Mary Jane Watson, Harry Osborn, and Electro in ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′

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amazing spider man sequel marc webb1 Mary Jane Watson, Harry Osborn, and Electro in Amazing Spider Man 2

Now that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has secured director Marc Webb for another round of friendly neighborhood spider-helming, casting for the highly-anticipated follow-up is now officially underway. After the first film was criticized for revisiting too many core origin plot points from Raimi’s trilogy (read our review), despite promising to tell “The Untold Story,” fans have been eagerly anticipating details on Webb’s sequel – to see what the director can do with the character now that he’s established the franchise foundation.

While plenty of speculation has centered around which villain, or possibly villains, will appear it now sounds as though Sony intends to bring back a pair of familiar characters from Raimi’s trilogy in the second reboot installment – specifically Peter Parker’s primary love interest, Mary Jane Watson, as well as good friend, Harry Osborn.

Variety has the exclusive and is reporting that Descendants actress, Shailene Woodley, is Sony’s top pick for Mary Jane Watson. Currently, the Independent Spirit Award-winning actress stars as Amy Juergens in ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager but the show will end its run this season – leaving Woodley open for a major production like Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Of course, at this point, it’s unclear how large a role the character will even play in the sequel – given that Gwen Stacy hasn’t yet reached the end of her story arc. Considering the filmmakers have planned for a film trilogy (at least), it’s more likely that Sony, like 20th Century Fox (with X-Men and Fantastic Four) is just attempting to flesh-out the Spider-Man universe with important characters – allowing them to develop across several film arcs. Meaning, given the complaints that Sony endured over the familiarity in their “untold story,” Amazing Spider-Man 2 will probably try to place any returning franchise characters in very different story beats – so don’t expect the Parker, Watson, Stacy love triangle that was used in Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 to be a central point. 

Shailene Woodley Mary Jane Watson Amazing Spider Man Mary Jane Watson, Harry Osborn, and Electro in Amazing Spider Man 2

As mentioned, Variety reports that casting directors are also looking to bring Harry Osborn (potential Green Goblin and son of Norman Osborn ) into the mix. As with Mary Jane, it’s unlikely that Harry will follow a similar story trajectory this round – but audiences could expect to see the character develop into a Spider-Man foe down the line. It’s also possible that they just want to introduce a friend for Peter, as well as show different sides of Norman Osborn (who will probably be introduced in part two), even if they have no intention of a Peter/Harry confrontation down the line.

As for which primary villain will be featured in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the report makes casual mention that Electro is rumored to be, at least, one of the potential baddies in the sequel. As regular readers might remember, our own Kofi Outlaw sat down with Webb around the time of the first film’s release and asked about the possibility of Electro appearing in the sequel, specifically in reference to the mid-credits tease, which featured a shadowy figure (played by Michael Massee) appearing/disappearing during a pair of lightning strikes in and out of the cell inhabited by imprisoned/recovering lizard Curt Connors. Webb responded:

Oooo, interesting! You’re the only person who’s brought that up! I invite speculation, but I will not give you certainty.

 Mary Jane Watson, Harry Osborn, and Electro in Amazing Spider Man 2

Webb later clarified that the visitor was a representative of Oscorp, meaning that the timing of the mid-credits scene could occur during the events of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – presumably after we’re introduced to Electro and shown how he gets his powers. Of course, at this point any villain talk is just speculation and we’ll have to wait for further casting announcements before we can draw any concrete connections.

For further discussion about the potential sequel villains check out our Amazing Spider-Man episode of the SR Underground podcast.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is web-shooting for a May 2, 2014 release.

Source: Variety

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  1. Anyone is better than Kirsten Dunst or James Franco. Anyone. As long as they don’t include the Green Goblin then I’m happy. Electro would be nice but I really hope they end the second movie with a hint of Venom or Carnage. Man, they would bank with a great story about them two.
    Anyway, I don’t think they’ll include the love triangle but I’m sure something will happen at the end that’ll lead us to that in the third movie.

    • Yep, I agree, MJ was NOT well-cast in the original trilogy. I’m looking forward to the next installment.

    • Please no Green Goblin. I’m not impressed with the villains offered in the poll above, actually. I don’t have a villain in mind, but I’d want a legitimate threat.

