Confirmed: 3 Live-Action Marvel TV Shows In The Works

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disney marvel logos Confirmed: 3 Live Action Marvel TV Shows In The Works

It has been confirmed that there are currently three live-action Marvel TV shows in the works.

One of these projects is the new Hulk TV show that we reported on last month, the second is likely a live-action Cloak & Dagger TV show (which was rumored along with the new Hulk show) and the final show has yet to be confirmed, but names like The Punisher and even the more obscure Daughters of the Dragon are being thrown around the rumor mill.

The confirmation that we’ll be getting more Marvel TV came from an interview that the Wall Street Journal conducted with Disney CEO Robert Iger. Check out what Iger had to say about Disney’s plans for Marvel Entertainment (and read closely):

“[With Marvel] we’ve taken back distribution, or bought back distribution from [Viacom Inc.’s] Paramount, for some critical franchises. Notably, “Iron Man 3″ will be distributed by us, and “Avengers.” We’re developing three live-action series for ABC and ABC Family. You can buy Marvel products at Disney stores. And we’re working on Marvel games.”

We already reported on the fact that Disney bought Iron Man back from Paramount, The Avengers was surely part of the blueprint when Disney bought Marvel, so really these three TV shows are what we’re curious about.

punisher header Confirmed: 3 Live Action Marvel TV Shows In The Works

The fact that the shows seem to be headed for ABC and ABC Family is definitely a pivotal factor in all this. I mean, I think we could all see a Punisher TV series working well on say HBO or AMC (even on FX), but ABC and ABC family (which Disney owns) don’t seem like the venues for a character mired in such gritty, bloody violence like Frank Castle is. (Though, to be fair, Lost had it’s fair share of shocking and violent moments.)

There are plenty of characters in the Marvel Universe who could work well in a TV format, and would also stand to gain a bit of exposure to the mainstream. I for one think Cloak and Dagger would be prime candidates, while also being appropriate for the ABC/ABC Family crowd. For those who don’t know, Cloak was a young boy with a stutter who was wandering the streets of New York, while Dagger was a privileged young girl from the Midwest who fled to NYC to escape her neglectful stepmother. After a chance encounter, the two became friends and all was well until they were kidnapped and experimented on with a synthetic drug, which awakened their latent mutant powers.

Cloak and Dagger by Norke Confirmed: 3 Live Action Marvel TV Shows In The Works

Cloak has the ability to teleport himself and others through the dark void which is his body, while Dagger can take out foes via solid light projectiles. The pair ultimately decided to use their abilities to help other runaways, as well as fight against drug dealers and other criminals preying on the streets.

Cloak & Dagger already has shades of Heroes and/or No Ordinary Family coded into its premise – though some people may not look at that as a good thing. I was a big fan of Heroes in its first season, and truth be told, I’ve been enjoying No Ordinary Family so far – though I’ll admit it still needs to find its footing in the excitement department. But if Cloak & Dagger sticks to the simplicity of its premise, and casts some engaging leads in the titular roles, it could definitely work.

Daughters of the Dragon, on the other hand? It’s a really obscure Marvel property (read about it HERE), but again, the premise – a female samurai and badass detective with a bionic arm team up – could not only work well as a weekly TV show, but in some ways would be more efficient than even Cloak & Dagger. Think about it: two hot female leads with practical powers ( meaning less visual F/X), an easy weekly procedural format, plus the show would be a perfect spring board to a Heroes for Hire movie.

Daughters of the Dragon Confirmed: 3 Live Action Marvel TV Shows In The Works

We’ll keep you updated as more news about these Marvel TV shows gets released, but for now, which characters besides the Hulk would YOU like to see on the small screen?

Source: Wall Street Journal

Cloak and Dagger Image from Norke @ DeviantARt

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  1. I could see a Punisher Series on AMC or FX, both networks have track records for gritty shows.

