Mary Jane Watson, Harry Osborn, and Electro in ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′

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amazing spider man sequel marc webb1 Mary Jane Watson, Harry Osborn, and Electro in Amazing Spider Man 2

Now that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has secured director Marc Webb for another round of friendly neighborhood spider-helming, casting for the highly-anticipated follow-up is now officially underway. After the first film was criticized for revisiting too many core origin plot points from Raimi’s trilogy (read our review), despite promising to tell “The Untold Story,” fans have been eagerly anticipating details on Webb’s sequel – to see what the director can do with the character now that he’s established the franchise foundation.

While plenty of speculation has centered around which villain, or possibly villains, will appear it now sounds as though Sony intends to bring back a pair of familiar characters from Raimi’s trilogy in the second reboot installment – specifically Peter Parker’s primary love interest, Mary Jane Watson, as well as good friend, Harry Osborn.

Variety has the exclusive and is reporting that Descendants actress, Shailene Woodley, is Sony’s top pick for Mary Jane Watson. Currently, the Independent Spirit Award-winning actress stars as Amy Juergens in ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager but the show will end its run this season – leaving Woodley open for a major production like Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Of course, at this point, it’s unclear how large a role the character will even play in the sequel – given that Gwen Stacy hasn’t yet reached the end of her story arc. Considering the filmmakers have planned for a film trilogy (at least), it’s more likely that Sony, like 20th Century Fox (with X-Men and Fantastic Four) is just attempting to flesh-out the Spider-Man universe with important characters – allowing them to develop across several film arcs. Meaning, given the complaints that Sony endured over the familiarity in their “untold story,” Amazing Spider-Man 2 will probably try to place any returning franchise characters in very different story beats – so don’t expect the Parker, Watson, Stacy love triangle that was used in Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 to be a central point. 

Shailene Woodley Mary Jane Watson Amazing Spider Man Mary Jane Watson, Harry Osborn, and Electro in Amazing Spider Man 2

As mentioned, Variety reports that casting directors are also looking to bring Harry Osborn (potential Green Goblin and son of Norman Osborn ) into the mix. As with Mary Jane, it’s unlikely that Harry will follow a similar story trajectory this round – but audiences could expect to see the character develop into a Spider-Man foe down the line. It’s also possible that they just want to introduce a friend for Peter, as well as show different sides of Norman Osborn (who will probably be introduced in part two), even if they have no intention of a Peter/Harry confrontation down the line.

As for which primary villain will be featured in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the report makes casual mention that Electro is rumored to be, at least, one of the potential baddies in the sequel. As regular readers might remember, our own Kofi Outlaw sat down with Webb around the time of the first film’s release and asked about the possibility of Electro appearing in the sequel, specifically in reference to the mid-credits tease, which featured a shadowy figure (played by Michael Massee) appearing/disappearing during a pair of lightning strikes in and out of the cell inhabited by imprisoned/recovering lizard Curt Connors. Webb responded:

Oooo, interesting! You’re the only person who’s brought that up! I invite speculation, but I will not give you certainty.

 Mary Jane Watson, Harry Osborn, and Electro in Amazing Spider Man 2

Webb later clarified that the visitor was a representative of Oscorp, meaning that the timing of the mid-credits scene could occur during the events of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – presumably after we’re introduced to Electro and shown how he gets his powers. Of course, at this point any villain talk is just speculation and we’ll have to wait for further casting announcements before we can draw any concrete connections.

For further discussion about the potential sequel villains check out our Amazing Spider-Man episode of the SR Underground podcast.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is web-shooting for a May 2, 2014 release.

Source: Variety

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  1. If they use Harry great I like Harry Osborn a lot I liked James Franco in the role a lot to but I didn’t think it was all that true to the comics, I noticed in the comics he had a bunch of drug and personal father issues and in the movie it was just the father issues really. In their defense it was more aimed at kids than adults or teens like myself but still I’d really like to see that in the movie I mean if your best friend is doing drugs what do you do do you parent them tell someone and with Peter being a superhero and all he may feel obliged to tell Norman who may be hard on Harry and Harry would then be angry at him and it could develop into something interesting.