    • I say go ahead with the green goblin. They’re already setting up for it having oscorp and the shadowy, misteriously ill Norman Osborne be a big thing in the first one. Just go ahead and have him but no power ranger costume this time. Have it be like ultimate comics where he is like some big green mutated goblin like creature, here most likly from some cross species experimernt developed to cure him of his “mysterious disease”

  2. Shailene does look like MJ honestly. And she’s a good actress so that is a plus. Here’s to hoping Dylan O’Brien will play Harry.


    • Clearly this issue has spread to your caps lock button.

      • no, its a way to exaggerate my words -_- im sure even people know that.

      • lol….

        • LOL…

          • LoL…

            • YOLO!!
              Oh, wait -_-

    • Dylan O’Brien would be perfect.

  4. I was surprised they did’nt have a Mary Jane cameo in the first one with her setting by Peter in class or something. I don’t mind bringing them back, they’ll probably set them up meeting in college like in the original comics. As for the villain its either Electro or Mysterio. The guy in the credits scene was just too old for Electro but who knows. As long as they don’t rehash any villains from the trilogy.

    • I agree that Michael Massee looks older than what Electro should be in my opinion. I had hoped Massee would play Norman Osbourne…but in that end credit scene I wanted it to be Mysterio disguised as Osbourne while getting information from Connors. Oh well, Electro will be interesting too. But you do know that they will have to rehash villains eventually. The Green Goblin is Spider-Man’s Joker or Lex Luthor…because those villains all drive the hero mad. And Venom that’s his Bane or Doomsday…especially when you factor in Carnage.

      • I would mind seeing a repeat villain, but I think they should complete this trilogy without any.

  5. Mary Jane, Harry and Electro….. Yeah yeah yeah whatever….

    What Spider-Man fans really want to know is will Jolly J. Jonah Jameson be in it? lol

    • And… will they bring back J.K. Simmons to play him? Fingers crossed.

      • oh god, that would be amazing.

      • I certainly hope not!

        • You hope for him NOT to appear? What is wrong with you?

          Even if you are being a troll (which you are) I could not imagine anyone ever saying that JK Simmons was anything other then a PERFECT J. Jonah Jameson…

  6. Shailene Woodley is possible one of the worst actors I have ever had the misfortune of seeing. My wife for some reason loves secret life. That whole show feels like it’s read of a teleprompter.

    • have you seen The Descendants though? she’s definitely talented.

    • Im with you on this one. Can’t stand her. All I’ll see during spidey is her whining about when Ricky is coming home.

    • I agree completely!!! I cannot stand her in that show, or that show for that matter. my girlfriend watches it. and id rather watch paint dry

  7. what might be done is mj starts off as harry’s girlfriend. have her get friendly with peter(flirt alittle) then expand her role should they deside to have gwen make her date with a bridge

    • Good ideas.

      And they should definitely kill off Gwen!

      • Emma Stone says she wants it to happen so…maybe I certainly hope so.

  8. Dane DeHaan for Osborn :)

  9. Shailene will be an excellent addition to the cast except she looks about 10 years younger than Garfield.

  10. I love how everyone seems to not know that Betty Brant was the first chick Peter loved.

    • I find it is best not to interfere with people’s love lives

  11. I don’t know all that much about electro so if he is the sequel’s baddie then i look forward to seeing him in action i mean nobody’s ever seen electro on the big silver screen before so that’ll be cool. This chick wouldn’t be my first pick for MJ but i always have hope i didn’t like MJ all that much in the Sam Raimi trilogy i really felt like anybody couldv’e played her and it wouldn’t have changed anything for the movie, hopefully this girls a better actress. I hope we see Harry and i hope they show how troubled he is i mean he was on a bunch of illegal drugs in the comics and i think it would make the character a lot more interesting if they used that element. Looking foward to this one really excited. Can’t wait for 2014

  12. I hope if they use Electro that they will do something to make him more complex, instead of the old one dimensional, evil for the sake of evil motivator.

    That’s what I like about a lot of Marvel villians. Many of them are more than just violent megalomainiacs with an insane streak. It’s better for the antagonist to evince a bit of sympathy from the audience. DC doesn’t seem to do this as well for their bad guys.

    It’s better for all characters to be complex. Protagonists AND antagonists….. side characters, all of them. Makes for a richer experience. Nobody all the way good, and nobody all the way bad.

    • Agreed, that’s what Spidey villians are often so well crafted. How many of them are all bad all the time? Not many. And if they are, they are for good reason. That’s why I’m not wild about the idea of Electro. He is one of the few that has no real depth to him. I feel similarly about a few others (Tombstone comes to mind), but I’m sure that whoever they pick they will take time to develop, as Spidey and Gwen have already been pretty well developed.

