Marvel vs DC Movie Casting: Who Is Taking the Bigger Risks?

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DC vs Marvel Movies Casts Casting Rumors Marvel vs DC Movie Casting: Who Is Taking the Bigger Risks?

It’s been something of a surprising year on the comic book movie front. Back at this time in 2013 none of us could have predicted that Batman and Superman would have a summer movie to rival Marvel’s Avengers 2 in 2015, or that Avengers 2 would be all about a killer robot named Ultron, let alone big-twist casting announcements like Ben Affleck as the new Batman and James Spader playing said killer robot.

Indeed, “casting” has been the main theme of the last 365 days in superhero movie news, with both Marvel Studios and DC Entertainment taking some big risks on unconventional actor picks to help catapult some obscure and/or big risk films to box office success. From Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel voicing a warrior raccoon and tree alien in Guardians of the Galaxy (respectively), to the controversy of BatAffleck and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman – to the more recent news of Paul Rudd splitting Ant-Man duties with Michael Douglas… We’re asking: Which studio is taking the wilder casting risks right now?


There’s a poll on the last page if you just want to get your vote on and start arguing in the comments. Otherwise, we’ll discuss the films individually in order of release date, according to These Rules:

  1. We are only discussing the big 2 (DCE and Marvel Studios). If we had to get into crazy casting decisions that third-party studios like Sony (Spider-Man) or Fox (X-Men) make, this whole discussion would go off the rails.
  2. We are only discussing CONFIRMED casting announcements. Again, if we opened the door to all the rumors, it’d be a doorway to madness.
  3. We are only discussing CONFIRMED movies. We’ll try to update if anything new breaks – but for now, Justice League is off the table.

At the end of the discussion, we’ll pool our findings for an overall verdict on which studio is taking the bigger risks. CLICK HERE if you just want the final verdict.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America 2 Official Still Photo Chris Evans Robert Redford 570x276 Marvel vs DC Movie Casting: Who Is Taking the Bigger Risks?

Release date: April 4, 2014

NEW ADDITIONS: Robert Redford, Anthony Mackie, Frank Grillo, Emily VanCamp

RISK ASSESSMENTCaptain America 2 is on pretty solid ground. For this political-thriller superhero sequel, Marvel added an additional splash of color to their universe (Mackie), added some recent standout character actors in supporting roles (Grillo from The Greyand VanCamp from ABC’s Revenge), as well as a heavyweight icon (Redford). Pretty smart.

With Chris Evans, ScarJo and Sam Jackson also coming back to add their star power to the mix, the Winter Soldier cast is poised to lure in any and all demographics on the chart.

OVERALL RISKLow – This is the one superhero film where nobody’s really complaining about casting. That’s a milestone of some kind.


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  1. If GOTG and Ant-Man arent hits(and I think they will be), I dont think it will have much of an adverse effect of the Avenger movies and the established bankable core members movies.
    DC on the other hand doesnt really have that luxury. If WW and Batfleck utterly disappoint, where do they go from there? They cant even just make an MOS3 and move away from Bats and WW since technically this film IS MOS2. Supes would go down with the ship.
    Feels like MCU is playing house money at this point.

    • Even if BvS is Green Lantern-bad, it will end up making at least 800 million dollars. I mean top two superheroes in the history are coming together. So no way is it going to be a financial failure. Critically? I’m not worried. They have a really good creative team.

      • Critically, I’m scared for my life. At first I thought a Batman vs Superman movie was so absolutely brilliant. I was even behind Ben Affleck (and it’s so hard trying to defend that casting with people). But I have to say, all these “rumors” about cameos and the introduction of Wonder Woman… I’m afraid Batman vs Superman is getting effed up.

        • Haha. I know what you mean. But that’s what they are- rumours. I’m totally cool with Wonder Woman’s cameo. She is a bigger part of Superman’s life than Jimmy Olsen is. I’m just glad that we are finally getting a live-action Wonder Woman. It’s going to be epic for sure! Just because they are not following Marvel’s cinematic structure, doesn’t mean they will mess up.

        • I wouldn’t worry about that. Wonder Woman has a small to medium role and I guarantee you that everyone else that’s rumored to be in it will just have a Justice League related cameo at the end. I can see Dwayne Johnson being introduced as pre Green Lantern John Stewart. That’s the biggest role I’d give to all of the rumors (Not including Doomsday, he is going to be a major villain I think. Lex Luthor is going to be one of the villains that carries over into the Justice League).

      • I wouldn’t say the “Top Two”, I’d say two of the top three as Spider-man would either be one or two…

      • @Dude – I agree that BvS will be a big hit, you would have to be a fool to think otherwise. I think it grosses anywhere between 750 million to 1 billion, depending on the quality of the film.