  2. As I’ve said previously about Connors/Lizard returning, it should be a must. Since this new trilogy is going to flesh out “The Untold Story,” Connors is obviously a BIG part of that, since he knew Peter’s father. So Peter may end up visiting Connors in prison, probably asking more questions about him and his father’s relationship. Meanwhile Connors would be battling his reptilian side; trying to keep it under control. Again this could take elements from the tie-in videogame since its basically a pseudo sequel. Connors/Lizard deserves to be more than a one-off villain, and the set-up of his character in the movie can fit perfectly into the sequels, whether as just Curt Connors or The Lizard; preferably both IMO.

    • I’m with you EggU I say bring Connors back I really liked him in the first one I also think that Ifans payed it really well

  3. Never seen anything with Woodley, but she’s very good-looking. She actually looks like a modern-day teenager, unlike Kirsten Dunst’s MJ, who was an awful character. A lot of that probably has to do with the writing (does she really have to be a hostage in EVERY movie??), but she didn’t do any favors by being stuck-up, irrational, and just plain annoying. Also, she wasn’t very attractive, IMO.

    Anyways, MJ is a must, and I’d like to see a better take on her. Curious to see how/if they’re going to avoid the whole love triangle storyline.

    Harry would be great. Maybe have him as just Norman’s son, not really interacting with Peter. That way, it seems different.

    And Electro would be great, he just seems kinda campy. I guess once they get rid of the strange costume and make him darker and “grittier”, it will be better, but I think he should be one of multiple villains. Maybe he’ll be the primary one in the first act or two, while there’s another guy behind the scenes (Norman?)

    • Electro was a much more effective villain earlier on in the comics – he became ‘campy’ after the writers overused the character and reduced his threat potential to Spidey. If done right I think he could be a great secondary villain, besides providing the requisite big action set pieces.

      I really want Mary Jane in this, too. Somehow I feel like the sequel really has to take the idea of killing of Gwen Stacy seriously – it’d be a pretty big step.

    • ezra I agree with you when it comes to MJ played by Kirsten Dunst your right… Does she really need to be a hostage every time (funny line right there lol). I didn’t care for Dunst as Mary Jane I honestly felt like anyone could’ve played that and I really wouldn’t have changed the movie all that much, Peter and MJ’s relationship and chemistry to me is one of the most well done love stories in all the comics, even Stan Lee said that he didn’t think he could’ve done it any better and he loved it so much. The two of them are basically opposites but they talk to each others there best friends and that’s what always keeps their relationship healthy and they’re happy together, they can tell each other anything and no matter what they love each other. I never saw that in the Raimi movies, she was either happy to see him or was pissed at him and the way that the two of them met was just completely bull****** throughout the movie, like c’mon that’s one of her most famous lines it’s the first damn word she ever said to him that makes everybody laugh their a($ off and you didn’t even have that in there… MAN! Ive never seen a shailene woodley movie but I heard incredible things about the descendants and great things about her performance in that movie, and I agree with you when you say she really does look like a real teenager I see girls in my Highschool that remind me of her so good that they’re trying to keep it as real as possible. I never saw Secret Life mainly because it’s aimed more at girls than guys like myself, a lot of people say shed be terrible for the role because of secret life but I’m sure most of them are guys and the show isn’t aimed at guys it’s aimed more at girls. Some think woodley could work.

