Marvel Announces That A Female Character Will Be The New Thor

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Marvel Announces Female Thor Marvel Announces That A Female Character Will Be The New Thor

One look at the current roster of headlining superheroes coming out of Marvel Studios would make anyone curious as to where the females are and where the diversity is. With the films based on source material from decades ago where the typical lead was a white male, there were less lead characters of different genders and race. We even touched on the topic last week when discussing how and when the comic book movie genre will get its top tier female heroes right and before in addressing diversity in comic books in response to Fox casting a black actor as the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch. So, how does Marvel address this? By changing things up.

Yesterday we learned that Disney-owned Marvel would be taking to Disney-owned ABC series The View to announce an all-new “title” and while there was a glimmer of hope for a movie or TV announcement given the target demographic, the timing was odd with Marvel Studios set to unveil the latest on the film side next week at San Diego Comic-Con. Instead, as many suspected, Marvel announced something comic related, something “thunderous.” And it was. The new title is a new Thor, a female Thor.

That’s right. For the first time ever, a female hero will wield the power of the mighty Mjolnir. It’s  new character and readers will earn where she came from and how her history ties into Asgard and the rest of the Marvel Universe this October with the re-launch of Thor: God of Thunder, written by Jason Aaron (Thor: God of Thunder, Original Sin) with art from Russell Dauterman (Cyclops). Marvel editor Wil Moss:

“The inscription on Thor’s hammer reads ‘Whosoever holds this hammer, if HE be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.’ Well it’s time to update that inscription. The new Thor continues Marvel’s proud tradition of strong female characters like Captain Marvel, Storm, Black Widow and more. And this new Thor isn’t a temporary female substitute – she’s now the one and only Thor, and she is worthy!”

The gender change of Thor has already stirred a mixed debate online. Series Jason Aaron writer explains that this new Thor “is not She-Thor.” He continues, “this is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita. This is THOR. This is the THOR of the Marvel Universe. But it’s unlike any Thor we’ve ever seen before.”

Female THOR 001 cover 674x1024 Marvel Announces That A Female Character Will Be The New Thor

Thor 001 Cover

The news comes just a week after Marvel officially announced a new Captain America coming this fall, a new character other than Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes who will wield the iconic star-spangled shield as Rogers loses the effects of the super soldier serum that kept him young and strong. The timing is interesting given that The Avengers: Age of Ultron releases next summer bringing the original incarnations of these characters back to the big screen.


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  1. Overall, I’m ambivalent about the move.

    Comics, especially the Big Two super hero monthies, need to change things up now and again. And I’d swear most of the people complaining must have started collecting when the last drop of rain came down. Remember when both Green Lantern and Iron Man were turned black in the 80′s? The “deconstruction” trend of the 90′s that saw them try to kill, cripple or turn evil and/or insane heroes involved in most of the flagship titles? Remember when Thor was a giant frog? Remember the clones?

    Stuff happens. Fanboys engage in much weeping and gnashing of teeth on the intarwebz. Superboy Prime punches reality into a reboot. Things return to how they were in the 60′s. That’s the cycle of Big Two super hero comics. Until we actually see a change like this stick it isn’t worth flipping out over.

    That said, I dislike the mention that Thor will somehow be made “unworthy”. That plot point has become so overused, it was even used in the first Thor movie, that it has become cliche.

    But anyways, another fine example here of the nonsense that comes out of SR… “One look at the current roster of headlining superheroes coming out of Marvel Studios would make anyone curious as to where the females are and where the diversity is.”

    Because Batman Begins, Superman Returns, TDK, Green Lantern, Watchmen, Jonah Hex, V for Vendetta, DKR, and MoS have been the model of diversity on the DC/WB side of things? Two years longer time frame, same number of films as Marvel Studios have produced, a lot less diversity and a lot more hypocritcal lip service from the DC fanboy contingent. But it doesn’t fit into your little anti-Marvel/ pro-DC agenda, so I guess you aren’t “curious” about where the diversity or females are when it comes to WB/DC movies.

    Followed by another well thought-out SR gem…
    ” On the film side, with Wonder Woman set to be introduced in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016 and still no female-led Marvel movie in sight (that could theoretically change next week if Marvel Studios announces Ms. Marvel), the timing is crucial to introduce some diversity to Marvel’s headlining characters.”