      • They really do not. I disagree completely. I think for anyone to call themselves a true DCU fan then what Zack Snyder did with Man of Steel is just disastrous, reckless, not well thought out, and WHAT THE HELL WAS WITH HIS IDEA OD THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE??? HE RUINED IT! I think if DC and Warner Bros respectively want to keep making movies with the supes then they need to restructure they creative team, and we need to see more “team ups” I’m not saying we need to see a full in JLA yet because I think its a little to premature to see a seasoned superhero team altogether already when we’ve seen no origin story. I think Snyder was a lucky duck getting the greenlight on this project and whoever’s ass he’s kissed to get it he will have to double up if they plan to make a 3rd installment with him at the helm. I think on so many levels Superman has already been dumped down the drain, and I think by mentioning Batman into a sequel was the biggest slap in the face to Nolan ever, and a disgrace among all comic book fans alike to allow Ben Affleck who murdered the idea of Daredevil will now be ruining Batman as well. ALSO something I think is not right nor should be allowed…If you have been or are going to be casting/cast as a conflicting companies character than you shouldn’t be able to EVER play the other universe’s characters. That would be like tomorrow Toby Maguire coming out and telling the world he’s going to be Aquaman.( Still prefer Maquire over Affleck any day)

        • Daredevil was 11 years ago man. Don’t you regret things you did 11 years ago? I sure as hell do. He’s also publicly said he messed up and regrets what he did to Daredevil. It was also before the superhero standard for movies began. 11 years ago he also wasn’t the director he is today, so if there’s a chance with him directing a JL movie then I am all for this move.

          Daredevil was also made by Fox and not Marvel Studios, so they don’t seem to have contractual constraints like MS does. But I disagree with actors not being able to cross over. So if Bradley Cooper wanted to play Hal Jordan or Aquaman you wouldn’t want that because he played Rocket Raccoon? That’s a missed opportunity.

          I’m a huge DCU fan as well and I didn’t find MoS to be as bad as you think it is. It shows the adolescense of a Superman who does not know the extent of his powers and the mistakes he can make because of it. I’m assuming this sequel will (presumably) show his maturation from the mistakes of the first film, making him into the Superman we know and love that does not fight near civilization and does not try to kill. He will also most likely pay for what he did by public perception of him and kryptonite or whichever enemy he fights in this upcoming movie. All good things in my book.

        • SIDE NOTE: Is it only me who is bothered by how Marvel handles civilians? I’m not complaining too much, but in Avengers, as soon as the aliens came in 5 minutes all the civilians were not in the city.

          I just saw Thor 2 last week too and they showed a 5 second clip of people running and then all of a sudden no one was in London anymore and Thor could fight without hurting any bystander.

          Am I the only one kinda bothered by this? The destruction of Metropolis was a bit over the top I’ll give you that, but it also was way more realistic and didn’t cut corners just for the sake of pleasing fans/critics.

            • @ BP

              If you don’t feel like watching the video, I’ll some up what Zach had to say:

              “We wanted to show that there is a real consequence if something like this were to happen. It weighs very heavy on the film because it is supposed to, because there shouldn’t be anything fun about fighting an alien invasion in a populated city, there needs to be consequence.”

              • @ Dr Mindbender

                Thanks for that! That’s awesome. I totally forgot he said something like that. He hit it exactly on point. I just wish other people could see that aspect of MoS and understand it was done for a reason…

        • I have to agree with you on almost every level. I have been a huge DC fan for my entire life. I have huge Superman collection that fills my basement. I am scared sh@#less that Zak Snyder has been given all creative control over the DC Universe. He did a mediocre job rebooting Superman and now he is being given the power to reboot Batman and create Wonder Woman. That is too much power for a mediocre director. He never fully proved himself in MOS there is no way he should be doing Batman and WW. They need to bring in some other directors and let them help create. Zak Znyder is a good visual director, but he lacks emotion in his films. I really hope he pulls it off but am not holding my breath. The potential is there for something great, but Zak always seems to fall short of making a great film. I cant think of one film he has directed that was a critical success.

          • Well, a passionate DC fanboy is in charge of the DCCU… I would rather that then a Bryan Singer or an “insert a director” ala Marvel. They also have some very solid idea guys and writers who have been added to an already solid team.

            I loved Man of Steel, so did plenty of other fans. If you didn’t like it, fine. There are plenty of us who did. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

            • I agree with you to a point. Let me clarify a few things. First of all, over all, I did like MOS. I just didnt love it. As you stated, I am also very excited to see what comes next. You bring up a good point when saying that we are lucky to have a DCU fanboy leading the way. However, my problem is the fact that he hasnt done a stellar job. I think you could agree with me when I say there is just something missing.
              I must say that I do like Marvels approach in letting other directors in and presenting their own ideas. It brings a fresh perspective and sometimes having a fresh set of eyes is a good thing.If Zak Snyder could hone in his directing abilities he could make something great. Watchmen was almost there. I in fact loved Watchmen. I just think its fair to say that Zak favors impressive visuals over character building, humor, and emotion. I think for a project this big, someone with a little more ability in those areas is a good idea. Zak did not fully prove himself with a huge project like MOS, why is he being given the ability to create the whole DCU?

