Marvel Updates: Nick Fury’s Role In Iron Man 2 & Avengers

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nick fury samuel l jackson and iron man robert downey jr Marvel Updates: Nick Furys Role In Iron Man 2 & Avengers

MTV caught up with the new Nick Fury actor, Samuel L. Jackson, at an event for the 20th anniversary of Spike Lee’s film Do The Right Thing and discussed with him his role in Iron Man 2.

The star actor of seemingly every movie revealed that his role in the sequel to Iron Man will be limited to him pulling strings behind the scenes and not getting directly involved in any sort of combat.

“Not this time, not yet… We still haven’t moved Nick Fury into the bad-ass zone. He’s still just kind of a talker.”

As for when he’ll start kicking ass and taking names, MTV news asked him if that’ll start with the Avengers film.

“Looking forward to that, yeah.”

I guess he doesn’t know but he’s sure excited for that movie. Who wouldn’t be excited about playing a major role in one of the most epic movies in planning right now. Even though it’s at least three years away with its predecessor films still in pre-production, I’m looking forward to it.

Speaking of the Avengers… Not only will we be seeing a ton of heroes crossing paths with tons of support characters and likely, villains, the folks behind the movie are dealing with the complexities of making the film. They must cross-paths themselves frequently to make sure everyone’s on the same page and within the same continuity with their own films leading up to the Avengers team-up flick.

The three key characters; Iron Man, Captain America and Thor all have their own solo flicks coming up in the next two years and each has its own creative team behind it. That makes life challenging for Avengers writer Zak Penn who must take all of their individual stories and happenings together in planning the Avengers – especially that of Captain America which will lead into the Avengers but is still in its early stages with not even one cast member announced (look out for Captain America announcements soon!).

As for Fury not being an action hero in Iron Man 2, this is completely unsurprising for me and I think, a good thing. The movie will focus on more action for the protagonist and is introducing multiple new characters who will share in the action sequences as well.

Along with Mickey Rourke’s villainous Whiplash, we have Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow along with the highly anticipated introduction of War Machine. Director Jon Favreau has plenty to work with for Iron Man 2 already for his action sequences.

Sam L has a nine-picture deal with Marvel Studios so he’ll sure get his chance several times to be involved in the action directly, perhaps even his own solo title as Nick Fury or in a movie based on the secret organization he directs, S.H.I.E.L.D.

Plus, by having him focus on simply directing S.H.I.E.L.D. and working towards bringing these characters together for a few movies, it’ll make it that more special when it’s his time to shine on the front line.

What do you think of Sam L’s Nick Fury and what would you like to see him in down the road?

Iron Man 2 kicks off next year’s summer season on May 7, 2010.

Source: MTV

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  1. He might just be a little reserved after having been stung three times in a row by George Lucas…

  2. When talking about the Avengers, everyone always seems to leave out the Hulk. I surely hope Ed Norton reprises his role as the green meanie.

  3. Any word if they actually are planning on using Pym and Janet? Also founding Avengers. No their not my favorites, but the Avengers movie should tell the tale of, well, the Avengers. That’s what I hated about all the X-men movies. It told the tale of Wolverine, with a few cameos along the way(out of continuity cameos) of the original X-men.

  4. As I have said before, I think that the Avengers movie will bomb; it will probably make $$ but the story and the movie itself will be horrible.


    I do like the way things are headed thus far.
    -Sam L’s version of Nick Fury looks great and I also like his dedication and excitment towards the role.
    -Downy Jr. as Iron man is brilliant and the whole direction of Iron Man is going great.
    -Ed Norton as teh hulk I am so so on. I personally did not like the movie and I thought that Eric bana made a better Hulk (although I thought that the second film was SLIGHTLY better)
    -Captain America has to be a hit in order for the Avebegrs film to work, I just hope they make it very war like (get a director that has done a successful war movie) and I hope that they cast a good actor, someone who has proven taht hey can act time and time again; not just someone that looks like him
    -As for Thor I liek the actor that they have casted for him but I just do not care about t his project…Thor is much more less known than the other heroes and his story is boring

    I also hope they dont just make the film about going after the Hulk and that they incorporate some quality mastermind villain.
    All in all I am excited about this project even though I know it will likely fail

  5. I’m skeptical about what they’re doing with Samuel Jackson here. Sure he’s going to be the common link between all the Marvel characters in development for the Avengers movie, but it seems almost like a gimmick… something comics are known for! They need to utilize his talent, not waste it in so many movies.

  6. When I first saw Samuel L. Jackson after the credits of “Iron Man” my first reaction was a groan. He is a great actor. He had one scene in “Kill Bill Volume 1″ and I still remember it. But does the man have to be in every movie? Take a break!! So as long as Nick Fury’s roles are regulated to behind the scenes or hearing his voice on a phone, I will be ok. But please…no Nick Fury movie.

  7. i hope scarlett can pull off Black widow.
    not just the Fact that i’d Love to see her ina Tight Leather Suit kicking @$$.
    but i hope she can get the Accent down.
    god knows we dont want another Colossus, but i have faith in Fav that he will do this Film Justice one Character at a time.
    cant wait for Comic-con !!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sams role In IM2 sounds abour right to me .

  9. Disagree Jessie. I would love to see a good S.H.I.E.L.D. film. I think it would do very well and not really have to depend on superheroes for the story. I don’t really know alot about SHIELD, but I think it would be a good, fun, summer flick. Kinda like GI Joe, but hopefully better.

  10. About furys role in more marvel movies, I might like to see him in a possible fantastic 4 sequel

  11. I think IM-II will hit the box office again, might be bigger than the 1st, but Nick Fury solo flick..i don’t know..

  12. IM II will make about 10% more domestically than the first IM but overseas it will double what the first film made…

  13. Well, whatever anyone is doing, they better do it fast cuz none of these gentlemen are getting any younger! ;)

  14. It’s like Spiderman. Tobey is just about in his mid 30′s. By the time they get Spidey 4 out, he’ll be middle aged for crying out loud. I don’t think watching a middle aged Spidey would make a very good movie.

  15. i’d be sooooo pissed if they didnt put in a cameo appearrance of wolverine in ww2, as steve rogers did reveale 2 him that they met before…..

  16. i like samuel l. jackson as nick fury i will see him on iron man 2 thor the first avengres captain america and the avengres. i hope i see samuel l. jackson as nick fury meet john cena as captain america on the first avengre; captain america john cena and samuel l. jackson be friends i hope john cena meet robert downey jr. and the other cast on the avengres this is exciting.