      Electro I would like to see in a movie we’ve never seen him before so that could be cool, it’d be interesting to see the effects on him, y’know how he’s throughing lightning bolts all over the place blowing up tons of cars that would be sick to see in the movie (itd be funny to see Webb do that because he directed 500 days of summer I think it’d just be hilarious lol). I also agree with you when you say he does seem like a campy crook at first part of which is because of the green and yellow costume with the infamous star fish mask, hopefully and most likely they’ll change up the costume and make it look a little more deadly and menacing for the movie. One thing that the idea of using electro in the next movie makes me think of is Peter’s respect, Electro to me is always a guy out looking and fighting and killing because he wants to be respected, so maybe Peter will want more respect in the movie, more respect from Gwen because he feels like she’s angry at him after what happened to her dad and he feels like he didn’t do anything wrong, he could be angry at Aunt May because shes not giving him enough freedom, depending on whether or not they use Jameson in the movie (by the way, I’m fine whether they get Simmons or a new actor… Fine either way) god knows Peter will want more respect from him, if the use Harry and involve the drug problem or another kind of friendship issue then he’ll want more respect from Harry, and in the end the person that he’ll open up to about it all is MJ. Electro could serve as a darker side to Peter’s wants he will go out and just start beating and killing people who don’t respect him and Peter will see himself in some way.

      Just my thought/theory can’t wait for this movie comes out my Senior Year!!!!!!

  4. I’m not really diggin Woodley as Mj, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what becomes of this. I like the idea of bringing Mj in the sequel since Mj was originally created to be a foil to Gwen Stacy. So having her in the movie while Peter and Gwen still have a relationship going on is perfect.

    • She was great in “The Descendants,” but it often seems to me like casting in movies is pretty uncreative. It’s all about finding the “current thing.” MJ will be hard to get right on screen. The Raimi movies were going for a MJ/Gwen combination. Gotta say, Emma Stone would have been a pretty good MJ.

      • I totally agree with you.Emma Stone is smoking gorgeous and Mary Jane Watson seemed like more of the fun role and a perfect one for her.I mean, Mary Jane Watson was a party girl, who came from an abusive house hold but she never let it bring her down and went on to succeed in life as a model and an actress on a soap opera.This role was made for Emma Watson who could pull it off convincingly.

        Instead we get a more plain adorable plain version of the character in this Amazing Spiderman 2 movie.Shailene Woodley was always whiny on ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager show but I digress.

      • I totally agree with you.Emma Stone is smoking gorgeous and Mary Jane Watson seemed like more of the fun role and a perfect one for her.I mean, Mary Jane Watson was a party girl, who came from an abusive house hold but she never let it bring her down and went on to succeed in life as a model and an actress on a soap opera.This role was made for Emma Watson who could pull it off convincingly.

        Instead we get a more plain adorable, plain version of the character in this Amazing Spiderman 2 movie.Shailene Woodley was always whiny on ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager show but I digress.

    • I still don’t think Woodley would play MJ, since Sony Studio still has not confirmed her role as MJ yet. The whole Hollywood universe mentioned that she will play a smaller part in next installment and lead into bigger future installment. I think she would play Liz Allen, girl friend of Flash Thompson and lead into Molten Man in the future. Better yet she could play Felicia Hardy and lead into Black Cat. So far I don’t think she is HOT enough in order to play party girl MJ or Black Cat. Maybe She can play Betty Brant, but she looks too young.


    • Well, since TASM was considerably better than the past films, it definitely needs a sequel.

      • Agreed. I quite liked it.

      • And yet the three films, all made more money then Amazing Spiderman.Strange. Even the the 3rd one that was bad.

    • I want a sequel… TASM was great IMO.

    • A lot do. I’m always interested in what and how they do, but I have extremely low expectations for this series.

    • Um it’s Spider-Man, Luis Heffer…I think what you meant to write was, “who doesn’t want a sequel?”

      • I does!

    • me !

  6. I hope they do it just like the comics when Peter Parker graduates from high school and goes off to college in Manhattan where meets Harry Osborn but before Harry and Peter became best friends;In the beginning when he met Parker in college he took an instant dislike to him because Peter hardly pay any attention to him I guess because Peter was distracted by Mary Jane Watson the second most beautiful girl he’d ever met.