    • I understand where your coming from regarding the motivations of most Marvel villains but allow me to make a case for Electro. He’s definitely not the most complex villain ever I’ll concede that, but there is some depth to his character. Basically Max Dillon grew up being told he would never amount to anything, by his own mother at that point. She wasn’t doing it maliciously, its just that she had her dreams destroyed and she didn’t want her son going through that, so she just encouraged him not to take risks. Well by doing that, Dillon developed a major Inferiority complex by the time he was an adult. But then by a stroke a luck (and a bolt of lightning) suddenly he become a living electric generator. And after being told his entire life that he was too stupid and too weak to get what he wanted in life, now he’s got the power to due whatever he wants: And that’s exactly what he does. So to me its not that Electro is a bad guy just for the sake of being a bad guy, the reason he makes this choice is because he wants to feel powerful for the first time in his life. If Webb can explore that and work on that enough, and they get a good actor, I think Electro could make for a very complex villain.

      Of course if done wrong its equally possible that they could get it wrong and Electro could become just another generic Marvel bad guy, it all depends on the actor, approach and execution in the end. Just what I think on the subject anyway.

    • Did you really say that Marvel villains are more complex than DC villains?
      What universe are you from?
      You must be basing this decision off of screen time not actual villian mythos…
      Read the real origin of Bane, the child abuse inflicted on Harvey Dent as a child, the hero turned villian Sinestro, or even anti-hero Lobo…most DC villians have long deep histories compared to the OSborn spewing villian foctory that became Ulimate Spiderman which is the direction Webb’s movies are going…
      Sinister Six will play a big factor by movie three!

      • Generally speaking, Marvel’s characters are more interesting. There are exceptions (Batman, and most of his gallery, for instance), but by and far the Marvel universe’s heros and villains have much more depth.

        • Out of all the heroes in any comicbook, Batman and Spiderman have the best villains. Most of their villains are tragic, dark reflecfions of themselves.

          • Yeah Loki is a boring villian who was fantastically acted

    • It’s been awhile since I read anything with Electro in it, I just remember him being BA… But doesn’t he have a sister, and she’s dying or something? He is trying to get money for her, I might be wrong, it has been a long time since I read anything with him in it, but if that is why he is doing illegal things, then that would not be very one dimensional to me at least.

      • Nope. You’re crossing streams with either Sandman in the first trilogy (terminally ill daughter) or Rhino in the comics (trying to get money for his mom). Electro just wants money for himself. He’s always been driven by that. Plus, he really enjoys being a super-villain.

        • Thank you, like I said, I haven’t read anything with him in years, so I wasn’t quite sure. Thank you :D

      • Nope. You’re crossing streams with either Sandman in the first trilogy (terminally ill daughter) or Rhino in the comics (trying to get money for his mom). Electro just wants money for himself. He’s always been driven by that. Plus, he really enjoys being a super-villain.

        • Wait, I was kinda thinking of MC2, this is where he asks Spiderman for help with his daughter (who has similar powers to him).

          So, details I forgot, but overall, at least I was KINDA in the ball park, not right, but not completely wrong. :D

  13. Hopefully in the sequels they will introduce Scorpion, Rhino and Jackal. Maybe Vulture but he would need reworked, like most Spider-Man villains.

  14. You’re gonna have to have the Goblin at some point if Gwen Stacy is going to continue to be in the films (or not be, I should say). Honestly, Electro? That’d be a huge letdown (though he would look cool). His character is kind of boring to me outside of his powers. I’d honestly like to see a villan with depth like Lizard. The shame of it is that most of those guys were done by Rami (Doc Oc, Sandman, Venom (sooo bad), Goblin). Kraven the Hunter could be cool if done right. Morbius could also be a lot of fun, but maybe too soon for more vampires. If I had my choice, Venom 2nd film, Carnage 3rd film. Screw the guy in the cell.

  15. I personally want Karen Gillian(Amy Pond)or Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) to be MJ. I also think they should save the Green Goblin till the 3 one.

  16. I don’t think its Electro, nor almost any character that we were allowed to vote on. Obviously no one can assume who it is. I think its just someone from Oscorp making sure Connors didnt slip any information to Peter. There is a chance its Norman, but I feel that is even unlikely. If its the Jackal, prepare yourselves for some crazy events in future movies! That guy just creates all sorts of madness in the comics.