        • Well I am a dc fan and I loved man of steel. Comic book movies that are direct from the page I don’t enjoy. Reason being that I want to see a unique story line. And see what they are willing to do. Ok it was not perfect but it was hell offa more fun ride than iron man 3 for me.

          Canon changes all the time. We can not control that. 75 years ago I doubt they relized how big the comic industry would grow to. Batman nad superman are household names every young boy learns. Now iron man thor hulk captain america join that list.

          Movies are rebooted and things get changed. Superman kills and now has to deal with the moral backlash that has been said by goyer and synder he will have to deal with. Also the slap in the face to reboot batman……wtf are you going on about. Since 2008 nolan said the last movie is the end of his SELF CONTINED UNiVERSe where batman is the only hero. In 2013 after the release of mos we were told batmans around but its not nolans batman…are you so dense to think that daredevil on the new netflix show will have any connection to afleck? No it a new WORLD. Times change and so does the man behind the mask.

          Now one thing dc did that marvel refuses to is show what the destructive power these people can do. Mos showed how an untrained new hero can cause such damage while protecting people. Also if you saw mos….did you happen to miss the machine that started terraforming the earth into kyrpton that blasted a giant a$$ hole in the middle of metropolisis. That it took a short time to scramble a team to take down gthe machine? And that only after half the city was destroyed did zod flip saying he would kill every human on the planet till he was stoped? Also how he gained clarks powers and started to blow sh*t up? Now naysayers cry that that doesn’t happen but the man needed to die. Now as you know in dc we have lazerous pits that can bring people back to life and we know that cloning also happens so we may see zod again.

          The fortress may again arise and also toby mcguire? Wow. Not even close.

          A true fan can see the potential of multiple stories that can play off of mos.

          If you want all smailes and gigles stick to marvel seems they can’t stop the comedians from getting cast as we have a crappy one as antman.

          • I totally agree.

            And I thought they never showed his real fortress. I know it was the ship he took from the ice at first but he destroyed it when Zod took it. At the end of the movie when he destroyed that drone he told the General I know you want to know where I hang my cape, so I assume he has a new Fortress that will be shown in MOS2.

  2. Although Marvel may dominate the live action cinematic, let’s not forget DC has produced by far the best animated features: Batman Under the Red Hood, Batman Year One, Batman and Superman, All Star Superman, The Flashpoint Paradox and the upcoming Justice League War. They also have done well for television progamming whether it’s Smallville, Arrow, or Young Justice. Technically both brands are at a standstill if you ask me. But honestly, by the time DC comes out with a live action Justice League film, Marvel might be in Phase Four leading to a Young Avengers movie. A little food for thought.

    • @L.C Knights – You’re right about that, DC does make the better animated films and between that, live action films, comics, tv shows, games etc, the two companies probably are indeed at a stand still. Both companies are very successful overall period, whoever you like better.

    • Don’t get excited to fast for JL: War. I have heard many not so good things coming up with it, I am excited to see the new 52 in animation, but I just think voice choices were weak for this movie, and just doesn’t look like its as good a fit considering all the rest you’ve mentioned this will most likely be the weakest one. And as much as I agree that Marvel has been on there A game considering Live Action potrayals, but let us not forget Nolan’s Batman universe was AMAZING and will go down as a landmark in DC’s live action movies. I just so wish Nolan wouldn’t have abandoned ship so fast because his creativity could have easily been wise enough to give us one hell of a Justice League, and furthermore better standalone DC films as we’ve seen. I mean seriously is Peter Jackson can attach himself to Middle Earth for little over 14 years now, I think Nolan could have dodged judgement and made a few more stellar movies for DC. I personally would have loved to see a Nolan “gritty style” take on Wonder Woman.

      • I did hear that the veteran voice actors (Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly, etc.) weren’t involved in JL:War. I am disappointed but still optimistic.

    • “But honestly, by the time DC comes out with a live action Justice League film, Marvel might be in Phase Four leading to a Young Avengers movie.”

      LOL. I almost fell out of my chair, when I read that comment.

    • Now that’s just an attempt at consolation. As if the general public are even aware of those films. How many have seen Superman Vs. The Elite? Or Justice League: The New Frontier? Now how many have seen Thor?

  3. DC for definite, Marvel has already successfully brought the avengers to the screen, their movie universe is flourishing. If one or two of the movies flop (which i doubt) they still have the avengers to fall back on and get their feet again. DC on the other hand is only at the beginning and are rushing to get a JL movie out as fast as they can. They should take their time and build to it carefully like Marvel did, i hope Batman vs Superman is good but if they try to put too much into it they may mess it up :/

  4. “we asses wether” sorry guys, English teacher in me, saw this on the homepage scrolling link. I think you were going for “we ASSESS WHETHER”. Looks much better that way….unless you ARE asses

  5. Marvel has established not only their characters but the actors portraying them with its Phases. The only established actor for DC was Christan Bale and now that he’s no longer wearing the cowl, it looks like Henry Cavill will have to step up as the new face of DC or maybe until Ben Affleck can prove that casting him as Batman was the right. Speaking of Batfleck, I think that Ryan Reynolds role as Green Lantern may have something to do with the backlash he’s getting. Household names in Hollywood tend to dissappoint comic book fan although that can’t be said about Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner/Hulk.