  2. man a marvel show on hbo for adults would be awsome to bad disney dosent see the opportunit in front of them. My worst fear is now that diseny owns marvel we can forget about a adult themed anything from marvel ever again.

    • Attention all who fear this- Punisher:Tiny, Ugly World. Read it, and see how wrong you are.

      • Im buying that now after reading the plot.I doubt Disney will bother any of the adult properties b/c of the history they hold,as well as the profit.

      • I’m not saying it’s good, necessarily, but it’s just an example using Marvel of just how little Disney “interferes”.

    • MARVEL, not Disney is making the shows.

  3. Punisher on ABC would be awful. I think HBO or Showtime would be a good fit and FX/AMC while not as perfect would be a decent fit. If it had to be a regular network I’d say fox would be a slightly better fit while they don’t always treat their properties well they tend to be darker and grittier than ABC, NBC or CBS. Hulk could work on ABC though it’s probably not the best choice it would be better off on another network. Disappointed to see that Disney is doing what we all thought they would do when the merger happened they will ruin the tv shows and movies by making them way to family friendly.

    • I’d miss out if it were on HBO or Showtime. i dont pay for movie channels, i see to many movies and have too many DVD’s as it is to pay extra for movies I have seen already.

  4. On AMC please.

  5. Cloak and Dagger? Seriously? Of all of the characters to consider, Cloak and Dagger (two of the lamest Marvel characters in the history of comics), are being considered for their own show?

    • Cloak and Dagger are far from lame,dude.Honestly they would make an awesome TV show on a mature network like HBO or FX.They have always been underrated and they have always been on the radar for a TV show,adult animated feature or movie.I hope they do get something,I love their tales

  6. blah. i want a gambit tv show. anything x men not cloak, or hulk. punisher is fine. but needs to be on a better station.

  7. @Gary: Cloak and Dagger are actually really interesting characters..I to was skeptical at first, but when I started finding cheap back issues I became pretty hooked. Give them a go

    of all the proposed characters to get a TV show. Punisher, to me, lends itslef best to a TV series. I dont really see Hulk working, besides do we need yet another actor to play bruce banner. I say abandon the nick fury/sheild movie and do a TV show instead

    but im all for punisher, as long as its not too watered down for family friendly networks

  8. I refuse to watch a punisher show that is not on cable. I think if they really wanted to make some great shows then just do heroes for hire and for the younger crowd (I’m gonna get yelled at) change up the darkness of runaways and put it on abc family.

    • runaways would be stupid if it was watered down at all. its already pretty tame if you ask me (and I own the entire series). but no matter how you look at it, if put on ABC family Runaways would be just aweful

  9. They should do a S.H.I.E.L.D TV series and have it based in the Cold War era. The show could elaborate on S.H.I.E.L.D’s history, explore the Nick Fury’s origins with the Infinity Formula, explore the early years of Stark Industries when Howard was CEO, maybe show some of Tony’s childhood, Natasha’s origins and how she was a KGB agent before joining S.H.I.E.L.D, etc. It would be a great way to reveal the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and would tie-in with the feature films.

    • That is an awesome idea my friend!

    • I agree Ryan.
      Make it so.

    • Ryan, Ryan, Ryan….that is a great idea! Wow. Just think of the possibilities. It could tie up a lot of loose ends and be a great jump-on point for newbies if it were to have a lot of flashbacks/alternate universes, etc. used to catch viewers/fans up and retell stories of Marvel characters. It could be any Marvel character. Each episode, or a 2-3 episode arc, could be about just 1 (or more) character(s) in the Marvel universe. It could be anyone! It would be great to showcase the Marvel heroes and get a large variety of creativity. IMAGINE!? Each show would have its own feel. Then it could be used as a guage to see what fans really desire to see on the big screen. FANtastic idea. If Marvney doesn’t take YOUR idea and run with it, I pity the fool who lets this slip through their fingers. Mmmm Mmmm Mmm Delicious.