    Let me see if I get the gist of the pro-DC rhetoric: they will be INTRODUCING the most iconic female super hero in all of comic books, a character that has been a recognizable part of American pop culture for 75 years, who they themselves tout as being a cornerstone of their company (one of their super hero “trinity”), but hasn’t had a live action feature of her own since the mid-70′s, in 2 MORE years time, while her 2 male contemporaries have amassed 15 movies between them over the same time frame and will share double-billing on this one, in a movie that is promising about a half dozen or so other introductions, and she may well see herself in a solo feature a couple years after that… so around 2018… and Marvel should be quaking in their boots and hurrying to placate the PC gestapo?

    Except, by that time, Black Widow, a couple tiers lower on the recognition scale than WW, bit gaining quickly through these roles in the MCU, will have played substantial roles quite possibly at least the equal to WW’s presumed role in BVSDOJ in at least 3, and maybe as many as 5, movies. In addition, we will have significant diversity in a wide number of important, recurring supporting roles (Nick Fury, Falcon, Iron Patriot, being the primary examples… with more possible) as opposed to the glorified cameos your precious diversity receives in DC films, when it shows up at all (go ahead, name all the MAJOR supporting diversity that appears in Nolan’s trilogy, which saw the main female character rescued repeatedly and stuffed in DC’s metaphorical movie fridge within her 2 appearances, to say nothing of the rest of the films I mentioned above), not to mention we will have likely seen female Marvel characters headlining their own network and Netflix series in Agent Carter and Jessica Jones, and that doesn’t even count potential film announcements which may or may not happen in the coming days and weeks.

    But I also understand that making sense and putting forth informed opinions is frowned upon on the internet in general, and SR in particular…

  2. Only my opinion, because I know writing can be stressful and mind consuming….but, I guess this is what happens when you don’t have imaginative, competent writers to create new stories with original characters. It’s easier to change gender and color, rather than to create new characters? Lazy… But perhaps they’ll pick up the Wonder Woman fans.

    • I won’t go see I was looking forward to Chris and Natalie ! Very disappointing !!!!

      • I am with you Gwen, I have totally no interest in a female Thor!

        • Hi, I was so stunned by this decision to make Thor – the SON of Odin – into a woman.
          Actually, i was angry about this – Thor represented the ultimate Bro really, “the man” if you will. Brutally so if you back through the years to see how he treated female warriors (and just about everyone else too in his ego driven way).

          However, this has given rise to some funny derp thoughts this morning for me.

          Imagine if Thor has an “identity crisis” and realizes he is a man trapped in a womans body and becomes the first transgenedered superhero !

          Now, please bear with me here….
          I am going someplace with this…

          So, after Thor has her sex-change operations….
          guess who should play the part of the NEW Thor ?

          wait for it…

          wait for it…

          Lucy Lawless as the next Thor !

          I would definitely go see Lucy LAwless as Thor !

          I am thinking a Reddit petition of sorts is in order
          with an AMA.

          I was disappointed when Lucy Lawless was not chaosen for the role of Gamora but
          I see that karma has a better role for her – Thor.
          Would this change you mind I was wondering ?

  3. I have mixed feelings about this…I’m all for equality and diversity and some degree of political correctness (simply cos I don’t like coming off as a bigoted, unenlightened D-Nozzle)…


    I understand that we have multiverse versions of many of our iconic characters but seriously, to GENDERBEND THOR (of all characters) of the MAIN UNIVERSE (as opposed to making a Female Thor the Thor of Universe/Earth-X, or whatever) is just plain STUPID.

    I’m not against the idea of a female Thor, but you can’t take a character that has been established as MALE for over 50 years (and Centuries old in Norse Paganism) and couldn’t be otherwise and just change it at the drop of a hat…not to mention the name…I’m sorry, but girls do NOT get named THOR of all things at birth. THORA would be a better choice for a female version of a THUNDER GOD (not GODDESS, but again, we’re dealing with variants here)…the entire CHARACTER itself is TOO MASCULINE for this kind of thing…if Marvel is that set on making Thor undergo the pen/ink version of a sex change operation, please put him (I mean her!!!!) into (it?)s own alternate universe and leave the mainstream universe Thor alone.

