Universal Sets 2016 Release Date For Secret ‘Event’ Movie From Legendary

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Mass Effect 2 Commander Shepard Universal Sets 2016 Release Date For Secret Event Movie From Legendary

It’s a big week for Legendary Pictures. Perhaps we should say it’s a monstrous week with Godzilla finally hitting theaters wide tomorrow with early screenings beginning this evening. The Gareth Edwards-directed reboot topped Screen Rant’s list of most anticipated 2014 films and embodies much of what Legendary is attempting to deliver with their slate of productions.

I attended Legendary’s first ever solo Comic-Con panel back in 2011 and the presentation was clean and simple. Filmmakers and stars came up on stage, in a relatively intimate room, and excitedly spoke about their early-in-development projects. There were four at the time (although they hinted at Godzilla news coming soon), all based on the goal of delivering creative and imaginative, high concept and high fantasy films. Only one, Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, has actually hit theaters since then. The other three included Seventh Son, which was delayed again to 2015; Mass Effect, the highly anticipated video game adaptation that’s gone completely silent, and Paradise Lost, which was killed off two years ago.

Since that time a few things have changed for Legendary beyond the development woes of some of those projects, the most important being their separation from Warner Bros. and new partnership with Universal Pictures. But as a production company, they have some major projects in development with various distributors including Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar at Paramount and del Toro’s Crimson Peak at Universal. They’re also involved with the productions of Jurassic World and Warcraft, both with partner Universal as well.

jurassic world logo Universal Sets 2016 Release Date For Secret Event Movie From Legendary

Needless to say, the mandate about high concept, high fantasy films, still stands, as evidenced above – which begs the question of what their mysterious 2016 project from Legendary Universal just scheduled for November 4, 2016. Their note to us had nothing more than the date. THR dubs it the “Untitled 2016 Event Project” and report that it’s something new and possibly based on a recognizable IP, but it’s not a prequel, sequel or remake.

We believe it’s a tentpole, it’s big and it’s going to be announced soon. We don’t have any hints beyond that so we can only speculate based on what properties we know Legendary has and could be working on and that includes the aforementioned Mass Effect or an adaptation of Marcus Sakey’s sci-fi novel Brilliance with Will Smith (read our Sakey interview!). The bigger “event” of those two would clearly be Mass Effect, and as we discussed on the site yesterday in our feature Are Video Games The Next Big Thing? - and for years on our coverage of video game adaptions on Screen Rant and sister site Game Rant - that’s definitely happening. Assassin’s Creed by Ubisoft is going to be huge and it’s coming next year starring Michael Fassbender. And we can’t talk about this topic without mentioning Warcraft which impressed us all with concept footage at last year’s Comic-Con and also hits theaters in early 2016.

Mass Effect Normandy1 1024x576 Universal Sets 2016 Release Date For Secret Event Movie From Legendary

The Normandy Starship in ‘Mass Effect’

With E3 2014, the largest video game trade show, happening in just a few weeks – perhaps the timing of the date could precede an announcement for the long-awaited Mass Effect adaptation that game publisher Electronic Arts could unveil during their June 9th press conference. BioWare and EA are currently developing a fourth Mass Effect game and the flagship title has a lot riding on its release since it needs to make up for how the trilogy concluded (not the best reception from fans) and relaunch the series for the next-generation of video game consoles. This property is very important to Legendary boss Thomas Tull, so we like to think this property is what’s coming in November 2016. It would make sense given the development of the game series and the current trend of film adaptations.

Namor Marvel Studios Fan Title Card 1024x690 Universal Sets 2016 Release Date For Secret Event Movie From Legendary

If Brilliance or Mass Effect are not what this project is though, there’s always the surprise (read: far less likely) possibilities that Universal is doing something with their one Marvel property, Namor, or perhaps the adaptation of Hot Wheels, or another del Toro film in At the Mountains of Madness. What do you want the film to be?