    • I agree with Mr. Kayron completely, I think the opening scene could be something like Peter and Gwen’s graduation ceremony and then a few months later college starts and he meets his roommate Harry Osborn and Aunt May introduces him to Mary Jane. Yeah that’s another thing I really hope they do in this movie and I’ve said this countless other times is make Mary Jane a real character and make her like she was in the comics and stuff unlike the original trilogy where all she was there for was a damsel in distress which just made me so annoyed I wanted to hit something. Hopefully woodley will be good for that I want to see the descendants and see how great she is.

  7. I haven’t seen any of Woodley’s work, but she doesn’t really look right for the role IMO.
    Glad to hear that MJ and Harry will be in the sequel though.
    Now i just need confirmation that JK Simmons will return as JJJ!

  8. Reboot! Didn’t like “Amazing” and the trenchcoat worn by the shadowy figure could’ve had 4 mechanical arms under there. hint.

    • Reboot? Really?

      • You want to reboot…a reboot??

  9. It’s been “out-there” for a while, even Michael Massee indicated that the character visiting Connors is Sundown.

    • Hmm… I hope it’s not Sundown. I’d rather have a slightly better known villain like Chameleon.

    • Got a link for that tidbit of news?

  10. It was Chameleon at the end credits scene.

  11. I’ve said this before, but I wish they would introduce MJ the way they did in the comics. That is, spend a long time over several movies having her in the scene with her face obscured by something in the foreground, and having her always “just miss” meeting Peter face to face.

    In the comics MJ was the niece of Aunt May’s friend and nieghbor. She was always encouraging Peter to date her, but Peter figured MJ (or anyone his Aunt would try to set him up with) was unattractive and kept politely avoiding the topic with his Aunt.

    They should build it up and then do they whole, “face it Tiger…” at the end of one of the movies.

    They shouldn’t even announce what actress is finally picked, and it shouldn’t just be “anyone,” or the latest “actress du jour.” Woodley was good in “the Descendants,” but MJ is a tough character to do right. I doubt they’ll be able to do so.

    • I like your idea. did you realize that the whole hollywood speculated Shailene Woodley plays MJ, but Sony Studio still has not confirmed her role as MJ. I think she could play a small role as Liz Allen or Felicia Hardy. They could lead other sequels to Molten man or Black Cat. We can totally forget MJ in this new franchise of ASM.

  12. This is very good news. I love the Mark Webb take on Spidey. For me it is much more true to the comics I have read. Not that Raimy’s movies were not good, they were. But TASM was better. It was my suprise movie of the summer. I had little expectations for it and I was proven wrong. I look forward to more of this story.

  13. I would love to see Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) as MJ. She has the spunk needed for the role. And it would be beyond cool to have Dave Franco reprise the role of his older brother.

    • Yea I had thought the same thing about Dave Franco, a good young actor that people could kinda watch and just feel like they know he’s an Osborne before he’s even fully introduced

  14. Mysterio as a villain would be nice!

  15. I would not mind seeing Rhino as a villain

    • I doubt they’d go ahead and do that since its strait from the video game they did for it. However he does (obviouly from the game) fit in with the whole cross species thing that seems like it may be a focus for this trilogy.

      • or the Scorpion.

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  17. I just noticed, how important Norman is/or could be in this sequel. First of all Norman is the one who made Conners start working on these cross species experiments so he could cure him. Second Norman knows its Spiderman who defeated Conners/Lizard and got him sent to that Hospital or w/e so now there is noway of him getting that cure. So with that I can see Spiderman being a threat to Oscorp or vise versa, And havng Norman pulling the strings the rest the movies. Maybe eventually becoming Green Goblin

