Marvel Exploring TV Series Set in ‘Avengers’ Universe

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 Marvel Exploring TV Series Set in Avengers Universe

Now that Marvel’s cinematic universe experiment has culminated in the resounding success that way The Avengers, it’s only natural (and profitable) that the comic publisher-turned-multi-media Juggernaut would want to expand their brand, as “Phase 2″ of their shared universe is slowly but surely rolled out.

While we know about films like Iron Man 3Captain America: Winter SoldierThor: The Dark World and even Guardians of the Galaxy on the cinematic side, Marvel’s ambitions for the small screen have remained somewhat unclear, with Guillermo del Toro’s Hulk TV show supposedly still in development, while spinoff shows about lesser-known characters (such as the defunct AKA Jessica Jones) have not fared so well.

Now comes news that Marvel TV is once again exploring TV routes to go down – though just what kind of route is not yet clear. Scroll down for details.

Deadline is dropping the report that Marvel and ABC (which is owned by Marvel parent Co., Disney) are looking to get a new TV series off the ground – one that will, in some yet-undefined way, be connected to the larger Avengers universe. The few details being discussed include that the show would be a drama series, and that the Avengers connection would be “light” – as in, don’t expect to see characters (or actors) from the actual Avengers movie popping up in the show. The idea is still said to be in its infancy (as in, not yet a certainty), but the words “high-concept cop show” were kicked around, leading to all kinds of fan speculation around the Web (with Heroes for Hire still being an early nomination).

While covering the upcoming Avengers spinoff short-film, “Item 47,” we made mention of the fact that the Marvel Comics Universe does feature any number of grounded human titles that could serve as great entry points to their onscreen universe. This includes titles like Front Line and Homefront, which explore the superhero happenings of the Marvel Universe from the perspective of journalists who risk life and limb to chronicle the stories; there are also plenty of law enforcement bodies within the comics – from a superhuman specialists S.W.A.T. team to superhuman task forces within the body of S.H.I.E.L.D. – that could be mined for an ongoing TV series.

 Marvel Exploring TV Series Set in Avengers Universe

Could S.H.I.E.L.D.'s world of espionage make for a good TV show?

In fact, abandoning the original approach of using TV to launch lesser-known superheroes, and instead using the medium to ground the more fantastical happenings of the Marvel Cinematic Universe via “realistic” characters and real-world perspective, might be a better move entirely. And, whether explored through the lens of journalism or law enforcement (or a combination of both), a Marvel TV series grounded in the real-world, with “real people” at its center, would also be more inviting to those who don’t usually go for this sort of subject matter. Spun the right way, we could still see a variety of notable superheroes and/or villains make their way into the show – even in brief one-off episodes or scene cameos.

We’ll keep you updated on the status of Marvel’s TV Series Projects as more information comes to light.

Source: Deadline

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  1. While I agree that going the more “grounded” route would probably be best for a tv series, I don’t think it’d have much success if viewers tuned into a Marvel tv show and barely got any superheroes they recognized from the comics. It’ll be interesting to see how they decide to go forward with this.

    • It’ll be interesting to see what they mean by “grounded”. It could mean that there will be less super powers. I do beleive that it should still be light and funny. That has worked so well for Marvel.

  2. What about a shield show? Cobie Smulders contract is up after this year for HIMYM. Have her and a couple others be the main people. Then you can also introduce other super heros as sheild finds them.

    Random people can guest star like Black Widow for an episode or Fury. I think the money aspect would make it hard for the big people to have a guest star but it would be interesting if they could.

    • That wold be awesome, but like you said, money would be a real issue.
      I can’t see these big names like Sam Jackson or Scarlet Johansson appearing as guest stars on tv shows…

      • Would’ve been better if they didn’t kill off Coulson. Could you imagine a Coulson led Shield TV show.

      • Scarlett guest stared on Entourage, so it’s possible.

  3. I have mixed feelings about this move.
    The more they branch out the MCU into different mediums, the more likely it’ll be for continuity-errors to occur.

    Kofi/SR’s idea of making the tv outings be from “real people’s” perspective and them dealing with all the crazy $*!* happening around them or a S.H.I.E.L.D. espionage series sounds awesome though.

    Guess we’ll see how things turn out.

    • I think they can do this without continuity errors. All you really need is something that simply references the movies and deals in different issues. I think Heroes for Hire would be the best way to do this, though. This would be the ideal way to intro new heroes and villains that are not quite Avengers level. I don’t know if you read Peter David’s X-Factor (if not it is one of the best series out there) but they are detectives and look into mainly mutant issues. Change this to super villain issues and you would have a gold mine. Peter David should write it.

  4. A S.H.I.E.L.D. movie spin-off I can see working (if done right) but a S.H.I.E.L.D. tv series sounds boring and could dilute the movie universe.