  10. I have to agree I’d rather Runaways be put on t.v. with a Cloak & Dagger cameo or crossover. I don’t know why Marvel or Disney keep thinking that The Hulk t.v series is a good idea. There’s way too many characters to choose from besides the Hulk. They could focus on a “Wonder Man”, “The Sentry”, or “She-Hulk” tv show. The Hulk will be too expensive for an ongoing series and people would get tired of seeing him if he’s going to be in the Avengers also.

  11. How is the punisher different from any other show these days?

  12. i dont know how the hulk is oging to work out on a weekly show after seeing him wreck $#!+ in the Avengers movie, but I’m all for Cloak & Dagger. As far as the 3rd show: Daughters of the Dragon would work just on the basis of having two hot minority chicks on tv arsekickin every week, but they coul eventually lead into two separate movie franchises. Iron Fist and Luke Cage have enough going on in their respective worls for inividual franchises, but it’d be a crime not to have them in one together as well. The Daughters could co-star in a Heores for hire sequel an eventually take over the franchise like they did in the comics. Since it IS ABCFamily, i could also see them goin with Power Pack for the family friendly show. it’d be like No Orinary Fam for teens & tweens.


    • He has “Hung”and has expressed interest in appearing in “The Walking Dead”(Abraham!!!). I think he is done with “The Punisher”.


      • So i thought maybe Marvel would here me. LOL. I hit the cap lock by accident.

  14. Maybe if geared toward a wider audience these types of shows could work.

    I really liked the Blade series on Spike a couple years ago but it never really found an audience (maybe because of the station it was on, who knows)

  15. I’m really not sure how to react to this.
    As has been commented Disney and its subsidiaries are not famed for adult orientated work…but then this is Disney we’re talking about.
    I can’t fault them for making the most of their aquisition of Marvel except perhaps a note of caution with regard to overexposure of the brand.
    They could definetley make the Hulk work for TV, Cloak and Dagger also, but, although i’m not entirely convinced, I think they could surprise people with a Punisher series..especially if it was post 9pm.
    My main criticism is that, sure they could pull off all three series and honour their Marvel identities, but i’m not inspired by any of them.
    Somebody mentioned the Punisher isn’t that different from other fare and i’d have to concur, Cloak and Dagger i’m not familiar with except to say it has right off the bat i’m not interested. With the Hulk, I remember the old TV series and I was never really a big fan. I thought big Lou gurning and smashing things up was ridiculous, although Bill was terrific and I loved the look in his eyes before he transformed.
    They’d have to do something remarkable in terms of story arc to get me interested.
    I don’t want to say this is just Disney using their Marvel brand to make some easy money, because of the expense involved. By the same token however I doubt that any of these shows would be given the budget and promotion of “Lost”.
    I remain skeptical and unconvinced.

  16. The Punisher could work very well. It would have to be full on hardcore action.

    Cloak and Dagger could be interesting in a Dark Angel / Supernatural / X Files kind of way.

    Jennifer Walters: She Hulk could be a very different kind of Fringe / Nikita type show since she works as a lawyer for the Superhuman Law division of a New York law firm.

    I don’t know, I guess there are many Marvel characters you could adapt for TV shows. They need to be done right though with a budget to do the characters and SFX justice.

    I think I would still prefer for all the money Disney are prepared to spend used for the best possible (A list) Screenwriters and Directors for exceptionally high quality ground breaking MARVEL movies.

  17. I think it would be great for them to start working some of the movies they have been talking about into TV shows instead. I would like to see Dr. Strange and the Defenders. That way I wouldn’t have to sit thru a stupid Iron Fist or Luke Cage movie. Just put them in that show. Leave the movies for the major players. A Dr. Strange movie to start the series would be awesome.
    I totally agree with the rest of you guys. Punisher needs to be on a cable network. It is the only way for the series to get its due.

  18. I can’t believe Daredevil and MoonKnight aren’t being considered…

    Daredevil would make a really interesting show – I could see it in a similar vein to ‘Dexter’…with more action of course…

    Moonknight would just be Badass….