    Here’s my theory: The scene was just to illustrate that Peter is now a threat to Oscorp. Perhaps they will create Scorpion to hunt down Spiderman? And they could also introduce Jameson relatively easy with that plot, he did pay to have Scorpion made/track down Spiderman. He could pay Oscorp to do it

  17. I would far prefer they introduce Mysterio over Electro. So much you can do with that character and he’s not been tapped at all in the live action movies.

  18. The biggest problem with the Amazing Spider-Man it was too much of a teen drama flick, I felt like I walked into a screening of Twilight in some scenes. I know the comics had the same formula but the movie didn’t balance it out right. The next disappointment was most of the action sequences took place at night, it just made the film even more dreary than ever. Oh and Captain Stacy’s death was one of the stupidest things in the film knowing the scene before it, yeah going alone on a rooftop against a giant lizard, no backup, what an idiot are you kidding me not even a helicopter where was one. I had no remorse for that character after that scene, that was just plain dumb how it was written. Peter Parker was way too awkward too mention in most scenes, we know it was in the comic but give us a break if I wanted to see some kid studder for 90 mins I woulda signed up for a retard class. They did a good job with the costume but all in all it was weak included the Lizard who was not much of a threat anyway, just felt like a phoned in cartoon villian. Oh and Gwen Stacy was one of the worst characters next to all of them, Emma Stone was literally stone in the role, not even Kristen Stewart can pull off acting as wooden as that. It’s going to take a lot to improve on in the next film.

    • My biggest problem was captain Stacy says. “Where is that Spiderman? I want him off the streets”…. wth dude their is a biological attack on new York and it worried about a man who has been catching criminals.. yeah ok. but I enjoyed it.

    • You’re kidding, right?

      In school, Parker’s a nervous nerd with a lack of self confidence, especially when talking to someone he has a crush on.

      Under the mask, he can be anyone.

      Fact is, the movie was showing the human side, the real hero and not the web slinging guy people paid money to see because of the flippy doos in the trailers.

      The stuttering (yes, STUTTERING, not “studdering”, whatever that means) was perfectly acted.

      • Hi Troll

        • Ah irony…

          • LOL

    • By literally, do you mean figuratively? Because I’m pretty sure Emma Stone was not LITERALLY stone in the movie. That would make for an interesting movie, to say the least.

    • you must have been watched many -twilight- movie sreenings,if you meant that it was too much teen drama. come on,say the truth that you have watched the whole twilight series. oh,and emma stone was lovely and not stonecold. man, you are the – god of trolls-.

      • my comment is for -jersey(troll)schindler

    • Did Captain Stacey die in the comics

      • Yes. Much like the movie he died before his daughter did. There was a big important story line revolving around it.

    • Kraven would be cool!

  19. Uummm…Peter Parker’s primary love interest is not Mary Jane Watson, it’s Gwen Stacy.

  20. Oh and I would love to see Mysterio in a future film!

  21. Venom desperately needs movie redemption. He basically made a cameo in the crapfest that was Spiderman 3. If we are fortunate enough to see this move beyond a trilogy, introducing a carnage and venom story spread over two films would be great. Wish Spidey could be featured in the Marvel Universe. Poor guy is all alone at Sony.

    • He always has Ghost Rider. :D

  22. i think norman osborn should be the emperor palpatine of ‘the amazing spiderman’ series, pulling strings up until the final confrontation in the last film. that truly paints osborn as evil and manipulative as his comic counterpart. a personal favorite for MJ was always mary elizabeth winstead, she pefectly embodies MJ. but this woodley girl they want could work too.

  23. whats this? they want an actress whos actually attractive to play MJ? about time!

  24. Perfect choice is LYNDSY FONSECA.
    She’s model hot and gorgeous. None of these other ones lyndsy fonseca for sure.

    But I am glad they are introducing Harry and Mary Jane. But this movie got a lot of things right for me. Being a spidey fan for23 years. This movie was great compared to the original. I loved that they got Gwen right and the chemistry was unbelievely realistic itbwas great

    And now I wanna watch it again is it nov yet? Lol

  25. I say no doc Ock we’ve already seen him I want something new and special. I vote Mary Elizabeth Winstead for Mary Jane I haven’t seen this other girl in anything but I’ll try the descendants to see of she’s any good also heard that’s an awesome movie.