    I also noticed that they are bringing a different character in as the new Captain America…I can get behind this change as it was my understanding that Cap died and Bucky took his place…but maybe something different…and would be far easier and more acceptable to do this than turn a GOD into a woman…in fact, a FEMALE Captain America would be more believable and make way more sense. Just putting that out there.

    But seriously Marvel…making the MAIN UNIVERSE THOR (or any other incarnation, for that matter) into a female would truly ruin that character for me…

    • I completely agree!! It’s just too weird. Being a woman I am all for equality, but why take an already established, definitely male character and make him a woman?? Very disappointing.

      • Marvel already has a female warrior Goddess from Asgard named The Valkyrie. She was actually one of the original members of the Avengers. Fault Disney with their Bass Ackward agenda!!! Turning Thor into a woman!!!

    • Fault Disney!!!

    • Completely agree. Also since Disney/Marvel is changing Thor’s gender, I think they should eliminate the hammer. Something more character appropriate like a spatula or an iron. Frying pan?

  4. Big mistake.. I think it’s a huge mistake.. Thor has always been male.. Why not having a female companion instead of changing the main character..

    Well… If it’s stay like that, I won’t watch the suites..


  5. Thor as a girl first occurred in the 1999 Marvel Comics “Earth X”
    storyline, and Captain America was first portayed as black in 2003 with “Truth: Red, White & Black”

    THIS is not new.

    In fact, quite often, tradional strong white male ‘super-heroes’ are re-depicted as either female, gay, black, or just about any other ethnic minority.

    AND it is not to attract female readers, but it is nice to see the overwhelming media coverage such old ideas receive.

  6. Here’s the deal with all of this…
    1. Thor has lost his worthiness to wield Mjolnir (the hammer that gives who is worthy the power of Thor),it’s not like Thor is gone for good he just isn’t worthy.
    2. A woman (probably Asgardian) is now the possessor of Mjolnir. Being that there is a need for an Asgardian on Earth as well as in the Avengers she’ll be Thor.
    3. There has been other comic characters that have been worthy and have wielded the power of Mjolnir before,this includes Beta Ray Bill,Eric Masterson,Storm,Capt America and even Superman and Wonder Woman is crossover series before,among other characters.
    4. It’s a STORY ARC….It’s not going to permanent,it’s not going to be used in the Marvel/Disney cinematic universe at all,just in the comic series. For all of you that don’t know this,Asgardians in the Marvel Universe are godlike aliens that were worshiped in the Bronze Age Marvel Universe as gods by the Norse/Vikings of that Marvel Universe. Once again,it’s just a story arc,Thor isn’t being changed into a woman,The Thor that you love is being elinimated,he’s just not worthy to wield the hammer for a while.

  7. Oops….What I meant in my last sentence is “that he’s NOT being eliminated” Sorry.

  8. Political correctness has officially become to 21st Century America what the black plague was to 14th century Europe, with only stupid people seeming to have a natural immunity to it.

    • Womens movement is raising its butt ugly face again

  9. No way should Thor become a female. Thor has been. Is, and will be male forever. And that’s the way it should be.

    • I like the idea of a female being an awesome super hero (i’m a female.)
      No offence to Disney or marvel or whoever is in charge, why would you choose Thor to be a female? One it doesn’t make sense, two Thor is really awesome and to change him would be like killing him. I know they made a comic book on the female Thor. It just doesn’t seem right having two Thor characters that probably don’t even know each other.

      • I think maybe if whoever is in charge made a movie or show about a female character that doesn’t have a twin in the marvel comics like Elektra, Ms. Marvel,(I think there actually making a movie on Ms. Marvel)the wasp, Clea, Valkyrie, Stature or Tigra (I wanna keep goin down the list of females.) Anyways ya…..

  10. Flipp’n Mickey!! This has everything to do with Disney’s “Bass Ackward” agenda. Marvel Universe has a plethora of super hero’s and villains Black, White, Asian, Latin, male, female and even gay. Disney only chooses to frame super hero’s in the same ol context of the straight white male. This attempt by Disney to show diversity is a Charade!!

    The Valkyrie one of the original Avengers was a Warrior Goddess from Asgard. There was no reason to replace Thor with a woman when a woman with her “Own” story line would have worked. Disney chooses not to throw it’s money, marketing and muscle behind female and minority Franchises.

    Why make Captain America Black when the Black Panther could be as good. Remember Captain America’s shield is made of “Vibrainium” a substance only found in Wakanda, home of the Black Panther!!