    • Moonknight is pretty much just a rip-off of Batman, but not as popular. I really couldn’t see a Moonknight series or movie working.

    • Daredevil would be a great show. Especially with as popular as free running is now. I think it could be done really easy.

    • Daredevil would be THE BEST t.v. show of all. BUT it’s still owned by Fox so that won’t happen any time soon.

  19. Oh, and Daughters of the Dragon isn’t that obscure…anyone who has read Heroes for Hire should know who they are….could lead to some very interesting cameos…..

  20. Daredevil would work fantastically as a tv show- Brubaker’s run already had a kinda tv feel. The character deserves a little bit more recognition by mainstream audiences- I just hope they wouldn’t try too lighten him up too much…

  21. I think a Hulk TV show could be very good. I was a fan of the Bixby show when I was younger. So if they keep the mood of that show, that could go very well.
    Cloak and Dagger… I don´t know. Since they´re mutants, they´ll have to show the whole “fear and prejudice” thing. I think that´s more of a X-Men subject…

    • Cloak and Dagger were not mutants; they were victims of an experimental street drug which gave them their abilities. Check your facts or be quiet.

  22. Ok lets review some stuff shall we.

    Disney while they have not released an R movie they have released a PG-13 movie. Furthermore they have had subsidiaries (companies they own) release R rated movies. So that covers the people complaining about Disney releasing an R rated movie. It can be done.

    TV-Cable, etc. Disney owns or has partnership in several cable entities to include:
    A&E, Lifetime and Crime and Investigation Network. (not to mention %80 ownership of ESPN) So to say they could not find an outlet on cable (even in a partnership capacity) is laughable.

    Punisher we dont need blood guts and exploding heads to cover a vigilante. The Punisher was never one for long monologues. After a certain cutoff time you can show/cover certain things to a degree. A 9 or 10 pm slot for Punisher should be fine.

    Cloak and Dagger I read they were mutants then they are not mutants etc. I got not idea what they are anymore. :D However they are perfect for the lifetime channel. Showing the issues with kids and drugs. How they help them sometimes winning and sometimes losing. They (IMO) were never heroes that fought villiams per se. They were on the level of The Punisher.

    Daughters of the Dragons started in Shang Chi moved to Iron Fist etc. They are now Bail Bondsmen (women… persons?). I see this is a dark comedy with fighting and lots of crossovers with lesser heroes/villains. Not to mention women in tight latex. Cable show most definitely.

    The short of it is Disney can make it happen and if there is money involved and it goes against their image they can find another way to do it.

    I have faith in the Mouse.

  23. Cloak and Dagger will only work if they take a different approach to this show than to ones like Heroes and No Ordinary Family…

    They need to explore the love/hate story between the two characters as Cloak needs Dagger’s light to feed off of and if he doesn’t have it, he drains it from people..

    Dagger, while having to feed Cloak’s need, does not want to be trapped in this role.

    They need to explore this aspect of their relationship, more on the lines of old school Beauty and the Beast than to just make this a show about runaways and drugs…

  24. Heros for Hire would be a great show… Cage and Iron Fist in an hour weekly show? Hell yes!!! Cloak and Dagger might be nice, but not as good as Heros for Hire… Just my opinion though…

  25. I still say The Sentry should be made into a show. The character is a great one, and the premise of his existence is one that could be quite compelling.

  26. Of the three, I say ‘Cloak & Dagger’ has the best shot.

    But if it was my call? Here’s the three I’d consider:

    1- Moon Knight.
    Or, more specifically, Marc Specter, with “Moon Knight” being just one of many ‘personality/identities’ that he has. It is on familiar ground with TV, as suits tend to like new shows that has elements of the old. In this case, you have a blend of Pretender, Equalizer annd a superhero show.

    2- Black Knight.
    Sir Percy to be more exact; set in the days of Merlin and King Arthur.