    • I’m sorry I just have to ask because I don’t understand. Are you implying that Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner interpretation was not good? Because I have to say he is the best Banner we’ve seen since Bixby and for those of you who wouldn’t know that, DO YOUR HOMEWORK… But seriously he was WAY WAY better than the nobody they got for just HULK, and then Edward Norton kind of screwed things over for the story arc of the first live action aforementioned. I think that the small bit of origin that we seen of Mark Ruffalo’s Banner was good and fit into the idea of his character better. His mannerisms as Banner were far better than both previously mentioned and his chemistry with RDJ (Tony Stark) was great and I think can expand with Chris Evans as Captain America.

      • No, he said that Mark Ruffalo’s Banner/Hulk was the one who DID NOT disappoint, like other actors did.

        Read the last sentence again, it’s quite clear.

      • you clearly misunderstood his comment about Ruffalo – he’s saying he did a GOOD job and was the right choice.

      • Actually I’m applauding Mark Ruffalo for his role as Bruce Banner. The reason why I bought this is up is because mainstream actors such as Ben Affleck wouldn’t be my first choice for a superhero franchise. A lesser known actor, should be taking up that mantle and if he/she performs well, they’ll catapult into popularity. For example, I’ve never seen a Robert Downey Jr. film until after Iron Man. Same thing goes for Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Andrew Garfield. Now, I can’t get enough of these guys.

        • @L.C. – Only thing is I certainly wouldn’t look at RDJ or Scarlett particularly and say they we’re anything close to being unknowns before they took these Marvel films bro. You might have never seen RDJ in films before “Iron Man” but I certainly have and I definitely knew who he was considering the guy had been acting years before he played Tony Stark. Now I’ll Give You Hemsworth and Garfield being basically unknowns, but Renner had played in “The Hurt Locker(Oscar for Best Film), The Town & “MIP: Ghost Protocol” before he even appeared in “The Avengers”, and I believe Garfield was nominated for Best Suppoting Actor in “The Social Network”. And I remember Scarlett from so many films like “Ghost World”, “Lost In Translation”, “The Prestige”, “The Horse Whisperer”, “Match Point”, etc, damn dude do you ever watch films bro lol, just saying. And of course I remember Hemsworth from his short by memorable role as Kirk’s father in “Star Trek”, but obviously he wasn’t a star or known like he is today. While RDJ wasn’t in blockbuster films until “Iron Man”, I remember him in many films like “Less Than Zero”, “Chaplin”(Nominated for Best Actor), “Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang”, “Air America” among other films.

          • Point taken. What I meant, is that until their roles in Marvel Cinema, I wasn’t really into their work.

      • Actually, I much preferred Norton to Ruffalo as Banner. The cgi Hulk in “The Avengers” WAS, however, the superior visual representation…but only visually.

        • Ruffalo did a fine job but I have to agree, Norton was the best choice. He was the spiritual successor to Bixby’s Bruce Banner.

  6. While I’m basically on the DC universe side (thanks to Batman), I must admit my vote went to Marvel. All their casting decisions sound great. Not heard here first, I strongly believe GOTG will be a massive hit.

    However, Marvel Fanboys bring it on. Marvel seems to be making smart casting decisions, but are absolutely not taking ANY chances here. I don’t see how a universe that is so strongly established already can be perceived as taking “risks.” DC is taking MASSIVE risk here (I’m not even convinced they’ll pull it off, still praying). Recasting the most popular superhero and trying to establish a whole cast of superheroes off of the Man of Steel sequel? DC has ALL the balls here. That is why they’ll ultimately win. Because Batman never loses…

    • Batman never loses? Have you seen Batman and Robin?

      • Haha yeah he didn’t just lose he got destroyed and buried deep underground until Nolan bought him back from the grave.For that Nolan gets my gratitude.

      • You can’t call it fair until Joel Schumacher gets to direct a Marvel character.

    • Marvel took their chances with the Mandarin, lol

      • Imagine what would have happened if that was the first Iron Man movie. No Marvel Cinematic Universe methinks.

        • did you guys miss the whole point of “The Mandarin” ?

          • Gee Dare..devil?

            I totally get it and loved it! (although I wanted to see more menacing Sir Ben)

            But it did not go down well with at least half of the fanboy community

            • you sure?

              • ?

                Fanboy outrage or meaning of terrorism with a face?