    This malaise by Disney will only serve to ruin a good thing, upset and disenfranchise fans…

    • It would be interesting to see stories about characters like the Valkyrie and the Black Panther, and they would extend the established world of superheroes. Substitution would risk producing confusion.

      That reminds me of something. When someone is telling a well-known story and gets some detail wrong, the listeners feel the urge to correct the story teller–like what many have done right here.

  11. Wow. A women Thor. Who thought up this crap and got paid for it was not worth it. Im a women and I find this stupid. Come on is this all they can think of. How about the daughter of Thor who kicks ass. No they have no imagination and no vision to make new charactors for the future. We want to continue the legacy not convert it to the same story by just changing the charactor to female. This to me is an insult to women. Why would I want a male strong role to now be played by a women. I would want my own Femal charactor to start and stand on her own. This is more of a throw you a bone insult or were they high when they thought this was cool idea. They better step it up since we dont take to being handed 2nd best by there non talent. How about the daughter of Thor beign just like her father stubborn and fearless with a bit of recklessnes that needs to be taught a lesson.

  12. Why are they doing this? The old movies and books were so successful and they’re just throwing the success away.I think they should come out with Thor and She-Thor and it would be a lot better. And the Avengers after the movies with the male captain America and the Male Thor that everyone loved they are totally changing the whole thing just come out with a new superhero movie don’t replace the actors you already adore.Just make a new superhero and if it’s succesful you can add them to the avengers


  14. I am at a loss for words. I have been a fan of Thor since I was 7 years old (now 41).
    The thought of Thor being Female, decommissioning him for a female version or however you want to shape this is flat out wrong. I do not like this direction that Marvel is taking. In efforts of trying to appeal to a wider audience by capturing the attention of women and children, Marvel now wants to take one of it’s most iconic super heroes / gods and turn him into a female by making him no longer worthy
    to carry the weapon that his father made for him and intentionally giving it to a female. Sorry Marvel…I am no longer a fan. I will not buy another comic book or watch another Marvel movie no matter how good or bad. This was my last straw.
    Good luck to your future.

  15. I’m sorry Thor, your job just went to a semi-qualified female. Welcome to the 21st century.

  16. Again folks, I am pretty certain that female Thor is purely temporary, say one year or two, much in the way of Eric Masterson and others. ( Remember him folks. You all know this. Additionally, female Thor will never appear in the movies. So, everyone can stop HYPERVENTILATING now.

  17. another big mistake after the marvel was sold such errors have become normal.
    change the gender of a character like Thor is totally meaningless.
    the same occurs with the change of captain america, and worse with a ridiculous excuse, in both exchanges.

  18. In marvel comics there is a character called thor girl do a search on google

    • nononononostopitnonono THOR IS THOR NUFF SAID.

  19. This female THOR move is nothing more than politically correct BS. There is absolutely no reason to change THOR to a female to accommodate the supposed need to provide a leading hero/heroine slot in the Marvel Film Universe or its Comic Book universe cousin. This smells of political correctness gone insane. Another commenter said it best when they noted that this move is the kind of thing you expect from writers who have no imagination/creativity (or did but have run dry of ideas and are desperate to hang on to the glory days). The Marvel universe is not short on female hero’s by any means. If CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 proved anything it’s that the success of a comic book based film is not dependent on a super meta humanoid or super powered alien to play the lead protagonists. Yes Captain America is a super soldier but when it comes to ‘powers’ based comic book heroes Captain America is not neat the top of the list. That said Captain America is the leader of the Avengers because of his brains (strategy/leadership skills) and his being the moral center.

    If you have never read the Marvel cross over/series titled CIVIL WAR you should. It speaks a lot about our current socio-political situation here in America where the government uses the public’s fear of terrorists/terrorism to do whatever it pleases and Captain America as the moral center who is never willing to compromise his principals of freedom and liberty who stands as the physical representation of everything America stood for at its inception. Captain America’s uncompromising morally centered character so believes in these principals of liberty and freedom that he stands up in opposition to hat is truly the most feared power on the planet, even within the Comic Book universe and that is the Federal Government of the United States of America. Steve Rogers so believes in these principles that he puts his life on the line.