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Source: THR

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  1. When did Universal acquire Namor…? If Universal made it, but tied it into the MCU, it could be big…

    • They’ve always had it, since the ’90s.

      • Do they have a different deal than Fox has/had with Xmen/FF/Daredevil? As I understand it these deals rely on regular output. If they owned the rights in the 90s but havent done anything with it should it not have reverted back to Marvel by now?

        • Don’t know the details on this one, only what Kevin Feige said – that Universal has the rights.

          • Cheers Rob.

            Seems strange after the whole “Against the clock” thing with Daredevil last year that Universal are able to hold on to it a property that has been idle for so long.

            Could Namor really work as a standalone franchise? I must confess I have never read any of his solo series and I only really know the character through his interaction with other Marvel groups, namely X-men, Dark Avengers and illuminati.

            • Namor is… complex so I can see a solo film working, with caveats of course. What I would like to see, and will probably never happen, is an Invaders title. Then we would get the original Human Torch as well as Winter Solider and Captain America. But as I said it’s only a dream.

    • Boy, would I like to see Namor, or At The Mountains Of Madness made! Or speaking of Lovecraft, how about The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward? I’d really like to see a serious treatment, full-bore, on that one. In the meantime, I wish Universal would get going on once-mention The Mummy and creature From The Black Lagoon remakes (but they have to be period pieces, true to the spirit of the original!!). Did Universal once mention doing a Dracula reboot and Frankenstein reboot as well, or am I confused with all the vampire stuff, etc. out there?

  2. Whilst I’ll probably watch a Mass Effect movie, I have no idea how they’d be able to incorporate either the story or the rich mythology found in the game and distill it into a two hour+ film.

    On the other hand, Del Toro directing his loveletter to Lovecraft… that, at least to me, would be huuuge.

    • I really hope del Toro gets to make At The Mountains Of Madness. Been waiting for that for years.

    • On the subject of mass effect movie. I would have it set some time after the events of the trilogy, They could reference Commander sheppard in it but never mentioning a first name or actually showing him/her on screen.

      It would be set in the universe created but tell its own story without people being disappointed that Commander sheppard doesn’t look like thier sheppard. For example you could have the new crew visit a statue of the Hero of Earth and view it from an angle you only see a boot or something leaving anything remarkable about the character out. You could have some of the crew members of the game appear, depending on how far after the events you set it because the human character of Yvonne Strahovski actually look like her. You could also have EDI by Tricia Helfer in it and Claudia Black reprise her voice roll.

      There are alot of angles to go while remaining faithful to Mass Effect yet standing on its own feet.

      • i see where you’re coming from but thats not what id wanna see, the war with the reapers is one hell of an epic story and id love to see that on the big screen, Shepard has to be leading the fight like in the games but i dont mind that he wont look like my character, its the overall story that matters, as well as getting an actor who can portray a decent Shepard. With regards to reputation they cant have him really good or really bad cause either one would piss off game fans who prefer good/bad Shepard, so just have him in between. Also id say its best just making Shepard a soldier, no biotics or tech, leave that to the companions

      • I’d actually be okay with this description, having a film set in the same universe and feeds of the ME lore but without retreading the same story the games covered. Expand the universe, don’t rewrite it.

    • Sure, as long as it’s not the same action slop from the leaked script.

  3. Have you heard about the promotions that will accompany the Mass Effect Movie?

    Go Legendary and buy a Thane-themed green-meal, A Liara-themed blue-meal, or a Wrex-themed red meal – contents, flavours, tub-sizes and even the graphics on the tubs are all the same, It’s just the colours that are different.

    • I see what you did there.

  4. They should probably give Namor back, or cut some kind of deal. Strange that they’re holding onto it. On its own I don’t think it would be that successful.

    I’d like to see them put out a good Mass Effect adaptation, hopefully dodging the usual video game stigma.