                • didn’t mean for it to look like a attack on you guys, i’m just sick of some people complaining about it….some get upset when they interpret a character different, which almost every single character in comics has been changed.

                  plus i don’t think that was the end of Sir Ben

          • I understand how the Mandarin was adapted. His traditional appearance was taken by Trevor but his character and villainy was carried over to Killian. Still hope to see a real Mandarin, though.

            • same but i don’t think it will be a “person”

            • Not all is lost for the Mandarin. For all we know Marvel’s got a bigger plans for him. In the comics there are several characters who go by the Mandarin mantle and for all we know Ken Watanabe could be the next face of the Mandarin.

        • Lol Green Lantern becomes “what the Iron Man should have been” and spin into Sinestro centred sequels?

  7. I find it odd. And frankly irritating that after listing all the confirmed cast for Guardians of The Galaxy, and coming up with some categorization system (“up and coming”, “veterans” etc), you left Djimon Honsou out.

    Nah, now I’m just plain angry. Is he invisible? I hate to ask this but, would a category have been created to describe what he brings to the table if he were not an African?

    That dude deserves better. *Rant paused*

    • Why does it have to be about race?

      • I asked if it was about his continent and not being American or European. Not his race. Africa has black, white, indian, arab etc. Not all living in harmony but we do kinda have a chip on our shoulder about being considered unimportant. This dude was in his fair share of hits and misses… yet he gets left out of the categorizations. Him alone by the way. And even ol Daredevil below forgot he was in the movie.

        • Maybe people aren’t as familiar with him as the other actors.

      • When I said African I meant was it about his being from this continent and not being American or European. Not his race. Africa has black, white, indian, arab etc. Not all living in harmony but we do kinda have a chip on our shoulder about being considered unimportant. This dude was in his fair share of hits and misses… yet he gets left out of the categorizations. Him alone by the way. And even ol Daredevil below forgot he was in the movie.

    • i absolutley forgot he was in the damn movie haha

  8. “See, you take a mix of serious upcoming talent (Pratt, Saldana, Gillan, Pace); anchor them with some prestige-level veteran talent (Close, Del Toro) and reliable character actors (Reilly, Rooker); and for good measure, you get some A-list stars in the group (Diesel, Cooper), in order to attract mainstream attention to your weird movie.”

    You mention Djimon in the cast list then leave him, and only him, out of your drawn up categories? This feels like when they left out Terry Crews from a poster for the Expendables.

    Agh, I’m pissed all over again.

    • I would have put him in reliable character actors.

      • So would I Bob. No idea why Kofi did that. And it’s Kofi so its clearly not a racist thing. Probably a black american man to african man thing.

        Still no idea why this is rubbing me the wrong way.

  9. DC is taking the bigger risk but will get the bigger rewards. I like the casting choices I am more worried about the script. I for one don’t think its too crowded. As long as they have plenty of action MOS2 will be fine. Im not going to a CMB to see high drama and shakespearean stories.I’m going to see superheroes, supervillains, a good story and plenty of action.

    They say it will have a cliffhanger that will lead the JL so It cant loose IMO

    But if marvels Guardians of the Galaxy and Antman flop (I think 1 of them will) It wont set back the other movies just those individual franchises.

    • Hopefully Chris Terrio’s rewrite on Batman vs Superman will fix that.

    • I’m kind of iffy about Batman vs Superman. Forget about the casting, I sense that it’s going to be a train wreck, in the likes of Spider-Man 3. They are trying to insert characters that shouldn’t be there, they’re trying to cast The Rock as Lobo or whoever and now there’s talks about Aquaman making an appearance. The movie’s gonna feel too crowded making most of the characters insignificant. And the JL film will seem like an imitation of the Avengers because don’t they come together because of an alien invasion or something like that

  10. sure, dc ( via WB ) is the company looking down the barrel of the symbolic gun at this moment. but the payoff to their moves could be huge down the road. and they’re taking risks with some of their casting choices, whether confirmed or rumored ( denzel, Dwayne Johnson, Joaquin, etc. ). but what the hell, they may as well chance it in some areas.

  11. I could be reaching here but couldnt the GOTG casting of Pratt be considered a risk? Personally I’m a huge fan of Pratt and I think he will make a great Star Lord but with Bradley Cooper attached to the film as well, one could argue that giving him the Star Lord role would be an exec no-brainer. He’s bankable and definitely would have been a huge draw for the casual fan (more than just Rocket’s voice). I’m looking forward to Pratt’s role and I think they got it right but it def would have been safer to go with Cooper for that role.

    • Marvel’s not in the habit of putting very well known A-list stars in their title roles, and Bradley Cooper is in that category right now.

      I find it smart and I don’t think that will change anytime soon. Plus, I really don’t think Cooper would have been a great choice for Peter Quill, but maybe that’s just me.

      Casting a talented, but not yet that well-known actor is not a risk for Marvel anymore I think, because they proved they pick the right actors (RDJ, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston etc).