    3- Killraven.

  27. ANOTHER Hulk, series or not, is a ridiculous idea.
    UNLESS….It’s the She-Hulk. That could really work!

    Magnetic Eye has the idea:

    “Jennifer Walters: She Hulk, could be a very different kind of Fringe/Nikita type show since she works as a lawyer for the Superhuman Law division of a New York law firm.”

    That’s a great idea!

    About the Punisher: Only a SEQUEL with Thomas Jane should be done. Period.

    The Cloak and Dagger series could work. I think it would have to hit EVERY mark with high points. Especially now, during these hero-saturated times. It could fall between the cracks like that X-factor, mutant series that was/is on television. I can’t remember the name even though I watched it quite a few times. I didn’t think it represented well. It was more like As The World Turns with super powers. I tuned out.
    I think C & D would ultimately fail.

    I feel that a Heroes for Hire is a better idea, for it could have far more heroes and adventures. Still, eh.

    If the Daughters of the Dragon could be made with the Heroes for Hire feel, it could be a go. IMO. I am not that familiar with this series to really comment.

    I feel that a show similar to the comic EXILES would be successful. It could be like the 80′s(?)show; Quantum Leap and the 90′s show; Sliders. The heroes would “slide” into different worlds With a mix of characters changing frequently and from different time periods. It would always be “new” and could provide many unique situations, characters and surprises. Hmmm? Maybe? Anyways I like this idea.

    I have to quote Magnetic Eye again. I think this is correct. He wrote:

    “I don’t know, I guess there are many Marvel characters you could adapt for TV shows. They need to be done right though with a budget to do the characters and SFX justice.
    I think I would still prefer for all the money Disney are prepared to spend used for the best possible (A list) Screenwriters and Directors for exceptionally high quality ground breaking MARVEL movies.”

    Perfectly said Magnetic!

    I haven’t spent too much time thinking about a Hero TV series. Maybe I should before I go on and on about this topic. Whoops…..too late.


      Thanks for the kind words. Full credit for the She Hulk idea must go to (ulik) though. He mentioned the character for a TV show a few weeks ago. :-)

      I also don’t really spend too much time thinking about live action Marvel heroes on TV. There is so much to catch up on already. Still if MARVEL / DISNEY have ample money to go round fine, but I would rather see their best efforts go towards creating memorable cinematic masterpieces.

      • You’re welcome.
        I don’t know no stinkin’ ulik. I heard it from you. But you insist credit MUST go elsewhere…

        Well then, I take it all back. Kudos to Ulik! :)

        It is a fantastic idea. I don’t know why I didn’t even think about it at all. She-Hulk. Hmmmmm, I think it fits in to so many movie genres at this time. Well, maybe if she totes a gun also somehow. Ha.

        About Television: I watch roughly only two hours a week. So It’s dead to me. No place for a Mighty Marvel Hero.

        You and I both want all effort and funds to be used for the big-screen. Many others also I suspect.

        Really though, they REALLY confirmed three live-action shows in the works? These three??? I don’t believe it.
        I’ll believe it when I see it.

        I like how you simply and clearly explained about TV and Marvel/Disney heroes. You have said it better than I ever could.
        You stated it perfectly.

        Take care and May God bless you and yours ~Ciao

        • @ IRONMAN2YOU

          “Take care and May God bless you” Thanks, same to you man. :-)

          My wife and I probably watch too much TV at the moment. Once the kids are put to bed, we usually crash on the sofa and catch up with some favorite shows.

          “Burn Notice”, “Fringe”, “Nikita”, “NCIS”, and “Bones” are Top 5 at the moment. I tend to look for documentaries as well.

  28. Punisher MAX. HBO. Animated. Narration from Frank Castle. Could be live action, but would need a great director and cinematographer.

  29. I would like to see Marvel come out with a live action series of the X-Men that is based on the Evolution series. I think it would be a good way to build up each character as they learn to control their abilities.