be a Spectre in this next one a bit confusing. For an all-human Council I can understand Ash, but not if you saved the Council. Kaidan, yes; Ash, not really. Like she said, she’s not like Cerberus (extreme) and she does mention in the first game that she’ll work with aliens, but only under orders.
        She does have her reasons for being that way, although if I were Ash I’d focus my irritation more at the Alliance brass rather than aliens. I’d bet anything that even the Turians actually see Gen. Williams actions as honorable and the only course of action besides the annihilation of Shanxi.
        I’m definitely with you when it comes to the ‘best’ path for Shepard in regards to Ash or Liara. I tend to romance Liara no matter what; I think I did one playthrough where I romanced Ash. Not to mention the whole Horizon and email after thing was something I found to be truly irritating with both Kaidan and Ash, but I found Ash, being anti-alien as she is, to be more hypocritical. Cerberus fell into Kaidan’s statement that all species have their saints and their jerks.
        Maybe BW will explain their reasoning on Ash being a Spectre; I just don’t see it.
        As for the films, I stand by my belief that they should stick with either the 26 years previous, since anything before that would have no involvement with the Citadel races on behalf of humanity, and anything after ME3 would need BioWare to actually establish their Canon Shepard.
        One thing I’ve noticed is that Shepard is actually meant to be a biotic; even when one’s a soldier, Kaidan makes a comment about Shepard having L3 implants rather than L2. I think that’s one reason a lot of people have this preference for Vanguards or Sentinels. (For some reason, people avoid the Adepts. Don’t know why. Singularity kicks butt).
        One thing I found interesting with the LotSB was how Liara and Shepard orient around each other. That’s one reason I’ve always believed Liara is the actual canon romance, despite the evidence to the contrary. (i figure the way they do the default character in ME2 is meant to figure who Shepard would have chosen out of love. Ash for MaleShep and Kaidan for FemShep).
        Well, I’m not going to turn this into one of those crazy BioWare forum threads (seriously, they’re a war zone), so I’m going to cut off here, for now.

        • Nice followup, I think you and I are on similar pages for ME. :)

          Link in my name takes you to a different page…ever want to bounce ideas off me, feel free.

  16. Whoa! The devs, including Hudson, have stated that there is no canon Shepard. Only a default. There’s a difference. Mass Effect is about player choice which the devs have stated over & over again. A movie based on such a video game w/such a focus on player choice will be a disaster b/c there’s no linear storyline & “canon” Shepard which a movie needs. The differences of entertainment mediums. If Bioware keeps going after the movie, if it’s an adaptation of the trilogy, they are making themselves out to be liars & sell outs.