  12. Right now DC has the bigger risk.

    The shear volume of integrated crossover content Marvel has delivered and is going to continue delivering has got to eventually lead to some lost revenue for their competitors and there is only so much box office money to go around.

    But to be fair, if two movies were to be released back to back (DC then Marvel a wk later) people might get superhero burnout and choose only to see one of them:
    Option 1. It may be the first one that airs (DC in this example).
    Option 2. It may be the one that has a more well known character to a non-geek audience (Superman over Doctor Strange).
    Option 3. It may be the one who has a more established movie universe where they have seen the character before in a prior movie (e.g. Iron Man 3 coming after Avengers).

    Either way there is only so much box office money to go around and someone has to lose in that respect.

  13. I think ant man is the biggest risk out of all of these. Regardless of the casting. rudds great, and I personally think it will be good, or at least different and fun; but it’s going to be a tough sell to general audiences. No way around it. The name and concept have a bit of corny connotation to it. I have a feeling they will try to sell it as a straight comedy with rudd…BvS will no doubt make a ton of money and everyone will go to see it. and even if it’s not that good, people will come back to the sequel for the crazy action, which no doubt it will be loaded with.

  14. They both are making some ballsy moves.Now its time for a more ballsy move image announces savage dragon movie. Marvel and dc would flip

  15. To be honest I don’t think Marvel’s phase 3 will end as spectacular like many people think.When it first started it was all exciting because it was new and fresh.Except for Iron Man 1 and The Incredible Hulk none of the other movies were that great including Avengers.I think the rest of phase 2 with Cap and Guardians will be classic like the ones I mentioned along with Avengers 2.But Avengers 3 will be a letdown I believe.Too many characters to handle and Thanos only being in one film and done.That’s like having someone take out Darth Vador in one movie and he didn’t come back for the rest of the trilogy.

    • That is the problem I’ve seen as well. Thor gave us loki…the villian of the mcu. What we got in cap was red skull who could have been awesome…cept they threw him into space and we have no clue where he is. The issue will now bewe have the avengers. As well as the next group of heroes quick silver, falcon, winter soldier, war machine, scarlet witch, ant man, doctor strange, black panther,iron man, hulk,thor,the guardians….luke cage, dare deveil, iron fist…in avengers three it will be a mess to have all these characters…established or not you need a villian who can come back and dish more.

      I don’t doubt it can be done but thanos may be the enemy of the francise…as in he will be untopable. Who do you get to up the mad titan?

      • Most of the heroes you listed won’t be anywhere near Avengers 3 (like Luke Cage, Daredevil etc.), because some of them will only be on Netflix (crossover Defenders mini-series yes, but not Avengers 3) and others are not even confirmed at all as Phase 3 movies (like Doctor Strange and Black Panther).

        So saying that it’s gonna be a mess and bad and all of that when we literally know only that Ant-Man will be the first and Avengers 3 the last movie of the phase is a little too pessimistic and unfounded.

        They are already building up to Avengers 3 with the Infinity Stones and I can’t wait to see how that storyline will keep moving forward through several upcoming movies.

        I’m gonna wait until they announce the full cast of Avengers 3 until I decide whether I I find it too crowded or now. The only character that’s 100% confirmed at this point is Iron Man. And because of contracts and all Cap and Thor and Bruce/Hulk are also 100%, but besides these 4 characters we don’t know a thing about how Avengers 3 will look like.

        Avengers 2 didn’t even come out yet jeez, so why are we judging Avengers 3 already?

        • @scyllaya – You’re exactly right, i don’t think either Hi-C nor Kevin really get it. You’ve got one guy throwing like 10 superheroes in the film who won’t even be appearing in it lol. Like you I see Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Ant-Man and maybe Ms. Marvel joining the team or fighting alongside them in “Avengers 3″, and that’s probably it outside of maybe the GOTG giving a helping hand. But Thanos is an absolute beast and it’s going to take an army of heroes to take on him, especially with the ‘Infinity Gauntlet’, what the hell do these guys expect. And furthermore you would have to be high on something if you think Avengers 2 or 3 will suffer and won’t be big smashes. So remember Hi-C & Kevin, Whedon is a master with directing big casts, so have a coke, smile and kick the hell back and just wait to enjoy the show like the rest of us. And if it doesn’t play out right like you guys seem to fear, than you can come back and say you told us so lol.

          • Well I’m glad some people are taking time to read my thoughts.

            But I must say I’m gettijg rather conflicting arguments from marvel fans. I try to be open minded about the marvel movies. But I must say they have started a trend of poor villians. Loki stole the show in thor and avengers and thor 2. Red skull has potential to return as an awesome villian. I feel cap 1 didn’t do him justice.

            My point is a strong villian drives the film but phase two really did not have that so far. Iron man 3 villian was a joke. Killian was no mandarian…it really ruined the movie for me..besides the fact that iron man turned into a drone weilding mastro. Thor 2 the dark elf was to be awesome and yet it turned into the loki showagain. Capt 2 looks to have a good villian but as fans of the comics will know winter soldier reforms.