  5. My wish is for Del Toro and Mountains of Madness. But with studios wanting trilogy style material what might one do to extend it? Take on some other stories? Would be great to see Del Toro take on The Shadow Over Innsmouth, followed by The Dunwich Horror.

  6. Well back in 2008 Universal and Marvel did INCREDIBLE HULK when Paramount had IRON MAN 1&2, THOR & CAPTAIN AMERICA, and as far as I know Universal dont hold a grugde against DISNEY & MARVEL so a co production could happen I mean what can they do with 1 Marvel character it be a 1 off franchise whereas if Marvel disney cut a deal this could be the 3rd MARVEL UNIVERSE film in 2016 (Cap & mystery july 2016 film) plus with Uni doing NAMOR Disney wouldnt feel the pinch if it failed.
    which begs the other nit pick… Why the flying fudge would FOX outright state that F4 would not be anything yo do with XMen…… then why the hell keep it sureley itd have veen a better deal to sell it for as much as possible.

    • It’s Fox.

      Seriously, how often do you need to question Fox before you realize they can’t help being Fox.

      • Hahaha best comment.

  7. WTF is Namor?!?!? I’m sick of comic book superheroes, PLEASE let it be Mass Effect!

  8. Oh great, I thought the ME movie was dead, now my hopes are awaken again… :)

  9. I hope it’s one of the following:
    -Bourne 5, directed by Justin Lin and starring both Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner
    -A huge action comedy, directed by Ben Affleck and starring Denzel Washington, Matt Damon, Christian Bale, Robert Downey Jr., Amy Adams, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael B. Jordan, Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hardy, Jeremy Renner, Gerard Butler, Mila Kunis, and Brooklyn Decker
    -A huge comedy starring Robert Downey Jr., Adam Sandler, Jerry Seinfeld, Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael B. Jordan, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, and Emma Stone, and directed by Ben Stiller
    -A movie based on the band U2
    -A huge documentary celebrating cinematic history, directed by Martin Scorsese

    • Wow.

  10. Gears of War?

    Legendary was tied in with the franchise if I remember correctly…

  11. I’m not familiar with Mass Effect since I’m not a gamer.

    I’d definitely be onboard for At The Mountains Of Madness….. I’m a huge HP Lovecraft fan, and Del Toro is the right man for that job.

    Namor would be cool too. He’s been a villain and a hero both in the Marvel comics. He was actually an Avenger for a while. Universal should make a deal with Marvel and tie him into the MCU….. Why not?

  12. If they’re seriously making video games into movies, why not give Lara Croft another chance? I could see the reboot becoming a reboot for the silver screens.

  13. Imho, Namor seems the most likely. Superheroes are huge right now, and Namor is an original hero at that, one that hasnt been down and I think people would love to see an underwater hero…and to see Atlatis with modern effects. Everything to me, with the Marvel stamp on it screams box office success.

    Actors that could maybe play Namor

    Manu Bennet
    Gerald Buttler
    Eric Bana
    Liam McIntyre
    Jason Momoa

  14. Adrian Grenier (Vinnie Chase) as Namor, directed by James Cameron (who will have all of the underwater filming know-how down pat because of Avatar 2/3/4)!

    In all seriousness though, Marvel has plans up until 2028 or something, I doubt they are going to spend money on a character they don’t need and who will pretty much be seen as Marvel’s Aquaman to the average viewer. Plus it’s not like they are threatened by Universal having ONE property haha.

    Also, I may be wrong but is Namor a mutant/have ties to mutants? I know he’s Atlantean or half Atlantean or something? If Fox want him, he’s pretty much just another mutant as far as average moviegoers are concerned and I doubt he’d get his own solo movie with Fox. And Sony won’t bother buying it when they are trying to focus exclusively on the Spiderman universe.

  15. Namor? Namor? Really? He’s the Aquaman of Marvel, and we all know what that means. Besides that, he’s a total jerk who’s so self-absorbed he makes Tony Stark look like Steve Rogers.