  18. I’m still holding out hope Mary Elizabeth Winstead will play Mary Jane.

  19. I agree with what EggU said i think it would be interesting if Connor’s came back I really like Rhys Ifans’s portrayal of Connors and the lizard he did a much better job than I thought he would. So that would be cool also interested in seeing Electro in a movie because nobody has seen him In a movie before the only issue I would have with it is this… If they are going to kill Gwen Stacy then I really really would like the green goblin to be her murderer (who wouldn’t) so how would they kill Gwen in the movie if Electro is the bad guy? Maybe what they could do is have two bad guys maybe Electro could be working for Osborn to find out more about Peter in order to save Osborn’s life, he could study Peter and then design a formula to cure Osborn and then when Osborn tests it out it could transform him into guess what…The Green Goblin, then after Electro is defeated Goblin could kill Gwen and the last scene could be Peter crying and breaking things in his room, and once MJ hears about Gwen she’d drive down to Peter’s run upstairs as fast as she can but hesitate before she opens the door because MJ has always been afraid of letting pain into her life if she ever felt any pain in her life before she’d really just kick it under the carpet (all this is true just read the comics) anyway shed hesitate to open the door after she heard things breaking and Peter yelling and then she’d take a deep breath and just open the door and hold Peter as they both cried and then the movie could end just there. It be a lot though I guess right anyway what do you guys think about this ending

  20. I dnt think its electro but i hope so

  21. electro no for me it`s too earl to bring him in.

  22. I think they should have electro as the main villain and build up Harry and Mary Jane’s characters. Then introduce Norman Osborn later in tasm2. Then in tasm3 have green goblin be the main villain. Have a major battle with him vs. spidey halfway through the movie on the Washington bridge. Kill off gwen and have Peter kill Norman. After that have Harry develop a hatred for Spider-Man. When Harry finds out that Peter is Spider-Man he becomes so vengeanful that he follows his fathers footsteps and becomes the next green goblin. Harry then goes after Peters true love MJ. At the end Peter saves Mary Jane and accidentally kills Harry at the end of the movie. The mid-credits scene could have a possible connection to the venom spin-off.

  23. Jamie Foxx is cool, but I really hate the idea of him being Electro. Electro’s white, and has a different overall feel and build than Jamie Foxx could give.

    • I never read the comics faithfully but could Joseph Gordon levitt be a better electro? I understand that due to the batman thing, ecspecially now with justice league, it would cause confusion but I would love to see JGL in a role of the bad guy

  24. Im glad they are adding MJ and Harry but I really dont want to see MJ have a big role in this film. I want to see Peter and Gwen for a little longer before MJ becomes a big part of peters life. I think they should introduce MJ but make it where she is a small part of the sequel. Like maybe they mention her in the sequel and you only see side shot of her until maybe close to the end and then It shows her completely. I dont know, I like Mary Jane But Emma Stone made Gwen Stacey an amazing character and I will be really disapointed if they rush her story just to get Mary jane into the films

  25. What about a hit squad team sort of parralelling the spectacular spiderman show the secret six?
    Doc ock as the leader but ultimately being hired by Norman for the 2nd and for a third introduce goblin and kill Gwen

  26. the goblin should be introduce in the sequel and yet the killer of gwen stacy.. why others speculating that the mysterious man that talked with the lizard in the cell is electro.. I dont think so..

  27. I just want to say… if they put MJ in there, she and Peter were friends first. They didn’t have an all out make out session or whatever the first time they met, so even if she is in the sequel, she might just be a friend and who knows? Gwen might die in the sequel and then MJ appears like a stable friend (compared to Harry’s slightly erratic behavior) and that’s how he falls for her. Dunno but there are logical ways to go about avoiding love triangles =.= because I really hate them.

  28. I for one want a damn good Venom in a spiderman movie and that thing that Topher Grace did was not satisfactory. I think Venom would be awesome as well as Mysterio as he has always been a favorite of mine. Something else that would be cool is a Shocker/Electro Pairing. Maybe with part 3 they can have Green Goblin break some villians out of prison like the Lizard and who ever is introduced in part 2. I think spiderman having to defeat a badass team of villians will varying degrees of powers and threat levels would be awesome.

  29. I like their choice for the new mary jane because she has a very “girl next door” look to her which was the original embodiement of mary janes character in the comics. oh amd one thing i noticed in the article, harry goes by the name of the green gremlin in the comic books as his father is the green goblin.