            Also why introduce us to characters as one and dones? I don’t see that happening sw and qswill probably stick around. Also tie in the gotg….

            It stands to show a massive risk of one or 2 people stealing the spot light and others getting 30 cameos.

            Also id want thanos to be a long run villian so that say avengers 3 or 4 we see him cause trouble in between….I don’t want them to use the best villian to supersciously. Also whedon kinda sucks as a writer. I think the script needs to loss the over amount of one liners and jokes and try to be a bit more seroius I mean o look a giant purple alien has all of the stones we have seen and made them in to a gauntlet….some how a massive one liner is needed to make this scene better.

            Overall I and many find the course the movies are heading in a risky path.

          • So no iron man thor or capt after phase 2? Bummer…so the shrinking guy and the racoon? Geeze earths f’d in phase 3.

    • @Hi-C – How you figue “Avengers 3″ will be a let down, you probably pretty much lost out on an island alone with that thought bro. Everything points to that having an epic and grand scale closure to the ‘Avengers’ if done right, I have no reason to believe Whedon won’t be able to close it out a on high note until he proves me wrong, and that logic should apply to you as well.

  16. DC casted “the fast and furious chick” as Wonder Woman. (This makes Batfleck look like a good when doing a side by side comparison). I highly doubt this movie will fail, financially speaking, that is.

    Marvel casted PAUL RUDD as Ant Man. (No, just no.) And they also casted Dave Batista (Can he act?). Both of these roles are in Marvels BIGGEST risks. Lets face it, either, or both, could fail financially.

    • I think Gal and Paul will do justice to their respective roles, they casted Dave Bautista because there won’t be a Drax movie, so why do you need an movie actor rather than someone who just looks physically imposing it’s cheaper.

      • Why would you cast Gal as Wonder Woman? Can she act? Does she have the (ahem) build? Wonder Woman is one of the biggest heros in the DC universe, and they give it to her?

        Why would they cast Paul Rudd as Ant Man? Because he is a great action movie star? I understand and agree to what you said about Drax.

        Both roles (Wonder Woman and Ant Man) were mis-casted. Both of those picks make Batfleck look like a good choice. That is just sad.

  17. Everything Snyder has ever written SUCKS big time, his over use of CGI SUCKS big time, and his handling of female characters in his films SUCKS really really bad. Therefore, the casting of a bony non actor as WW wins the title of biggest casting risk.

    When you factor in Snyder’s boring script writing, his handling of female characters in the past, Gadot’s lack of acting chops, and Snyder’s Ang Leesque use of CGI then the addition of WW in Bats vs Supes is by far the biggest risk.

    • I thought Lena Heady was handled very well in 300, and she was a very strong female character, I also felt this way about Silk
      Spectre and the ENTIRE movie Sucker Punch even though it sucked. I don’t think he is actually writing this movie but i could always be wrong. Wonder Woman is in good hands character wise maybe not dialogue wise.

  18. A splash of color??? Really?

  19. As far as actual CASTING decisions, Marvel Studios seems to be hitting it pretty much every single time. Their decisions make sense, and are exciting in a typically positive way.

    Ant-Man is a risk not because of anything to do with casting, but because of the basic high-concept/fantastic premise of the story. Again, the casting is not the risk with Ant-Man.

    WB/DC on the other had, has made a couple of casting decisions that do indeed seem risky, as neither Affleck nor Gadot seem or seemed at first like intuitive, well-made selections for their respective characters. Hopefully they’ll both be good matches for the actual film, but virtually no one would have picked them for those roles.

    The MoS/BvS film is a wild card in the sense that the story is unknown AND because of the unconventional casting choices.

    Thus DC is by far taking the bigger risks with casting. By faaarrr.

  20. Im calling for Gotg to prob be lowest grossing Marvel movie to date. There seems to be a loud online contingent that loves anything gotg and think it will be huge.. heard that before.. pacific rim cough cough.. the is a big disconnect between gen audiences and online buzz. No recognizable heroes, is what the bgi barrier will be. Marvel is smart though.. I expect the marketing to take a much different form than their typical tentpole films.. similar scenario for ant-man when it eventually comes out, will prob replace Gotg as lowest money maker.

    As for MOS2.. really, they could do anything and it will make alot of money.. how much we’ll just have to wait and see. Avengers 2 will destroy Avengers 1 box office wise, especially if the story is better than the first.

    • @bellcurve – I agree with you about Avengers 2. We know the action and effcts will be superb, but if Whedon writes a great story the sky is the limit. If AOU hits all of the right notes 2 billion worldwide will be attainable. As far as GOTG goes, if Marvel can sell it well to the general public i could see it grossing 150-185 million domestic and maybe 400-450 million worldwide. Now that’s with good marketing, promoting and good trailers of course.

    • I actually think GotG will be a sleeper hit, somewhere in the 400-500 million mark, like the first Thor.