    I have for a long time hoped that Marvel would put the CIVIL WAR storyline on the big screen. I’d say that the success of CAPTAIN AMERICA

  20. I will not watch any Marvel movies if they change Thor female or any other character to another gender/race…add the superheroes of different races/genders, don’t screw up what is already in the comics. You will lose sooooo many fans if you do this retardedness!

  21. Yea, I can understand them wanting to change things up for their comic books and all. Though it would have been better for this female Thor to have branched off from the original rather than replace. This way the guys can still have the charter they like so that Marvel does not lose that customer base with their magazines. And, the girls can decide if they care enough to show there is a client base for the new female Thor.

    It sounds like they are going to also make a movie with the female Thor. If they do not have any other chanters that people already know, love and go see, I just don’t see the movie working. It would be a lot like Karate Kid. They had a great fan base, and then tried to do it with a girl as the main charter. No one really wanted to see a girl playing this role, and the movie did no where near what its previous movies did because of it. Because of this, if guys do go see the movie, it will be pretty much only because their date made them do it. LOL. I just think it is funny that a guy would pay for two people to see a movie he would never see on his own, especially at today movie rates.

  22. This is inappropriate. Thor is a Norse God, not a Goddess. IF they wanted a bad ass female hero make a badass female hero dont change Thor, a historic GOD from Norse mythology to fit some preening crying critics who are critical about everything. OF all characters to change to, they change Thor… to a woman? I mean i feel like this is some kind tongue in cheek move to say, fine we’ll just take the most masculine and white of heroes and change him, I”m sure whoever really thought of this idea said hey lets make Thor a black female. Often Norse mythology is inappropriately used by white supremacists and this would be the best way to hit that note. I don’t like PR games, keep Thor as Thor, because he is “real”. Either make another superhero or change someone who has less history. BTW I am not racist or macho in anyways I’m just saying I dont like these PR games. I”m all for female and black superheroes.

    • She has the power of Thor, she isn’t Thor, they are separating the mantle from the god. Thor will exist without his hammer, Thor will also exist with her hammer… It’s going to get messy I guess ;)

      Don’t forget Marvel have already changed the Mythology for example renaming Thrud to Torunn… I still think it will be his daughter.

  23. Thursday is named after Thor. If they change Thor to a female, will they also make Frigga male and change Odin and Tewes too (for Friday, Wednesday, and Tuesday repectively)?

    If they create another alternate Earth (Earth 2 is taken), we could have the same stories with heroes like Wonder Man and the AmazoMen, the Scarlet Warlock and ZatanaMan. We could have new-old villainnesses like Blob, ClayFace, Skeletrix, and the Mole Women. Our alternate villains could include the likes of PoisonSuMack, Medusore, and the flying Harpoonies.

    • One way to have a female Thor might be to write a storyline where someone gets Thor’s DNA but the duplication process (surprise!) goes a little bit different than intended. That way we’d get two Thors and keep many of the fans of the classical Thor.

  24. Seeing recent previews I’m going to guess that the new Thor will really be the mighty Thrud, assuming that’s old Thor and his daughter and sons looking at the future… But then how would she get to the past? :/

    Ok I’ll stick with it being Thor and Sifs daughter Thrud (Aptly meaning strength) but I have no idea how they will make it work out… Nearly October though.

  25. Are you kidding me what is up with the women thing ALL OF A SUDDEN? ? Thor is a man. Leave the character be and bring in a new women super hero. You have creative minds use them…. Everyone is so jammed up about being political ly correct and worried about man versus women. What about Black Widow, (Scarlet Johanson AMAZING) LETS SEE MORE OF HER. Enough is enough!! Hey wait. I don’t see enough baby super hero’s. Is anyone gonna address that? What a joke.

  26. What a joke that even superheroes are getting plastic surgery to become females!!!! Definitely not getting my money for that trash

  27. It’s all about equal rights for goddesses.

    sheesh what a revoltin’ development this is.

  28. Ok, so here is my rant…I for one will not watch any of the Thor female movies. I like the male Thor and think Chris Hemsworth the best. I think they are planning on killing Thor in the Age of Ultron movie. Then introduce the female. Big mistake Marvel and Disney.

  29. Why ruin legend? Will our president be cast as a transgendered super woman? Well perhaps that idea is already taken. Political correctness destroys all. Just create a new badass female. Oh, right, I said create. Sorry.