  5. “A chance to be something really awesome or an epic train wreck.” I totally agree that this show needs to be grounded in reality a bit. It’s one thing to watch superheroes flying around in the Movies but another for a tv series. I say that because the budget (Assuming) won’t be there to create/capture those breath taking/awe moments, so don’t even try. If they don’t have the $$$ for the effects to go all out like they do in the movies, don’t poison the water with C-Grade effects.

    I like the angle of using Frontline for showing off the MCU world. Could really hint, explain and have lesser-known heroes and villains in the show. I would also like to see the SHIELD approach or maybe a lesser known hero just getting his feet wet in this Post-Alien Invasion-Avengers world. Show how he or she is really a fish out of water when it comes to this crime fighting stuff.

    Bravo to Disney and all their underlings for attempting this. It will Be interesting to see. I’m just Glad it isn’t some BS Hulk mini-series.

  6. Zoey Dechanel is “The New Squirrel Girl”


    • YES!!!! If you’re bringing in Rocket Raccoon I want Squirrel Girl. Some smoking hot girl dressed as a squirrel throwing acorns at fan boys.

  7. I think iron fist and power man would be a cool route to go

    • Only if they don’t call him ‘Power Man’ though ;)
      Apparently, Luke Cage was going to be the main male supporting character in ‘AKA Jessica Jones’.
      Out of all these “planned” Marvel Tv shows, I was actually looking most forward to AKA JJ… to bad it got scrapped.

    • A lot of people want the whole Iron Fist/Luke Cage show. What is the great appeal of these guys? I never read their comics and outside of a few cartoons, I’ve never been that fond of them.

      • I’m keen on seeing a Heroes for Hire show not because I am a big fan of Luke Cage and Iron Fist, but because of the opportunities it presents.
        It is a buddy team, which is great for quips.
        They are based in New York and would interact with all of the other Marvel heroes in New York. I can see Daredevil (and Matt Murdock), The Punisher, Moon Knight, Blade, SHIELD, Dr Strange and Avengers references. They would look all the more awesome looking from a Heroes for Hire perspective.

  8. I think if they make a marvel l tv show they should make a xmen tvshow that is in the marvel movie universe but 50 yrs later with new characters they can reference thinks that’s happen marvel movies they can also put shield , stark industries , hydra , daily bugle ,other things like that use the show

    • I don’t believe they can do that. I believe the contracts work out that any live action has to be with Fox.

  9. I’ve always felt like Young Avengers could be a good show, or The Runaways. But if they’re making a Runaways film then that’s good as well, and Young Avengers wouldn’t really work until later down the line when/if they introduce certain heroes.

  10. First they should stay away from the police drama and the Shield idea as well. First off The already are working on a Powers show, which is further along then Marvel would be able to put something together. Then Marvel would look like they where copying another companies lead which is exactly what they would be doing. They should look at “Damage Control” which is a marvel property already. They could use the Avengers as a starting point, They could go around fixing the damage caused by the invasion as well as dealing with Alien tech left behind, it could be comedic in nature but have a feel of “Item 47″. They could have Shield agents appear, but it wouldnt need to have any big stars just the aftermath of their battles. Ocassional guest appearances would be cool but not necessary.

    • Oh and if Marvel gets its other Tv shows rolling, then they can play the cross over game with those as well, as long as the keep them on Disney owned stations

  11. It seems to be a perfect fit for Moon knight or Coak & Dagger.

  12. What ever show they do they try to bring agent coulson for at least flashback guest star appearance I did really like that character

  13. i’m not sure but i’d like to see something maybe a bit like Heroes, they could the whole police/reporter thing going, as well as heroes for hire, have them all inter-connected into a whole focus on the backlash of avengers. who knows maybe even throw in the runaways, they could have some more great drama with that.

  14. Why not just have a more general basis for the show and have it contain stories about different heroes. Marvel has done many books like this in the past where it told short stories of characters. Journey Into Mystery, Amazing Fantasy, and Marvel Two In One are several examples.

  15. Maybe not a S.H.I.E.L.D. show, but perhaps an Agents of S.W.O.R.D. show which is a similar agency except that it mostly deals with extraterrestrial organisms. It be about the foundation of such, after the events of The Avengers. It could also feature characters like Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel), Jessica Drew (spider-woman), and perhaps a revived Coulson.

  16. They want it to be “realistic” with “real people?” What does that even mean anymore? So fantasy character’s aren’t real characters? That’s the fun of tv shows and film and stories in general. The characters don’t have to be real “grounded in reality” characters. We’re getting enough of that with The Dark Knight. I don’t think it would hurt to introduce more fantasy elements into the mix to expand peoples perceptions off the world.