  21. Obviously Marvel is taking much bigger risks right now because they are putting out more films and releasing unproven and unestablished franchises like GOTG and Ant-Man over the next two years. Now If DC releases other properties that are not Batman/Superman related such as ‘Lobo’, than they will gain a reputation as a company that takes risks as well.

  22. Ant-Man seems to be the riskiest Marvel movie on this list, but until DC finally executes a successful Justice League movie everything from here on out for them is a high wire act.

  23. So…do you mean we have to argue in the comments based on these rules or that’s what your argument is restricted to.

    Only confirmed characters, movies and restricted to just Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. Yeah this would be extremely one-sided. I get keeping Spider-Man and X-Men out since even if you could add them it’d be a nightmare but I personally think a Marvel Vs DC film would have to wait till a Justice League had time to come out.

    That way both teams could be in the same film. Otherwise it’s gonna be all these great Marvel characters and then just Superman and Batman, I mean add some more marvel characters or it’s not a fair fight (I kid, I’m a massive fan of marvel). Then again why do we need a Marvel Vs DC movie? Even if it was made it’d have no story or point. Just super-heroes beating each other that and we can get that mindless of who’s beating each other up. I’d rather Super-Hero movies aimed to do something better then that,

    I’d like to get to the point where a Super-Hero movie isn’t being snubbed by the Oscars or the BAFTAs as something akin to the latest transformers movie.

  24. Antman is going the route of Daredevil. It’s going to smell badly. I’m not against Michael Douglas but that doesn’t help it’s case. Right now comic movies are beginning to think too much into the creativity that they’re blowing it. Stick to what makes it great, being what it is. You’re not going to get a best actor nomination for a comic book movie aside from graphics and scene design. Right now Marvel is doing good with what they have but when they go outside the box, then fans will see a Howard the Duck. DC isn’t even close aside from their animation movies and the Batman franchise.

  25. DC is definitely taking the biggest risks, but by god i am definitely looking most forward to seeing Batman vs. Superman. Plus, if they didn’t take risks we would never get to see Batman vs. Superman, and with major characters like Batman and Wonder Woman, people are always critical no matter who they cast.

  26. I could care less about the “bigger risk” argument. Both of these studios are going to make an obscene amount of money in 2015.

    Right now which brand is more compelling? I’m going with DC.

    I’m sorry but the first on screen meeting of Batman and Superman, including the big screen debut of Wonder Woman, and the potential for the rest of the Justice League to be formed, to me… is a million times more interesting than the Avengers re-assembling to fight an evil robot.

    I still really like Marvel, (even if phase 2 seems intent on forcing me to change my mind) still really looking forward to Cap 2 and GoTG, but right now I’m much more interested in what DC is doing.

    Time and time again, the real verdict in this argument: it’s a great time to be a fan of this genre.

    • +1 fans win

  27. This is just wrong in concept.

    It’s not Marvel vs DC.

    It’s Disney vs Warner Brothers.

    So many people seem to not understand this.

    • Except for the fact that Disney doesn’t control Marvel. They are allowing them to pretty much govern themselves. WB on the other hand has had their grubby little fingers in the DC pie since the beginning.

      • “Except for the fact that Disney doesn’t control Marvel”

        How is this fact? What is this based on? Disney owns Marvel Studios <— That's a fact. If you want to speculate that Kevin Feige is in charge of EVERYTHING, does not have a boss and does not answer to anybody… go right ahead…

        …Mickey Mouse will break your f'n nose.

      • You are delusional if you think that is true.
        BILLIONS of dollars were spent to acquire Marvel and BILLIONS of dollars are at stake with these movies.
        Bet your azz they are checking up on them, and keeping them on a tight (Mickey Mouse themed) leash.

        Here is a hypothetical for ya: If marvel decided they wanted to make Ant-Man rated R for a little more edge. Give you the substance abusing, wife slapping version of Pym. Add in lots of Dark and disturbing elements to the film, maybe Ant-Man snaps his enemies neck at the end, for example.

        You think Disney just lets them? Not likely. Marvel is Disney’s 4 billion dollar pet. Deal with it.

        • “BILLIONS of dollars were spent to acquire Marvel.”


          okay… okay…

          *wipes tear*

  28. I really appreciate the randomness of the casting of GotG. Don’t know how their chemistry will go acting- wise, but the very premise of the surprising cast already evokes the randomness of the Guardians themselves.

    • Agreed the randomness might work….or explode horribly. With rocket and groot I want to see the bromance they share in the comics. To me that is a must. I want to see the sexual tension of starlord and gamora I want to see drax be drax.

      I love guardians, but how the story pans out could be hit or miss. Will they go thanos’s daughter story…..will we see more of the nova corps making an apperance……the issue is I see so many variables that will either make it it hit or sink it.

      The same with antman and mos2. Too much is open for interpretation what can we expect from the chemestry of the characters in the francises?